Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello All - Sydney here, cub reporter on all things Jackie.

For anyone who might not know, today is the long awaited day of Jackie's knee surgery. I know just how many of you care and have her on your mind, as I do, and want details. Jackie's own post is just below this so please be sure to read it. I was hesitant to write so quickly as I didn't want to crunch it, but I also know how many of you are like me, wondering what's going on with her RIGHT NOW, this minute.

Jackie was due to arrive at the hospital by 6 AM today... She told me that she was going to do a final post before she left and all last night I kept checking. I looked one last time before I went to bed --1AM EST-- and still saw nothing so I was hoping she was asleep. If she was going to BE at the hospital by 6 she probably had to get up by around 4:00 or 4:30AM, depending on how long it takes to get ready and how far it is to get there.... and she ended up posting at 3:30AM! More evidence that she is indeed superwoman (soon to be the bionic woman). I have to admit, I'm not sure I'd be able to sleep much either.

Her surgery was scheduled for 7:30 AM so she'd be in there for about an hour. Let's all send her extra big love as she finishes up and comes out of anesthesia.

I will call her early this evening to see how she is, and post that here, so please check back. 


meb said...

Hey Sydney... great to see your post up. We'll all miss Jackie while she's out recuperating, but really happy she's given someone the reigns while she's away.

My word verification is missing, so I'll put something silly in there and see if it comes up.

boohoo on Journeyman... It was a great show... show could they drop it and keep others is beyond me. I guess it takes all kinds. Can't believe people gave it a chance tho.

Yep, wv came up and first two letters are mb... how appropriate for my first post.

RBennie said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Sydney.

joy n said...

Looking forward to hearing the update later today, Sydney.

When this is over, she'll be the bionic SuperJackie, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. Well, that may take a little while.

She's going to be on a lot of minds here in the days to come.

ORKMommy said...

Hello there, Guest Blogger! Are you gonna post about the shows that Jackie is watching from rehab too?

Keep us posted on Jackie...we're waiting here...

RBennie said...

Sydney - don't forget "So You Think You Can Dance" starts May 22 Its one of my favorite shows!

Laurie said...

Hi Sydney. Thanks for letting us know about Jackie. She is certainly in all our prayers.

Sydney said...

Hi Orkmommy! How's the new job?

I will check in with Jackie as she goes along and post whatever she wants me to... I told her I'd be happy to take dictation!

But I do think she picked a nice lull between shows to do this... pretty darn good planning on her part.

Is Lost over? I got too Lost to watch Lost pretty early on in the series, so I don't know.

Thanks for the reminer on SYTYCD RBennie. Doyou find yourself saying aloud "So you THINK You Can Dance!" The way Cat does? She says it in a very mod, swingin' 60's kind of way... know what I mean?

Donna in AL said...

Morning to all,
My prayers to Jackie this day as she goes through her ordeal.

Lost is not over yet but I have watched every episode and I'm lost too. Monday, I started watching this season over online. Trying to catch any connections I didn't orginally see. I am thinking if I watch them back to back, it will come together better.

Thanks Sydney for stepping in to provide a new post and updates on Jackie.

Donna in AL said...

I am with you on Journeyman not returning. I really liked that show!

sue said...

Sydney, I was DE-Lighted to see your post this morning. I read Jackie's about 6 am central time and was and am wishing her well. I was hoping she would find a designated poster to fill in her down time. You are great for the job and our not being in the dark about Jackie's progress will help a lot.

I finished all episodes of John Adams and am as pleased with the series now as I was when I first started watching it. For those who haven't seen it, I will tell you some of the reasons it caught my fancy. It has an authentic feel to it. The hairstyles, the medical care, the dirtiness of the landscape all come through. The disagreements between the signers, the love and affection of the Adams. John and Abigail Adams moved into the White House while it was still being built. The laundry hung all about, near his desk. The entire essence of the series was explained in one final scene where John Adams is in his 90s. He meets with the painter of that famous painting we have all seen that depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Adams reams him out telling him how inaccurate it is and how future generations will think of it as factual instead of knowing the truth. He was right, at least from my perspective. It is seldom on TV or on film that a story is told accurately and is still entertaining. I couldn't help thinking how much more Reality was in that historical fiction account than is on many of the reality shows I watch nightly.

