Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Finale

I'm not feeling so hot, but thought you guys might like a place to make comments about the finale. Enjoy!


meb said...

So sorry you're not feeling well Jackie... I wish there was some way I could help do something for you. I have you in my prayers. Rest!


Nana in the NW said...

Jackie--you are a gem! Not feeling well but still getting a post up for us. Remember to eat...even if you don't feel like it. Some meds can make you really sick on an empty stomach :(

I know you have a hard time sitting around doing nothing and sleeping the day away but that's what your body needs now. Everything else can wait until your feeling better.

Everybody must be as tired as me today(after that marathon DWTS and AI). Not many comments here or on Chatter's Lane. Sydney's been a trouper keeping that site going while Laurie is gone.

AI finale tonight--I think David A. has the purest voice but he is never comfortable on stage. He would probably be happy to sit in a studio and just record songs.

David C. is very marketable and quite a performer. Any producer will be happy to sign him to a contract so he is right--they are both already winners.

Enjoy the show!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Nana. I think D.A.'s voice is very nasally. I personally can't stand listening to him sing.

D.C. has my vote all the way!

I love the varity of music, what I may love, you may hate!

Karen in Oregon said...

Welcome Home
thanks for setting up a place for us west coaster can come and check out what is happening :o) Hope your road to recovery is a quick one take it easy

joy n said...

I also prefer David A's. voice, but really enjoy David C's. very much as well. I agree that D.A. needs a little more seasoning before he's ready for the big time. Waiting may work to his advantage in more ways than one. Once he's of age, his dad won't have the control that he does now and David will have more time to work on that stage presence. With time and maturity, I believe he'll be making his own deals and become a big star one day. He already has the voice.

I was so glad to see they got cars again this season.

Hang in there. Jackie. This, too, shall pass.

joy n said...

Carrie Underwood sure has come a long way.

Karen in Oregon said...

Joy yes carrie has come a long way I really enjoy her singing :) since noone else is writting here joy will you let me know who wins tonight please and ty :)

SueGee said...

I'm coming out of lurkdom just to say please and thank-you that us left coasters need to know who won!!

joy n said...

David C. wins American Idol!

Your welcome, Karen.

joy n said...

He won by 12 million votes.

You're welcome, too, Suegee.

Sydney said...

OMG Suegee -- I LOVE your avatar!

David A. sounded better to me than DC last night. For Simon to say how wonderful a person DC was last might realy got America's attention. That said, I don't like AC's look ... IMHUMBLEO, do the hair or do the chin scruff not both. Or maybe it's that it looks a bit too pop-contrived/styled rather than sexy/natural? Just one stylist's opinion, lol, please don't kill me for saying so. It's just bugged me from the beginning.

monty924 said...

I loved, loved Bo Bice (loved Carrie too, so I didn't care S4), loved Chris (and when he got voted off it was all Soul Patrol), last year was just blech. This year a 'rocker' won in my opinion.


I'm tickled pink! :)

Sydney said...

Joy I just read your post about David C vs. C and I totally agree.

delee said...

Yes, my man, David Cook WON! A pool by People Mag had him at 66% to win and he did.

I will repeat this, "I hate Season Finales" I do not want to wait until Sepember for the ending of a show. By that time I lose most of what leads up to the new season opening show. First, CSI last week and now Criminal Minds tonight. Who got blown to kingdom come? Unfair Unfair...

Jackie take it easy and rest. It all takes time. We all try to continue as before, because we think the more we do the faster it will be over. It does not work that way.

YEAH....Dale is gone from Top Chef.

delee said...

POLL not pool....duh!

I was kind of shocked that Simon apologized to D Cook after he re-watched the show last night.Saying he was better and it was closer than a DA night. Too late for the voting, but at that point I thought to myself, D Cook had won and Simon was covering his butt.

Auntie Leigh said...

Hope you feel better soon Jackie.

meb said...

Disappointed, but can understand it. No offense anon 8:32, but I disagree that there is any nasal sound coming out of DA's mouth... I have to agree with nana in the nw... He has the purest voice I've ever heard on Idol. He's just too young and really was uncomfortable most of the time.

