Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well, I had a nice long talk with Jackie just now. Glad it was a good time. You never know if you'll catch someone groggy or sleeping or in the middle of tests...

I wanted to know if her knee looked like Frankenstein's.  She said a little... and then she counted the staples (which would be double if there were actual stitches). 

I asked if the scar was straight on top, curved or on the side. She said "The scar is kind of off. Looking straight down on it, it goes a little to the left, then back to center again". The swelling has gone down today. It wasn't very swollen to begin with and the leg  isn't all black and blue, which amazes us both.  I think that's a very good sign.  She managed to take a few pictures of it too. Wonder if we'll see any once she gets back home and can post again.

A friend came by with DVD's, and like Zoetawny said she watched Juno. Only problem is, there is no apparent remote for the DVD, so when the nurses inevitably interrupted in the middle to do silly things like take blood and her temp, she could not pause it. @@   And when it was over, she had to call the nurses in to take it out and return her set to normal TV.  I was chomping on the bit to hang up and call the nurses station and ask them to bring one in from another room, or help her look for it, but Jackie insisted I didn't.  DANG I shouldn't have asked her and just done it!  But I of course want to respect what makes her feel comfortable, so I asked.  Frustrated!!! 

Said pal also brought her cookies, which is always a good thing, but even more now,  as after 4 days that hospital food is starting to pale. From the sound of things, it started out without poor marks. Even the ice cream isn't making up for it.  Haagendaas it's not.  Maybe it's like ice milk. I told her if she gets to go to the rehab place near her house, she could order in from her neighborhood faves.  

As of yesterday, the blood clot was apparently getting a little better.  When I hung up at 1:30 PM EST she was still waiting for her doctor's partner (who was in on the surgery) to come by. Bet they'll wait til her primary doc sees her Monday AM to determine if she's ready to make the move.  

It seems even better now that she's going to a rehab facility, since she hasn't been able to do anything in these first several days. It's so critical to move in the first 24-48 hours after an operation like this, but she can't due to the clot.  I just hope they will give her extra attention so she can catch up.  After going through all this, you do want to get that 90 degree bend back and that takes commitment.  

So now, our Jackie quiz question: Guess how many staples Jackie has on the outside of her knee. The incision is about 8 inches long.  The person(s) who gets it right will have their name posted on the next blog entry! Thrilling prize, I know, but for now, that's all I got, lol.

Many thanks to Zoetawny for today's graphic!


joy n said...

Funny graphic, Zoetawny! Literally everything Jackiee NEEDS at her fingertips.

Sydney, total guess but I'll say 18. stitches.

Sure was hoping to hear that clot had vanished by now.

Delee said...
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Delee said...

I would say 25 staples. That is how many I had for about an 8 inch gyn surgery! LOL

Thank you Sydney for the update.

Claire said...

To better keep the scar to a fine line, my guess is 73 staples.

lynn1 said...

Sydney thanks for the update.
Great graphic Zoetawny.
I will guess Jackie has 31 staples.

sharon said...

Thanks for the update,Sydney.I am betting she doesn't move until Monday,too.

I will guess 28 stitches/staples. I always hate when those sticky tapes have to fall off and they start itching like crazy.

Hey Gang,I am taking off early Tuesday morning to take my Dad down to my sister's for about 5 days. Have packing and a million little things to do yet,so if I don't make it on before then,don't get worried if I am MIA. She does have a computer,so may try and pop in and see how our girl is doing. I sure as heck hope it is warmer down there than it's been here. It's about 53 here today,strong(25-30MPH) north winds and it's chilly as all get out.I want warm weather....wah!!!!!

jef said...

Interesting contest :). A part of me wants to ask which size of staples, but I will go with 38. As a knee surgery veteran with multiple long scars on each knee, I'd just say unless you are worried about a career as a knee model, don't worry about the scars but focus on range of motion. Ack! I just realized on June 6, it will have been 31 years since my first set of full knee rebuild. I'm so thankful times have changed -- 13 days in St. David's hospital in Austin drove me insane.

