Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sending an e-mail to Ms. J

The first morning with the new knee dawns!  Jackie may have been very sore this AM. Even colds seem to be worse in the morning and late at night.  But by now she's had to have had breakfast and maybe lunch, and I bet they've gotten her up to walk a few paces.  

If you'd like to send her an e-mail, as Zoetwany mentioned, they only deliver them to patients Monday-Friday. Since Jackie will most likely be leaving the hospital over the weekend --and she's not sure they have e-mail in rehab -- we have today and tomorrow if we'd like to send her an e-hello.  

The direct link to the e-mail page at Somerset is:

For some reason I had to hand copy that so if it doesn't work, Jackie listed the link to Somerset a few posts back.  Click on Patient Information in the center of the home page.  A menu will pop down. At the bottom you'll see "send gift or e-mail".  Click that and it will take you to the gift page... and on the right there's a link to "e-mail a patient".  Zoetawny said you don't need to know her room number, but you do need to put in her full name. If anyone doesn't know that, and doesn't want to look it up, just drop me a line at

I guess you can also send a gift from the hospital shop (cookies?  ice cream (she likes chocolate)? flowers? magazines?), and that can be done through the same link or via phone: 908-685-2200, ext. 3362. 

I may wait til tomorrow to check on her... today might be a tough one.  My husband had this done last summer and I was with him 24/7 (the 3 nights in the hospital, then attended to him in those first two weeks once we were home).  I'm trying to go off what he went through to imagine where Jackie is at physically and mentally. The good news is that today is half over. Once she gets past day 3 it's all uphill!


Anne said...


I just e-mailed you but aol might pop it in your spam folder.

Sydney said...

I got it Anne and wrote you back! :-)

A BlG thank you goes to Zoetawny for one of her very special graphics. Keep 'em comin'!!!!

Zoetawny said...


YIPPEE! You figured it out. WTG! I hope it wasn't too much trouble. Sorry I couldn't be of any help. There's only one problem, it's NOT animating. The flower growing on the right side is MISSING and the little bee is not flying. FOTFL!
I feel so bad telling you this. As I said before, you've taken on a huge responsibility and are doing such a great job. We all appreciate your time and effort.

SYDNEY ROCKS! (Jackie's fav saying) LOL

I haven't called Jackie or sent another email. I don't want to bug her with good intentions when she must be in a world of pain today. I'm hoping that each day she will start feeling a bit better and the pain will become tolerable. I'm feeling so much empathy for her and can't imagine what she's going through.::::sniffles::::

Back to frivolity...

I just realized it's Thursday and Survivor isn't on. :( On the other hand Lost is on tonight. I haven't checked the TV guide so not sure what else is on tonight. It's been a crazy busy day.

What are you guys watching tonight?


Nana in the NW said...

syd thanks for the update. I'm sure upon waking up the "reality" of what lies ahead has hit Ms. J. I'm going to wait and try to contact her at the rehab center--do we have that address?

zoe-as usual another great graphic!

meb- I tried to e-mail you on your blog but I don't have a blog account and my note was rejected...:(

orkmommy-yay! good to see your name...even if only for a moment. Hope all is good at work and that special "project" you and the farmer are working on is going well..tehehehe.

Phone ringing gotta run....

meb said...

Thanks for the update Sydney.

terry in ca and donna in al, I responded to your comments on your blogs. Thanks for the posts.

nana in the nw... you can also email me at if you'd like. I love all types of communication. I just love to talk! Just ask my kids.

Sydney, if you would, please email Ms. J's email address at the hospital. I posted it above for nana in the nw. Thanks.

meb said...

I meant I posted MY email address above... duh.

Donna in AL said...

I'll be watching CSI and Lost tonight. I am missing Survivor tonight too. Good seasons just seem to pass so quickly.

Thanks to you Sydney, you're doing a great job.

Sydney said...

Hey -- I totally forgot, there is still must see TV for me on besides DWTS. UGLY BETTY!! I can watch it now that Survivor is done as they were opposite each other!

The color is so vivid on a 60" flat screen. I feel like the TV is on acid, lol.

joy n said...