Did anyone see the finale for Criminal Minds yet. OMG! How could they do that and then make us wait for next season!!!!!

Sydney said...

DElee- Great point about Simon backpedaling. You probably hit the nail square on the head.

pepsip said...

Jackie- sorry to hear you are not feeling well.Try to get some rest and take it easy!

I was happy that David Cook won. His performance skills were so much better than Archuleta's. (IMHO)

Loved the Guitar Hero commercials - particularly DC's.

The best performance of the night might have been Carly and Michael singing The Letter. (I might be a little bias here as I love the song) They really added an extra edge to it.

Anonymous said...

I;m so glad D. Cook won. He's my second favorite after Chris Daughtry of all time. He's the only reason I started watching idol again anyway. I stopped watching after Chris was voted off. I couldn't stand either Taylor or the girl that season.

I accidentally forgot to tape Criminal Minds and I can't wait to see it. Hopefully though, someone will put it on youtube tomorrow sometime if I'm lucky.

Watched Top Chef. Dale was okay. I don't really care about him one way or the other. My favorites are Antonia and Richard. I think both of them will end up in the finals, fingers crossed. Spike is growing on me. I liked how he stayed out of the kitchen tonight. that was too funny. The one person I can't stand is the chick with the eyebrow ring. I hate everything abou her. Her voice, her looks, but mostly I hate her whining and accusing everyone of sabotaging her. Why would anyone want to? She can't even cook rice...LOL. I can cook rice. Haven't they ever heard of Uncle Ben?

Glad your home Jackie and seem to be doing well despite being on the coumadin and the pain. Don't look at this time as a bad thing. It's a good time to catch up on reading all those books you've bought and just havewn't had time to get to. You can daydream and take an afternoon nap whenever you want. paint your fingernails a different color every day. the possibilities are endless although I can't think of anything else right now. Get well soon.


Zoetawny said...


I'm sad you're not feeling well. Being home from the hospital isn't a slam dunk. Just because the surgery is over doesn't mean anything is back to normal. Your body just made it through a major assault and needs rest and time to heal. Also, it takes time for the anesthesia and all the drugs administered in the hospital to metabolize out of your system. It's only been a week since the surgery so don't get discouraged. Please don't expect too much too soon. This too will pass...but not fast enough.

I'm watching AI and trying really hard not to peak at your comments. Nah, I already peaked. I'm a little sad for DA but happy for DC. They both should have won if that was possible. I'm sure DA will get a record deal signed tomorrow. They both are very talented in their own style.

Sydney said...

Or maybe it's that it looks a bit too pop-contrived/styled rather than sexy/natural? Just one stylist's opinion, lol,

I think that's it, Sydney. I like that expression...pop-contrived/styled. Maybe a little less gel would make it look more natural/sexy. Were you a hair stylist before you retired? My Mom owned a salon before I was even born.

Joy n...

My husband has a crush on Carrie Underwood. I'm not kidding.

Paula's dress is hot but it doesn't seem to fit her right on top. At least it's better than those two corset dresses that flattened and pushed her chest up to her chin. It almost looked painful. What do you think, Sydney?


I'm DVR-ing Criminal of my fav shows.

Sydney, Meb and Nana...

ITA with you about the David's. They are so different from each other but both have amazing talent.

Lost is a 2 hour repeat tonight and isn't on tomorrow. :(

Wish there was more I could do besides say "Feel better, Jackie".
Every day is a new day so hang in there.

Niters...well...not yet. It's still early for me here in CA. :)

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, Jackie!

Way to go, America! My favorite David won! At least I won SOMETHING tonight. The Spurs blew a 20 point lead and lost to the Lakers, boohoo.

We really can't blame any of the contestants for their appearance -- AI stylists remake them. Read a mag article that said Carly really fought them and didn't want to give up her jet black hair dye and black eyeliner. But it looks like they won, her hair was a bit softer in color and the eyeliner disappeared.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you're not feeling the best...patience...and rest, plenty of it...

totally off topic, but i thought i'd throw it out there:
saw indy tonight at the midnight premiere...i think indy jumped the shark...if anyone else goes, let me know what you thought...
it was good, but a couple parts just killed me...

i don't make many comments but i'm still wide awake and thought a bunch of entertainment junkies might be interested in my 2 cents


dla said...