On a lighter note, I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up. The school from which my mother graduated in southeastern Oklahoma has the longest continually running alumni association (at least in OK), starting in 1911. I managed to wangle some work in Oklahoma this week, and all of us are going down for the weekend. It says something (though I'm not sure what) that I know more people in my mom's graduating class of 18 than I do in my own class from Texas.

Have a great week, y'all.


Sydney said...

Thanks for the heads up Sharon. Whereabouts does your sister live? Just asking as you are wondering if it will be warmer, so not sure how much further south it is than you. Would love to hear from you if you can. Safe Travels!

Boy, Sunday nights are just blah as far as TV goes in this household. We have 2 more Indiana Jones movies to catch up on but for now, I'm paying bills and then making dinner. I have a fascinating life, lol.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as fascinating as mine!

My guess, 43 staples. Don't ask me why, it was just the number that popped into my head!


Anne said...

Thanks for the update Sydney; I was beginning to worry.

Sorry to hear the food is not up to par - thought hospitals had gotten better - guess they don't want folks sticking around.

I'll guess 16 staples - ooh, just the thought of staples embedded in her skin gives me chills. Can't wait until this is all behind her!

Susan in FL said...

I say twenty staples

Nana in the NW said...

I'm doing this really mathmetically....Josie's incision is about 5" and has 11 staples so that's about 2 staples per inch. If Jackie's is 8"x2=16 staples and I am going to add 2 for good measure. My answer is......18 staples!!!

Nana in the NW said...

OMG--I just jumped on and answered without reading anyone's comments. Sorry joyn--looks like I gave the same answer--it must be in the name-- I am a Joyce. LOL

TV is crummy tonight. We are going to watch the end of E.T.--we started yesterday and didn't get to finish it. My granddaughters have never seen it!

Hope Jackie gets the thumbs up to move and can get that leg moving.

Sydney said...

Nana, we can have dupe answers!

Sydney said...

Jennasmom --Um, except for that little addition where you are of those scary all night tornadoes. I'm sure you welcome less of that kind of excitement!

jef- Wow, you sound like an expert. How are they holding up? Years ago they estimated 10 good years andthen said they'd need to be
replaced again... did you do that or make it through for 31 years? You said you had multiple, but I don't know if that means FULL replacements or...?

I forgot that this coming weekend is NOT Sex and the City's release date, but the FOLLOWING weekend. My husband's "adopted" daughter is getting married this Saturday and we are doing a rehearsal dinner for her Friday night, so somehow I have fast forwarded through all that.

My husband is giving her away in Marine dress blues. I didn't know him the... He tried it on for fit and came out to show me and I almost fell over. What is it about uniforms?????

He served many many moons ago, but it's really because the groom just served 3 consecutive terms in Iraq. BUT THEN it will be Memorial Day weekend.
Tell me who made off with my head? I've been like a black hole lately for dates and vocabulary.

sue said...

I just stopped in to see what Jackie had to say about Survivor and realized I was living in the past.

We haven't seen or smelled the skunk since the surprise attack very early Saturday morning. We still haven't heard from the animal warden, but I expect we will on Monday. I am unsure what to tell him, but will let him take the lead in what we do next. The house aired out well, and we were thankful the weather was pleasant enough to have the windows open to help with that. My husbnad had an interesting solution to covering up any left over skunk smell in the house. We don't eat bacon often, but he really likes it. He brought home a pound of it from the meat market and said if I cooked it that it would be all we could smell in the house for days. That is what I always tell him and one of the reasons I give for not cooking it. (since healthy living isn't a good enough reason, you know). I laughed and cooked it up. By that time the skunk smell had aired out and I was doubly glad, so that we didn't have a layer of bacon with an undercoat of skunk smelling up the house.

It was beautiful here today and yesterday and tomorrow should be also. I am spoiled by it, we haven't had three nice days in a row forever. It will be hot tomorrow, and we have had the AC on for the past few days.

I paid $4.04 for premium gas on Friday, that was up about 20 cents from my last report.

meb said...

Sydney... thanks for the update. I'm guess 15 staples. Really mathematical for me too, I held my fingers us, estimated 8" and counted to 15. I'm sure I've won!

I still appreciate it when I see a man (young or old) in uniform. Even an airline pilot will get my attention. I'm so easy.

