Friday, May 16, 2008

Jackie Watch, Day Three

I've got news.  Is it good news or bad news,  you ask.  A little of both, and the bad news isn't horrible. I'm to make sure you all know that (so says Jackie). 

She may be delayed a day or two in moving on from the hospital because of a little blood clot they found.  The doctor said it's NOT the kind that can travel to dangerous places. He said it's not great but not the end of the world. They have her on blood thinners right now and the only consequence is that she could not go for PT today.  However, I was relieved to hear she had indeed stood up yesterday.  She said it was excruciating, even full of pain meds and the nerve block!  But, no surprise there when you think of what just happened to that poor leg of hers!

Apparently she does not have that little wheelie thing on the knee to keep it in motion (a CPM machine ). The doc said she could wiggle her feet and get up and down to sit. I asked if she was at least getting in a chair to eat but she said she is just in bed, and sits herself up by using the electric rise.  Hmmm...  I thought it was crucial to move in these first days, and that nurses would be in there helping her up, but maybe not til the clot clears. She gets the feeling from them it will clear in a day so let's rally our thoughts and prayers toward that being the case!

The good news is, it looks like Jackie may be able to go to a rehab facility that is literally a block from her apartment. Even if she has to stay there for 2 weeks at least psychologically she will feel like she is home, and will probably be able to order some favorite take out from her local haunts. I'm so hoping they can arrange that for her!

I told her you all were asking about her and writing in. She DID receive several e-mails, and you still have half a day to send one to her if you were thinking about it (see last post). 

We agreed she'd call me when she knows the rehab address, if she gets moved somehow before we talk again. It may not be until Monday. Until then, she's found her way to Animal Planet and was making the rounds on cable, trying to figure out which channel was what.  She brought along Step on a Crack by James Patterson to read. And she has made some notes in her journal, even though she was pretty drugged up.  I told her it will be funny to read back on it once she's free of meds and see what she's got.  


Sydney said...

This is a CPM Machine. My husband wore one for 2 weeks from the moment he got out of surgery.

joy n said...

Hopefully, this clot is just a minor glitch in her recovery process. At least she found her beloved Animal Planet channel and brought along a good book to read, both of which help to get her mind somewhat off the pain. Hope all the emails help cheer her up, too.

Sydney, you're an angel to do all this. Your new hubby must be, too, since you're newlyweds.

Hope that Jackie gets into that rehab facility near her home, as long as she doesn't try sneaking out of there when she's a bit more ambulatory. LOL!!!!

delee said...

If that is that bad news, I will take it. Just glad they caught it and was not a travelling type. I am sure when Jackie looks out her window she does not feel too down thinking she is missing wonderful Spring weather, because it is dull and rainy on the East coast and cooler temps for a few days.

I can see Jackie hijacking a wheelchair and slipping home if she is that close. But true it would be nice to be that close and have some familiar surroundings.

Keep up the great work, Sydney, and thank you for the updates.

sue said...

Jackie is in wait and see mode and that is always my least favorite place to be. It is difficult for an active person to just take it easy, but she will prevail.

I watched Lost and can't add too much. I don't think any thing was cleared up for us this episode. a. There are still 'others' on the island.

b. Ben felt safe walking into the hornest's nest because he knows his knowledge keeps him alive.

c. Ben felt Locke and Harley would be safe to take the elevator.

d. The O-6 didn't look happy to get home, and were dressed in clothes different from the island when they got off their plane. They already had been told what story to tell. That seems to be a blackmail of sorts to me. It would take someone's safety being at stake for all of them to remain cooperative.

There is an air show in Fort Smith this weekend and the planes are practicing now. I just want to be outside watching and besides that I am missing the fun if I am inside, the noise is too much to concentrate on what I am typing here.

We have air shows every few years with the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds trading years for appearances. I have gone to some, but the crowds and parking situations aren't worth it most times (to me) so I will be content to enjoy it from my back yard. And I hope the skies stay clear for their safety.

SharonS said...

Thanks for the updates! I hope the clot clears quickly and does not slow down her healing.

I wonder what I'd do if I were stuck in a place so close to home -- I think it would annoy me. I hope it is a good thing for Jackie! They probably should lock up the wheel chairs...

Just a note, I believe it's Jame Patterson, not Robert, who authored Step on a Crack.

Nana in the NW said...

Good afternoon to all. It is 12:30 here and already 80 degrees! In a few days remind me how happy I was because I will be b*tching about the rain by Tues.

