Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying the first holiday weekend heading into the summer season! Despite my lack of posting, I am indeed alive. I am having some concentration issues due to pain and pain medication, so I'll probably be a bit quiet for a time. But I am okay. Thank you everyone for the notes and comments.


Sydney said...

Hi Jackie! Can't believe how fast you got this up. I was great to talk to you today. I hope you get a break and can actually rest today and havemore quiet time over the Memorial Day weekend.

Sending you Hugs and virtual ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I am so happy you are feeling better. Get lots of rest and our thoughts are with you.

I am happy that finally one of my favorites won a show with David Cook winning American Idol. My favorites like Jennifer Hudson, Melinda Doolittle, Chris Daughtry all were gone before the Finale.

And the last Amazing Race, finally my favorite couple won. I hope I am on a roll. HAHAHAHAHA! LOL!

Take care Jackie. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Remembering those who have lost their lives in service to our country. So many precious lives lost in the prime of their lives.
We forever will honor and love them.


Auntie Leigh said...

Good that you are continuing to heal. A knee surgery like you have had is extremely painful, especially right at first. Get plenty of rest and slam the pain meds because you need them.
And Happy Memorial Day to us all. Thanks for your thoughts Caroline. My dad was killed in France in WW2 and the family never recovers. But we remember.
Thanks to all for this wonderful site. You all just rock! Leigh

RyzandShyn said...

Hi Jackie (and everyone too)
I'm glad you got through the surgery successfully and are at home recovering. I've been reading, but haven't been posting because it always seemed liked I had to be someplace else, doing something else, everytime I've turned around lately. When I haven't been busy, I've been a total on the couch with a blanket and TV.
I slept the afternoon away today, so I better get busy around here now finally.
Hope your recovery continues well, and that your pain subsides. Hope everyone here is good...enjoy the weekend!

meb said...

So good to hear from you Jackie... we don't mean to be pests asking where you are all the time, but when you're missing for a while, we worry.

FINALLY, got my keyboard. I had to ultimately go buy one, as the old one just wouldn't cooperate.

nana in the nw... I did get your email... enjoyed hearing from you. All my grandchildren are grown in answer to your question (23,21,20).

We got to go do the pontoon on Friday and had the best time ever. We were out from 9:00am to 5:00pm and never once got tired. Didn't get as sunburn as we were worried about.

There were six of us and still plenty of room. We pulled in to one of the park areas and cooked on the grill. Even got wet a couple of times (I wouldn't call it swimming even tho I can) My daughter outdid herself with everything. We fished, and we rode and rode around. Very large lake with many parks surrounding it.

And right at the end of the day, we went in a little close to an area we weren't supposed to and broke the rudder on the pontoon. Had to call in and confess, cause we were totally stopped. I just knew we probably bought the boat, but they sent someone to help us (radio on the boat) and when we got back it was just $60. Now I know that's a lot of money too, but still a relief.

Total trip for all 6 of us was $208for the boat, $40 for gas and $60 for the rudder as well as extra for the food, most of which we brought back home, less than $75. You can't beat that for a great day that we all enjoyed! We're planning on doing it again this summer at least one more time if not more.

I'm still pushing for a white water rafting trip...just gotta convince everybody else how much fun it is.

Well, being absent for a while, I don't want to go on and on, even tho I could. But, I'll write more later.. gotta go read now.


lynn1 said...

Jackie glad to hear our favorite redhead is recovering and taking full advantage of those mind numbing drugs.

You really are missed but everyone understands that you are still in pain and recovering from your surgery.

Being that is Memorial day weekend I wanted to share an experience I had some years back.

My husband and I were able to visit Utah Beach and lots of other historic and beautiful areas in Normandy during a Memorial Day weekend.

The highlight of the trip was when we were at a US veterans cemetery over looking the beach.
It was nearing sunset. A few rays of golden sun light were touching the white crosses which were adorned with simple wreaths and a small American flag on each grave site.