We're renting a pontoon for the Holiday weekend and going out and spending the day on the lake. It'll be a fun day and something different. What's everybody else doing?


dla said...

Thank you for the update, Sydney!

Great to hear Ms J is on the mend, and I am certain she is anxious to move to next steps and get to her rehab facility! Being in "her neighborhood" is such a plus! There is no place like home. :)

Your wedding festivities next weekend sound amazing! You are so correct about a man in uniform... Yowza. lol

So excited for SATC movie... Countdown is awwwwn!

Tonight I will amuse myself with the season finale of Desperate Housewives. Lots of season finales this week, and SYTYCD starts up again on Thursday night, so some of us will have something to keep us going for a moment.

My guess is 23 staples... I have absolutely no experience with this surgery, so pure guesstimation on my part but very interested to hear what the number is.

Zoetawny said...

It's 96 degrees at 5:30 p.m. here.
I asked Sydney if she would trade weather with me. ;) It's never this hot here in May.


I'm glad you got a chance to speak with Jackie today. I could feel your frustration at not being there to be her personal runner for all things. I think many of us feel the same. I was hoping to hear that the blood clot is completely gone but it's probably going to take another day or two. I'm glad her doctor or the insurance company is not rushing her out of the hospital to rehab until it's safe to do so. Hospitals cost the insurance companies much more than rehab so they tend to want to rush a patient out. Do you know if Jackie had MIS knee surgery or the traditional type? I was reading up on it on WebMD.

I'm not even going to take a stab at a guess on how many staples Jackie has. I'm never good at those guesses. Leave it to you Sydney to make this blog interactive. LOL I'm sure Jackie would get a kick out of it.

I'm not sure what I'm going to watch on TV tonight. I haven't even checked the guide yet. If there's nothing good on I'll probably work on some graphics and watch TV on the side.

Guess I'd better get myself into the kitchen soon...dinner time here.


Patty said...

My guess is going to be 17 staples.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I hope Jackie gets better ASAP so she can at least get out of the hospital.
Thanks for sending her our regards Sydney and keeping us posted!

Donna in AL said...

I say 32 staples.

Do you know anything about the rehab center? Can we send emails or will she have access to a computer?

My WV is zoyam.

Anonymous said...

Umm, kind of graphic. Who's taking care of the kitty?

jef said...


I've not had mine replaced, yet, but have had everything short of that done including ligament transplants, plates and screws, and a few other things. Those first surgeries 31 years ago were "full knee rebuilds" and I was only 12. I've had work done about every other year since then. I'm trying to hang on a few more years before replacements, since my problems are more ligament related than bone.

I TOTALLY understand about a man in uniform. My sweetie looks amazing in his blues, but I'm at the point now that nothing looks better than to see him get off a plane in dusty ACUs for a few days leave time. He's back for a few days in June, and will be returning for another year in Afghanistan.

Have a great week, y'all.

joy n said...

Nana, if you read above, Sydney says you can still say 18 stitches. If we win, we share the spotlight.

By the way, my real name is Joyce, too. When I first got on the blog, there already was an occasional Joyce, hence my joyn. I've hardly seen the other Joyce since then. Maybe it was you? It would have been about two years ago.

Josie still on the mend?

joy n said...

TVSquad has a post of the cast of The Mole with pix and bios.

Anonymous said...


sue said...

I read that the Terra Cotta soldiers from China are on display in the US. Remember them from Amazing Race (and social studies books)? They have impressed me from the first time I read about them. I don't think I will be near a tour city, but maybe someone else will go and tell us about it. They are in California and will be going across country (with a stop in Houston).

I watched Desp. Housewives and it felt more like a series finale than season. Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. I have really missed Jackie's witty comments. I hope that she is well soon .

pepsip said...

My guess is 27.

Nana in the NW said...

What did I say earlier today....I think I will make it through the next few days with the grandkids??

