Saturday, January 12, 2008

TV Newsy Bits and Bloggy Bits, Too! - Saturday, January 12, 2008

A young skateboarder rides the bench at the Bridgewater, NJ Train Station. He was going to stop when I arrived, but I told him he could keep skating as long as I could take some photos. His friend's camera equipment made my little digital camera look like a play toy. In this shot, I used layers to make the background black and white while keeping the skateboarder and bench color. I showed him the shots I took. "Rad," he said. Skateboarders are like that, yes they are.

You notice it's January and there is no snow. We've had a heat wave this past week with temperatures ranging up to nearly 70 F on a couple of days. We even had thunderstorms, rare for January, yesterday. It's more common to have thundersnow this time of year -- snowstorms with lightning and thunder. That's all supposed to change tomorrow night as the area is expecting 4-7 inches of snow for the Monday commute.

I saw Roofus the cat briefly today as he leaped from one roof to another, then out of sight. Alas, he moved too quickly for me to capture him with the camera.

In TV Newsy Bits:
  • I watched three episodes of Orangutan Island (Animal Planet) last night which mark my introduction to the series. My verdict? I approve. I enjoy Meerkat Manor and this is sort of similar yet not as life and death (although I hear one orangutan named Oyoy died in a previous episode). What's next? Taco Bell Rats?
  • In a message posted a few days after Christmas on her MySpace page, casting director of Big Brother 9 Robyn Kass announced that all the finalists were selected for the show. I know I'm reporting on it a bit late. So, if you applied and haven't heard anything ... you didn't make it. I didn't hear anything, but then again ... no way would I ever apply!
  • Meanwhile, Sophia Loren thinks we're wasting our time watching Big Brother. Do we honestly care what Sophia Loren thinks of us? Poppycock!
  • TV Funspot has an article on the upcoming Survivor Micronesia which includes a map of both tribe camps, the tribal council area, and the Exile Island. Yes, it appears that aspect will return this season.
Today's musical non-sequitur:
Hey now you're an All Star get your game on, go play
Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold
-- "All Star" by Smash Mouth

Oh. And how did the kid get on the bench ...?


joy n said...

Glad to hear that you had a Roofus sighting. At least we know he's still out there and seems to be okay.

I'm not crazy about Exile Island coming back. I kind of liked the kidnapping thing better. Ah, well.

Like your pix of the skateboarder. All that wonderful energy and derring-do. I remember my old metal rolling skates with the key to tighten them onto the soles of your shoes. The most daring thing I ever tried to do with them was jumprope.

It's a quiet day in blogville.

Becky said...

I saw Roofus the cat briefly today as he leaped from one roof to another, then out of sight. Alas, he moved too quickly for me to capture him with the camera.

Is there any way to get food to Rufus? I worry about him. I think he has become OUR cat.

Jackie, I love your pictures. You are a very talented young lady.

Jackie said...

Joy and Becky - Thanks for the kind words about the photos!

Becky - I think Roofus has access to plenty of food. In back of the larger building with the fires escapes in the photos there's a now-defunct and out of business Budget Car Rental place. Apparently the older gentleman who ran it must own the property. It's been out of business for a few years, yet he comes daily to put canned cat food under some of the cars on the lot, huge bowls of dry food, and bowls of water. Since he went out of business, I notice that he's feeding several of the feral cats inside the building, too. Spaying and neutering would be better for them, but the man seems to live for the feral cats these days. I think the cats give him a purpose and, of course, the cats get food.

meb said...

Jackie..I love your pictures as well and I wanted to comment on a similar situation where the man who comes to feed the animals.

We had a lady who would come to an abandoned food store and put food out for the cats. It became quite a spectacular event and people would come and watch the cats come out of hiding to dine. And yes, it would have been great to get them neutered, but catching them was another story. You couldn't get anywhere near them. Especially with all the people coming to watch, they were already skiddish to say the least. (joy that how you spell skiddish?)

joy n said...

Meb, I believe it's skittish.

I love hearing there are people out there who take the time and use their own finances to take care of feral cats at especially this time of year. Bless 'em!

monty924 said...

Thanks Jackie for the update on Roofus. He/she's become our own little mascot on here, and we really feel like he/she's our own cat. :) Roofus reminds me so much of my mother's cats. All outdoor cats and they, like Roofus, are all black and white. Glad to hear there is someone looking out for the kitties in the neighborhood.

Your pictures are priceless, and thanks again for sharing them with us.

Looking forward to the new TAR episode and seeing my favorite team stroll on to victory, Jen and Nate! Cough... ;)

susan in fl said...

Sophia Loren actually commented on Big Brother?? She must have watched it with either her kids or grandkids. It does take a little while to get into the BB experience. I, too, thought it a waste of time at first. Actually it still is a waste of time, but it is difficult to do something productive all the time, yes?

Terry in CA said...

joy n I hear ya on the skates,,,and how they went out the window when I discovered at age 11 "Skateland" now torn down but a real highlight of my pre-teen and early teen years....sigh...
ah, A Roofus sighting, I just let out a sigh and I think I heard collectively through out your Blog...he is OUR cat right?
and must comment on Sophia Loren, although I always considered her such a glam did she even hear about BB?
Jackie the pictures are "Rad" and the comments, hysterical....I loved Taco Bell Rats...and like the movie 1984 someday we might be thrilled to have these nature sightings preserved...
((Jackie)) you are RAD!

Delee said...

Hugs to Roofus...glad he was sighted!!!

