Monday, January 21, 2008

And We Have a Winner!

Yes! We have a winner!

Blog reader Jennasmom (who was out of town) has won a signed copy of Becky Anderson's novel IN STEREO WHERE AVAILABLE.

I should be finished reading my own copy tonight and get a review posted about the book later this week. If you're looking for a novel which ties in reality show doings and romance, too -- check it out! After all, it was written by an author who's as addicted to reality television shows as much as we are here.

The correct answers are:

1. Who was the first person ever booted on Survivor?
Sonja Christopher

2. RealNetworks has provided the live feeds for Big Brother since the second season. What company supplied the live feeds for the first season?

3. Which American Idol past contestant is slated to start a run in Broadway's Monty Python's Spamalot beginning January 18th?
Clay Aiken

4. What Amazing Race 5 contestant yelled that his ox was broken, thus giving the title for My OX IS BROKEN, the book?
Colin Guinn (although just Colin was acceptable, even "that jerk Colin" sufficed in one entry)

5. What is the name and real-life occupation of the Survivor contestant who, during the first season of the show, voted others off in alphabetical order?
Sean Kenniff - Neurologist (although doctor, etc. was fine)

Thank you all for entering!


joy n said...

Congrats Jennasmom! The book is available at if anyone's interested. I'm waiting for Jackie's review.

monty924 said...

Congratulations, Jennasmom. Now the answer to number one is killing me. Was it CBS?

Thanks again for a fun contest.

Jackie said...

Yikes! I meant to put the answers in the entry! I'll fix it now.

monty924 said...

I racked my brain and internet skills on Question 2 (not 1) and couldn't figure it out or find it. Thanks again! :)

Jackie said...

The show was from a different production staff in its first year and AOL was a partner in the show (it was during their heyday in online medium). There were the four feeds, a chicken coop cam when they needed to block, and a cam inside the walls with the staff which was usually too dark to see all that much. Each week the show read AOL message board posts/questions and had an AOL representative on it.

Sydney said...

Ah yes, SEAN the doctor-- how quickly I forget these things. Jackie, this was a hard one, and it's not my strength, but why do them if they are easy. Kudos to you and to the winner.
Glad you posted the Q&A so we could see.

Terry in CA said...

someone somewhere out there must realize that JACKIE's blog should be made into a book, a series, a something!!! There is such talent here!!!
Congrats Jennasmom!

Delee said...

Excellent job Jennasmom!!!

I had them all correct also, but just my luck another name was drawn. HA not rotten eggs.

It was a wonderful contest Jackie...hopefully we can do this again. Thank you! How many entrants did you have?

AOL was a toughie, probably the hardest to locate.

Delee said...

Regis and Kelly had TK and Rachel on today. TK said took place over 30 days and the worse thing was the lack of food and sleep. At one point he said they went over 36 hours without sleep and then had to do a challenge. That is why we get to see the testiness come out in some of the contestants. R said the country she liked best was Croatia and TK said Africa and India were the most moving.

The $$ only Rachel answered she was going to pay off credit cards and buy clothes!

About the amount of $ given for each leg, they have no idea what they will need, so to buy a $5 hamburger or get a room may leave them short for transportation, hence the sleeping on streets when something does not open until 6am or so.

Kelly asked about all the wonderful stamps in their passports and how that was a memento of their journey!

Sydney said...

Thanks for the info on TK and Rachel Delee!

monty924 said...

Just heard that Heath Ledger was found dead at his home. That's a sad loss of a huge talent. I loved him in Ten Things I Hate About You! :(

Zoetawny said...

Congrats Jennasmom!

Jackie...thanks for always making this blog so interesting and entertaining.

Ironically, I did remember Dr. Sean. Maybe that's because he was good looking. ;) I think I saw him a few times on NBC or was it MSNBC as their medical correspondent. Haven't seen him in a long time so maybe he returned to medicine.

Jennasmom said...

Thanks! I was so excited when I got back from our cruise! I never win anything! Can't wait to get the book -- something to do on these cold days when my "shows" aren't on. Looking forward to reading all your comments when BB starts! As the mom of a three-year-old, I would never have time to watch the feeds. Thanks Jackie -- and all of you -- for keeping me posted on what's happening!