One show I watch that is seldom, if ever mentioned here, is House Hunters and House Hunters International. I just don't ever tire of seeing people look inside houses. One last week had English people in Portugal looking at live in. They wanted a fixer upper. Well, it looked like they found one, too. It was a ruin for goodness sake!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on our dear Jackie! She is in our prayers.


P.S. My husband & I both thought that Parvati's last name was somewhat fitting!

Gayle said...

Sydney, thanks for the updates on Jackie.

RBennie said...

I remember I was always wrong about my guess for the Mole. As I recall, the first 2 seasons were really good, but then they did a celebrity season and that killed the show.

joy n said...

rbennie, I love The Mole, too and read that the upcoming season will not be a celeb-filled version.

Sue. I've watched House Hunters and HH International for years. Glad to hear there's another big fan out there. I love trying to figure out which house they might choose

Jennifer R said...

Hey Sydney! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on Jackie! She's in my prayers today!!!

Zoetawny said...


Thanks for taking the helm while Jackie is out of commission. I will email you as soon as I sign on to my mail box. I'm reading the blog from IE now.

I just sent Jackie an email on the Somerset site. You don't have to have the room number, just her full name. The emails have to be sent M-F as those are their regular business hours. When reading Jackie's last post she said she might be moved to a different rehab facility possibly Friday so I didn't want to wait.

I just tried to call Somerset to get general information regarding Jackie's condition. I was transferred to another department and was on hold for 15 minutes and nobody answered. Jackie might not have given permission to give out any information to anyone other than family members or perhaps Sydney. Anyway, I'll wait to read an update from Sydney.

I know we're all anxious to know if Jackie's all right. I'll check back later.

Oh, Parvati's last name, SHALLOW, couldn't be more fitting. ;)

Have a good day all!

sharon said...

We're all a little tense,waiting for word on Jackie,but I know God took good care of her and she is resting with lots of drugs in her system right

Good job,Syd!

My thoughts,exactly,when they showed Parvo's last name...I said to myself..."well,that fits"!!

I LOVED Anderson Cooper on The Mole. He's probably 90% of the reason I liked the I'm never good at guessing these things,my kid always beat me at Clue,too!I agree that the "celebrity" one killed that show.

Sydney said...

Before she went in, just in the last few days, Jackie told me she would only be at Sommerset for 3 days and then would be transferred for 10-14 days to a rehab facility where she would then like to recieve e-mails.

I do hope to get through, if indeed you need permission. I don't know if she thought to leave it for me.

I am waiting for another 30 minutes to call her. Let's all hold on til I can get back to you!

Patty said...

Sydney-Many thanks for taking on the extra duties while Jackie is away.

I wanted to sneak a peek while I had the chance, just to see what was happening in Jackie's world.

I was happy to read she still has her humor and they did not remove that!

I cannot wait for the return of the Mole. I have watched it from the start. I am hoping I can manage to find a few minutes to watch it.

My friend with cancer is doing as well as can be expected. She has good days and bad. My mother has been having many good days, so that has helped me a great deal. I did have a unexpected happening through it all. My aunt, who has never married, fell and broke her femur. It is the largest bone in the leg and the most painful to break. She is now in rehab and doing wonderful. When I visit her, I think of Jackie also and wonder if she too will have such good luck with her rehab.

Have a great day everyone!

Sydney said...

Good Grief Patty - You have a lot going on all around you. I guess you are a bit of an angel to all these folks. Sure hope you can fit in something supportive for your own soul. Being there for others can require a little of that. iImes like these just make us more grateful for our own state of good health. That can make every day a little more joyful, no matter what else is going on.

Arlene said...

Sydney, thanks for filling in for Jackie. Don't worry, you will do a great job.

I love the Mole. I was so excited when I saw the commercials. I am also looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance.

Sydney, tell Jackie hi.