Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Morning After

After the Bachelorette that is...  I am just putting up a new post to chat about other TV shows and daily stuff for the next few days, so we can keep the Bachelorette comments on the last post. This will make it easier for Jackie to transfer all those comments to a sidebar link when the time comes. 

A big thank you to Delee who has started to list what's on in this interim period that seems kind of miscellaneous.  You can check back in the comments from last night to find her total listing.  

A few mentions: 
* Tonight is Hells Kitchen, Deadliest Catch and the Alsaka Experiment right after...
* Wed Oprah is rerunning her Dancing With The Stars Champion Show special. 
* Thursday is the 2 hour season finale of LOST!!!!  I'll put up a link for that when the time comes for you Losties.

Have a great day all!!! Short work week!


RBennie said...

Thanks Sydney. I didn't plan to watch the Bachelorette this season, but you guys are making me curious about it. I know some of you must watch Grey's Anatomy. I'm curious to hear what others thought about the finale.

Delee said...

Sydney, Donna asked someone to do this, since many new reality shows will be starting for their summer runs, so that is why I am doing this! Ha Ha Will also try and list regular type shows when they will be on. So I copied from other post and it is below for tonight.

FOX (its back) Moment of Truth 8p
Hells Kitchen 9p

Discovery Deadliest Catch 9p
Alaska Experiment 10p

Bravo Real Housewives of Orange
County lost footage 10p

For anyone who has not seen, Moment of Truth, it is a train wreck waiting to happen. I sit and cringe at some of the things they need to answer for the $$$. Never ever do that show.

Alaska Experiment is something I have come to after about 4 episodes and want to see it from the start. Greenhorns placed in Alaska with winter coming and they need to prepare.

All LOSTIE's remember 2 hour season finale on Thursday. I thought it was over till fall. Surprise.

Nana in the NW said...

Thank you to Sydney for the new post--and telling us to continue to talk about The Bachelorette on that post! Sometimes I'm not sure where to comment on what!

Delee--so glad you picked up on Donna's suggestion. Many times something is on and I forget. I need to be more diligent about programming the DVR.

I agree about Moment of Truth. I'm shocked it is back. That show has reached a "new low" in what a network will do for ratings. Why would a person trash every relationship in their life(marriage, family, work, social) for money?? To make it worse the contestants know the questions ahead of time and can always opt to not be aired or quit during the game!! The blond girl from last season is "taking a break" from her marriage while she re-evaluates her life!

I will be watching the new game show with Regis Philbin--Password--that airs next Sunday.

His contract is up in the next year, I will be interested to see if he renews it. He seems to be not as excited about it. And then the question is:
Does the show go off the air or does Kelly get a new co-host??

I guess I'm putting the cart before the horse! LOL

meb said...

rbennie... we were commenting on Greys on the sidebar until the writer's strike. Tried to pick it up after that, but not many posted.

I thought it was not as good as some have been, but it surely ended on a good note. I loved how Meredith built their house out of candles. And I thought that it was OK that Derek said he had to go talk to Rose first before restarting their relationship.

I didn't like the Callie/Hahn lesbian relationship. Just not my thing.

Alexis was cute when George kissed her (friendly) and she took it as more.

Alex really did some acting there with Izzy... but I'm glad Rebecca is not going to be in the picture for him.

Yang finally got the upperhand and she's happy.

Bailey seemed happy and Chief is home with wife! All is well with Greys..

delee said...

I have not watched Grey's or Ugly Betty yet. Now I have read Meb's comments. HaHa That will not spoil it for me. I always taped it and watched later in the week, so that is why I did not comment on it.

Goof it is not Orange County but RHW of NYC. Guess I like the OC series better.

Gas dropped today to $3.89 from #3.95. Whoppee!

Sydney said...

Thank you so very very much Ms. Delee! And thank you Donna for asking her to do it! Lol

Delee, I have been watching Alaska Experiment since it's first ep. It's something I'd NEVER do, but I sure do give those crazy people credit. You learn so much watching it, and they are doing it for no prize, just to test themselves and have an adventure.

I think they put the softest people in the big log cabin, the dad and his oft bitchy daughters. They can certainly be a tough bunch to be caught in 350 square feet with...