That in itself was a memory to carry for the rest of my life but then the color gaurd marched out and lowered the flag while a lone bugler played Taps.

There wasn't dry eye during this moving event.

We were lucky that we were there at that time and got to witness it.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Memorial day.

joy n said...

So glad to hear that everything is as okay as it can be, Jackie. Hope you'll feel a lot better very soon.

My hubby and I finished all our spring chores in the yard today and I got my annuals planted. Then we just sat there for a couple of hours admiring our work with a couple of cold ones. Pop, that is. Or sodas or whatever you call them in other necks of the country.

We made it to about 70* today.
Tomorrow will be mid-70's. By the way, gas is $4.07 per gal., reg. here in upstate NY, Wayne County, as of Thurs.

Just planning a quiet weekend at home.

A salute to all the soldiers this Memorial Day! My husband is an Air Force vet and I have one nephew in Iraq (Marine) and another nephew (Army) in training to go to (probably) Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Your memory sent a shiver through me. Must have been awesome. Kind of like the time I looked upon the Declaration of Independence in D.C. and really thought about what it all means. God bless all those who continue to lay down their lives so the rest of us can be free.

Glad to hear that you are okay. Take care of yourself!

Does virtual ice cream have calories??? LOL

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Zoetawny said...


What a relief it is to hear from you. I know what you're going through is tough. I hope your pain meds are helping you cope and the therapy sessions aren't too grueling. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you will get through this. I miss your presence on the blog but the important issue now is for you to take all the time you need to rest, heal and feel better.


Thanks for letting us know that Jackie is all right...relatively speaking. We were all very concerned about her absence.

I hope the wedding was fantabulous. :)


Thanks for sharing your story and reminding us to remember and honor our heroes.

Auntie Leigh...

Memorial Day must be bittersweet for your family. My eyes would well up with tears every time I watched the news about our troops killed in Iraq and Afganistan.

My husband is a Navy vet, submarines, but wasn't in any real battles, thankfully.


Sending prayers for your nephews' safe return. Since you're done with your spring chores how about coming over here and helping me out with mine. ;) In CA we call those drinks sodas. Growing up in OH we called them pop. When I first moved here with my family, nobody knew what I was talking about when I said "pop". But then, I didn't know how to eat a taco or what a tortilla was and how to pronounce it. LOL


Sounds like you had a great time. Now don't spill your drink on your new keyboard. ;)

Have a good Memorial Day all!

sharon said...

(((Jackie))),good to hear from you and I totally understand the fog from the pain meds,but it soon will lift and you'll start to feel better inch by inch and then yard by yard. Hope this weekend is a good one for you.

They had a very touching piece on CBS Sunday Morning about Arlington National Cemetary this morning,and the facts about all those poor men from the Civil War and then the current Iraq War,well it just tore my heart out. And so,here's to ALL the brave men and women who keep us strong and free....THANK YOU and your families for that!

Back home at last! I do love to go away,but getting back home is just the best. Thought I would get on last night,but I was just whipped,although the traffic was great and what a beautiful day we had to travel. Now my front yard is awash with beautiful pots of gorgeous flowers my sister made up for me(they own greenhouses)and I have fresh tomatoes they had growing(yay!).So good to go away,nice to be home!

Everybody enjoy their weekend!!!

delee said...

Here's a heads up for the Meerkat fans. Tonight on Animal Planet from 8-10p E is the movie (?):

The story of Flower, leader of the Whiskers clan, shot on location in South Africa's Kalahari desert.

Then at 930, is the making of Meerkat Manor.

Jackie, things will get better. It will just take time. We all can chat and such, plus you will be here in spirit.

Christian DeFuentes had his surgery Friday and is doing well. He also will be doing re-hab.

sharon said...

Christian is in a new series that I think starts the first week of June,called "In Plain Sight" about the witness protection agency. I'll tune in,if nothing other than to look at him some more......LOL!!! I think it's on the USA channel,not sure of the day or time.

meb said...

