Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let Them Know I Lived

Well, I got through to her room, but it rang and rang.  Do I keep holding on wondering if she is struggling to reach for it, or calling a nurse to help get it, or is she hearing it at a distance in a deep sleep, wishing it would go away (like a GNAT!)? Maybe she's justs up for the first time in the ladies room and my ring is  making her nervous (well, probably not if the drugs are good, lol)...  or is she not even in the room? They do make you walk a little in the hall the first day.

After a dozen rings I hung up and talked them into letting me speak to the nurses station on her floor.  That was the ticket.  Apparently Jackie was not able to reach the phone so the nurse moved it closer.  A shot of adrenaline went through me as I waited to be transferred, because that meant she was OK!  YAY!!!

Jackie sounded very quiet, and she said she was foggy.  She had her dinner there waiting and was a trouper taking time to talk to me when she had to have been hurting. She was waiting for pain meds to come. There was ice cream on the tray, so I suggested that as a fall back.  :-)

She said she did have a nerve block and it wasn't pretty. I asked if her leg was all bandaged up or in one of those mechanical rotation devices (it's like a little ferris wheel for your knee to keep it moving at all times).  I smiled to myself as she said, "Let's see, let me lift up the sheet here and take a look."  I pictured her doing this.  She said "Well, there's bandages, Ew.  More bandages... and more bandages...  Ew, Ew."  Mind you, this was not delivered in a girlish squeal, but in full-on deadpan mode. Apparently she remains funny under any circumstances. They may take her knee, but they cannot damage her spirit!  

She added "My leg doesn't look humungous.  That surprises me."  It surprised me too. On the other leg there is one of those blood pressure thingys... it wraps around the leg from ankle to knee and inflates every few minutes to keep everything flowing. With pride (and perhaps a smirk... if only they had TV phones!) she told me, "I still have perfect blood pressure."

I asked if she had a TV.  "Yes," she said, brightening. "42 inches!"  A flat screen I asked?  "Yes, though I couldn't see it before. It took 5 hours for the nurses to bring my bag, and my bag had my glasses in it, so I could not see it all this time."  Ug, I just wished one of us lived closer and could be there right now.  We would have created a brouhaha if that's what it took to get it!

She accidentally pushed a button while readjusting the covers and I could hear that a nurse immediately appeared. Jackie apologized, saying it was a mistake. We both chuckled after, wondering where that kind of service was during the previous 5 hours.

I knew she needed to go but I made sure to tell her that everyone had written in today and was waiting for the next report with bated breath.  That all send their love and good wishes. Zoetawny, I let her know that you had tried to call her earlier as well.  Her response to all that and her last words before we hung up was, "Let them know I lived!"

I will call her again tomorrow.


Sydney said...

And we all let out a collective exhaaaaaale!

Sydney said...

PS: I was delighted to sneak in one of Jackie's favorite words...brouhaha. Cheers Ms. J!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I know it makes her feel better to know so many people care about her! Keep us posted! I've got to go do whatever I have to do before the next round of storms hit. We are under another tornado watch until 11 p.m. Same as last night, but last night everything missed us until 4 a.m. Then they HIT! Second round this morning was around 8 a.m. We had a beautiful day and now looks like three lines are building up out west in Mexico. Should be an interesting night! Just as long as they don't interfere with Idol tonight!


boo said...

Sydney, so glad to get the Jackie update. Like all of you I have been thinking of her all day. I hope she knows how many prayers and thoughts are heading her way. Give her our love when you talk to her tomorrow.

Donna in AL said...

Thanks to you for the report, prayers still go to Jackie as she recoops. So glad she is doing well... with meds of course.

Jennasmom, I know what you mean. We are due for storms again tomorrow. Please stay safe.

Sydney said...

My goodness Jennasmom... between you and Donna in Al (am I forgetting anyone? Sue, are you in that bunch) I am amazed at all the storms you have. It sounds scary. Is this an unusual season or is this how it is every spring? We have the threat of hurricaines here but it's rare. You guy seem to be battening down teh hatches for a few days in a row every few weeks! Please please let us know that you're OK..

I can't tell if you're able to watch Idol because you're so used to this kind of storm or if I'm misreading how bad the storm is, lol.

Nana in the NW said...

Syd- I'm so glad you are the interim reporter here. I know you are busy so thank you for adding one more thing to your plate--for all of us!!

Glad to hear Jackie came through the surgery and still has a sense of humor! Drugs are going to be her best friend for the next few days LOL.

This was good timing on her part since there is a lull in TV viewing.