I think they put the strongest couple in the roughest enclosure -- just a CANVAS TENT, smack dab in the middle of bear country, and when it's FREEZING COLD. They seem to be most knowledgeable and fit, but it's been an incredible test for them.

dla said...

rbennie, I watch Greys, and liked the season finale. It was looking like a bit of a downer episode until the last of it, but good to see Mer / Der back on, respected his decision to speak with Rose first. Good to see the chief back with his wife. It will be interesting to see where they take this next season, with so many of this season's loose ends tied up.

What did you think?

delee said...

Sydney, I know but to put them in a tent in bear country, I would have said NO WAY! Then for 3 to go visiting and to figure out how long incorrectly. My least fav also is the father and daughters. Whine whine! None of that is the life for me.

Any news of Jackie?

Donna in AL said...

Thank you so much Delee!

I have been to the beach and out of pocket for a few days. Unfortunitally, I wanted SOME sun on my legs. I got more than I thought in 15 minutes or so. I am still not able to walk right, my feet are so swollen! But I had a good time anyway.

Donna in AL said...

Moment of Truth is a terrible show. They are destroying lives for ratings and these people on there are nuts to put money above relationships!

I have watched NCIS since the start and love it! The season finale was a shock!

I used to love Password back in the day with Alan Lunden (last name?) and his wife Betty White as guest all the time. You say it starts this Sunday?

I don't usually watch Ugly Betty or Grey's. I think I would like to watch Ugly Betty (online) and Alaska Experiment sounds like something interesting.

I would like to sit and watch this season of Lost online all at one time before the finale Thursday night. Maybe I could pay more attention and catch a few things I didn't see the first time.

Jackie, hope your PT is going well. Don't expect your new knee to feel great for awhile. Take time to relax and heal. Cyber hugs and prayers coming your way.

Susan in FL said...

For anyone who is interested, the biopsy of my right breast came back - no malignancy seen. YAY !! Still have to go back in six months. BOO! Thanks to all for the good thoughts.

Donna in AL said...

Susan in Fl,
That is wonderful news! Please follow up with your check ups. A friend of mine has had 3 cysts develop at different times, a few years apart. She has had them all removed and tested because her mom has had breast cancer. None of hers have been malignant. So keep a check. BTW, I have a cousin named Susan in Orlando.

Sydney said...

Susan in Fl -

YES!! I certainly care. I've kinda been wondering when you were going and what you heard....Thank goodness the news was good. My sister also had several years where they found little lumps and all of them along the way were benign. Then she stopped having them. I think most of this occurred in her 30's to early 40's. She's 59 now and hasn't had a one since.

Well, that put a smile on my face. YAY!

Anonymous said...

Susan in Fl -- Great news! Thanks for keeping us updated. Will pray that your next exam in 6 months gives you the same good news. It almost always does! Those benign lumps are pretty common. Like Sydney said, they seem to disappear after menopause.


dla said...

susan in fl,

YAHOOO!!! That is absolutely terrific news! Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop, and CELEBRATE!

Positive thoughts for your 6 month check up coming your way! :)

delee said...

Wednesday TV

Bravo Top Chef 10p

Susan in Florida, wonderful news. Just keep an eye on em and make your follow-ups.

Just waking up need java!

Sydney said...

People or Us mag of May 5th announced that Marissa Jaret Winokur had signed a deal wti hSOny Pictures to have a sndicated Talk show in the fall of 2009.

Also heard somewhere that Oprah's ratings are dropping? Probably becasue she is getting into soo much stuff many consider "woo-woo" spirituality. Shame. She is only up for 3 Emmys, all Technical, whiel Ellen is up for Best TV host and Best Talk Show as well as technical... thought that was interesting.

meb said...

susan in fl... Terrific news. I know that must be such a relief to hear. To repeat everyone else, keep up with your regular visits/exams.

Oh delee... so sorry... hope I didn't spoil GA for you. Blame rbennie... it's all her fault...she asked the question... LOL

Saw on the Early Show this morning where all three networks are banning together to raise $$ to fight cancer... find a cure... Supposedly the show will run simultaneously on all three networks sometime close to Labor Day. Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, Harry Smith and Brian Williams were all on Smith's program this AM to publicize the event. Don't know I've ever seen that before.

They mentioned the timing was close to the same time Jerry Lewis' MD Telethon is being aired, but didn't feel it would be a problem as people are generous and would support both causes.

Well again, I'm typing this at work. Now my computer has passed away. Just won't turn on anymore. Gotta take it in today and have an operation to bring it back to life. It'll be a miracle. Keep it in your thoughts, cause I don't need to be buying a new one!


RBennie said...

