Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another Week for Jackie's Knee

Today marks three weeks since Jackie went in to get her surgery. If it seems like it was much longer than that to me, how must it feel to her???  But three weeks is good.  REALLY good, because it's no longer one or two weeks, lol. Carnak says: Four will be much better, and by six weeks she should be just great.  Using that scale, today marks the the half-way point, and I believe that's something to celebrate!!!  Until then, Zoetawny came up with my favorite graphic so far, with the message of the moment.  ((((Thank you Z!))))

(I hope you can appreciate that I changed the color to match her frame. *cough*)

Tonight is So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef.  

Thursday the new season of Last Comic Standing starts, though I don't know if there are many fans of it on Jackie's blog.  We are subsisting on the Bachelorette and now The Mole, Netflicks, and filling in the gaps with eps of the favorite shows we missed last season online... Ugly Betty, Greys, etc... until Big Brother starts.

I heard Rescue Me is not going to be summer fare, as usual.  Instead they are filming now for a double long season to begin next February (24 eps). In it's place this summer, they are doing ten  5-10 minute shorts once a week on FX starting June 24th, to keep the audience and get them through... cable really can do whatever it wants can't it? It's the new Wild West.

But that doesn't help us right now. If there's something else you're watching tonight and tomorrow that I missed, don't hold out on us. Please let us know in the comment area.   


joy n said...

Zoetawny, your graphic is too funny! Jackie will love it. Thanks again to both you and Sydney for keeping us updated.

Jackie, I truly hope you're feeling some improvement. We miss ya!

TerryinCA said...

love the graphics! love the color! you guys both Rock, what a team!
I hope you really are just feeling better and not foolin with us, right?
(((Jackie))) (((Zoetawny)))

sue said...

Good graphic, Zoetawny! And Sydney, you are so the Fourth of July this will all be a distance memory for Jackie.

I am watching the less than mainstream, not on network, shows. If These Walls could Talk on History Channel, for example. I like History Detectives, but I'm not sure if it is still on any longer. I have found several movies lately on TMC worth seeing. Quantum Leap is running most night's on one of the lesser channels (don't know which one) and sometimes I really enjoy seeing it again. I love CSPAN when they just set the camera down at an event and there is no narrator. They did that one night a few years ago at a formal function in DC, I think it was. The camera was placed at the top of the escalator and everyone was in dress clothes, including long gowns for the women. Oh My, I watched with bated breath as one couple after another almost stumbled. It was the best show on that night. I not only watch Soup on E!, but it helps me find other TV shows to watch. It is where I heard about The Farmer Takes a Wife. So, you can see, I am using the 'nothing on to watch' as a challenge and trying to find something entertaining. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Smiles

The roofers arrived about 2pm and are staying until dark and then will finish up tomorrow. It is very difficult to relax or concentrate on anything while someone is overhead jumping up and down.

I went to a Bo Diddley concert in 1964. It is still a memory that brings a smile to my face. Long story, big smile. Sue

lynn1 said...

Ghost Hunters come on the SciFi channel tonight 9E/8C.

I figure if I keep mentioning it someone may check it out an like it as much as I do. LOL

Thanks to Sydney and Zoetawny for keeping the boat floating while Jackie is recovering.

Jackie, hope you are improving every day. We miss you but want you to take time to let yourself heal and recover your range of motion and strength.
You have a loyal band of merry men and women. We'll be here when you come back.

Anonymous said...

Zoetawny -- That graphic had me rolling on the floor!

Sydney -- loved the color!

Jackie -- hope each day is better!

Nashville Star is starting next Monday on NBC. Have watched this the past few seasons when it was on USA Network and there has been some good talent on it, as in Miranda Lambert. Will be interesting to see what NBC does with the show. Sort of helps fill in some of the slow summer tv nights!

Sydney said...

Sorry Lynn1 -- You keep telling us all about Ghost Hunters and I meant to mention it last Wednesday! Thanks.