Well, it's 9p.m. I have just got them in bed and had a chance to sit down. They both fell in beauty bark at their Auntie's last night and now have tiny slivers on their legs and Cassidy got stung by a bee and has had an allergic reaction!! She was stung on her inner thigh and that area is swollen and the sting spot the size of an orange!! Luckily no breathing problems or hives, just lots of tears. Tomorrow is an all day field trip...can I be cloned???

zoe I'm with you and this weather. We should not be having these high temps. I tend to get very grouchy when it gets really hot and not much fun to be around. I got a sunburn too, which is hurting! I was only out for about 45 min. w/o sunblock.

joyn- I have always posted as Nana until another Nana appeared and then I became Nana in the NW.

meb-you are a rockin' senior!! First quarters with your grandson and now Memorial Day on a pontoon. That sounds like so much fun!! Just don't mix the two....LOL.

jef-What a stressful life you must lead. Sounds like your hubby is career military. Do you move around alot? My ex-son-in-law did one year in Afghanistan in special forces and it changed him forever. At a low point for him he wrote me and e-mail(I was his ex-mother-in-law)about the horrors of war, things he had seen and why he was there. He hoped someday his son(who was 6 at the time) would understand why he wasn't always around and the reasons he was gone. I cried when I read it, called his mom to make sure he wasn't suicidal, and then put the letter away for my grandson when he is old enough to understand. My hat is off to you and my heart goes out to you and your family.

Syd- the dinner and wedding sound like a great time. Are you preparing the dinner or hosting it at a restaurant? I noticed adopted in " " she a close family friend or really adopted?

I bought my green shopping bags today. Now if I can just remember to take them to the store!!! LOL

I'm exhausted....time for bed. Night all, see you in the morning.

jef said...


Believe it or not, I moved much more often as the kid of an oil field worker/pipeline inspector...26 times before graduating high school. Somehow it instilled a wanderlust in me and so my current job which requires a lot of travel is a good fit.

And as for my sweetie, we are hoping to pull a wedding together when we are living on the same continent, though with this year's extension, we might try to coordinate leave to do that.

Good luck with the field trip. I've done a few of those in the past.


dla said...

Sue, it feels like Desperate Housewives definitely jumped the shark on this one. I am without words, and that is rare. :)

My Mom is Joyce... How unusual to find so many connected through this blog. I don't believe it is a very common name?

joy n said...

Joyce doesn't seem to be a common name anymore, but then it never really was. One of my friends in grammar school was named Joyce and we shared the exact birtdate. My mother told me it is an Irish name that used to be more common as a man's name.

meb said...

nana in the nw... I have been sitting out in the sun for a couple of weekends now, trying to build up my tan before going on the pontoon, so I don't get sunburn, but nothing seems to be happening. I already have a dark complexion, so for the most part I don't burn (I hope).

As for the rockin' grandma... Is there an alternative? Smile.

Sydney, you sound like you enjoy entertaining. Either that, or you're the one who gets the "job" when no one else is there to do it. Nah... I think you like it.

nana... you mentioned earlier that you were watching E.T. Reminds me of when my grandchildren were younger and we had the video. They got so scared watching the scene where Elliot and ET first meet in the corn field and all that screaming, that to this day, they don't care for the movie. I thought it was the movie of all time when I saw it and what I saw as funny, frightened them.

joyn, thanks for the TV Squad update re the mole... going to go read that now.


Nana in the NW said...

joyn-re: our name origin...that would make sense for me because I am Irish/Scottish. I was named after a friend of my grandma's. Side note about my grandma--she came over from Ireland at the age of 13. Was suppose to be on the Titanic but arrived late at the pier and her family's spots had been given to another family....and the rest is history.

meb.- I also remember taking my girls and nieces to see E.T. as young children. Between the corn field scene and E.T. hiding in the closet my niece left the theater and hates the movie to this day(she's 33)!! LOL

dla-re: the name connection...what is the saying everyone is connected through "six degrees of seperation"? Did your mom go by Joyce or Joy? I have always been Joyce except to my hubby and 1 sister. They both call me Joy.

Oops...I hear the little girls stirring...time to make breakfast and lunches for the field trip. We are seeing a puppeteer from Japan at the International Children's Festival.

I'm going to try and squeeze in taking Josie to the Vet's and get her staples out!! YAY!!

Sydney--when is the contest over?? I need to know when to expect the winning package to arrive! LOL

RBennie said...