Sorry Delee, MEB is right blame me for the Grey's spoilers, LOL. I was just curious about what you guys thought about it. I loved the McDreamy and Meredith bit at the end. I think McSteamy is stealing the show lately - totally adorable. Loved seeing Hahn get taken down a few pegs, couldn't stand the way she treated Yang. The whole Alex thing was very surprising - a lot of drama for him. I just hope they don't throw him and Izzy back together again. They need a new man for her. My absolute favorite is Bailey. I was glad to see she was going to let go of the clinic and spend more time with her family. I can do without the lesbian thing, but I'm guessing it won't last long. Callie is just curious.

Susan in FL - great news. What a relief that must be for you.

Did anyone watch Hell's Kitchen last night? How is that Matt guy still there - he is a disaster!

Susan in Fl said...

I wish I could say I was pre-menopausal, but I am 65 and have been naturally paused since just before I turned 49. And my birth mother died of breast cancer when she was 66. So I am very relieved that I had no malignancy -
but the qualifier is that little word "seen." I had a stereotactic needle biopsy in which they sight in on the target with two cameras and they had trouble sighting it in the second view for over half an hour. My problem is not a lump or mass but an unusual cluster formation of micro calcifications. Oh, the joys of digital mammography!

sharon said...

Whatever the problem is,Susan,we all here are going to focus our prayers and thoughts towards a nice,clean test result next time. I know how nervous and anxiety filled the six months can be,but when the end result is good,then it's worth the wait. And prayer IS a powerful thing.

I tried to watch both Moment and Hell's Kitchen last night,could not take either one for more than a few minutes. Know what ticks me off the most? Wahlburg sitting there protesting the questions,and remembering back,him stating he hated the questions and such,BUT he's still sitting in that chair,asking away,collecting his big salary. If he was sincere,he'd quit!! And Hell's Kitchen...what a train wreck! If I saw any of them in the kitchen cooking for me,I'd be walking. This far into the competiton and none of them are competent???Sheeesh! I read,instead!

RBennie said...

You are so right Sharon. It seems that Hell's Kitchen does not attract the same caliber of chef that Top Chef does. Although, if you were to put the Top Chef people in Hell's Kitchen, I wonder how they would fare.

meb said...

delee... rbennie asked again... this time about Hells Kitchen... so blame her again that I'm putting in my two cents worth... Smile

I just about threw up even thinking about Matt sweating the way he was and it was dripping into the food. How disgusting can you get. That's what sweat bands are for. I was so thrilled when Chef told Matt and what ever her name is, to take off their jackets... I thought for sure they were going home and I was applauding... then he stuck them back on their regular sides. Neither team was happy.

The only one I see even slightly capable of being a cook (not sure a chef) is the tall blond, but she's so dirty looking... she just doesn't look clean. The other little blond is cleaner looking but doesn't impress me.

I'm not sure why I watch it either. I seem to be mesmerized at what could possibly go wrong next. I mean, there's only 6 of them left, the show is near the finish and no front runner.

Susan in Fl said...

I watched Moment of Truth twice during its original run. It is not for me. And I am not watching Hells Kitchen this time around. There has been nothing new to hold my attention in the last couple of rounds. BUT I am looking forward to the resurrection of The Mole. I recall the early versions of it with pleasure. It did pall on me before they took it off but it had some redeeming virtues.

lynn1 said...

For anyone interested Ghost Hunters season Premiere is tonight at 9E/8C on the Sci-Fi channel.
I love this show. I can't wait to see if the team is able to debunk the claims or actually do find paranormal activity.

joy n said...

Did you see the preview of next week's Hell's Kitchen? Looks like Matt going off the deep end. But then, he's not really a "normal" dude anyway. His "seasoning" of everyone's dinner with his salty sweat was so gross and his juvenile temper tantrums are beyond childish. He and Jen, who got switched back to their own teams, both need to go. Matt is totally incompetent and Jen's ego and attitude are unreal. This season has been a sorry crop of cooks.

I much prefer Top Chef, too, but there's something about that foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, rude Englishman.

joy n said...

Susan in FL: Wonderful news!

Nana in the NW said...

susan in fl.--glad hear the biopsy came back binign. I, too, have dealt with micro-calcification spots and "odd" formations for 14 yrs. I had a slice of tissue(about the size of half a lemon) removed 10yrs. ago and it was fine. Every six months I have a mammo. and once a year an ultrasound. My surgeon has told me, in my case, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack because of the density of my breasts(can we say that?). I understand your apprehension with each mammo. or ultrasound....you try to be positive but there's that little voice in your head......

