Monday, February 25, 2008

BB9, Dexter, Lost, and Schtuff

Bring me a glazed donut, please. Wait, I mean a chocolate donut! Better yet, bring me both! This dog was parked outside the donut shop on my way to work. Yes, I'm back to work although I still feel exhausted, drained, and I'm coughing a lot. Darn the flu!

My latest Big Brother 9 live feeds report is up over at TV Squad. I'll be posting another update here late tonight. Today has been on the quiet side in the house after last night's group gropes.

I watched Dexter last night. I've been wanting to see this series since it started, but without Showtime it's all new to me. I find the series as intriguing as I thought it would be from what I've read about it. But, think about it ... Dexter isn't your average serial killer. He's more about going after those folks who are the ills of society. What if ... what if ... we put him in the Big Brother house this season?

With the change to Thursday nights, I'm finding myself not watching Lost until Sunday as I have a deadline for my Survivor review on TVS. It will be worse when it goes to 10 PM, but I already have it delayed by days. That said, the last two episodes have been powerful and have me really into the show once again. What happened to Claire? You know she wouldn't leave Aaron behind or let him go with Kate without her? And Ben becomes even more mysterious!

I haven't seen Roofus lately. Well, I was out of work three days of my five last week and there's snow on the roof. Hopefully the cat is hanging out over at the old rental car place with friends and food.

Thanks for hanging in with me as I fought the flu. I won. I think I won.


Sydney said...

Yay Jackie! Glad to see you're over the hump. HO you managed to write the TV Squad articles and keep up here I will never know... It's one thing ot drag yourself to meet a deadline come hell or high fevers, but it's another to be creative, even funny. Impressive.

Love the doggie.

And I'm so psyched you like Dexter. I have been addicted for the 2 seasons I've been watching it on Showtime and it's even better watching the second time around now on network TV... but I did miss hearing your take on it, and having others here comment on it too.

Anyway, hope you get back to 100% in just a few days.

Clementine said...

I have been a loyal fan of BB for 8 seasons, but count me out. Alison Grodner has officially ruined it for me. I stopped following the feeds after about a week. Now I won't be watching the show, either. I'm pretty sure the producers cast this season with exactly this kind of raunch in mind, and orchestrated some, if not most of it from behind the scenes.

I love Jackie's blog, so I'll still be reading the recaps here, as I can always trust her good taste. Hope you're getting a nice reimbursement from TV squad for watching, Jackie! You really deserve it. And try some OJ or oranges, the Vitamin C really helps get my energy back after the flu.

P.S. I want to adopt that doggy!

joy n said...

Glad you're feeling a little better, Jackie.

Hope that dog got his donut(s). He's lookin' a bit thin.

I'm betting Roofus is doing alright, too. He's got to be pretty smart to survive in a big city without an "owner" to take care of him. I'm sure he'll be out and about more in the spring.

So the groping group is quiet for a bit. Probably resting up for the next round of orgies, no doubt.

dla said...

These HG's do not move me.

For Sydney and all SATC fans...

Zoetawny said...

Loved the dog! You know I'm a dog lover. He looks like he's watching and waiting intently for his owner to bring out those donuts.

Jackie, I'm sure it was very difficult going back to work after a nasty bout of the flu. The side effects of that darn flu does seem to linger. Hope you get your energy back soon. You certainly did rise above it to write with your usual campy style. Kudos!

I watched Dexter last night, too. My dh didn't get that he was a serial killer until the last 10 minutes even though I kept trying to tell him. I have a question...does Dexter take his victims to the same place every time? Maybe Sydney might know. I wonder if his sister will ever suspect what he's doing.

I'm still addicted to Lost. The mysteries keep me engrossed and wanting more. If Kate has Aaron then it looks like Claire didn't make it back or did she?? But, then why is Sawyer so upset about it?

Roofus is probably hiding in the back storage room in that donut shop. LOL

What are we watching tonight?

Zoetawny said...

woops...that would be "intensely". ;)

monty924 said...

Great to see you're back at work and sort of getting over the yucky flu.

BB has now given them flavored Dental Dam. What next?

ILoveBo-Bo said...

Hey Jackie,
Hope you are well on your way to feeling better, but take it easy as up here (Canada) that flu has a way of sneaking back up on you!
I am not feeling LOST this season as I do not like the flash forwards...picky picky I know but I want answers.
I do always like your updates and want to say sick or not you ROCK!

Beverly said...

Hi Jackie! Hang in there - all flus must end, right?

Question... Why do you keep saying Big Brother After Dark was cancelled? I'm still getting it on my local listings!

monty924 said...

Beverly, I think Jackie was saying to tell the HGs that BBAD was cancelled so they would behave! They seem to turn it on for the SHO2 show. :)

I just found the answer to my own question... They're making water balloons out of condoms now! Can these folks regress any further into childhood?

meb said...

I would say "Welcome back Jackie" but however you did it, you've been here the whole 'flu' time. Glad you're feeling a better.

I started watching Dexter the second season, when Syd kept recommending it, and I love it. I truly enjoy seeing the first season now since I missed it. Zoetawny, we're in the third season, and the sister doesn't have a clue.

Lost is still a favorite and I love the not being able to figure any of it out. That's part of it's pull for me.

Monty924 -What's 'dental dam'?

Anonymous said...

i am one of the not so lucky ones to have showtime. i have never seen quite so much debauchery as what i saw from this group of degenerates.. and they think this is entertainment???? pretty dumb methinks.. i am sure their mothers are proud of all of them.. i got the biggest charge out of amanda and her diatribe on how easy it was to contract herpes..........after the tongue swapping.........think they believed it????

Sydney said...

Zoe -- you know I wondered that myself... how does he set up all that elaborate plastic, then clean it all if he does it in different places. But he does seem to set up in the person's space...that he is killing. GLAD you're WATCHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie... I'm really missing your take on LOST! I love BB but its all over the place this year and I just can't stay focused on it!!! But I'm really waiting for your take on the last 2 episodes of LOST!

I'm glad your better!

Zoetawny said...


I've only watched Dexter since it's been on CBS so I had no idea that it's the victim's place he sets up the slaughter. I'd like to know more about his relationship with his father and how that plays into Dexter's affliction of being a serial killer. I had some distractions going on here so didn't pay close attention to what Dexter and his father were talking about in the car. Clue me in.

Back on topic...what else can we say about BB other than the same. But, I just love Jackie's coined phrases. Jackie rocks!

Off topic again...

Just heard in the news about a brown out in FL. Anyone here from FL? If you are in the brown out area guess you wouldn't be able to post at this time. ;) I'm not sure what area is affected.