Loved the AI final tonight with ZZ Topp, Graham Nash, Donna Summer, George Michael, etc... and I was thrilled that "my person" won for a change! I was beginning to believe that, on AI, if I was rooting for one of them to win, it was a sure thing that they would NOT win. :)

Followed up by watching the season finale of L&O, which was also strong, so a good TV night!

Jackie, I sure hope you are on the mend and feeling stronger soon! The most critical thing is that you take care of you!

lynn1 said...

Jackie , so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope that soon you will be pain free and feeling much better.
I didn't get to watch every minute of AI last night but one of the highlights of the show for me was Gladys Knight and the "Pips".
I cracked up seeing Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey,Jr as the Pips.
One of the low points for me was seeing Geroge Michael perform. He has not aged gracefully. I thought his song was too long. Paula's reactions while he was singing with the tears and emotion just re-enforced my belief that she is whacked.
Congrats to both Davids. I was very happy with the outcome.

I enjoyed Top Chef last night too. I was not sorry to see Dale go. Lisa will probably be next.
I hope for a final three to be Stephanie, Antonia & Richard. I personally like Stephanie but I can be happy with any of those three taking it all.

Sydney said...

Zoetawny -- I was an image consultant but in the celebrity world it's called a stylist... I did head to toe. My primary role was to create their look, shop for an dress them. Depending on the project, I often did their make up and could trim and style most of my male clients's mops, but have someone else cut.

I totally agree Jennasmom... The show has stylists (much improved in the last 2 seasons, possibly due to bigger budgets?) but they are clearly packaging the kids. While that can make all the difference to an unknown, I worked for myself so I could do what was really right for WHO the person is. I'd push their limits a little when needed, but felt my work was to be a SUPPORT to them and the uniqueness they bring to the world.

A great example was Philip Seymour Hoffman for his run of red carpet/awards shows for Capote. In life he's a lovably messy guy---I had no control over his hair but he suited up pretty well for those shows, saving the best look for accepting the Oscar. His hair was allowed to do it's thing and so he was a more polished version of himself for an occasion that called for it.

IMHO People with the best stylists -- E! Entertainment Host julianne Ranick, and Carrie Underwood. Flawless!

People I would LOVE to get my hands on-- Julie Chen, Brittany Spears... the list is LONG! I add myself to it, lol!

Donna in AL said...

I missed everything last night due to going shopping for my beach trip this weekend. I recorded Lost which I find out here, it was a repeat!! I should have recorded Criminal Minds, love that show. Someone tell me what happened please.

My phone and internet has been out since Tuesday night when lightning got it. It is supposed to be working by Friday 5 pm. I think 3 days is way too long for the phone company to fix it for what we pay for service. I am at work today checking in here.

Jackie, I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hopefully, today will be a better day for you. Don't rush your healing, take it easy, rest and eat well. Pop those pills too!

RBennie said...

I hope you are feeling a little better today Jackie. Take those drugs if you need to.

Well my baby boy didn't win. I really thought he deserved it, but I'm sure Clive Davis has him signed up already. As we all know, you don't have to win AI to become a superstar. My congrats to David Cook. If David A. had not been there, DC would have been my favorite. I really think they need to stop torturing us with these 2 hour finales. I could have done without about 90% of those performances.

Sydney said...

(((JACKIE))) How are you feeling today? I hope a little better. I imagine trying to get around in your house may not be as easy as hoped. Wonder if by now the PT has come to visit for the first time. Please try to keep your chin up and rest. Hope the kitty provides a lot of comfort!

Gosh Donna, when is this storm season over for you? I can't believe how much weather-related inconveniences you've been going through this spring. Hope it gets and stays calm soon.