Zoetawny, I love the booboo bandage. It's an adorable graphic!

Sydney said...

Nana-- Jackie doesn't know where she will be yet, so we don't have a rehab address yet. All we have is what I posted, for now.

I am going to call her tomorrow, midday, and hope that she will be up to a quick update. As soon as I have more info I will of course let everyone know.

And my little cheer for Ugly Betty was too fast... next week is the finale. But tongight and next Thurs are better than nothing!

Sydney said...

Hmmm Zoe -- I went back to your e-mail, chose the one that was animating and reloaded it but it still doesn't move now. If anyone knows what I did wrong, let me know. This is the only way I learn technology... when I need to!

Meb, there is no actual e-mail address for Jackie at the hospital. You need to go through their website -- write it and send it on their little form. You can do this 2 ways:

* Cut and paste the link I put on the post -- which should take you directly to their e-mail form page. Itjust asks for Jackie's name, your message and then your name and e-mail. Then hit send and volia!

* If that doesn't work, you can just cut and paste the link (below) to their home page and follow the directions I described on today's post.

I did it earlier today and I think Zoe and Anne have also, with success. It's really easy. If you are still having trouble, let me know. xoxox

Sydney said...

Jennasmom -- SO glad you are OK and everything in your world is still intact!

Donna in Al- Storms were for today... how are you faring?

dla said...

Hi everyone!

Syd, thanks for the address to Jackie... Works like a charm! :)

Zoe, amazing graphic, yet again! You have such talent!

I will be watching Ugly Betty, Greys, and ER tonight. Nice line up, and I am looking forward to a night on the sofa with no interruptions.

I am voting for David Cook on AI. Totally agree with everyone who said that DA is very talented but boring... Not my cup of tea, and he has years to mature. I believe David Cook will do well no matter what, but would love to see him pull the big WIN! Syesha should head directly to NY and Broadway! And Fantasia sure had a wild performance last night! lol

Have a wonderful evening, and thank you again to Sydney for taking over on the blog! You ROCK!

delee said...

I am stunned at the ending of CSI tonight! Was that the season finale? Is Warrick dead? How did they let that happen. Ok, I know it is not real, but what a shock!
That was the Under-Sheriff, correct?

I hate season finales...

I too enjoyed Ugly Betty, but missed Survivor. Taped Greys and LOST.

Per usual, Zoetawny, wonderful graphic.

joy n said...

FYI: RealityTVWorld says The Amazing Race 13 is currently filming its finale in the Portland, Oregon area. This one will be part of CBS' fall lineup. The other, (14) where applications are still being accepted will be filmed for the spring season of 09.

RTVW also has a very nice interview with Chelsea from the Bachelor. She's still friends with Amanda, Holly and Noelle. She wishes the best for Matt and Shayne.

Donna in AL said...

I am faring just fine. We got an all night and day soaking rain, no lightning or thunder. Thank goodness! All the "stormy" weather was in south Alabama but it wasn't that bad. We were in a severe dought last year and any rain is great. Some places are still on water restrictions.

delee said...

FYI Warrick is gone from CSI and Katherine just re-upped.

I have heard ER is done after this short run. Sad but it has been on for forever!

Donna in AL said...

I was shocked by CSI's ending tonight too. I don't know if it was the finale. It's seems like they would not get rid of two main characters in back to back seasons. I knew he was going to shoot him when he first started talking to him. Now Nick will come out and find Warrick. I can't believe we haven't read anything about him leaving though.

joy n said...

TVSquad had an article about a week ago that said Warrick was leaving. A new article says he will be back next season, but only for a few episodes.

Sydney, thanks for the email. I sent one to Jackie, which was accepted. Thank you so much.

Zoetawny said...


We don't know if the rehab facility has email access. The last I heard, Jackie doesn't even know the name or where it is. Maybe Jackie's trying to sneak back home because she hated the thought of being away for so long. J/K How's Josie coming along? Do you still have to help her with the sling? I hope you're getting more rest than you did Josie's first surgery.

