Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tonight is the night... though not for me because I got too Lost waaaay back. For everyone who has no clue what's going on, but still watches, putting their faith in that there IS indeed a greater scheme/meaning/plan/order to it all, I have one question for you: Will things get clearer or will you be left with even more confusion and loose ends?

The word in TV Land is that there are many revelations that will come this evening, so you'll have to let us know if indeed you fans get some satisfaction on that front. So get settled in with your popcorn or cookies and your favorite libation and feel free to live blog during the hopefully amazing two hours.

Maybe Jackie will be peeking in!


Sydney said...

Found this interesting little tidbit that reviews Five Burning Questions about Lost

Auntie Leigh said...

Sydney....thanks for keeping the site alive and waiting for Jackie. I don't watch Lost either but read this site faithfully. Meanwhile, good wishes for a speedy recovery to Jackie and hope to hear from you soon. A.L.

TerryinCA said...

I just gave up on Lost two seasons back...couldnt hang in with the twists and turns, I always felt I was on some kind of never ending roller coaster.
I hope for all you die-hard fans its worth it all.....

sue said...

Hi Sydney, Thanks for giving us a Lost destination. At least we will know where we are while we are here, even if we are Lost most of the time when watching the show. I haven't read the link yet, though. I will, though, sometime in between Chore One and Chore Ninety Five.

Will we know more after it is over tonight, you ask. Well, it wouldn't be Lost if we did. I think the writers will throw us a few bones to gnaw on over the summer and set up a big cliff hanger to keep us talking. Who knows, JR might be down one of those hatches waiting to find out who shot him. I like it a lot more now that I am just along for the ride and have made myself stop trying to figure everything out. I was getting crazy about it, noticing things like so many actors seem to have the same eye color (probably my TV reception)and if holograms run on magnetic energy and why could someone who only speaks Korean learn English so quickly but no one else is learning Korean.
I am watching Recount from HBO. Any one else see it yet?

Jackie, I know you are doing great and that next week will be better than this one. You know what a great spirit you have, it will see you through.

Auntie Leigh said...

To joy n and Zoetawny...I just read that you two watch NY Housewives. I loved that show. Did you notice that Alex's kids Johann and Francois are Hans and Franz? Remember them from SNL "we just want to PUMP YOU UP." Imagine naming your kids Johann and Francois!!! :>)))

joy n said...

Ditto what Terry in CA said. I gave up on Lost when it came back after the strike. I just got off the roller coaster. I do hope all of you LOST fans find some satisfaction tonight.

Auntie Leigh, glad to hear there's another Housewives fan out there. Alex is probably unaware of the SNL connection to the names. She'd probably find no "social" value in the show and, therefore, not watch it.

Well, enough off topic stuff from me. I'll hang around to read the LOST comments. Enjoy!

Thank you, again, Sydney, for filling in for Jackie and for us.

Hope you're feeling better, Jackie!

lynn1 said...

Wow! What a great finale!
I love this show!
There are always so many twist and turns.
Can't wait til next season!

Sydney said...

YAY Lynn1 -- It's good to know someone managed to hang in with this show and actually find the finale to make sense! :-)

Sydney said...

Hi Sue--- just read back and guess you too are watching the show. Can't wait to hear your take on it.

I should watch Recount. How was it?

Anonymous said...

Hi jackie
just got back from vacation glad to hear the surg went well. Been there done that 2 times and all i can tell you is the pain does get better. The moost important thing is rehab. Glad you didn't have to go to the rehab hosp they suck and home health PT works just as well

speedy recovery
judi in oregon

delee said...

Fri eve:
Only thing that might interest some would be the National Spelling Bee on ABC 8-10. Sunday will be a big night many news shows starting.

Taped LOST last night so no comment. Everyone have a safe weekend and hope no huge storms anywhere.

meb said...