Syd thanks for the update. I am surprised Jackie is not on a CPM machine. When my MIL had her knees done she was put on a machine in recovery! Blood clots are scary things....good to hear hers isn't traveling. It's just a small bump in the road to recovery and hopefully she can start rehab soon. I'm sure a rehab center that close to home will do a lot for her mental recovery, too. You never know, maybe our friend Roofus might show up on a neighboring roof! Hope she has a camera!!!

On to TV talk......

Amer. Idol- I agree with all of you about Cook vs. Archuleta. Cook is so much more marketable and Archuleta is still a minor which means some record producer has to deal with his dad! Considering young David has been performing for years I am surprised at how uncomfortable he seems on stage.

What was with Fantasia??! That red hair, spandex, and chains....she looked like she has put on a few pounds...and her performance reminded me of chanting and doing an African War Dance!!! The look on Simon's face was priceless(one of those WTF was that!!)

I watched the Mole the first season and then saw parts of Celebrity Mole....loved the first one and hated the second. I'm glad it's coming back with regular people. It will be fun to talk about here and read everyone's thoughts.

What an ending for CSI ! I knew Warwick was leaving and as soon as that guy approached the car you knew he was a goner. Too bad his personal life caused his exit. Hopefully, he will go to rehab and get some help.

I am sooooo mad Cane is gone!! The fallout from the writer's strike is cutting deep on some networks. I really would have liked closure to all the storylines left hanging.

Glad to see Survivor and Amazing Race will be on in the fall. I was also glad to hear that Friday Night Lights made the cut and will be back.

My hubby watches Lost and every week says it's confusing....I tell him he's not alone, everyone on Jackie's site is Lost too but they keep watching!! LOL

meb-thanks for the e-mail address....I will send you a note later today.

JOSIE UPDATE--She is getting really tired of being restricted in her space and activity! We were back to the Vet today because the staples got infected so now she has an antibiotic that I'm shoving down her throat!! I give her a tranquilzer at about 10p.m. which makes her sleep at night and keeps her calm for that morning potty trip. Next week the staples come out, her walking space is expanded and I only have to use the harness for steps!! She's such a baby--if she can't see me she knocks over the baricade and comes looking for me!!!
It like trying to go to the bathroom with a toddler...they sit outside the door and wait for you!

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will check back later.

Sydney said...

Sharons- Thanks, I will go in and change the author name. Why did I write Robert? Hello

And Nana- I was really surprised that she was not on a CPM, and concerned that they are doing the right things as that was on my husband's knee when he was wheeled out of surgery. That is not not on there due to a blood clot. If I was visiting there I'd be on the nurses, asking questions... it's so hard to not have someone being an advocate when you're in this position, no matter how independent you are!!! But, I will take a big breath, release it and trust all is going as it should!

Donna in AL said...

Hopefully, the blood thinner will dissolve the clot quickly so Jackie can be on her way to rehab. Thankfully (word?)it doesn't travel the artery road to her heart.

Encourage Jackie to write a lot in her journal while on her meds, but she just has to share her writings with us!! ha ha

Nana, African War Dance was my thoughts exactly too!! The hair color looked like what I bought to color my son's mohawk. Can't say I did not like it.

Item d. of your list about Lost, I did not catch at all. I did not think about there clothes. I have heard them talk about keeping it a secret to protect the island on previous shows. I guess that would include the people left there too. What is Claire's connection with Jacob as she was in the cabin when Lock went there last time?

Is Hurley's name Hurley Hugo or Hugo Hurley? Some of them call him Hugo and some Hurley. Why else? I was thinking his last name sounded Mexican.

Why is it "cute" when Sawyer calls Kate, Freckles? But if she had big dark freckles, it would be making fun of her.

Sorry, got off on a tangent.

sharon said...

So glad to hear that Jackie is mending and dealing with all those "surprises" that can come with surgery. Good that they found the clot and acted quickly to deal with it. I am also kind of surprised they aren't insisting she try and move around and get up to eat. I guess every hospital does things differently.Sending nothing but good thoughts and vibes Jackie's way!

I was trying to watch ER and Lost both at the same time and I'm sure I missed vital parts of both. How are they explaining Aaron? Kate was six months pregnant when she was hauled in by the FBI guy??And who is the Daddy supposed to be? I wonder if Jack will feel a responsiblility to Aaron,now that he knows he's Jack's nephew. Are the others being held hostage and that's why the 6 are sticking to their stories and telling their lies? I did love the comeuppence that Jin got on her mean Daddy.
Basically,I am still lost about Lost!