Sharon I thought that In Plain Sight looked pretty good and also am going to take a look at it. Is Christian just in the first episode or a character in the show. I know the female lead has a male lead and it wasn't Christian.

My gratitude goes out to all the men in our military and their families for the sacrifices they make each and every day to keep our country safe.

I've been watching the Law and Order Marathon SVU pretty much all day. Nothing else on worth watching and we pretty much did all the yard work yesterday. drinks near the computer for sure.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, those pills are meant to slow you down and give you time to heal. Does is feel like your knee is on fire and someone keeps poking the fire? TV sux right now anyway. Hope you feel better soon.

TerryinCA said...

meb - Im a white water raft fan also! My brother inlaw has his own raft and has taken me twice on the Payette Rv in Idaho. I would love to do a long one...out here the real hard one is the Kern River oddly enough in Kernville! Lake Isabella is at the bottom of it.

Is anyone blogging on Bachelorette?
I had DVR the beginning and she really got some nice choices...

delee said...

In Plain Sight, June 1 10p E on USA

Raphael Ramirez

Raphael (Cristián de la Fuente) is Mary's on-again, off-again boyfriend whom she's been seeing for a few months. He's a good guy who also happens to be quite good-looking. Raph plays baseball for a local minor-league team and volunteers at a youth center.

There is more on the USA site. I believe he is not a main character, but should be in most episodes.

I am so not sure about Swingtown, seems to be a pretty racy subject for broadcast TV. Any thoughts?

I watched the Bachelorette. I, "IM" with my daughter while it is on. Fun to "watch it and comment" with her, about 200 miles apart. Ha Ha

Auntie Leigh said...

Thank you for the kind words, Zoetawny. They really do mean alot.
And thanks also to delee for the heads-up about the meerkat reunion show. I do not want to miss that.
I love reading what all you regulars write. Especially now, when you are filling in for Jackie. I hope you don't mind me chiming in, even tho I am a newcomer.
Hang in there Jackie. Don't OD on virtual ice cream!!

Anon4now said...
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SYDNEY said...

Thanks Delee for telling us about the Meerkat specials tonight.

AuntieLeigh -- Everyone here WANTS folks to chime in, and I've seen your comments several times before, so consider yourself a regular!! :-D

As to the Bachelor, I spoke to Jackie Saturday morning, and we talked about me filling in a little between her posts if needed, and doing a Bachelorette post for us to comment on is one of those fill ins--- once Jackie is feeling better, she'll set up the TALK sidebar link for us. FOr now, we'll have a current post for the next Few Mondays to put our comments! Such fun!

I am pooped from the wedding and rehearsal dinner, so I'm off to bed. My legs and feet are killing me but it was all worth it. It was beautiful. ALl we could do today was look at the movies I took with our new HD camera (lol, I had not ever touched it before I started at the wedding... we just got it and I didn't even read the directions!) and we went to see Indiana Jones. Night All!

dla said...

Happy Sunday!

I will be among those blogging on The Bachelorette, but I am always late here on the West Coast...

Swingtown looks interesting to me, as I graduated HS in 1976, so the fashion, music, etc, will be a blast directly from my past. It will be interesting to see how the subject matter plays out.

I rarely get to watch NCIS due to conflicts with other shows that I enjoy, but I watched the season finale online last night, and WHOA! If any of you watch the show, and missed this episode, I highly recommend... Anxious to see this play out next season.

auntie leigh, it is good to hear from you again!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, everyone!

(((Jackie))) I hope you are on the mend! Take your time, and know you are in our thoughts!

joy n said...