As I mentioned earlier, my computer is sick so couldn't post last night for Lost. One of the best shows I've seen, bar none, as to all the things going on at the same time and how, believe it or not, they do get tied back in together eventually. But to me, that's the amazing part of this show.

So disappointed to open this link this morning (here at work) and see hardly anyone had commented and my ole' buddies whom I thought were watching have abandoned it. Sniff, Sniff (that's me crying).

Well, Lynn1, delee and Sue, looks like it's the four of us.

Can somebody tell me who Jeremy is that they kept talking about. Leading me to believe that he was the one in the coffin. Walt asked Hurley why was Jeremy the only one who came to see him when they got back???

As for the coffin, I was standing up peering over the lid, trying to see who was in there before they finally showed him, and I was shocked to say the least. How did HE get back to the states?
(I'm purposely not saying his name until I know delee has had a chance to watch her tape).

And, how in the world will Jack convince all the survivors to go back to the island (wherever it is, considering Ben moved it). Love it!

And what does Sui (sp) have up her sleeve with the "bad" guy (or is he a bad guy?) Ben is still around, and he used to be the bad guy.

Where are Penny and Desmond... hiding obviously. Where's Sawyer and the other's who got left on the island, did they survive the island move considering it disappeared into the ocean. And is Jin really dead, or did he jump the ship before it exploded, and he's floating around out there. Maybe the island reappeared right under him and he is alive and well. Nah...too much of a stretch.

So we know that three of the original cast members did not survive last night... Jin, Michael, and the guy in the coffin. That was the rumor, that three didn't make it out of the finale.

Don't know if I can stand to wait until next season for this to continue. I am truly addicted to this show!

Good Morning America (which I taped) had two different endings from last night's that they were going to show this morning. Can't wait to get home to see them and see what other ideas they had for the ending of this year. The one they actually did show was exceptional!


meb said...

sydney... I looked at the site you listed and there are some good burning questions, which may (or may not) have been answered in the finale.

Thanks for giving us a place to comment.


Donna in AL said...

Hey, count me in as a Lostie! I kinda watched last night. I had to go to my nephew's graduation, so I missed part of the first of it. My son's girlfriend and her two little ones were at my house too, so I didn't hear a lot of what was going on either. I have it taped so I will watch again when I get a couple hours alone this weekend. I'll be back here to comment more then.

Isn't the dark haired guy who came to Ben when he was a boy and who went to Locke when he was a boy too, Jeremy? Isn't he one of the "Others" that got Ben to poison all the Dharma people?

I hope the ABC website leaves this whole season available online. I still want to watch all the episodes back to back to catch things I missed.

meb said...

YAY! Donna in al... so glad you're watching too. JEREMY! The one with the tatooed eye liner... Yes, I think he is Jeremy. So, now I have to go back and watch and see why I was lead to believe he was the one in the coffin. The second time was when Walt mentioned him.

I am lost as to his connection at this point to anything that was currently going on other than Locke went back to him and he welcomed Locke "home". That was just before Ben moved the island???

OK, another mystery. That's OK.. I can handle it!

Donna in AL said...

Did you catch what he called Locke? I did not but he called him something, I think.

I also do not think it is such a far fetched possibility that Jin, Michael and the Freighter people survived. They have already shown that Michael is unable to die. However, when Sawyer made it back to the island, he and Juliet saw the freighter burning. Which means the island wasn't moved at the same time as the explosion.

I would like to know how Locke died. He was healed when he crashed on the island and he came back or was saved from dying when Ben shot him. That would seem to say he could not die.

meb said...

I thought he just said "Welcome Home John". I didn't notice he called him anything else. First Locke looked confused and then got that half smile.

The freighter explosion didn't have anything to do with the island moving. Ben did that when he went down into the "frozen" area. The ship had already exploded, as you said.

Yeah, something would have had to change to allow both Michael and Locke to die. Maybe changing the island location had something to do with it as to Locke. Who knows, maybe Michael and Jin are still alive. Anything could be possible with this show. But the rumors did say that three people would die in this episode and the ones they inferred were Jin, Michael and of course, Locke in the coffin.

deleee I hope we didn't ruin it for you.