I know Sydney was having problems posting the Somerset email link so I'll post it again. Friday is the last day Jackie can receive emails.

BTW, Sydney is working very hard keeping the blog going and we owe her a BIG CHEER!


I forgot CSI is on tonight and it's the finale. Don't you just hate these short series seasons?!
Are you anticipating more storms? YIKES! I haven't watched the news yet today.

Good luck to everyone in harms way with this wicked weather.


I had to make the booboo bandage but the bear didn't have much of a knee. ROTFL!


I have no idea why the animation didn't load. Maybe you have to type .gif after the file name?? I'm still amazed at how you figured out how to upload the image in the first place. I'm going to try changing the file extension name and send it to you again. Computers sure are a challenge aren't they? But the challenge keeps our brain cells alive. ;)

Sydney said...

The color is so vivid on a 60" flat screen. I feel like the TV is on acid, lol.

5/15/2008 8:53 PM
We have a new 52" LCD and I can't even imagine a 60". You mention "acid". ROTFLMAO! Were you a "flower child" back in the day? You're bringing back old memories and giving away our age.

I feel guilty that Jackie is suffering and we're having such a good time here. ;)

Have a good night all!

meb said...

Thanks Sydney... worked perfectly.

Time for sleep... talk to everyone tomorrow.

Donna in AL said...

We are expecting one more line of rain coming through tonight, no storms. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow afternoon with a high of 73. No more rain due until Wednesday, highs in the low 80's til then.

I sent Jackie an email through the hospital website.

I am disappointed about CSI. Dang it, I thought Warrick and Katherine were about to have a "thang" going on! Oh well, I have put some of the shows mentioned in comments on my calendar to start watching.

Anyone watch Lost tonight? I would like to discuss that show, I think others opinions would be helpful to all.

"See" ya in the AM.

Anonymous said...

Warwick got arrested for drug possession too. I think he has a lot of personal problems and they let him go from C.S.I. They said it was because of money but I bet it was the drugs. No one can really function that well on drugs. Even actors.

I watch Ugly Betty, Supernatural, which is a really good show and not about what you think. The whole hunting demons thing is really a backdrop for the relationship between Sam and Dean. It's a good to see a tv program about a family that shows how the members of a family will go to the ends of the earth to help each other. Also they are re-showing the Sherlock Holmes series on pbs.


Anonymous said...

donna in al: I watch Lost, but haven't seen the last episode yet. When I do, I'll let you know what goes through my head about it. I mentioned a couple of episodes ago that I was trying to watch each one as a single show because watching for all the clues to past identities was driving me crazy and keeping me from enjoying the show. I do think losing the writers from the early shows changed it all and was unfair to those of us who wanted to figure the blamed thing out! But, they seem to be moving away from the individual stories now to make us see the big picture that brought those individuals together. If so, then the only 'clues' that matter to a viewer are the ones that tell us about the island. I like the individual's story lines, though, for the same reason I like to watch BB and other shows, because I like to hear about people. I can't wait to watch the latest, but may not be able to until later today.

meb said...

dla... read your comments. Appreciate your post. I feel close to our little community right here, but it's fun to have an individual conversation too. I tried to respond on your blog, but you're not accepting comments. You write so well, it would only take a moment to write up something and post it on your own blog...then people could comment there as well. Just a thought.

donna in al... I'm watching Lost and do miss discussing it. I thought this episode was awesome, as they all are. I was surfing the net yesterday and found a site where the commenters really get into trying to solve all the mysteries. Of course, it's simply their own opinions so it's no different than us merely discussing it here.

I'm so glad that Jack now knows that Claire was his half sister, even tho he was in shock when he learned it. I can't imagine that Claire's mother will never know that she has a grandson. That would be just plain mean since it appears that Clair is gone.

I couldn't believe that when they got off the plane that Kate's mother wasn't there to greet her. I don't care what she did, she's still her daughter. I really felt sorry for Kate.

I was happy for Sayid, but had we met his friend before? I don't remember her. Is my age showing?

Sun sure got her dad back for all those things he did to her and Jin! That was creative writing again!

And Hurley is Hurley. We all know where that's going.