Thanks from me, too, Delee. I really liked the Meerkat shows. I can see why Jackie is so caught up in them. Very enjoyable.

nancy in pa said...

morning all....its been awhile...i have been flat on my back with nasty flu...then the last few days have been very busy catching up on all things at home and preparing for the holiday weekend. hope all has been well with you all. i am TOTALLY out of sync with what has been going on and blogged. i am just now starting to come among the living again. its been a long hard road.

well, since i have not even read the posts, i am going to just have to say hi at this point.

jackie, i do hope all is well with you and that you are recovering nicely. my prayers go out to you as well as the families that feel a loss this memorial day. i am thankful for all thse wiling to sarifice. freedom does indeed come at a great price! lets appreciate it!

meb said...

nana in the nw... so sorry you've been under the weather. Glad you're able to at least get back into posting. Love reading them.

terry in ca... we went rafting in the Lockegeny (sp) in Pennsylvania. We took a 7 mile trip that took 5 hours (with a lunch break) and it was the most fun ever! That was a few years ago and I really want to go again. Have to admit, I was so sore after I got back to the hotel, I walked (if you could call it walking) in the door and right to the hot tub. Never knew you could hurt so much so quickly. Didn't feel it until we were on the bus going back to the hotel.

auntie leigh... I agree with Sydney. We love new posters. Keep on commenting.

Sydney... Glad you're going to keep us posting for Bachlorette. I'm happy the wedding and reception went so well, but I understand your need to go rest.

Swingtown to me sounds a little too much like BB9. No interest here.

delee said...

I have watched NCIS and Meerkats since the start. I just like looking at Mark Harmon and Tony. Ha Ha. But it has always been in the shadow of the CSI's, but I guess it does have a following or else be gone.

Donna asked new show updates
TV tonight: (all eastern times)

ABC 9-11 Bachelorette

NBC 8-930 American Gladiators

E 10-11 start of Denise Richards
and Living Lohan
1/2 hr @ (not sure
about these shows)

TLC 9-10 Jon and Kate plus 8

Here we go with time overlaps, kids getting me a tivo...can not wait, no more juggling tapes.
Enjoy the day and Jackie, hope you are feeling better.

sharon said...

delee,I so want a Tivo also. I have such a hard time switching back and forth between two shows and always miss some of the "good stuff".

I missed last week's SYTYCD,I hope it was just the beginning of the audition process. Anybody stand out? I'm sure there were some amazing dancers. This show beats all the others to pieces. I admire what the stars do on DWTS,but most of these kids have trained for years and it's nice to see the payoff for them.

Well,not starting out the day here so good. It's raining and thundering,and the radar doesn't look so promising. I hope it will let up long enough for us to grill some steaks at some point. Everybody,have a great,safe Memorial Day!Thinking of you,Jackie!

Delee said...

Sharon check out, you can get info there and check out the plans. When it arrives, I think I will do the 3 yr plan. Best Buy had the same one with a $50 rebate, but my son said he rather order it here and not mess with waiting for the rebate.

It is audition time on SYTYCD. Like AI some were bad and some amazing. The last guy was Robert (?), I can say I have never seen what he did before. The judges were blown away. I can not describe what he did, but it was like he had at least 4 joints at every junction. Not sure how this will translate to normal style dancing. Some were back for multiple times, they did not make it! HaHa

Nana in the NW said...

Happy Memorial Day to all of you!

The last few days have been busy--getting some crafting projects done that took MUCH longer than I expected. Still have many hours of work to do but wanted to take a break and say "hi".

lynn1--thanks for sharing your Utah Beach memory. I had similiar feelings at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii(which is narrated by Pearl Harbor survivors) and at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Both places are very solemn and when you see the list of names make you realize how many sacrificed for freedom. I know many don't believe in the Vietnam War and I'm not making a political statement. More about the sacrifice these young people made in service of our country--right or wrong.

terry in ca.--welcome back!! Can't wait to hear more about your cruise. I'm sure Laurie will post over on Chatter's Lane.

15 yrs. ago I went white water rafting as a sponsor of the high school youth group in our church. I was very nervous because my hubby and I were responsible for 16 teenagers. Halfway throught the ride we hit a BIG dip and whirlpool in the river, one of the girls was bounced out of the boat! Luckily our guide got her scooped up and back in the boat. It took a lot of paddling to get out of the whirlpool but we did and continued on to the end. Once was enough for me!!

sharon--my TV guide says the first hour of SYTYCD is a repeat of last week.