Haven't got a chance to watch Moment of Truth, but I have the DVR programmed to record it. I get so upset with those people that I may only watch it when you guys say something good happened.

I am swamped with "projects" for the next few weeks. I once again opened my mouth and agreed to decorate T-shirts for 3 classes at school. And, of course, each class had to be different....one is stenciling parrots, one is spraying tie-dye(like fireworks) and one is painting with bleach on blue shirts. Anybody want to come help??

Sydney--I'm not sure I would be able to watch Marissa host a talk show. I liked her on DWTS but that energy might be hard to contain for a talk show.

As for Oprah...I still watch her occasionally but I feel she tends to "over-talk" the guests(especially professionals--Dr. Oz, Nate,Lisa Ling, etc.). I know as far as Emmys she has chosen to not be entered as best Host for the last few years. I will say she is very generous with her money and has done many wonderful things for many people and communities. I don't know if anyone watched The Big Give but I loved it.

Off to get my hair cut....it is naturally curly and gray. The gray has made it coarse and the curl has a mind of it's own, especially in humidity. I keep it short so maintenance is relatively easy but I've got some curls that are frizzing and making everything awkward!!!

In my second life I am going to have long, straight hair and be a size 2!!!

Jackie-hope things are getting easier each day. Remember....slow and steady wins the race!!

joy n said...

RealityTVworld has a rather long but very interesting interview with Jon Kelley, the new host of The Mole.

Nana in the NW said...

For those interested Laurie has posted some of her Alaska pix over on Chatter's Lane. They are amazing!

Looks like I will be watching SYTYCD tonight....everything else is re-runs.

Sydney said...

Hi Nana- Sounds like you have your hands full -- but in a good way. I bet it means alot to the kids AND the grownups around them. I wish I lived nearby, I'd pitch in!!

I didn't realize Oprah had asked she not be considiered for best host. That's interesting. She's done many great things with her wealth and power... She inpsires and moves many. It is a big responsibility to be in that position and she handles it well.

I think Jackie is seeing her knee doc tomorrow, if nothing has changes. Let's all love bomb her tongiht!!!!

joy n said...

Good luck to you, Jackie. Hope all the news from your Doc is good stuff and things are progressing as they should be at this point. Mostly, I hope you're feeling better as each day passes. If you're up to it, send us a note to let us know how you're doing manana.

RyzandShyn said...

susan in FL....
That's great news! I'm very glad to hear that.

I watched the lost footage of The Real Housewives of NYC. I loved that show, better than the OC version, but probably because I'm a New Yorker.
I was disappointed because much of the footage was stuff I've already seen. Maybe they added a little bit to each of those, but not much. I was hoping to see Ramona fess-up to what was behind her outbursts, but no such luck.

It's a beutiful day again in the neighborhood here, hope all is well with all of you.

Delee said...

Thursday looks like lean picking but oh what pickings.

Replay LOST from 2 weeks ago

Season Finale of LOST


Jackie I hope and pray the news from your Dr is better than you hope for. Please let us know!

meb said...

Good Morning All...

Jackie...hoping the doctor has all good news for you today. Looking forward to hearing how it went from either you or Sydney.

I took my computer in for major work and guess it'll be 2 days before I get it back, so I'm only here during the morning while at work. Won't even be able to comment on tonight's finale of Lost until tomorrow morning, and if it's good, I'm going to be chomping at the bit.

The new show In Plain Sight looks like it's going to be pretty good, and of course I can't wait for The Closer to return in July .

Did anyone catch Army Wives last year? It was really a very good show and is about to return with all new episodes. If you have nothing else to watch, I think it's pretty good. Reruns are going on now of last years, so you could catch up on what's going on.

The Unit is coming back... reruns now.

Is SYTYCD a new one tonight, since it was on last night... just curious. Doesn't make any difference, I'm taping it cause I'm watching Lost.

Not to be negative, but Oprah asking not to be considered for Best Host might be because she's worried she may not win, so instead she's opting out before that happens. It does appear that Ellen D. was gaining popularity a few years ago. I'm not taking away from any of the good things that Oprah has done though. It just seems odd that you would remove yourself from something like that. For what purpose would you do that?

nana in the nw... I too have natural curly hair and the grey in it is so course that I have to keep it short just to keep it under control. Of course I look 10 years younger with it short. Well, that's what everybody says. Smile.

sharon said...