Hope all of you in Tornado Alley stay safe...I think about you every morning as I watch the news!!

Gotta go but wanted to add my two cents to Jackie!!

delee said...

Thank you, Sydney, for the update on Jackie's surgery. So glad you got to talk with her. From your comversation with her, sounds like she is doing as well as expected, but she still has the nerve block and strong meds going for her.

We all are so glad to have you reporting the updates.

joy n said...

Well, thank goodness Jackie made it through the surgery, and, with her humor intact! Bionic Superwoman, indeed! Now the mending begins and the patient must be patient and do as the doctor orders.

I can imagine her clicking some red slippers together (hard to do with one leg) and chanting, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."

Just listen to your physical therapist, Jackie, don't try to rush anything and watch out for neighbor's cats, ala Josie.

Delee said...

Really off topic:
Here is a list of some of the summer shows starting.

19 Bachelorette
22 So You Think You Can Dance
Last Comic Standing

1 Million Dollar Password
with Regis Philbin
Bridezillas (?)
The Next Food Network Star
2 The Mole Ex-Extra host-
Jon Kelly will replace
Anderson Cooper
Legally Blond The Musical
6 Meerkat Manor
8 HGTV's Design Star

Reality TV site has more listed but thought enough for now.

At least Jackie will have entertainment for her recoup.

Sydney said...

Delee -- NOT off topic, we all can pitch in to keep up the TV talk around here!!

Thank you so much for putting this calendar together. I'm wondering when the next Project Runway is coming up, and if they are doing any of the other shows again on Bravo, like the Hair cutting one and the home design one... oy, there are so many of these kinds of shows on TV, but I think Bravo has the best and here I can't remember their names. Shear Genuis? Shear Design? And Design Star? Or is that on another network?

Donna in AL said...

Speaking of surgery, Nana, how is Josie doing?

I am bored with TV at the present time. Because of all the other shows I've been watching, I have missed and not been as interested in AI.

I have never watched the Mole, but if ya'll are going to post I will try to start watching. I will miss not commenting if I don't watch.

Anonymous said...

Donna in AL -- you stay safe, too!

Sydney -- We have been having a drought, so this is unusual. Although, I remember stormy springs years ago! Last summer, we had lots of rain for a couple of months, and then back to drought conditions. At least the lakes & aquifers filled back up during the summer.


joy n said...

Sydney, I just read on TVSquad that CBS has announced today that Amazing Race will have TWO editions for the 2008-09 season, TWO! Each is scheduled for Sundays at 8 pm. They still haven't listed a starting date, but I would imagine a fall and a spring season.

Also announced was the cancellation of Kid Nation.

Nana! It's official! CANE has been officially canned. No more Duque's! My heart is broken. We'll never know what happened to the family. RATS!!!!

Donna in AL said...

On the day a show starts, I hope someone will please post the time and network so I will not forget? I am afraid I will not remember with the job and insurance (COBRA)and projects at home.


Donna in AL said...

David A. and David C. are the two finalist on AI.

monty924 said...

God bless Jackie! Thanks Sydney for keeping everyone up to date. Now the prayers go out for a speedy recovery and smooth sailing rehab.

Jackie, we were all pulling for you today and happy to hear you came through it all with your sense of humor still shining as always. Hugs!

Zoetawny said...


You're doing such a great job. I felt like I was right there talking to Jackie myself. A collective exhaaaaaaaaaaale is right. I really enjoyed your writing and particularly your reference to Josie and the cat.

Jackie is probably out of it but still her great sense of humor was showing. I wish we were right there to fetch what she needed. From my experience with all the surgeries my husband has had I know how important it is to have an advocate present. I'm impressed that the nurse showed up so quickly when Jackie accidentally pushed the call button. I know Jackie will enjoy the flat screen in her room. Once the worst of the pain is passed I'm sure she will wish she had a laptop. I can't wait to read what she writes about her experience. You know it will be a hoot. :)

To all of those experiencing wicked weather, stay safe and God bless!

Terry and Laura...

Have a wonderful cruise! I wish there was room for a stow-a-way. ;)

Dinner is late so gotta run now.


delee said...

Donna, check out I found a box on the upper right side that said Summer Reality shows. They have the date and network listed plus a short whatitiz.

Sydney, HGTV's "Design Show" is on HGTV. "Top Design"/Bravo, and it is coming back Season 2. Casting was started in Dec. Anyone's guess when!

Project Runway starts Nov 2008 on Lifetime.

Anonymous said...

thanks donna in al for the idol update!!
debie in calif

Donna in AL said...