And David Cook has my vote for AI,all the way. I have downloded most of his AI songs and will buy his album in a heartbeat. The only other one I have bought is Elliot Yamin's.David A needs to grow a personality! And I have never liked Fantasia,not when she won and certainly NOT after that horror on Wed. night! Syesha can sing rings around that one. are doing one SUPER job. Thanks for all the posts and keeping in touch with Jackie.

Prayers for Laura and Chance and for all you dealing with that wicked weather. Stay safe! Good news(sorta)about Josie! You'll laugh about this in a month(or two or three)like when you think you'll never get your kids out of diapers.LOL

debbie said...

I hope you are feeling better and full of hope Jackie because we are all thinking of you!!

debbie said...

I appreciate all the updates! you are great!

boo said...

Sydney, thanks so much for keeping us updated on Jackie. She is bound to be better with all the good thoughts winging their way to her!

Nana, at least there is progress with Josie, and I'm so glad that you can sleep at night!

All of you in harms way with the weather------good luck!

Can't wait for "The Mole" I loved it the first season. Also I will be delighted to see "So You Think You Can Dance" again. It may be a lean season for scripted shows, but I love the summer!

Nana in the NW said...

What have I missed...who is Laura and Chance?? It sounds like they are having some trying times. I would like to remember them in my prayers, as long as they are characters on some show!

Nana in the NW said...

sorry-missed a word--"as long as they are NOT characters on a show".

Becky said...

Sydney, thank you for the updates. This is the first time in almost a week that I have been able to sit at the computer very long. Jackie, if you read this, take care of yourself and get well quick.

Zoetawny said...

Finally got a chance to check in. I'm sorry to hear about the blood clot problem but glad to know it can be resolved and isn't the life threatening type. It's good Jackie was in such good health prior to surgery. But, I know any delay in her healing and rehab progress is probably upsetting to her.

I'm laughing about all of us thinking the same thing...she might try to escape. It's so hard to be patient when you're in pain and want to be back to your normal life. Jackie is so level headed that I know she will do the right thing.


What a shame about the staples getting infected. I'm surprised the vet didn't put her on an antibiotic from the beginning. One of the most difficult things with pets is keeping them restricted so they can heal. I'm sure it hasn't been easy on you either. IKWYM about going to the bathroom. Too funny! All of our pets are babies and we love it that way...most of the time.

I wonder how Jackie's cat is doing in the kennel? I think I would be more consummed with worry over my dogs than I would be with my pain. They would be broken hearted if they weren't home with us for 24 hours let alone two weeks.

Donna in AL said...

Encourage Jackie to write a lot in her journal while on her meds, but she just has to share her writings with us!! ha ha
I've been thinking the same thing. She will have some very funny observations about her experience and I can't wait to read about them. You know she will have some photos to share.

I don't have much time to talk about our shows right now. :( But, I must be the only one to whom Lost is making a lot more sense. It's one of those shows that you can't miss an episode or you will be Lost.


Regarding Lost...Didn't you see that Jacob wasn't in the cabin but it was Jack's father. Claire is Jack's half sister. That woman attending Jack's father's memorial service told him who she was. She had an affair with Jack's father and Claire is their daughter. I thought Jack's father died before he crashed on the island. That island does have it's magic. We'll just have to wait to see what's next.

FYI, it's 100 degrees here now. Whew! Thank goodness for central air.


Thanks for being such a great reporter and keeping us in the know. Please tell Jackie that we really appreciate your updates. You are doing such a great job. I'll try to find time to email you later tonight.

I'll be gone most of the day tomorrow so I won't be able to check back until the evening.

TGIF! Have a great weekend all!

joy n said...

Nana, poor Josie, poor you! But it does sound like the improvements are overtaking the setbacks at least.

Laura and Chance are a reference to a comment Lynn1 made about a close friend and her son. Her comment is on the previous post. Today's date at 9:20am, 2nd paragraph.

sue said...

Please know that whatever I spout about Lost is just a series of guesses I am making and have no credibility at all! The cabin where Jacob was supposed to be and wasn't, but Jack's dad and Claire were, made no sense to me. They both did seem to be dead and Claire certainly wasn't her usual self in it. There seems a very think line between those dead and those alive on the island. We keep seeing dead people talking.

