Monday, May 19, 2008

The Show WILL Go On!!!!

We interrupt this program for some breaking news. 

Sing along with me: "It's a beautiful daaaaay!" (U2).  

Are you sitting down? 

I have to tell you that Jackie is not going to rehab today after all.... 

SHE'S GOING HOME!!!  That's right. When she told me I thought she'd just hit her morphine pump and was delusional... then I realized, she doesn't have a morphine pump.  Her ride is coming in about 30 minutes and she's swinging by the store for milk, bread and eggs and then they pick up the cat.  By this evening, she will be settling in to her own couch, in her own PJ's, with the kitty curled up nearby.  No annoying roommates, hospital gowns, hideously bright lights or nurses waking her up in the middle of the night!

What a difference from yesterday!  She had not even really been on her feet as of early afternoon.  I guess the associate doc came in after we hung up, did the test for the clot and it had dissapated.  And then they let her get up using a walker and apparently she really impressed them with being able to put her full weight on the leg and get around a bit on her own.  They also measured the bend in the knee -- and this is without having ANY PT or even getting up to sit in a chair since Wednesday morning -- to be 60 degrees. My husband got back 90 degrees and they said that was amazing. Jackie has a goal of 130 degrees, of course, lol!  If anybody's going to do it, she will.

She's all set with food at home, made things in advance and arranged her computer and TV etc... so we can all rest easy.  I assume that she will be posting again in no time, and hopefully we'll get to see some pictures.  Thanks go to Jackie for allowing me to do a little bit in return for all the fun I've had over the last 3 years at this blog --and for all the wonderful people I've met. (But who do I hold responsible for the countless hours I've spent here as my to do list takes second place???).  I was just so relieved to know what was going on day to day, and was grateful to have a way to pass it on to others here who I know would have been feeling the same. Ms J, we'll all be waiting for that moment when we click on your blog and see your words again.

And now, the winner of the Guess Those Stitches Contest is...... LYNN1!!!!  I could not believe it when you guessed it exactly at 31.  Runners up are RBennie with 30 and Donna in AL with 32.  

Thanks everyone!  xxxox, Sydney


RBennie said...

Wow! That's great news Sydney. I'm so happy for Jackie. I'm sure she'll be able to rest much better at home than in the hospital with them waking you up every couple of hours! I can't believe I was so close on the number of stitches. That was a total guess.

sue said...

Good News Indeed! Can't you just imagine all of us lurking about waiting for the first keystroke to show up?! Jackie's cat will be estatic, too. A clean house (you know she must have left it spotless), food ready for easy preparation, TV and computer and remotes positioned nearby, and pain meds when needed. Does it get better than that? And it is May sweeps, so TV watching should be at its best. I said 'should be'. She'll get home before her memory runs out on her TIVO (or VCR..whichever system she uses). Good news. Welcome home Jackie. Thank you Sydney, it has been a pleasure to read your updates and to know the home fires were burning for us out here in internet-space. You have done Jackie proud.

lynn1 said...

Great News to hear Jackie is on her way home!
Jackie we all knew you were a bonafied superwoman and this just validates it!
Yahoo! I won the staples guessing contest! The reason I picked 31 is that my annivesary is the 31st of this month so it is a lucky number for me! LOL
Sydney I think you have done a wonderful job filling in for Jackie. Kudos to you.

Darlene said...

Thanks Sydney for keeping us up to date on Jackie! That is such good news for get to go straight home. My Mom hated rehab after she had a stroke. They ran her around in a wheelchair and fed her mush. It was making her senile. She did soooo much better after they let her go home. She does her exercises, eats real food, goes for walks and does everything she is supposed to do. She's doing great and it's only been since the middle of February.
Jackie will be in much better spirits at home! Hooray!

Nana in the NW said...

meb and joy n-- My name is Joyce Elaine!!! That is sooo funny! Uncommon first name and is a small world!

As to the number of only excuse is I was never good in math! LOL

Jackie--it will be sooo good to have you back on board, but we can't say "thank you" enough to Syd for filling in.

Rehabbing at home is so much better mentally and emotionally. I hope Jackie is not scrambling trying to figure out transportation to PT.

DWTS finale tonight and tomorrow and the Bachlorette begins. I will probably tape it since it is 2 hours.

Field trip is over. It was not what we expected which was a dissappointment.

My granddaughter's bee sting seem to be getting worse. I tried Benedryl cream and Caladryl. Both stung so bad she was in tears. I gave her oral Benedryl but the area around the sting is getting bigger, itching, hurting and quite red. Any good home remedies???

delee said...

Jackie sure is one lucky lady. I am so happy for her to not have to endure more institutional nights/meals/their restrictions. If she is doing that well on her knee, then being home is the best thing for her. She can hobble around her familiar place and have her kitty by her side. She will probably move more there then elsewhere.

Thank you Sydney for this great news!

sue said...

Don't use me as medical advisor nana in nw. You might need a doctor, but you will know that. I have used a paste of baking soda and water on a bee sting in the past. Make it thick. We caked it on and around the spot and it seemed to help. It was an a child's ear and very difficult to get anything to hold on to it. One year my daughter's mosquito bites were worst than usual. They were big welts and the doctor said that she might be reacting to something in the bug. Then we found out 'they' had sprayed the playground area at school right before her bites. She was getting little bits of the bug spray (not to mention some angry mosquitoes). Maybe the bee was carrying pollen your grand is intolerant of. You did say it didn't seem to be causing emergency problems like some bee stings do. Hope you find something to help.

joy n said...

What fantastic news you've given us, Sydney! You just can't keep a good woman down! I've been calling her the bionic Superwoman and she's proving it to be so. She has to be deliriously happy to be heading home instead of rehab. Hope we'll hear something from her after she gets as comfortable as she can at this point.

Sydney, thank you so much for taking on the posting duties and keeping us informed. You did a great job!

Nana, that is kind of amazing that we have the same first and middle names, when those names are rather uncommon. Meb, too, with the same middle name! Maybe it's the Irish connection?

Also, Nana, are you sure your granddaughter isn't allergic to the bee sting? A few summers ago I got my first bee stings. Well, wasp stings first and then bumblebee stings a few days later. Never stung in my life until my late fifties. Anyway, the bumblebee stings I was allargic to, and I broke out in hives, which itched like crazy. I got a cortizone shot and quickly felt better. For the wasp stings, I put a cold compress on the swelling and that helped. Wish I was more of an expert so I could help more.

Congrats, Lynn1, rbennie and Donna in AL. My guess was just grabbed out of the air.

I'm thinking I may watch the bachelorette tonight just for the eye candy. Not much else on, anyway.

joy n said...

And Dia's mom, too. Maybe Joyce and Elaine were popular at some era or other.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jackie! You rock!

Thank you Sydney for all the updates!

Congrats to Lynn1!


Gayle said...

Yay for you, Jackie! Sydney, you have done a fantastic job of keeping us informed. Thanks! You ROCK SYDNEY!

pepsip said...

I've used apaste of baking soda and water as well. It works great!