Sunday, February 17, 2008

TV Newsy Bits - Sunday, February 17, 2008

Now, what the heck is that, you ask? Is it a phone? Is it a Supertramp album? Neither. It's a bin which holds bags of salt at the Bound Brook NJ Transit Train Station. The Supertramp graffiti stencil caught my eye. Unless there's a new movement for the band, I'd imagine it's been there for well over a decade, perhaps two.

I've noticed that since I found out exactly how bad my knee is, it seems to hurt more. Ow. It's back to work tomorrow after a week off. Wah. But I have a lot to do to prepare before the surgery -- quad-strengthening exercises, save money towards insurance deductibles, stockpile canned goods and other necessities for a long confinement, etc. I already know the supermarkets in the area who deliver, plus the good folks at the local corner store have volunteered to bring over anything I might need. Then I'll have to get my apartment totally set up for the maximum use with minimum movement.

I'll take another vacation week (I have five) before going under the knife (or saw ...eek!) mainly to get the apartment set up. I don't want to spend time in a rehab facility but understand it's going to be very rough for at least the first few weeks. But it will all be worth it. If I take a vacation next year at this time, I'll be able to photo-stomp Chinatown for the Lunar New Year, something I had hoped to feel up to this year but couldn't.

In the Lost news department -- I screwed up recording the show and somehow recorded the wrong channel. Ack. I tried to watch it online at ABC, but something is screwy with their video versus my computer. I get the audio fine, but only a white box in lieu of the video. I'll have to rerecord it this week when it repeats on Thursday. Grr.

I'll be posting a feeds update a bit later over on TV Squad. I'm having some trouble not making it all sound like porn.

Enough of this ... it's onto today's TV newsy bits:
  • We all know by now, the WGA strike is OVER! Yay, the writers got a decent package! TV Squad has about all the strike news you need to know right here. That includes articles on when shows we love (or hate) can be expected back.
  • An extremely odd note -- I'm not finding an interviews with Mary, Survivor's boot from last week. The sites which usually have exclusive interviews with the castaways have nada with her. Very odd.
  • American Idol will feature songs of the '60s next week, like that's never been done before. Now, I have to admit that I enjoy that era but I always wonder what the teens who are so hung up on the show think about it. Aren't there good songs from the new generation out there?
  • Speaking of American Idol, there's a brouhaha brewing over Carly Smithson who had a professional record deal under a different last name a few years back. Should she be allowed to compete? Of course, I just like to use the phrase "brouhaha brewing" and don't have any real stake in things whether she's in it or not.
  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, the recent episode of Lost had its worst ratings of the season. I feel it's my fault. I'm sorry. I swear I'll watch the repeat next week!
  • So You Think You Can Dance (about the only dancing show I get into) will return on May 22. Fine, I'll be out of commission for a few weeks around that time, but I'll surely manage to watch the show ... even in the hospital room.
Today's musical non-sequitur:
Could we have kippers for breakfast
Mummy dear, Mummy dear
They got to have 'em in Texas
'Cuz everyone's a millionaire
--"Breakfast in America" by Supertramp


delee said...

Jackie...I do not know the flooring in your apartment, but when I had foot surgery in AL we lived in military housing with tile and hardwood floors.

The first foot surgery I was on crutches for 18 weeks with no weight on the foot. Can I say...crutches stink. The second surgery I got smart. I used an office chair with wheels to get around the house. Also could adjust it up and down. That time I was on crutches for 16 weeks. I would use my good leg to propel me around. If this is something you can do I highly recommend it as a mode of tranportation at home. You can also carry things that you can not on crutches.

Hopping is ok, but you can tire out fast, imao! I also found I would slide things on the counters to where I wanted them to go. It can be done and just wait until you can go to a store that has those motorized carts, use it that is what they are there for!

Just watched the 1st 2 episodes of BB online. I hope that helps me know who is who. At this point I am still not sure who to root for, but Adam/Sheila - Parker/Jen are not that bad. Some are sneaking under the radar, and we will find out more about them as time passes. Just wish the bedroom escapades would vanish!!!Let alone the bragging about it. EEK

Tom`S said...

TMZ had a similar story on a different contestant, ( I cannot recall his name, although each story differed, I believe this particular contestant had a previous singing career, in fact he had been on a reality show, actually winning in his category, one of the primary reason this story hit a raw nerve is ; last year AI refused prepositional entry to an individual who had a recurring role on ABC's Soap One Life To Live, ABC being that its owned by Disney, has a reputation for allowing various individuals on Dancing with the Stars in which are amongst their ABC affiliates, ( for example Billy Ray Cyrus, Those Cheetah girls, all who are on the Disney channel, however anytime a major label drops one of their recording artist, its fair game for all parties involved. Heck, I'd grab a potential recording artist ASAP.

sue said...

Jackie, I am wishing you well and hoping your building has an elevator. You know it is difficult for us to hear and not be able to run over with some sympathy food for you. Long Distance relationships are like that! I just watched Survivor and I like it...not always true for me. So, do you think we might be seeing Mary again some time this season? I can even stand Jonathan this time far at least. I like the idea delee gave of using the office chair. We have one of the little ones, with no arms, I used it to move...not me but the boxes and things from the car to the house and then into the rooms to unpack. I am delighted the strike has ended, but was counting days until the post strike scripts are in production and realized it will probably be during March Madness! So much for watching TV. Thanks for the updates, Sue

joy n said...

It's amazing; the changes in your normal routine that are required because of surgery. Delee had some excellent advice.

I had minor foot surgery ten years ago that only required crutches for two weeks and they drove me nuts. I hopped a lot. I really feel for you, Jackie.

I read somewhere that AI rules only state that no contestant can have a current recording contract.

Zoetawny said...


Just stopped by to try to give you support and some encouragement regarding your pending surgery. I know you have done your homework and are lining up all your ducks in a row. This in itself will help getting through the recovery. You know I wish you well and have great empathy that you have to go through this at all. I'm down with what Sue said here about not being able to bring you comfort food while you're recovering or help with errands and chores. It's good that your corner store is willing to help. Most insurances do offer in home visiting nursing care and a physical therapist to help you learn how to navigate around your place safely. Please do check into this and make sure it's all set up before the surgery.

Keep focused on "photo-stomping Chinatown" next year and you will have something to look forward to. I've known a couple of people who have had knee replacement surgery and they say it was all worth it.

I know you will be just fine and we will be here to listen and offer support. If you're too modest to notice, you have a huge fan base here. ;)

Caroline said...

With almost 100% certainty I am willing to bet my friend's boyfriend did the Supertramp graffiti work. She absolutely loves Supertramp and he always makes stencils of it for her. He's a budding graffiti artist, and I emphasize the artist over the graffiti, and up until 3 months ago they lived in Bound Brook. Was it in black & white, cause usually he does at least the lips in red? I'll have to ask them next time I talk to them, but I'm really fairly certain it's courtesy of him.

Arlene said...
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Arlene said...


Good luck with your knee surgery.

I think the reason LOST has low ratings, because people know that they can watch it the next week and get back to back episodes without waiting a week.