My main question about Lost is whether everything can be explained through science or if there is a supernatual aim to it. Knowing that would help a lot. Because, so far, everything that has been explained to us has not had a supernatual reason behind it. If the writers stick with that, then I will like the show better than if they try to explain away things by some hocus pocus. I do think there is some kind of time warp/time travel portal on the island and the explains how Ben got out in the flash forward. But, that is just me guessing.

I keep thinking of Twin Peaks when I watch Lost. The two series aren't at all alike and yet they are in their confusing plot lines and that they can both be entertaining even though I don't know where they are taking me.

dla said...

Thank you, Sydney, for your update. While the news of a blood clot is never great news, I know we are all relieved to hear that it is not life threatening.

It will certainly be a relief when Ms. J is up and around, and on the mend.

Have a great evening, and look forward to additional info as you receive it! Thanks for all you do!

Donna in AL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna in AL said...

I did not realize that was Jack's father in the cabin until we were talking about it at dinner tonight. So maybe that does mean Claire is dead which would explain why she let Sawyer (then Kate) take Aaron. They cannot let anyone know Aaron is Claire's because that would mean she survived the crash.

I am glad to hear Josie is doing better although she had infection at the staples.

Nana in the NW said...

thanks joyn-I missed the names. What a difficult time for them! If you believe in the power of prayer then lynn1 came to the right place for help!

Nothing really on TV tonight--this is why I go dancing on Friday(but no dance tonight). It was 87 today and my house is like an oven!! I haven't gotten out the portable air conditioners because by Mon. it's going to be 65 and rainy.

I was just reading an article about Mario Lopez's new workout book. There is a section that Karina talks about dance as exercise and has pics. that are a how-to-do-it. I wonder if he paid her outright or she gets a percentage of the sales?? I guess this would fall under the heading....never tattoo your gf name on your body or feature her in your book!!LOL

Keeping my fingers crossed that Jackie will be able to move to the rehab center sometime this weekend!

BTW-Anyone plan on watching The Bachelorette? I wasn't going to because I didn't like Deanna when she was on before but the previews seem interesting so I'm going to give it a try.

dla said...

Nana, I am planning to watch The Bachelorette. I also did not care for Deanna during The Bachelor, but what do we have to lose?!? There is nothing else on, so I will also give it a try.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts next week!

PS: Spoke with my Mom in OR (Portland metro area), and she said it was between 90 and 100 degrees at the OR coast, and we know how often that happens, as in never! Stay cool!

I am heading up to visit and will get to see the sandcastle contest at Cannon Beach on June 7 ~ Have you ever attended? I think it is a blast!

Sydney said...

Ditto everything said about the Bachelorette. I think Matt revived the series a little.

So it's boiling in Oregon and Washington and California? And here in Houston it's temperate and breezy with no humidity. My husband said to me last night as we were sitting out on the patio of a local pub how amazed he was it was this nice so far into May (meaning, that it is usually humid and thick and HOT by April, getting worse and worse through October). SInce I'm still used to places like the east coast where this should be the weather about now, I didn't know.

He said California has out weather, and we're getting it's weather. ANd now to hear about a;; your temps in places it's usually mild, he's right.

Wonder what's going on! Next time they ask you for paper or plastic at your store people, say I HAVE MY OWN BAGS! We have to start doing our part or we're going to end up like the dinosaurs, lol.

Delee said...

Josie should have been on antibiotics as she had bone surgery. But sometimes it may not have been the correct one. My bunny is on penicillin (shot once a week) for some kind of bacteria. Just like us things go haywire.

I agree about the grocery bags, but I do reuse them or return them for re-cycle. If I bought the canvas ones, I would probably have 50 of them as I would forget to take them when I went to buy groceries. I know I could put them in the car after unpacking, but I am just not that organized at times.

I will watch DeAnna also. For some reason it is hard not to watch the train-wreck, but we do!

Did Jackie have a total or partial replacement? The hospital site shows they do a new procedure (partial)replacement which is less evasive. Maybe the CPM machine was not called for, for what she had done.

All on the west coast can send some heat here. Sun is partially out here, but high of low 60's and 40's at night. 50's Sunday.

Anyone watch the Triple Crown? I have no fav this year. After Barbaro and now Eight Belle's hard to get excited.

On CNN tonight, is a re-run of a program, but try and catch it. I believe this was made months ago.