Susan in FL said...

I gave up watching Lost in the second season - except when a guest wanted to watch. I felt like in the end Bob was going to wake up in bed with Emily and we'd find out it was all a dream again, but then Suzanne Pleshette died and I realized that ending was out. So now I think the boy will be playing with the snow globe . . .

Sydney said...



Sydney said...

I looked up TV guide and there is absolutely nothing on tonight. There's Meerkat Manor the Story Begins at 8 followed by something called the Science of Meerkats... maybe that's a repeat of the specials on Sunday? And there's a fairly dramatic Deadliest Catch but it doesn't say repeat or new ep.

It's the opening weekend of Sex in The City though and while I don't know that many women here in Houston still, I invited who I knew and asked them to invite who they knew to a Sex in the City girls night out tomorrow night. We are going to see the movie, the tickets for which we bought 2 weeks ago anticipating a sell out.

Have to make my own excitement on a slow TV weekend like this, so I put together little giftbags for them -- a mini Essie nail polish, Estee Lauder Eye patches (fabulous product for reducing puffiness on some special occasion), a gift card to one of those new frozen yoghurt places like Pinkberry, and a CD of music I put together that fits the theme.

Then made us resos at a lounge to go afterwards for pomogranite cosmos and appetizers. Hey, I may be home before midnight and my tootsies may be more used to tennis shoes than heels these days but I think it's going to be a lot of FUN! I just wish we all lived closer and could do our own Jackie's Blog night out.

meb said...

OK... my last comment on Lost before I lose you to the weekend (no computer at home).

Go to TV Squad and read all the "Lost" posts there. I got to read two of them and Jeremy Bentham(philosopher) is a name that John Locke used (don't ask me how anyone knows this). So Jeremy isn't the beautiful eyes guy we thought earlier. The rest of TV Squad is really good reading and so are some of the comments at the end of them, so go read them all.

I'll see you all again either on Monday or earlier if I get my computer back.


RBennie said...

Friday night has been the worst night for tv for many years now. I guess the reasoning is that most people are out on Friday night, so why waste the good stuff? Personally, I like nothing better than getting home after work on Friday and having absolutely nothing to do but relax and watch TV. Unfortunately, there is seldom anything worth watching - thank heaven for Netflix!

sue said...

Yes meb, The guy in the coffin was the one they called Jeremy (just to add another mystery for us watchers I guess!) Hurlie asked Syiad (you notice I can't spell their names) 'why do you keep calling him Jeremy instead of....." The guy who doesn't seem to age is named Richard. I liked the finale.

I am trying not to say too much or be too specific until all have watched. It is Friday afternoon and I just finishing watching the tape of last night's show.

Lost attempts to tackle some very big issues and that is why I think the philosophers names are used so often. Good versus Evil, but who is which, in other words. Anything that gets people discussing that is part of the good, in my opinion. We don't need answers as long we people can talk about their thoughts on those basic issues. Locke does Evil things (killing the woman for example) but does it for good of all, in his opinion. Ben, too, in some ways. Are they just huge Egos, or is it okay to do harm if you have a good motive? That is what I see the writers asking us, the viewers. Jack started out as the good guy and Sawyer the loser type who wouldn't share the things he found (from the wreckage) and then saves them later by taking a plunge. Of course the point could be made he just wanted to save Kate. Still, that was a change in his character. Does the island change people or does circumstance, the plot asks.

My favorite moments were scenes with Ben and Locke, they are funny together and I would think the writers will try to continue that repartee into a new season.

Thanks Sydney, and Hi Jackie, hope you are well and watching some great DVDs.

lynn1 said...

I think eyeliner man is named something like Richard Alpert.

I am wondering:

1) If everybody is supposed to go back to the Island, does that mean only the 6 "known" survivors of the plane crash or does it mean people like Desmond, Walt & Ben too??