At Christmas we got a DVR. I was not excited because I don't like change and my old trusty VCR was fine! Now that I have figured out how to use the DVR I love it. Just set it to record(the whole series) and watch whatever you want. All I have to be careful of is to not let it get full, otherwise, it will start programming over the oldest ones saved.
I think you will be really happy with your TiVo.

delee--I would call Robert(?) a contorshinist(sp?) and I don't know how that is called dancing!

meb.--I'm with you on Swingtown. Even though that was around the time I graduated(1971) the premise of the show doesn't interest me. I will be waiting to see how some of you liked it.

nancy--was your flu the respitory kind? I sympathize with you. I was pretty sick with it for about 10 days(2 visits to the dr. and anti-biotics). I am still trying to get over the cough and it's been almost a month!! Rest as much as you can and go to your dr. if your not getting better. This virus can turn into pnuemonia, bronchitis and sinus infections really quickly.

Sydney--thanks for taking over keeping a post up for The Bachlorette. Sounds like many of us are watching it. Even though I'm on the WC some of us will just be posting later than all you EC viewers.

When you catch your breath from your busy weekend I hope you will write a little about the wedding and dinner.

BTW--I went and saw Indiana Jones, too. What did you think? I thought the ending was bizarre. Totally see a sequel with the young man.

Our weather has been great. The local forecast for the weekend has been scattered showers....we have had blue skies and mid 70's all weekend!! What a bonus for all those camping.

Stay safe those of you in the mid-west and happy BBQing!!

Anonymous said...


That's the Youghiogheny River - pronounced yah-kuh-GAIN-ee

Or we just call it the Yough (yawk) for short :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and SYTYCD is a repeat of the 2 hour audition show from last Thursday.

Auntie Leigh said...

Did anybody else think the Meerkat movie was pretty bad? I taped the part that came after that is more about the process of filming the little cuties and should be better.
Thanks to everyone who welcomed me into this site. I think you are all so smart and funny and interesting. ...and oh yeah, Jackie... :>)

Sydney said...

Do they have TIVO's now where you can record one channel and watch another on the same TV?

Mine is about 7 years old and though it works just fine, it won't let me do both. Maybe mine has the ability to program it to do so, but I haven't figured it out yet and I have tried several times. You'd think they'd have improved the technology by now to allow this, as not everyone has 2 TV's for that luxury.

And Nana, I will write soon about the wedding, thanks for asking. I am pooped!

Anne said...

Hi all,
Hope everybody had a good weekend!

Jackie, if you are lurking, I'm sending comforting thoughts your way. As my mom used to say, this too shall pass...hang in there.

Sydney, On the TIVO my daughter gave me for Christmas I can watch a different channel than the one that is being recorded.
It also records two channels at the same time and you can even watch another already recorded show while the two channels are recording.

sharon said...

nana/nw,my son and I went to see Indy yesterday,too and I thought it was kinda "jumping the shark". I didn't like the premise of the ending either. Always before,the story involved some thing real and believable,this one,not so much. It was good to see Harrison and thought he did a good job,but,I think you are right,they are grooming Shia to take over the franchise.Not sure he would do it for me as a hunky leading man.

Thanks,all,for the info on SYTYCD,I will be happy if it is a repeat. I was amongst a group that didn't watch DWTS or AI or much of anything and I was lucky to get to see what I did see.I missed Top Chef,as well,but I hear Dale went home???? No loss there,as far as I'm concerned.

It only rained and stormed for a bit this AM and then turned muggy,buggy and HOT here,about 82.But I have been moaning for warm,so I am happy. Hope none of you are in harm's way this evening and hope nobody else has to die. Scary stuff.

(((Hugs and thoughts,Jackie))).

Sydney said...

wow ANNE-- That's fabulous! I figured they'dhave improved it by now, but that's major. Methinks I need to invest in another at this point!

meb said...

Thanks anon... I knew how to pronounce where we went rafting, I just didn't know how to spell it.