"SIU: We Were Warned!
What if a hurricane hits... gas skyrockets to $10 a gallon and everything collapses? CNN investigates Sat & Sun, 8 ET."

meb said...

Thanks for the update on Jackie. I LOL at the idea of her escape from the rehab if she gets so close to home.

nana in the nw... It won't be long before all this drama with Josie will be a memory. (Well, maybe not such a good memory, but a memory nonetheless!)

I'm a little confused in Lost as to why they are saying that no one else survived the crash and who's telling the lie. (Little confused???that's an understatement if I ever made one). Is it what the 6 of them decided (well 5, cause Aaron didn't decided anything), or was it the military who gave them the story and told them to stick to it. What has happened to the other survivors that they are too afraid to tell anyone. I mean I know the whole island is a mystery, but who cares at this point unless there are still people left there. We know that Jin made it home (dead or alive) cause we saw Sue and Hurley go to his gravesite.

As for their change of clothes on the plane, one would assume that when they were transferred from the boat, they must have been taken somewhere to clean up and given new clothes and then flown from there, wherever "there" is.

I remember watching Twin Peaks as well, and although I understood absolutley NOTHING from that show, I kept watching because it was weird.

Lost is not's just intriguing and that's why it holds my interest. So many story lines with so many unexplained things going on.

Jack's dad IS dead, so when he came a got Claire (don't forget, she's his daughter), something must have happened to her as well, because she would not have left Aaron in the jungle otherwise. She loved that baby and she knew the "monster" was out there cause she had just seen it from their escape from the compound where they were living with Ben.

For Clair to be so nonchalant in the cabin when Locke went in... well unless she's dead or an illusion, it makes no sense that she wouldn't be concerned about not having Aaron with her.

OOOHHHH! Too much to ponder. I love it!

Zoetawny, you say Lost is making more sense to you. Do you have a feel for any of the above? Smile.

nana let me know if you send me an email... I have a tendency to delete things I don't recognize. I love your story about Mario Lopez
book. So true!

I'm not sure about the Bachlorette ... I also didn't care for Deanne, so not sure I want to watch her. I must start just to see some of these gorgeous hunks she'll be dealing with. Smile.

OK, I think I've taken up enough space for one post! Later

Sydney said...

I will be doing training all day at the zoo today but will take Jackie's number with me, and try to call her. I f I can't I will do so by early evening. I just want to make sure I can catch her before she gets carted off to rehab and then I won't know where to find her... she sounded pretty lucid yesterday when we spoke, so I'm hoping she'll remember we agreed she'd call me if she gets moved before we talk again. But I bet with the blood clot episode, she will not go today as planned, but perhaps tomorrow or they;ll wait til Monday.

I'll post an update if I get one. Have a great Saturday all!

sue said...

Thanks Sydney for keeping it going here, but also for your concern on Jackie's behalf. I am confident she will come through it all with shining colors, but she does need an advocate and I hope she has one on site. It does make a difference, I have found.

meb: good Lost points. Especially remembering about Jin's grave. I made up the hostage thing, I have seen nothing on the show that states it that way, I was just trying to make something fit. From the flash forwards, there seems to me (again just my opinion) to be some huge 'secret' they all have to keep and the only reason that would make all of them agree, imo, would be that something bad would happen if they didn't. The secret seems to be what is driving Jack mad and keeping Hurley in the hospital. I have already forgotten what dead Charlie said to Hurley. Oceanic and the rich guy seem to be at the root of it. So perhaps the man who visited young boy Locke and was recruiting for a special school (or a place on the island) represents one group and the rich guy wants what they have. It all seems like a Batman theme, where the dastardly evil person wants to take over the world by controling an island that has special mystical powers.

My best guess is that we are intended to be bewildered and it is a huge zigzag puzzle with the main piece missing, so we have no hope of solving it until (or if!) that last piece falls into place. The writers are keeping that piece hidden from us. Will we see it this season or next or will the series be canceled before we find it. Frustrating!

The air show is in full swing, we had a skunk visit our yard (please God that he isn't now under the house as is a possibility) and we have all the windows open and fans on to get the smell out of the inside of the house. Add the Red Baron WWI reenactment, complete with gun fire, that is going on over head and it is a lovely day in our neightborhood


sue said...

jigsaw puzzle : ) Sue

meb said...

sue... you're hysterical re the skunk. Oh my... that is the worse smell ever. I lived near an airbase so I know what you mean about the air shows. They are fascinating to watch.

one more thing re Lost...Dead Charlie told Hurley to give Jack a message about not raising the baby if I recall correctly. and the man who visited young boy Locke is the same guy who was on the island with Ben when Ben killed his father most everybody else who was there and put them in that grave. That same guy was one of the ones who had a gas mask and survived, butI forgot what happened to him since then. (Other than that he was in the cast of Cane wasn't he? or am I mixing everything up, if so, since Cane was cancelled, maybe that's why he's coming back to Lost).