2) What happened to the ship's Zodiac carrying Daniel Farraday and some of the other folks from the beach? Penny's yacht didn't rescue them and I don't remember them getting back to the Island before it moved.

3) Hurley said he sees "Dead People" and said something to Mr Ecko before leaving the hospital with Sayid. Maybe everyone is dead except Hurley! LOL

4) What did Sawyer say to Kate before he gave her one of those knock your tonsils out kisses and then jumped out of the copter.

5) Just before the ship blew up Jack's Dad Christian Shepard appeared to Michael and said "you can go now Michael."
I am not sure if he meant you are free to die or you are free to go with no more obligaation to Ben.

I am sure if I watch the episode again I can come up with at least a dozen questions.

I am not frustrated with this show. It gives me just enough info to figure a few things out but not enough to take the WOW factor out.
I must admit when I saw whose body was in the casket I yelled out loud! I wasn't expecting that person at all. Kudos to the make up artist, he looked like a corpse.

dla said...

Hi! I will actually be viewing SATC this afternoon with a friend, and then dinner / cosmos following!
Sydney, I wish I could also attend your girls night out! How fun!

Let's compare notes on Sunday!

Susan in FL said...

Sydney - I was trying to allude to St Elsewhere with the snowglobe. But Citizen Kane is good too.

sharon said...

Doggonne it! Just got my new TV Guide and there was a picture of Mario Lopez and that witch,Karina,ocming out of the surf,holding hands as late as May 25th! Rats,I thought he was done with her! You can do better,Mario.Run,run as fast as you

I'm off to watch 27 Dresses! Storms expected tonight,but not severe. Stay safe everybody. Hope you are doing okay,Miss Jackie! Good job,Syd!

sue said...

lynn1, said: Kudos to the make up artist, he looked like a corpse.

5/30/2008 3:31 PM

He did! and when I googled the name they were giving him for the finale, it had some interesting stuff about displaying the corpse. I wonder how much the writers are playing with us viewers. Also the former name (also a philospher) was given to him by the first writers, who left the show and the next writers had to pick up and take it from where they left off. I have always thought that made for some interesting conversations in the writing room. Remember that children's game where a story is begun and then stopped abruptly and the next person has to continue it? That is what Lost must have been like for the writers after that first season. Then giving a second philsopher's name to the same guy might be more of a comment to the old writers than to the story line.

Zoetawny said...

You "Losties" didn't think I'd abandoned you, did you?

I LOVE LOST!!!!!! The finale was grrrrrrrrreat! The first burning question in my mind was who the heck is Jeremy Bentham? I had to watch it again to figure that one out. Locke apparently was using that name as an alias. I'm surmising that is because Widmore is probably hunting down all the survivors to silence them in one way or another. Locke had apparently been off the island for possibly 3 years. We will have to wait until next season to find out how Locke got off the island. We still don't know why Locke left the island after being so determined to stay other. Before Locke's supposed death he did tell Jack that bad things were happening on the island and blamed Jack for leaving. We know that Jack took his leadership role to save his friends very seriously. Ben told Jack that they couldn't go back unless everyone went back including the deceased Locke.

It's quite revealing that Locke chose the name of an English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, who was the founder of "Utilitarianism" among other innovative thinking for his day. Here is a link to learn more about him:

When Ben moved the island I'm thinking that it just went underwater like a submarine but is actually in the same place but not visible. In one of the first seasons we saw Jack being held in an underwater station. Many of the Dharma stations were underwater. The communication station where Charlie died was underwater. I'm even guessing that the entire island might have been man-made or...just the underwater part.

Of course the show makes us wait until the next season to find out more answers. What happened to "the others" and the remaining survivors on the island if the island went down underwater? Did they have enough time to get to a safe compartment of sorts or did they drown?

meb said...

Well, Lynn1, delee and Sue, looks like it's the four of us.
You can make that five of us, Meb. ;) I usually can't post until the next evening.