I think Jackie's area will get alot of snow in the next few it looks like "I can use my broom" type of snow. If I remember correctly we were lucky until around Valentine's Day last year. Hoping for the same this year...

Thank you for the reminder Monty...GO JEN and NATE...cough X2... :)

Sophia L is just jealous she has no reality show!!!!

I too watch O Island...and agree tamer than Meerkats, but I enjoy the show. Taco Bell Rats, I do not think that would be a ratings hit. YUCK!!! Now a Life and Times of Roofus, would be a hit! Glad someone is setting food out for them to help them get thru winter! I put out certain leftovers for the cats around here so they stay away from my feeders and squirrels.

Till AR enjoy you Sunday and stay warm!

Sydney said...

Cool Pix Jackie!How exactly did you do the black and white w/color-- you mentioned some kind of layering but do you do that IN the camera or later on your computer in photoshop or whatever? Sounded like in camera cuz you showed the kid on the spot. I only have a little canon Powershot and I bet you have a real camera type digital with lens? And maybe that allows you to do that?

Joy - I think jumping rope with rollerskates on sounds pretty flashy and daring! I'm impressed, lol.

Glad Roofus was spotted. I'm with you Becky-- he has become OUR cat.It is wonderful that people take time and money, but if they are anything like me, it gives them great joy to do so. I buy all kinds of nuts, birdseed and loaves of bread and go feed squirrels, woodpeckers, bluebirds and blackbirds, geese and ducks of all kinds in the park nearby where I live. They run up to me and take it from my hand! I know most of them by their markings, where they live within the park, who they hang with. It really lights up my life because I'm too allergic to have any kind of animal. Something about it being outside makes it possible. I'm grateful everyday for the privilage!

Yes (Barf) go Jen and Nate... Can't wait for TAR tonight. Good question re: Sophia Loren! There are BB's in London and many other countries.. IS there a BB Italy? Lol.

Anyone watching Cashmere Mafia or Lipstick Jungle??

Jackie said...

Sydney - I edit the photos on the computer with a PhotoShop-like program (but free!). He saw the shots pre-editing.

sharon said...

Jackie,love your humor.....Taco Bell Rats,indeed! But if this writer's strike goes on much longer......who knows?

Glad to hear that Roofus was sighted and has a support system in place.

Yeah...go Jen and Nate(choke,choke)...break a really,break a leg!I hope TK and Rachael have a really,really bad leg(wink,wink).

I'm so afraid our flirting with the January thaw is about to turn ugly here next week. Something was said about the coldest weather yet this winter.......brrr. Stay warm all!

Wonderful pixs,Jackie...but we've come to expect nothing less from you.Keep clickin'!

boo said...

Isn't it fun to have a mascot for the group here? Go Roofus! Now, if we just had someone great to root for on TAR!

I am a huge Jane Austin fan so am looking forward to Masterpiece( the new name I read, instead of Masterpiece Theater) on PBS tonight with the first of productions of ALL her novels. I read there are four new productions and I hope the "Pride and Prejudice" is the one with Colin Firth as the perfect Mr. Darcy. Thank Heaven for TiVo/DVR! I don't have to miss a thing!

Have a happy Sunday wherever you are.

joy n said...

Love that everyone considers Roofus "our cat".

Maybe Sophia is lumping all BB editions together. I've heard the European versions are much more risque and London had that racial thing with their last one.

Terry in CA, one of my brothers took my skates when I was 13 and made wheels for his go-cart (crate) with them. By then, I'd gotten more into bike riding anyway.

I, too, will be "rooting" for Nate and Jen (ahem) tonight.

AnnieQMac said...

Evening All,

I took one of those five hour naps last Sunday(fell asleep at 8 and woke up at 1) and the Tivo Christmas gift didn't catch the end of AR. What would I do without Jackie and the rest of you! Does this mean I have no life...It definitely means I'm gizmo challenged and should look at the Tivo instructions; I've been told there's a way to extend recording. Can't remebemer who brought up Project Runway but thanks; the recording shut off at the last minute and I was glad I already knew who was eliminated.

Snow coming - the winds are picking up - I have such wonderful memories of sledding and skating I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve when snow is on the way - too bad as a grownup it's mostly one big headache beyond watching it from a window.

Joy, my older sister returned my skate key to me many years ago and I treasure it - it brings back such good memories - I still have shadow scars on both knees from all that sidewalk skating.

Who are we rooting for tonight? LOL I just got it - go Jen & Nate!

Boo, I'm saving part two of Jane Eyre in the hopper for the flu maybe? Or one of those days when there's absolutely nothing on.

Making meatballs; time for round two.


Nana in the NW said...

Gotta love this blogsite....where else can you go from Sophia Loren--Jane Austin--Exile Island--Roofus(our fav. cat)--to making meatballs!?!!

I, too, remember the roller skates with keys. At about 11 yr.old I took them apart and nailed the wheels to a piece of board...instant skateboard!
Off to the street on the next block to go down the hill. Somebody would always watch for cars, except my sister who was a "chicken" and went and told Mom what I was doing. I spent ALOT of time on restriction in my early teen years :( LOL.

Jackie I love the pics. You have the ability to see so much through yours lens without saying a word.
Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

Sydney--did Cashmere Mafia/Lipstick Jungle start already?? I missed them. Could you tell me when they are on?

Finale of TAR tonight...I've got my fingers crossed hoping to see Jen/Nate cross the finish line--gag, gag --LAST!!