Thanks Delee.
I love HGTV and DIY shows.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're okay Jackie. This is the first time I've had to check all day and I was worried about you. Get better soon. Enjoy staying in the hospital and letting them wait on you hand and foot.


Sydney said...

Delee, I'd heard some rumor that project runway was going to another network, but it's such a shock. I mean, unless my facts are off, didn't project runway start the whole string of other contest like shows and virtually remake Bravo into the successful station that it is today? So why would they be moving? Maybe they wanted more $$ and freedom and another network dying to get some attention threw money and creative license at them???

sharon said...

No,they said tonight on Bravo that Project Runway will be back in July. Did they fail in their attempt to move it from Bravo to Lifetime?

Shear Genius starts June 25th on Bravo and Jacklyn Smith will be back as host.

I tell you,it was just too bad they couldn't send home all three of the ones on the bottom on Top Chef tonight. What crappy attitudes they all had! And the mouth on that Lisa,I wish it had been her,but Andrew was a truly scary dude! Spike is so arrogant,and tried to screw all the rest of them because he won the quickfire. I can't believe how foul mouthed the people on there are this time,especially some of the women(most of them are gone now,but not Lisa),but they don't come close to Hell's Kitchen and that cuss fest!

Had to check back in for the Jackie update. So glad she is over the surgery and so hope her recovery goes off without a hitch.Good to know she's getting the "good" drugs,too. Never say no to them when you are in pain.

So,as we suspected,it's the two Davids on AI in the final. I feel really bad for Syesha,she really brought it these last few weeks,and she is such a pretty,pretty girl. I like her talent so much better than Fantasia who was on tonight. I hope somebody grabs her and gives her a record deal.

Oh,and Criminal Minds was so good tonight. I can't stop talking,Wednesday is a good tv night for me!

Stay safe all of you in the storms path. Make sure and check in and let us know you are okay. Have a good night,all.

TerryinCA said...

thanks so much for the updates!
So good to hear she is doing good and we can all exhale....I say let them give her a "cocktail" of that versed and demerol..such a lovely feeling.
I worked till 8 tonight, so I didnt get a chance to check in on our patient!

Well off to Alaska on friday, but will still be checking in to see the results.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Jackie, thanks for the update!!!

dla said...

Sydney, our favorite cub reporter!! Thank you for the updates today... I have been waiting (impatiently, as always) to hear that all was well in Jackie's world following surgery! I sure hope that she can relax and get some much deserved r & r while working her way through this process.

I will heartily second joy n's advice to listen to both Dr and PT's orders. I thought I knew better following back surgery (or just hate to follow directions), and realize now that they know what they are talking about! If they say do it, then do it! If they say don't do it, then listen.

And, joy n, I am DEVASTATED to hear that Cane is gone!!! Darn writer's strike really messed things up this past year. ;(

Have a wonderful day, and Syd, I look forward to your next update!

Anne said...

Thank you Sydney for your persistence in getting through to Jackie and getting the update to us.
Keep up the good work!

I hope she has somebody there with her?

Jennasmom & Donna in Al take care of yourselves - scary stuff!

Have a good day everybody - thanks again Sydney - Jackie is so important to so many people!

meb said...

Sydney, so good to read that you've already talked to Jackie and she maintains that sense of humor through her surgery. We're going to miss her while she's away, but so glad she chose you to keep us up-to-date on her progress and to keep us current here on the blog.

Finally watched Hells Kitchen last night... I just don't think I could put up with his screaming at me all the time and not talk back. Ben did and he's gone. Matt, the sourpuss went to the ladies side, and is doing well over there. Chef gave him a compliment and he was estatic. I really can't see a good cook among them.

Criminal Minds was fantastic. These writers deserved whatever they got from their strike.

I also enjoy Medium and will miss it until next fall. For as much time as is shot of them either talking in bed or in their kitchen, the show still maintains my undivided attention.

Off to work... will check in later today.

delee said...

Sharon, I agree about Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen. BUT at least they can bleep em out. Sometimes I wonder how so many cuss words can be used in one sentence or two. Therefore, maybe they bleep good words just for dramatic effect. A thought! Loved seeing Sam last night, wonder where Ilon was?

I want David Cook to win, DA is boring!

The South is in for it again today, so glad I moved North a few years ago. I will take snow over tornados and hurricanes anyday! Please all stay safe!!!

This is directly from the Lifetime web site:

Lifetime Networks and The Weinstein Company have entered into a groundbreaking partnership that will move cable’s top reality series, “Project Runway,” to the top network for women, Lifetime Television, beginning November 2008

I pray Jackie had a restful night, but I imagine the tough road back to her feet and bending will start today. Sydney let us know how our girl is doing.

sue said...