I know Lost is the type of show that if you miss an episode that you will indeed be lost. It's captured my imagination and mystery solving interest. The writers on this show must be very deep thinkers with incredible imaginations. There are so many deeper philosophical underpinnings if you stop and think about it.

The only problem with Lost is that it's off the air too long. ;) I'll have to try to find out when it starts again. Don't you just hate these short seasons?

meb said...

So glad to add you to the Losties group Zoetawny. I remember now that you are an avid fan... just got "lost" there for a minute.

I know... the fact that Lost is off the air is the roughest part of watching it (or not watching it I guess).


Donna in AL said...

I have four girlfriends that also watch. We get together sometimes on a rainy Sunday and watch the previous season before the new one starts. One of the ladies always buys the season on DVD.

I watched the finale Friday night without any interuptions. I was wrong, as you guys caught, about eyeliner guy being Jeremy, he's Richard.

If the O6 continue to keep the island a secret, then Locke would have to assume another name to leave the island. He is presumed to have perished with the rest of the passengers. The only reason I can think of for him to leave the island, and possibly be disabled again, is to convince them all to return there to establish balance. As Walt said, Jeremy was the one who visited him.

Okay, I'm going to run with the idea, the island went below the ocean. It has been actually floating, anchored in it's position, like a submarine. How is everyone protected from drowning? Could a sheild or bubble encompass the island before it submerges? How does the bright, blinding light play into the whole movement?

Maybe Sawyer told Kate something about taking care of Aaron. He seemed to be very concerned with Claire's disappearance. With her look of surprise, I don't think he told her he was about to jump.

Zoetawny said...

donna in Al...

I'll go with a dome of sorts that closes when the island is submerged. Good thinking. Watch, we'll both be wrong. LOL

I also liked your idea about Locke leaving the island for the purpose of convincing the 6 to return. I'm still speculating how Locke died. It could have been natural causes since he was in poor health, or the gun shot wounds (shot by Ben) that healed while he was on the island eventually killed him. Maybe his "immunity" on the island took 3 years to wear off. Oh boy, that's really a stretch. ;) I'm still thinking that Widmore had something to do with Locke's death...or...Locke couldn't stand living like a cripple (as he termed it) so he committed suicide.

I'm thinking that Sawyer told Kate to never go back for him or bring Aaron back to the island. Kate seeemed very adamant about not taking Aaron back to the island. One of the theories floating around is that Aaron is destined to be the island's new leader replacing Ben/Jacob.

"AOL Lost A-Z" has some intereseting deeper philosophical associations worth reading including the end of the world.

I can't stop thinking about this show. I'm sure it will wear off soon. ;) I've been hunting around but can't seem to find any info on when the new season begins.

I am going to watch "In Plain Sight" tonight. Hope it's a good one.


I'm glad you got your pc back up and running.

Happy Sunday!

Donna in AL said...

Maybe Sun killed Locke. She said previously that she blames two people and we saw her confront Widmore. Locke goes to Sun to tell her she must return to the island and she kills him.

joy n said...

You guys make me wish I'd kept watching it. I'm seriously thinking of buying the DVD's when they're all available and just have my own marathon one day.

Donna in AL said...

Joyn, all seasons are available to view online. I have watched them all but still want to watch from the beginning thru the finale this season again.

Sydney said...

Can I come over when you do that Joy? I have been thinking the same thing...!

Tom`S said...

Lost is the story of my life.

Have a great day to all.

Caroline said...

I think the island controls whether the people die or not. Michael knew his mission ended with his death and I think the island kept him alive until he could complete it (keeping the people on the island alive until Ben could move it). Then the freighter exploded and Michael's work was done. I do also think Jin really died.

Sun stated that she blames two people for his death, we know one is her father, and she's already taken that revenge. Who is the other? Choices seem to be Widmore, Jack, Locke or Ben. Does she really want to work with Widmore? I hope not, I hope she's in with Sayid & Ben and is just playing Widmore to get revenge.