Rbennie - I figured DA would get a recording contract anyway, and he can now take a little time to season himself. As JoyN said, i think it was the perfect outcome for both Davids.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the combination of 13-year-old girls madly texting votes and the horrible format of the final performance show was going to screw DC over but holy crap it didn't. I can't believe it. DA could suck the soul out of any song, but the horrible Disney-esque "winning songs" that are always a part of the final fit his little package perfectly. After that show ended, I thought, yep, DC is screwed, even though he is the better singer. But somehow it didn't happen. I'm blown away.
DC took a while to grow on me in this competition but over time I came to notice that he is a pretty tasteful singer.... doesn't try to fill every space with another note, knows when to belt it, and knows when to back off. DA is your typical Idol contestant, always trying to shove as many notes as possible into every moment, shows no real technical flaws but completely lacks in personality and sings everything exactly the same. But, being The Cute Young Boy, and having made it into the final, he was a real danger to win this thing and validate others like him. I know this show is basically a glorified karaoke contest, but still.... I am glad that somebody who is at least a tasteful singer won. I know the album they'll write for him (the same one that would have been written for the other guy) is going to be all full of Disney-esque shlock about dreams, but who cares.

Donna in AL said...

We usually have tornados into June and then again in Oct-Nov. And if any hurricanes hit Mobile, Al or the panhandle of Florida, we get tornados from the after effects of them. Straight line winds also do a lot of damage in severe thunderstorms (summertime). I have a basement with a TV set up with a regular antenea (satelite goes out), a couch, refridg., NOA battery weather radio and a mattress if it's an all-niter. Since I have the only basement, my brother's family, my mom, my niece and her family and a couple other niece's and nephew's come over only if it is really bad. It is actually a blessing if they all come. I do not get as nervous.

meb said...

donna in al... I left you a post on your blog re Criminal Minds, just in case somebody hasn't watched it yet, don't want to spoil the ending.

I'm having keyboard problems at home. Won't type for me... doing this at work.

nana in the nw... I still didn't get your email???

Sydney ... I had no idea you were an image consultant in the celebrity world or any world. Do you miss it or are you still doing it, just different location?

Whenever you and others would point out Julie Chen's flaws, I often thought you were being a little harsh. I thought she looked OK most of the time. Sometimes not so much. Now I know you knew what you were talking about and that I must have no taste. Wow, I'm impressed.

rbennie... I agree... those 2 hour finales are murder. I taped the show and fast forwarded thru most of them. Did watch the PIPS. Silly but cute.

Rented the pontoon for tomorrow, Friday, and looking forward to a fun filled day. Has room for 8, but I think only 6 of us are going, which is good... gives us a little more room.

joy n said...

Jackie, only hope today finds you feeling a bit better than yesterday. Imagine it will be awhile before you get back to "spring chicken mode".

Sydney, Philip Seymour Hoffman is from our neck of the woods. His hometown is Fairport, which is just down the road from here. His family still lives there and he was home for Xmas.

I also was glad to see Dale leave Top Chef last night. Sometimes I liked him and thought he could be funny, other times, I thought him smug and obnoxious. Lisa should go next. Like Lynn1, I would be happy to see Stephanie, Antonia or Richard win.

RBennie said...

Sounds like fun MEB - hope you have a great time.

RBennie said...

Re Top Chef, I find that I don't like any of this crop overly much. Richard seems to me to be the best cook among them. It seems like whatever team he's on wins the challenge. Has a woman won yet? I don't think so. I remember Harold won season 1, a guy with an odd name who cooked a lot of spanish food won season 2 and Hung(?) won season 3.

Donna in AL said...

Thanks MEB
See your blog.

Sydney said...

MEB-- LOL, I know, I worry every time I say something about someone's appearance on TV because I'm afraid it will sound unduly critical. But with Julie Chen being a professional host, what she wears and how she looks is a big part of what she chose to do for a living. And being the wife of network owner, I assumed she had a lifestyle that she dresses up for off camera and hence had a developed personal style. She might also get whatever budget she wants for BB's wardrobe (being in the position she is), but at the same time, she may want to be "just like everyone else" and not get special treatment. I'm taking a break from doing it for about 28 years... I still have a few shows on air, so the work is still out there.

Joy, PSH is such a great, regular guy for all his success. He's got amazing range as an actor. It's rare that I lose composure but I had to hold myself back from drooling compliments on his work when we met for his fitting. I managed though :-D
It was really an honor to work with him.