ANd Anon, I was (almost) literally rolling on the floor laughing at this graphic. I wanted to post it the second I saw it but figured I'd wait til the right moment.

Jacqueline, I hope you are able to sign on and see this and laugh a little!!!!

Sydney said...

PS: After weeks of neglecting my own blog(s), I have finally put up several new posts... inviting y'all to stop on by and say hello. Under "Adventures in Nature", a few posts down, you'll see a graphic Zoetawny actually made for me (Zoo News)! A thrill and an honor!!!

Anonymous said...

When is Big Brother starting again?

Sydney said...

Big Brother 10 starts July 13th, according to Wikipedia of all things...

Sydney said...

Many great suggestions Sue... you could get the prize for most motivated/creative in finding stuff to watch. I died laughing at your gas price commentary last post. Hope you didn't need Eccedrin to get to sleep after the roofers left.

Nana in the NW said...

Hi all--I'm too exhausted to comment on many of the things I've read....maybe later this week. But I wanted to let ya all know I am reading here.

My week from hell is half was an all day field trip to the beach with 6 yr. olds, chauffering to gymnastics, finishing class t-shirts and a little league baseball game! Did you notice nothing in my day for me?? I'm not even sure I've went to the bathroom today!!

Zoe--this graphic was in my top 3 so far!

Syd--thanks as always. I checked out your blog. Thanks for the movie review-SATC-would love to hear about your "after party".

Jackie--hope "no news is good news". Soon you will be back to posting all the time!

joyn and meb--I'm not a SATC viewer either. Don't have HBO so never started watching it, but I was interested to hear reviews by those who were followers.

sue--what a headache...literally!! I hate home improvements. They are nice when they are done but hell to live through. Your gas price commentary last post had me ROTFL!!!

Finally got to watch The Bachelorette and The Mole while I was stenciling names on T-shirts last night. The mole is confusing right now, but I'm going to enjoy it once I get to know who's who! Nicole is the new Ormaso.

I'll be glad when Deanna has only 6 guys left. I think there's a few there just to "meet a certain number". I agree that Jeremy seems to be the front-runner and I don't know why she's so into Graham--he's just another Brad. He doesn't know what committment means. I still like Jason but I have a feeling he won't be in the final 3-4.

joyn--I was watching the line dancing but it wasn't anything I knew....but then again I wasn't really watching their feet! LOL

I guess I ended up commenting anyway! :)

Good night all. I might not get back to posting until Sunday.

sharon said...

Great graphic,Zoe and great reporting,Syd! I am so sure Jackie is loving checking in and seeing that things are running just fine.We still miss you,though,Miss J.!

SYTYCD,just more auditions and more of the same types,for the most part. Next week,they finally start weeding them out,and I guess they get down to it pretty fast,according to what I read in TV Guide. I think they were pretty easy in putting people through that might not really have been put through. Vegas is a long way to go just to be,no thanks. But for some of these kids,it may be worth that alone.Nobody stood out for me,too hard to tell them apart.

Top sad to see Antonia go instead of scary Lisa. Why Antonia had such a hard time with that challenge,don't know,but it couldn't have come at a more critical time. I've wanted Lisa gone from almost day one,and if she wins,well,let's just say,I'd have a hard time ever putting any faith in the show again. I hope Stephanie wins,but would take Richard over Lisa in a heartbeat.

From next week's TV Guide,under Summer Previews......."Think this winter's season was intense with hospitalizations,emotional meltdowns and bible-thumping evildoers? Just wait until you see what's in store for summer. "We're going to have our wildest group yet",promises executive producer AG. "We've found some very extreme personalities with very extreme points of view." Expect a wider age spread,too. After ED won Season8 and Sheila placed third in Season 9,older wannabes are now banging down BB's door. "They're seeing that the younger contestants are impulsive and explosive and do themselves in,"Grodner notes. "The older ones now feel they've got a real shot at the money." " Oh man,now I'm afraid it's going to be a whole house of ED's and Sheila's,can't we just have some semi-normal hamsters for a change? Sorry :( this is so long.........