Richard (the eyelined Other) creeps me out bigtime. Why does no one on the show comment on the fact he doesn't age? But the bigger questions...How long has he been on the island? And why does he keep relinquishing command of the Others to newcomers like Ben & John? Did he visit any of the other Losties as children like he visited John?

Locke was definitely Jeremy Bentham (at the end the release papers for Bentham's body were on top of the coffin with John inside), and for some reason his death (murder) made Sayid very nervous. I'm assuming this means Widmore was responsible for killing him. Makes sense since Locke is now peforming the function of Ben, and Widmore was always keen on capturing/killing him.

I'm also dying to know what happened to Daniel & the people on the Zodiac...were they close enough to the island that they got sucked in with it?

lynn1 said...
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lynn1 said...

I am wondering if Sun blames Desmond for Jin dying. If Desmond would have stayed with Michael letting Jin leave then Jin would have been able to go with Sun and the other Losties.
I believe Widmore would be agreeable to helping Sun find and kill Desmond.
This theory may be in left field but it makes sense in a "Lost" kind of way.

Anonymous said...

That's intersting Lynn. Sun did say to Widmore "you know that there were more that the Oceanic Six that got off the island" so she could have meant Desmond.

I took a quiz on to see who I was most like on lost. I am proud to say it was Locke.

I completely understand Locke's(man of faith) actions and I am always frustrated with Jack's(man of science) actions. I don't see how Jack could keep denying the power of the island after he saw his dead father on the island.

It seems Jack has finally accepted his fate and connection to the island.

Caroline said...

I think Sun is one of the more interesting cliffhangers of the finale. So many emotions played across her face as the freighter exploded, and so many people were involved in it, it's hard to say who she would really blame for Jin's death. She was also very (purposely) vague with Widmore. If she's really serious about working with Widmore, I'd think she blames Jack or Ben. Assuming she found out Ben killed Keamy knowing that would blow up the freighter, I think that makes Ben a prime suspect. But Kate also told her she'd go back for Jin and Jack prevented Kate from doing so, hence making Jack a good subject. If she's part of Ben & Sayid's plan, she may be luring Widmore in, and it may be him she really blames, since he gave Keamy the instructions to wire the explosives on the freighter. Personally, I really hope it's not Desmond, because I adore him & Penny and I truly hope they get their happily ever after. They've worked long and hard to find each other and I think they deserve to be free of this madness. But we all know how they love to throw those twists at us, so it may just turn out unhappily ever after.

sue said...

One of the characters said Locke killed himself. I can't think that would ever happen, but that must be what his death was made to look like for the authorities. Why the unusual funeral home, though. And Ben looked as white as Locke in that scene.

I don't know why Jack's dad has become the spokesman for crossing over to death, but that is what he seems to be.


1. Who is Kate living with?
2. Is Locke dead? If so, will taking his body back to the island revive him?
3. Will the island be a cold climate when we see it again?
4. Is Sun acting alone?
5. If 'everyone' has to return to the island to restore the balance, then does that include Sun's child?
6. If it is all centered around time travel, can they go back to when all where alive on the island?
Lots of summer speculating to do.

Anonymous said...

When Ben "moved" the island, did he move it geographically or, possibly "move" it to another time? Time on the island is not like time in the real world.

sue said...

Anon 7:45 pm said: When Ben "moved" the island, did he move it geographically or, possibly "move" it to another time? Time on the island is not like time in the real world.

6/02/2008 7:45 PM


What a great thought and very in keeping with the way Lost writers think! It would explain why the island disappeared.

We have talked about the philosophers references in Lost, but I also see it having things in common with other TV shows and literature. Maybe copying or maybe homage, I don't know. Several things have reminded me of Philadelphia Experiment, for example. There aren't any Alberts on the island, though. Did Einstein have a middle name?

I am just enjoying the ride, just wish it didn't have so many stops along the way.