My guess is 30 staples. Glad to hear Jackie is doing well.

sue said...

nana in nw: Our family has a Titanic story, too! It is the Silver Lining one.

I researched Desp Housewives a little. They have been renewed. It appears the five year flash forward is the cliff hanger for the next season. It might work, or it might all be a dream Bobby (uh, I mean one of the housewives) wakes up from.

Hope Jackie is doing well. She might be released today, right?

Sydney said...

Happy Monday All --

I'm a bit busy today so forgive me that I'm not able at the moment to address all of your wonderful comments -- Just a few quick answers --

The hope was that Jackie might see her doctor today and be cleared to go to rehab, but once again, we won't know til she knows.

While she hopes otgo to the place close to her apt, it depends on when she gets out and if there is a room there, SO we won't know where she's going til she's there. And until she's there, we won't know if she has an e-mail or what.

You can trust that I will post any and all information the minute I get it!!! :-D

And I was going to give it a day or so more RE: the stitches guesses to catch those Jackie fans that don't check in every day.

Blot clots are most prevalent for this type of operation so it's not uncommon to get one (That does not make them any less dangerous or at least much up the recovery schedule). What's frustrating is that she was one of the people to get one. I just hope it's history by now (both fingers crossed).

Have a great day!

dla said...

Good morning!

Nana in the NW, my Mom goes by Joyce... My Dad was the only one who called her Joy. My niece was given Joy as her middle name in honor of my Mom. :)

Sue, I also read up a bit on the DH season finale, so will be interesting to see how it shakes out next season. I didn't care for the "jump" at all, but that is just my opinion. And I don't see Eva Longoria being happy with that persona going forward! lol

Another hot one here in NV ~ it is 94 at 9:46am, so here we go again!

Delee said...

Dang had these in the wrong place:

I know Donna in AL asked for this so here it is:

DWTS final dances tonight, followed by about a 2 hour Bachlorette.

Gas here just went up to $3.85 today...

5/19/2008 12:36 PM

Yes "Stud Muffins and Six-Packs" will make the Bachlorette enjoyable!

I wish some of the heat would reach here! 50's in the daytime and 30's at night until Friday. This is May, correct? or am I in an episode of LOST where nothing makes sense? I saw Vegas was 106 yesterday, just send us on the east coast 20 degrees please.

Never heard of Round Robin letters, but agree what we do here is new-age ones. I believe Indy Jones opens this week and next week SITC. I am waiting The Happening and saw a trailer for The Swing Vote with Kevin Costner for Aug (that looks interesting). Have a theater about 2 mile from me but rarely go, do not know why!

joy n said...

Nana. I had one ex-boyfriend call me Joy. My hubby calls me bunny. Not sure where that came from, but it's stuck for 22 years. When I was a kid, I was called Joycie (Joycey?) which I hated. My late mother's best friend liked my name so much, she named one of her kids Joyce with a different middle name. I'm Joyce Elaine and she is Joyce Eileen. I thought that was great when I was 12. By the way, I'm of Irish-English descent. Also, hooray for Josie! And you!

I sure hope that Jackie gets some good news today and gets to leave the hospital. One step closer to home.

meb said...

Well, I have to join in on the same name game... joyn, my middle name is also Elaine... an older name you don't hear too much anymore.

zoetawny... I forgot to comment on your graphic. It's perfect... I love the toitee with arms... too funny.

Hey Sydney... we know you can't answer each and every question as they come up, but we have to ask at the moment or we'll forget. Guess you now know how Jackie feels when she comes on and all hundred of us are asking a different question at the same time. LOL

Sorry to hear the clot is still there. Jackie seems confident in her doctors, so they'll tell her when it's ok to go. For her sake I hope it's soon.

Sydney said...

Hi Meb-

I really don't know how she does it! With a full time job too. I just got off the phone with her so all the answers will be on the next post in a few...

dla said...

delee, I just packed up 20 degrees and put a stamp on it... Please expect its arrival in the next few days. We don't need it anymore. :)

joy n said...

Love your 20 degree comment, Dia!

Meb, small world indeed! I've always loved my name, first and middle because they aren't so commonly used. I wonder what Nana's middle name is.