I'm sure you're right on as to the rich guy wanting to take over the island because it has special powers.

They've already told us that there are only a couple more season left of Lost... as was intended when it first started, so they are beginning to reveal a lot of the mysteries. This is the best time ever to be watching Lost, cause now is when you'll understand more and more. Right Zoetawny...

OK... my one more thing turned into another big post. Love discussing this show tho.

Zoetawny said...

Afternoon all!

WHOOHOO! I just called and talked to Jackie. This is the first time I've ever talked to her. I expected a NY accent but she doesn't sound like she has one. ;) She sounds remarkably good. She doesn't know exactly when she will be moved to the rehab facility but her bed there is reserved. She said rehab is across the street from her apartment. I told her we were all thinking that she might try to escape. LOL She has her own DVD player in the room and asked a friend if she had any DVDs'. I think Jackie mentioned "Juno".

I was so excited talking to her I'm not sure if I remember everything she said to report back to you. The doctors are still waiting for the blood clot to dissipate completely before they move her to rehab. She said the blood thinners were working so it probably won't be too long before she's transferred. She loves her doctors and has complete confidence in them which is very reassuring. It's all good. :)

I'm leaving to go to my grand daughter's birthday party now so have to sign off.

Jackie misses us, too. :)


delee said...

Sue, in Alabama, we had a friend who had a skunk crawl up in the engine compartment of their car, well you guess it, when they started the car, no more skunk! The smell could never be totally removed. I hate to think if the skunk is under your house, I pray that it is not nesting with little stinkers!!! I do not know whether to laugh or cry!!! Maybe just a little chuckle.

I am reading everyone's writings about LOST and all have good thoughts/ideas/comments. I am to the point that I just watch it and go: ok/alright/huh and maybe a duh. I have come to the point it is what it is and let it entertain me and hope we find out in the end. Seems the more you try to figure it out, the more wrong you will be and confused again. LOL

sue said...

Great news, thanks for relaying it Zoetawny. How did you identify yourself to her? Don't say your 'real' name here...but I always laugh when I talk to my friends on line and only use their on-line names and don't recognize them by their given names. I also can sympathize with Sydney who wonders if she has picked a poor time to call. I, too, imagine what I am interrupting. Years ago, a neighbor was in the hospital to have her baby. I knew her, but we weren't really close. I wanted to know how she was, etc, and called expecting to get the nurse's station (this was the old days) instead my friend answered and had only been back in her room minutes since the delivery room. It was way too intrusiive of me, an almost stranger to be talking to her, I thought. I tried to make the best of putting my foot in it, timewise, so, naturally asked about the baby. I swear her little drugged voice said her new daughter was named Candle. Okay, I thought, it is hippy times, that isn't the oddest name I have heard. I broadcast the news only to learn later the little sweetie was Kendall. So I don't like to call hospital rooms.

sue said...

We have called animal control, but since it is the weekend and the air show is occupying all city workers time, we haven't heard back yet. They will set a trap for the skunk. I am not looking forward to that, but know the animal people are experts at it and hope they won't leave us with a trap full of scared and/or angry skunk. I (I can't blame anyone else) took the winter covers off the house vents this week. One of the grates was broken slightly and we think it might have been big enough for one to crawl through. After we know what is up, we will cover that vent. I'll see what happens tonight. Or perhaps other of my five senses will take over and let me know before we see anything.

joy n said...

Zoetawny, sounds like our Jackie is doing fairly well. How nice that you got to speak to her. Thanks for letting her know how we are missing her. Hope your granddaughter's b-day was loads of fun.

Sydney, I've been using those canvas bags for the supermarket for about four months now and I love them. Cans don't break through them and you can load a lot more items in them. Plus they're much easier to carry with the cloth handles.

And Delee, I stuff all of them into one, hang it on a hook by the kitchen door and tack my grocery list with tape onto the bag and just grab the whole thing when I'm ready to go. When you're done unloading them at home, stuff 'em back in and throw them on the hook. I forgot once or twice, but I'm a creature of habit and it ended up working out.