Nana in the NW said...

Oh my, I don't know where to start. There has been many posts I wanted to comment on but I know I will forget...senior moments!

Syd- that is so cool that you worked as a style consultant. When you said "some shows still air" did you mean that you were a consultant to TV shows?

meb- I also missed Criminal Minds and forgot to tape it!! I jumped over to Donna's blog and read your re-cap--thank you! I'm going to see if I can find on the Internet.

Have fun this weekend. Hopefully, the weather will be nice.

I got the e-mail I sent you returned(wrong address) so I re-sent it a few days ago.....I will try again. Watch for ""

donna-3 days w/o your computer?? I was calling my service company after 1 day!! It's amazing how attached we get to the convenience of the Internet....and how we have to check in here everyday.

I think everyone won on AI. David A. is still young and needs time to mature and be "his own man". David C. is ready to take the world by storm! Young David still needs to finish High school and hopefully go to might not be there forever.

Jackie-hoping PT has been to your house and started working on your recovery. Just eat small bites several times a day....and do rest. It really is the best thing for you!! I'm sure your kitty is happy to have you "resting" alot.

It's an extra-long weekend here. The GK have no school tomorrow so we have a 4-day weekend. They are all going camping and I'm going to work outside---and hopefully, see Indiana Jones!

Jennifer R said...

Congrats on getting to come home early!!! I'm praying you have a fast recovery!!!!!!

delee said...

NBC CBS ABC FOX usually have all shows that can be seen off of their web sites! FOX delays 8 days, do not know why. Others usually up the next day.

I only watched AI during commercials on another channel. Criminal Minds ended in time to see D Cook chosen. So I lucked out not having to have 2 hours of fillers.

Donna make sure to get some credit for your outage on your bill. Mine was out for over 48 once and bugged them as others did, so we all got atiny credit for the loss.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE starts tonight. 8-10p E

Jackie hope you are a tad better today.

Sydney said...

Hi Nana-

Gosh, I've done so many different things over the years. Once you start with someone, most want you to do everything they do (for work and then in their personal life as well). I usually did their projects and all the attendant interviews, personal appearances, photo shoots, award shows, whatever.. I also bought their clothes (or arranged for designer freebies/discounts), maintained their closets, at home(s) and office, even packed and sent their bags ahead when they traveled, you name it.

Ironically, all this let me little time or energy to do it for myself, lol.

On the TV shows I was actually dressing the host(s) or if my client was starring in a drama or comedy, I'd dress their character.

Sydney said...

Delee- Good suggestion to Donna

And MEB -- I will be thinking of you on the pontoon doing beer games, lol. Hopefully you can post a few pix on your blog?

And Jackie, I assume your PT has come by now. I assume you are sleeping a lot or something but I sure hope you feel better in the next day or so. Sending you hugs! Please let us know you're OK as soon as you can type another line... if you need anything, please CALL!!!!

Sydney said...

Good Morning Everyone! I didn't get to see SYTYCD last night as myhusband's eldest son drove down from Austin (in order to go to this wedding we have this weekend). HOW WAS IT? And promising ppl?

RBennie said...

Good Morning all. SYTYCD was very entertaining as usual. They showed the LA auditions. There were a lot of amazing dancers mixed in with a lot of total train wrecks as always. "Sex" came back for the 3rd time. He incorporated many new moves into his routine, unfortunately for him, and for us, they were all awful - LOL. I find these auditions to be much more fun than the AI auditions - I guess AI has been around for so long that I'm over being amused by the horrible singers, but I still get a kick out of the horrible dancers!

sharon said...

Hey All,I am still out of town,down at my sister's outside Cincinnati,and was OVERJOYED to hear you were home,Jackie! I know that has to be ten times better than any old rehab facility. Take good care of yourself and it's nice you can be in touch when you feel up to it.

Gosh,I so hate to be out of touch,but the visit has been great and we are having a great time. I did get to see the finals for SYTYCD and was so happy that Kristi and Mark won and my guy,David Cook won AI. I also agree David A is just a little young,not as poised as Jordin at 17 and I absolutely hated the closed eye singing. I,too,thought the pre teenies might just push him to the win. I would have bought anything David C made,not so sure about David A.