I'm eager to see what happened to everybody else. There were a lot more than those few who made it to the boat (not counting Jack and Hurley obviously getting out on the helicopter). Of course I'm guessing here too. But what happened on the boat after they all got there. Desmond greeted them, Michael was still there, what happened to Jin. So many questions, so little answers. I STILL LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

Sydney said...

Thanks Joy N for reporting back about the article on Chelsea from the Bachelor on was really good and the interviewer asked some great questions. She sounds really level headed.

Thanks alsofor mentioning the one with Shane and Matt -- I did get to see 2 pics of her in the Girls Gone Wild magazine. I know it's a cover, but is it really the best choice for her to get exposure? Ugh.

lynn1 said...

I was able to get an email sent to Jackie at the hospital last evening.
Jackie if somehow you are able to read any of these posts I hope you are doing well.
Donna, the storms that hit south Alabama came thru Louisiana yesterday. As Christian from Project Runway would say they were fierce!
My power was off and on all day and the wind gust were up to 60 miles an hour.
One palce near here got 5 inches of rain in 80 minutes!
I wanted to mention that a friend of mine who reads Jackie's blog but does not post here frequently is going thru a difficult time.
Her Son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
He had surgery this week and he seems to be doing well. HE has no insurance but at this point they can't worry about that. They have to get him back on his feet and hope the biopsy shows the less aggressive type of cancer.
If you have a minute say a prayer for Laura and Chance.
I enjoyed Lost last night. Wasn't it weird that the odometer on Hurley's "new" car had the same numbers he used to win the lottery!
One show I watch that I have not seen mentioned here is Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel. It is not scripted and is a reality show but not a competitive show. The new season starts on May 28, 9 eastern/8 Central. It is not hokey or contrived and I recommend it highly.

RBennie said...

Thanks for the Jackie updates Sydney. Its a dreary day here in NYC. I believe this is the 3rd rainy Friday in a row now. I'm hoping for a nicer day tomorrow as my daughter is doing her confirmation.

Sydney said...

Cool little logo on Google today!

sue said...

Sydney said: Cool logo on Google...


And you know I went right there and looked. Is it a sign I watch too much TV that the first thought I had was that BB comp seasons ago where Amy excelled by climbing in and under laser beams. : )

Donna in AL said...

Glad to hear you are ok, lynn1. We got about 2" of rain yesterday. I don't want to complain as my grass has not recovered from being without water last summer!

I hate cliffhangers and I think Lost might be a good one again. I wanted to watch this seasons episodes back to back so maybe I will not lose a clue. But as yet I haven't taken the time to do that.

I found a website last summer where people wrote in their assessment of how or why the island works. Some of it was way above my head. They talked about quantum physics, magnetism, black holes and many more theories. It was interesting.

Any word about Jackie today, Sydney?

Sydney said...

Not yet Donna. I will call soon though. It's almost noon there, and i figured before lunch she would be possibly feeling OK for a short call.

meb said...

Sydney I went to the google site and all I could see was Joel pulling the skinny guy (name)through the maze on survivor. '

Can't wait to hear from Jackie. I know you're chomping at the bit to make that call.

joy n said...

Lynn1, I'll be saying a prayer for Laura and Chance. Even the possibility of losing a child is a horrendous experience to go through.

Anon - 8:24am: Gary Dourdan of CSI(Warrick) was let go at the end of the season and I also thought it had more to do with his drug problem than the money thing as they announced. But soon after his arrest, there was an article that stated the CSI cast went to bat for him and asked that he be brought back for what is sounding like the final season of CSI next fall, if for only a few episodes.

I wondered after reading that, if they did it to show the judge assigned to his case, that they trusted him enough to keep him gainfully employed, which would help his case. I thought it was really cool that they would do that.

Sydney said...

LOL Sue and Meb (it was Chet! I can't believe I remember a name! I'm so bad at that!).

joy n said...

A P.S. to my last comment: I know Warrick was killed on last night's season finale, but you know that Grissom will be investigating it next fall, so I'm assuming they will use Dourdan in flashbacks.