Sunday, January 27, 2008

'In Stereo Where Available' - A Book Review

Author Becky Anderson was kind enough to send me two signed copies of her first novel, IN STEREO WHERE AVAILABLE. One I sent out just yesterday to blog reader Jennasmom, the winner of my big book giveaway contest.

Okay, I must admit that my reading tastes generally lean more towards mysteries or horror rather than chick-lit. Nonetheless, I found the book entertaining, possibly because it included one of my other entertainment interests.

You see, the author didn't just approach me on a whim. She's a reality show fan much as all of us are here at this blog. Becky has never missed an episode of Survivor, so how could I not give the book a chance, right?

The protagonist in the story is Phoebe, a 29-year-old virgin looking for love and finding it in one of the most unlikely places -- a wrong phone number from a guy looking to talk to a woman named Karen. But Phoebe's twin now not so identical after various enhancements is also sort of seeking love. Well, more like seeking fame with love and fortune, too -- in a reality television show.

Now, that's some show author Becky Anderson dreamed up. It's sort of a Big Brother meets The Bachelor meets Survivor with a war of the states thrown in! To be honest, if Becky approached reality television producers, I swear The Belle of Georgia could be a hit! Twelve women vying for the attention of two men, one of them named "Rhett" for the show. The challenges show that the author is no stranger to the reality television genre!

Who finds the true love? Yeah, you can almost predict it. However, it's certainly worth the ride. I think it's a laudable first novel and hope to see more from this author in the future. Or, perhaps, maybe she could create a reality television show or two!

IN STEREO WHERE AVAILABLE is available (but not really in stereo) on and the official website for the book is here. Buy it. Read it. Let me know what you think!


Nana in the NW said...

The book sounds like a "fun" read. I may have to get a copy.

For any Friday Night Lights watchers some of us have posted under the blog discussion if you are interested......

meb--I watched Shark and was wondering if that was the final epidsode of the season. They left it with quite a cliffhanger. I was never a big fan of James Woods but I really like the show.

FYI--I went and saw The Bucket List this weekend and it was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. Jack Nicholson can say so much without saying a word!!! Bring some kleenex but it's worth it.

Slim pickins' is RIGHT! One more week then Survivor and BB begins. I actually watched The Moment of Truth(the lie detector game show). Those contestants are idiots!! Would you risk your marriage for a chance at $500,000??

Somebody please lock the writers and movie/tv people in a room and don't
let them out till they've settled!!!

Tonight is Dance Wars--which I'm still not thrilled with--it seems very chaotic and I have a hard time knowing who is singing most of the time. Maybe it will get better as more people are eliminated.

Delee said...

Nana, I watched Dance Wars tonight and thought it was just plain YUCK. I am not impressed. I do not know if it is the sound system but all singers seem to be shouting and off key.

Dr Will Kirby will be on LA Ink, Tues 10p, he will remove a tattoo of Pixie's. Yeh, another show I watch.

The New Adventures of Old Christine starts next Mon. I hope some of the striking writers have been working on scripts while out. We need shows...NOW!!!

Nana in the NW said...

delee--I agree, most seemed off key. I wonder who is picking these songs? The final one Kelsey/Charity had to sing was not a good choice to showcase someone's singing ability. I thought Bradley was not his best tonight and is lucky CarrieAnn didn't have to choose someone to eliminate. Please get better as more are eliminated.....but anything is better than Donald Trump!!!

FYI--for Dance Wars viewers there is a blog discussion site on Jackies sidebar and a few have been leaving there comments about the show there--check it out.

meb said...

nana in the nw ... you're probably right re Shark, that it was the final episode of the season... my brain wasn't quick enough to figure that one out.

For anyone who wants to get into watching The Closer (and it really is a good show) they're having a marathon (this weekend I think) which is somthing to watch at least. Tape all the shows and watch them when you don't have anything else to watch. I think you'll find out you like it, even with Krya's fake southern accent, and you'll be ready for the new season when it starts (also soon).

Dexter is coming back in Feb. It's a very dark show, but it keeps me coming back.

I did watch Amber Tamblyn in the Hallmark production. I have to admit she is a very good actress and the show was very well done. Real tearjerker at the end...

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but during the tears of dog Buddy immediately got out of his comfortable bed and came over to me and kept nudging me and trying to crawl up under my skin. I've noticed he does this whenever I show emotion. Aren't animals wonderful! He actually could tell I was upset and he was comforting me. LOVE IT!