Thanks Sydney for keeping the light shining here and for being the lifeline to Jackie.

Spring in Arkansas has been unusual this season. We always have storms and they are always unpredictible, but this year has gone to the extreme. Our warm sunny blue skied spring days have been few and far between (and often spent talking to an insurance adjustor instead of enjoying!) I have heard of people planting their garden and having it frozen out later in the week. My plants are doing well, but have had to endure some temperature extremes, hail, wind, and pest. The main pest we have from this crazy year's weather are (is?) huge swarms of GNATS. I am not surprised..after spending both BB and Survivor with one. : ) Some people call them 'no-see-ums', We have not found a way to get rid of them, but a remedy to keep them away from a person is to use vanilla...the cooking kind. It works when nothing else does on the gnats. Maybe I should send some to Matty and Parv...naw, I didn't like either one of those guys, so let them fend for themselves.

Sasha said...

Thank you, Sydney for keeping us up to date. I haven't had computer access for a bit so I came as soon as I could. SO relieved to hear that the surgery went ok.

I just want to add my voice to the many here who wish Jackie well!

My thought is that Jackie must have family/friends who will visit and help out but just in case she doesn't, or needs more, I'm only about 1.5 hours away and would be so happy to help/visit. I even know a thing or two about patient advocacy with med professionals.

My overriding concern would be to not be intrusive but if Jackie needs something...I could be there. Self-employed does have its perks! It's a very sincere offer so please post if there's even a whisper of something I can do! Thanks.

smarn said...

Just had to jump in and drop a line. I've been a faithful reader of ur blog through several BB seasons and totally appreciate ur posts when I'm stuck @ work and can't b watching. I'm a nurse by day and a TV addict at
As far as ur surgery goes-the two most important things u can do at this point is to walk and breathe. Move that knee as much as u can. The more you do the sooner it will heal and begin to feel better and the less complications u will have. Secondly, by breathing I mean really breathe deep. These are generally the two biggest problems knee patients have. if you can keep ur knee movin and use ur incentive spirometer a ton u will avoid tons of potential complications.
Good luck on the rehab. Your determination alone will help you more than any rehab program ever could. ~S~

meb said...

Just read that Mark and Sabrina (DWTS) have called it quits. Mark said that she was away too much for a relationship.
As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, "...things just come and go so quickly around here..." I feel that way when it comes to relationships ...not just in celebrities, but in us "common" folk as well. Most people just don't want to work at it. Sad.

meb said...

I just finished a new post on my blog bringing it up-to-date on where I am in my "life".

If you want to read it, just click on my "meb". I would love to hear your thoughts.

aspalmertree said...

Thanks for the Jackie updates, Sydney. Bless her heart... at least she has a TV in the hospital. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, if the storms hit, I slept through it all! Everything is really wet this a.m. so I guess something hit! Chance of more later today. We REALLY need the rain!

Delee, I am with you! David A has a beautiful voice, but he is boring. I don't really see him selling well. Sappy ballads just aren't marketable. Maybe a Christmas album or something. He's young and maybe in a few years he'll be ready. I really like David Cook and can see myself buying one of his CDs. He's current. Syesha is a beautiful girl with lots of talent and I'm sure she will get her big break, as will some of the others.


TerryinCA said...

jennasmon,delee, I so agree. DA's voice is beautiful but I find it painful to watch him, so imploring so sad, I wish he could show a happy jazzy fun side. Maybe his Dad is the reason?
David Cook rocks, and is the Daughtry of this season...he needs to win, he is older, more versatile, hot looking....hmmm think Im going on and on? ok I'll stop.

Hugs to Jackie, thanks os much Syd, Laurie and I will try to pop in while we are more getup!

Arlene said...

Yeah, Jackie is ALIVE. Welcome back to the living Jackie. I am glad everything went okay.

Is there anyword on the Actor Strike?

I really don't care at this time. They have axed a lot of my favorite shows: Journeyman, Moonlight, Womens Murder Club, and New Amsterdam to name a few.

I am looking forward to Shear Genius. I heard the other 2 Angels are suppose to make an appearance on the show.

Also looking forward to Kitchen Nightmares, Top Design, Next Food Network Star (I love Guy Fieri), Next Design Star, etc.

I will be voting for David Cook on American Idol and I am looking forward to see who will win Dancing with the Stars.

joy n said...

Dia, I totally understand your feeling of devastation. I was so hoping they would give CANE another chance.