Well,coming home tomorrow to try and beat the holiday traffic,so I'll check in then. Miss all you guys!

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning Jackie. Hope this finds you feeling a little better. It's the beginning of a long weekend. No big plans for me....yard work, craft projects and Indiana Jones.

I have never watched SYTYCD but caught the last 45 mins. last night. What I saw didn't really seem like dancing(except the asian couple). I will try to watch it all next week and see what I am missing. Maybe I should wait until they hit Vegas?

Have you seen the commercials for the High School Musical auditions show with Nick Lachey hosting? It looks like a take-off of last years "Grease-Your the one that I want". I might watch a few of the episodes since my granddaughter's LOVE the movie.

Sharon-good to see a post from you. Sounds like your having a good family visit. It's smart to head for home early....beat some of the holiday traffic.

meb-I will re-send your e-mail this morning.

Cloudy and overcast with a high of 60 here today....and gas is $3.89 for regular. Some stations have hit 4.04 in the area.

My wv is didnfit--I read it as didn't fit....sounds like most of my clothes!! Maybe that's a sign....LOL

Have a good one.....

Zoetawny said...

Just checking in to see if we've heard from Jackie. I'm concerned that we haven't heard a peep from her. I'm hoping that she's resting and all is well. We know that she has a good friend, Barbara, looking after her so I shouldn't worry so much.

Can you believe it's raining here...just a little sprinkle. We're supposed to get more rain tomorrow. It must put a crimp in the plans of those who were getting outdoors for the holiday weekend. We used to go camping and water skiing at Lake Meade for the Memorial Day weekend. Did I mention I hate camping. ;)

We're just relaxing this weekend and not doing much. I don't mind at all. I might rent a few movies that I have been wanting to see. We don't go to the theaters because my husband can't sit that long due to his back pain.


Good luck with the dinner tonight. I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful.

Now that I know you are a stylist, come over here and style me. LOL I hate shopping for clothes. I never seem to like the new styles the last couple of years. The new style tops that are out now all look like maternity tops to me. ;) I suppose they're good if you have a tummy or hips to cover up.


I've been thinking of you all week. I'm hoping being at home isn't too difficult for you and that the excruciating pain is subsiding. If your pain meds aren't helping or if they're upsetting your tummy don't hesitate asking your doctor to try something else. The first two weeks after a major surgery is the most difficult so don't be discouraged but know you will get through this. Wish I could be there and give you some TLC.

Have a good weekend all!

Zoetawny said...


My email won't send to you. GRRRRR! Looks like I'm having the same problem as you are. AOL must be tweaking their equipment so as to "offer a better experience" for us. Sure!!!!!!

Nana in the NW said...

zoe--It's funny you said that about tops.....I'm loving it! Of course, I do have a tummy(that keeps getting larger, thank you menopause and hormones) and these "new" styles are great for me. I must confess I have even shopped in the maternity section of a dept. store. Some of the tops are very stylish and don't look too preggers.

As for camping--I did it for many years when my girls were young. You know, the tent, sleeping on the hard ground, cooking in the rain and all that fun stuff. ;}
The last time I went was 4 yrs. ago with all the kids and grandkids....I'm DONE. I figure I've paid my dues. Now I stay home and my hubby takes them all. Works for me....I get a nice big warm bed all to myself, can watch sappy movies and eat whenever!!

Oh Jackie, I do worry about you. Please be sure to ask for help if you need it. It's a long weekend maybe your brother could come and help you for a few days?? I'll be checking for your next post--just to know your OK.

boring night of TV. Think I will try to catch up on General Hospital.

I'm having the funniest WV today....this one is bbpuk.
Which of course means bb puke!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Sure hope we hear something from you soon. Your online family is worried!


Anonymous said...

Finally my favorite won! My favorites have never won: Kimberly Locke, Jennifer Hudson, Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, and Melinda Doolittle.

Finally my favorite has won. I was surprised as I thought for sure Archuleta would win with all the girls screaming for him. But David Cook won and I am thrilled.