Tuesday, January 29, 2008

TV Newsy Bits - Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A store window in Westfield, NJ. While they also do fortune telling at the shop, what I want is the flying monkeys sign. At times my own personal squad of flying monkeys could come in handy. But with my luck, they'd go out on strike for better wages and benefits.

In today's TV Newsy Bits:
  • I'll be getting a post up to live blog the American Idol audition show as it airs here in the northeast. Or am I mid-Atlantic? It depends to whom you're speaking, I guess. Anyway, the post will be up around 8 PM if you want to share your comments on the show.
  • Lots of new programming on the cable stations tonight -- truTV (which should have stayed Court TV) has two episodes of The Real Hustle on at 10 PM ET/PT, Discovery has a new Dirty Jobs on at 9 PM ET/PT followed by Some Assembly Required at 10, TLC has a new Bussey Bunch on at 9 PM ET/PT and a new LA Ink on at 10 PM ET/PT, A&E has an hour of new Parking Wars (two episodes in a row) starting at 10 PM ET/PT.
  • Celebrity Spider is reporting that CBS has ordered two more seasons of Survivor. (Yay!)
  • Wild Bluff Media has an article which outlines the time frame leading into the new season of Big Brother.
  • Don't forget! Lost returns on Thursday night with a two-hour show! Of course, that will throw Celebrity Apprentice to the wayside (most likely) -- I'm not sure how I'll deal with both of them and then Survivor arriving on the 7th of February. Something has to give. I'll have to fire Donald, I guess.
Today's random pondering:
Why don't men wear fedoras more often?

Today's musical non-sequitur:
City lights, the pretty lights
They can warm the coldest nights
All the people going places
Smiling with the electric faces
-- "Neon Rainbow" by The Boxtops


joy n said...

ETOnline has Jeff Probst also saying that Tom Weston (Palau) wasn't the only one to turn down this season's new Survivor. Courtney turned it down, too. There IS a God!

I'll be saying sayonara to The Donald,too. No contest!

joy n said...

Oh, I forgot. LOVE the pic!