EEEWWW! Good luck with that skunk, Sue!

Sydney said...

Thank goodness Zoe has something to report! WHen I called Jackie at about 5 PM I caught her in a moment when it sounded like the nurses were in with her and trying to move her. I got off quickly and said I'd call her back. I made dinner and now realize due to the time difference it might just be a little too late at 9PM, with pain meds and all... (if she were at home it would be a different story).

Happy Sat night all!

sharon said...

Sounds as if Jackie is handling all this nicely. That's good to hear. Thanks,Zoe and Syd,for the updates. I sent her a card on Tuesday,hope she got it,but am sure they would forward it on if she moves.

We had a skunk episode here about two months ago. I think our dog went out and riled it up and she may have had a nest in the field here behind us. I woke in the middle of the night and it must have sprayed all along the front of our house. God,what an awful smell,you could even taste that foul odor. It must have sprayed by the front door and it took weeks for it to go completely away! I have a very keen sense of smell,my husband can't smell for s**t and it drove me nuts!You have my sympathy!

I,too,am so confused when it comes to Lost,but I keep watching,thinking,someday this HAS to make sense.I'm of the mind that they let these 6 go off the island but they are holding the others hostage and their lives(the islanders) depend on the others(the 6 or 5)keeping their end of the deal. I was confused by Jack's dad and Clair being in Jacob's cabin and do remember something about Jack being told not to raise Clair's child.And why is that one guy(the Cane guy) the only one that seems to not have aged? I hope this all makes sense when it's over and done,but I have walked out of some movies going...huh..and hope that's not the case with Lost.

Zoetawny said...

It's 88 degrees at 8:27 p.m. I kicked off my heels and changed into my shorts the minute I got home.

The birthday party was a princess tea party at this Victorian tea house decorated in all things Victorian. We had little finger sandwiches with various fillings, fruit, scones with three different toppings and of course tea. Some of the adults asked for iced tea since it was so hot. ;) My grand daughter (5 yrs.) was dressed in a little princess floor length dress like she was going to the prom. LOL Then there was story time and one of the waitresses all dressed up Victorian read a couple of stories to the children. It was very different and the kids had fun pretending to be princesses and princes.

I was in such a rush earlier I forgot to mention that Jackie really enjoyed her emails. She couldn't believe how many she got and that didn't go unnoticed by the hospital staff. I told Jackie they probably thought she was a celebrity. ;)


IKWYM about real names vs. screen names. Jackie does know my real name. ;) I hesitated a few times before I dialed the number. I didn't want to intrude, interrupt any peaceful sleep or the nurses/doctors doing any procedures. Guess I was lucky and it was a convenient time for Jackie. When she answered I said, "You won't believe who this is." She paused then I said it was California calling. She guessed a name (can't remember what she said...not a name I recognized from the blog) and then I said it's "*****". LOL I asked how she was doing and she started talking like we were old friends. It was very cool. I told her that we were concerned that she didn't have an advocate there with her. She said her brother doesn't live close enough to be there. That's when she told me how great both of her doctors are and what good reputations they have. We talked a lot longer than I thought she would feel up to. I mostly tried to listen and let her do the talking. She was concerned about my long distance charges and I told her that I have free minutes on my cell on the weekends. She sounded anxious to be able to get up out of bed but it's not allowed until the blood clot is completely gone. I told her to hang in there and try to be patient and it will be all good in time.


I'm sure Jackie will really appreciate your card. I know she enjoyed all of the emails. I'm glad we're showering her with love since I feel so badly that she's going through this alone.


How was the day at the zoo? I think it's wonderful what you're doing. It's impossible to know if you're calling at a convenient time or not. I hesitated and almost didn't call fearing to be intrusive. I told Jackie what a great job you're doing on the blog and she said she knew you would. She can't wait to get back with us. She misses the blog but not work. LOL I reminded her that she has some perks coming with all the time off work after she gets discharged from rehab. She needs something positive to look forward to and reassured that the pain will subside.

I'm writing a book here. My Bad!


Funny story about the skunk. I've never been close to one or even in the vacinity of a skunk. Hope you enjoyed the air show. I'm always fearful there will be an unfortunate mishap. Good points on Lost.

ABC does have full episodes of Lost available for viewing on their website. Sometimes I have to watch more than once to catch it all. Have any of you ever read the scenarios of theory possibilities on the Lost site? Some of them are above my head scientific and some of them are spiritually mystical. I don't have answers but I love the mystery.