Hope it is good news at the doctor today for Jackie. Sending good vibes across the miles.

Watched SYTYCD,and have to say,not very exciting for me. They seem to gravitate to a certain type,especially in the women.And yeah,they are blown away by the hip hoppers,crumpers and poppers,but if they put them through to the choreography,they usually don't cut it,not enough "real" training. Then they get on the really bad dancers for wasting their time,but also see they make the final cut to be shown on tv!! I do think they are,for the most part,much kinder than the judges on AI. I don't know why there isn't a thinning of the herd before they get that far and take up so much time.After a while,it just gets boring.

Not surprised which one went home on Top Chef,I think it was overdue.I haven't really cared much for Spike or Lisa for most of the show,but it was a toss up as to who left. I'm kinda sorry it was the one who left,but maybe the other will follow this next week.I really think it may be a battle between Stephanie and Antonia,I so want a woman to win this time.But I like Richard,too.

dla said...

Happy Thursday!

ryzandshyn, I also watched Real Housewives of NYC on Tuesday night. I didn't catch this season, so have only seen OC in the past. I could not figure out where I had seen Bethenny before, so googled her only to find out she was on The Apprentice Martha Stewart, and then I remembered her.

meb, I watched the first season of Army Wives, and I liked it. Is this season 3 that will be starting up soon?

Jackie, good luck at the doctor!

Have a great day!

dla said...


I paid 3.99 for premium at Costco yesterday... ugh!!

Donna in AL said...

does anyone watch Damages? That is a great series. Glenn Close is such a beotch on it but so good. I don't know when the new season starts for it.

Good luck with the doctor, Jackie.

meb said...

dla... I think it's just Season 2 for Army Wives. Or at least, I've only seen one season.

Gas $3.93 Raleigh area.

donna in al... I too loved Damages, and I read a long time ago it was coming back on... haven't heard anything about it recently, but it should be advertised soon about when it's coming back. I hope they don't cancel it.

RBennie said...

MEB is correct. This is the 2nd season for Army Wives. I'm glad to see its coming back. I really enjoyed the first season. A very strong cast of women.

I was not surprised to see Spike go home on Top Chef. As much as I would like to see a woman finally win this show, I can't say that I care much for any of the 3 who are left. They just don't seem to have any spark to them. I think I like Richard for the win.

joy n said...

I was happy to see Spike leave Top Chef last night and also hope to see Lisa go next week.

I like all three of the others but I, too, am rooting for a woman to win this season. I have a slight preference for Antonia. She handles the stress well.

Gas now up to $4.11 - $4.13. Unbelievable and no end in sight!

So glad that Army Wives is doing so well. Kim Delaney was in a downward spiral on a personal basis for awhile. She needed this series to work and I'm happy that it has.

I'm also a fan of Real Housewives and enjoyed the lost footage. The only "wife" I can't stand is (her name escapes me at this moment) the blond with the "close relationship" with her hubby and the spoiled brat child, Francois. She has to be the most pretentious woman I have ever seen in my life. A society wannabe that has no clue about the real world. Even on the reunion show, she was in denial about every question put to her. She and her husband weird me out.

Caroline said...

Little late joining the topic, but I have a question for the Grey's fans. Why do so many of you root for Meredith & Derek to stay together? This is something I've never understood and this is the only place I think I can ask this question without getting my head bitten off. I absolutely can't stand Meredith and find almost no redeeming qualities about her. Derek is far too good for her and shouldn't hang around to keep dealing with her baggage. All of my friends also can't stand Meredith and we've discussed it many times, and we just don't understand why people are so gung ho about them being together.

As for the rest of the finale...I absolutely love Lexie so I'm glad that it appears she'll be around next season and that there's a possible romance for her & George. He needs a nice girl. And I'm really glad that between the talking to from Addison & from Bailey, that Izzie seems to finally be getting herself back together. I think she needs a boyfriend totally unassociated with the hospital, like when Meredith dated the veterinarian for a few eps. And Bailey always rocks, she's definitely one of my favorites on the show, she's like the voice of reason in the insane asylum of Seattle Grace.

Caroline said...

Oh, and I forgot Top Chef. I'm rooting for Antonia or Richard to win this season. Of course I'm partial to Antonia because I'd love for a woman to win. I'm really glad Spike went home, I've been anti-Spike since the whole butternut squash soup debacle weeks ago. He's like a spoiled child and this was the 2nd time he wasted his quickfire challenge in an attempt to screw over his competitors.