I'll email you tomorrow. My hands are hurting (chronic tendonitis) from typing now. I'm sure you will let us know if you talk to Jackie tomorrow. Thanks so much for doing all of this for us.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday tomorrow.

Lars Eller said...

Sydney thanks for updating on Jackie.

Get well soon Jackie, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jackie updates!
Hey, what's up with all the hot weather with you guys? It's supposed to be hot down HERE (south Texas) and we barely got above 70 today! Been a weird year so far!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Goodnight to all!


Sydney said...

I'm so excited for the Sex in the City movie coming out in 2 weeks. IS anybody with me????

In the mean time, I got out the Indiana Jones trilogy to re-watch them before seeing that in theaters. I think that comes out next weekend too....

The summer is supposed to be filled with a ton of good movies. What are you going to go to?

sue said...

Hi Sydney and thanks for your updates. I haven't followed new release movies, you will have to clue me in on those. We have a friend in Philadelphia who emailed that McSteamy and Parker Posey (and one other actor I have forgotten) were in front of her filming the other day. What movie would that be for?

I am catching up on older DVDs. I just ordered the Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio because I am reading the book right now. In fact, a part of the book, which is a memoir, reminds me of us here at Jackie's. It is set in the mid 1950s to early 1960s. It has been so easy for me to forget the isolation we all lived in before technology caught us up. The mother in the memoir is tied down at home, doesn't drive, but has met a group of like-minded women. They plan to 'get together' but it just doesn't happen. Instead they begin a Round Robin letter. Does anyone remember those? As I read how they received a packet of mail, added a letter and sent it on to the next on the list, I thought how much that is like what we do here. So maybe technology has upgraded our manner of communicating, but some things are still the same. Thankfully.

Nana in the NW said...

It's Sunday and the temps. have finally broke! Fri. was 87 and Sat. was 92....and yes I live in Tacoma, Wa. where the average temp. is 63 this time of year!!! I swear the weather gods have turned the world upside down! I finally got out my portable air conditioner and put it in my bedroom window. It works great and allows us a comfortable night of sleep.

I'm halfway through 6 days of babysitting my granddaughters while their parents are gone. I think I will make it through the last three days. What a hectic schedule they have....swimming, gymnastics, baseball, bd parties and playdates.

zoe--I'm so glad you talked to Jackie. Sounds like she is in a holding pattern until the clot dissipates--that would try my patience.

I'm pretty good with figuring out just letters used on blogsites but this one has me stumped-IKWYM ?

Glad to hear so many of you will be watching Bachelorette. Maybe Deanna will be more pleasant when there aren't 24 other girls around. Those 25 guys did look awfully cute...I'm sure there will be alot of bare chests and six packs to see....hmmmmmmm.

Skunk under your house?? That does not sound like an easy thing to get rid of. I'm just worried about a cat under mine (yes, the same one that re-injured Josie). The smell of it comes in through the heating ducts and my dogs go nuts in the house running from one duct to another!! I know there is a broken vent but I don't want to trap the cat under the house. My hubby is less than thrilled to have to crawl under there.

Syd- I think you've convinced me to try cloth bags. I would have to put them back into my car though--and then remember to take them with me into the store!! LOL Thanks for the idea.

My hubby and I go to alot of movies so we are excited with the great line-up for the summer. Next weekend we will watch the Indiana Jone trilogy and then be ready for the new one!

Time to leave for another T-ball least it's only 75 degrees.

Have a great day all......

joy n said...

Nana: IKWYM = I know what you mean.

delee said...

I know Donna in AL asked for this so here it is:

DWTS final dances tonight, followed by about a 2 hour Bachlorette.

Gas here just went up to $3.85 today...

delee said...

Yes "Stud Muffins and Six-Packs" will make the Bachlorette enjoyable!

I wish some of the heat would reach here! 50's in the daytime and 30's at night until Friday. This is May, correct? or am I in an episode of LOST where nothing makes sense? I saw Vegas was 106 yesterday, just send us on the east coast 20 degrees please.

Never heard of Round Robin letters, but agree what we do here is new-age ones. I believe Indy Jones opens this week and next week SITC. I am waiting The Happening and saw a trailer for The Swing Vote with Kevin Costner for Aug (that looks interesting). Have a theater about 2 mile from me but rarely go, do not know why!