As far as Hell's Kitchen, they're all useless idiots, but it's certainly fun to watch them fight. I think Corey & Christina (the 2 blondes) are actually the most competent. Jen & Matt need to go home, in the real world, no one would want to work in a restaurant with them or for them.

RBennie said...

Responding to Caroline re Grey's. I don't really know why I like Meredith. I think maybe its because she is so flawed. As far as her and Derek go, hello - hot, hot, hot together! He just doesn't have that same spark with other women that he has with her. She brings out the bad boy in him, and I've always loved the bad boys, LOL.

Hell's Kitchen is pretty much a waste of brain cells, but if I'm desperate enough I'll watch it, LOL.

sharon said...

Thank God,Caroline,somebody that thinks the same I do about Grey's!! I have not liked Meredith from the start,I don't like the actress that plays her(can't see what men see in her)and am kind of burnt out on the Patrick Dempsey is sooooo sexy bandwagon. I'd take Alex or George any day over Derek. I think that is why I have quit watching it religeously this season. I also hated the Izzy/George pairing,you just knew that was going to end badly,and now,how awkward is that. Hate the Callie/Hahn thing,and if all hospitals are like this,how do they ever get any work done?? I am so over this show and kind of feel the same about Ugly Betty. Just found shows I prefer much more. Everybody just likes different things,I guess.

Zoetawny said...

Hey guys! Reminds me of how Jeff Probst always says, "Come on in, guys". LOL

I hope everyone is doing fine this week. You sure watch a lot of TV. ;) I wish I had that much time but my RL forces me to pick and choose what shows I can watch. Even if I DVR some of them I never seem to get around to watching before the DVR is full.

Susan in FL said...
For anyone who is interested, the biopsy of my right breast came back - no malignancy seen.
I'm so glad it's good news for you. Waiting for test results is so stressful.


Too bad about your computer. I hope it can be repaired. When my pc died last year I had to go to the library to try and email Jackie to let her know why I disappeared during the last week of BB. I don't have the option of using a computer at work. Good luck with it.


I watched Real Housewives, too.
I couldn't stand "Alex" either. She doesn't have any reason to be so pretentious. She's not even the least bit attractive imo. She's causing so much damage to her child, Francois, thinking he's such a genius. Even the name they gave him is very troubling. She and her husband are wannabe social climbers and they both disgust me.

Donna in al...

I LOVED "Damages"!!!!! I was disappointed that Jackie wasn't blogging it but there's only so much time and so many shows. I was on the edge of my seat every episode trying to figure out what was going on. I even watched all the late night encores each week. If you find out that it's coming back please do let me know.


Thanks for being our TV guide hostess with the mostest. :)

I'm pumped up for the Lost finale tonight. I am DVRing it for sure and will have to watch it a couple of times for it all to sink in. ;)


How's Josie doing? I hope she's on the mend and it's getting a bit easier for both of you.


Thanks for updating. I know how full your plate is and we really appreciate it. I'm anxious to hear how Jackie is doing after her follow-up with her OS. I hope her healing and progress is on the right track. It's been concerning that we haven't heard from her on the blog but I'm glad she's taking care of herself first. I was worried she might be pushing herself too hard, as you know what a trooper she is.

((((Jackie)))) We miss you and hope you're feeling better with each passing day.


joy n said...

Alex, YES, thank you, Zoetawny. Maybe because I dislike her so much is the reason I couldn't remember her name. If she and her husband don't stop being social climbers and start paying attention to their parental duties, they will pay dearly for it in the not so far off future. They just can't "see" what they are doing to that child. I've never seen two people more in denial than they are. And every time her hubby calls her beautiful, I cringe. I don't see beauty there inside or out.

joy n said...

A bit of weird news. Clay Aiken (29) has impregnated a 50-year-old woman (a record producer who he says is his best friend) by artificial insemination. He plans to take an active role in raising the child.

Sadder news, Harvey Korman (81) has died of heart failure. a complication of a ruptured aneurysm he suffered four months ago. His skits with the rest of the gang on the Carol Burnett show were some of the best ever.

dla said...

joy n, I read that, as well. Cannot imagine Clay as a Baby Daddy, but good for them, if that is what they want to do. I read she is the sister of David Foster...

Harvey Korman was one of a kind, and will be missed.

My heart goes out to both his family and the family of Sydney Pollock.

Out of Africa is one of my favorite all time movies, and he was so very talented.