TerryinCA said...

sharon - thanks so much for the run down on the next BB....but I really have a HARD time believing in AG descriptions of anything...she let us down this last time BIG TIME.....but you know I'llbe watching!

Zoetawny so happy you ar keeping the flameburning here for are such a talented lady! how funa ll that sounds to me with grandkids back in PA (my daughters 3) But I bet you are potty breaks? Guess thats why Im a Poise gal!

meb said...

Best graphic ever Zoetawny... and Sydney, I'm so impressed that now you can even change colors. Will leave here and go over and read your blog.

But first... since everyone had such good ideas for joyn... I thought I'd throw something out here and see what you all think.

Back in December, I had the flu... got a cough which I still have. Been to primary care doc, ENT doc, and they are treating me for chronic acid reflux, but it's not really helping much. Still coughing.

In the interim, I developed a breathing problem. My cardiologist had put me on Simvastatin for high cholesterol... I took it about a month when I noticed that my legs could hardly hold me up and my breathing was very labored. Stopped the cholesterol medicine immediately and called doctor and told her. That's been about 3 months ago, and I'm still huffing and puffing. I'm going thru stress tests and I'm sure she's going to refer me to a pulmonary. I never went back on any cholesterol medicine.

Has anyone else gone thru anything like this and have any suggestions?

I've read everything I could find on it, but nothing gives me much info.

Sydney said...

Hang in there NANA--- I get pooped just reading your list of activities.

You are earning Angels Wings that's for sure! Actually, I think you've probably already earned them as you have been this busy with the kids stuff since I've known of you, lol. Is there such a thing as double wings?

sue said...

Sharon, you said just what I was thinking about Top Chef. I also wanted the judges to call Lisa on her 'handling' of her food. She keep tossing things with her hands there at the serving table.

meb...they must have ruled out asthma first thing, but coughing and reflux is the first sign of an attack on me. One drug cures something and leaves a side effect to deal with. Still lucky to have the drugs, though. A puzzlement for sure.

nana, I bet everyone child you were with yesterday would swear you were enjoying every minute of watching them participate. They will talk for years about how nana came to every game and cheered them on. I bet you have a lawn chair in your car trunk, a thermos of iced tea at the ready, and maybe some Gatorade in the cupboard. We have a basebal tournament starting today. It will be in the mid 90s...unless it storms and then it will be wet and 90.

sue said...

I noticed something last night and this seems as good a place as any to write about it. We have some friends who are foster parents. They have been for years, their own children on grown. I'll call the couple A & B. They are who all foster parents should be. I know the system often fails and I have read some very bad press about the fostering program. But, seeing these two work their magic always makes me feel good. They will get a call, often in the middle of the night, that a child's parent has been arrested and the child needs a place to go. They provide that place. Sometimes they have a child a few hours, but the little one I met last night, has been with them a year. She was only a few months old the night they received her. She is tiny for her age, a product of those first few months before she knew them, but she is as bright as any little girl, walks, talks, laughs and obviously feels the world around her is a safe and good place. A few years ago A & B thought they would stop fostering. It was too difficult to have the children leave them, or to see the ones who left and still needed care. They tried, but, before long, the phone rang in the middle of the night. They heard there was no place else to take an abandoned child, and they agreed to, once again, be that place. From the smile in their eyes as they watched the little one reach out to them last night, I know they know they are doing what they are meant to do. And to see her eyes filled with trust and love proved that sometimes the system does work. It just takes the right people opening their hearts and home.

meb said...

So good to hear a warm foster parent story Sue, since for the most part, the ones who aren't so great ruin it for all of them.

Thanks for sharing.

sue said...

Sorry if these two shows have already been mentioned. I plead confusion related to head (roof) pounding, not to mention having a man on a ladder using a hammer just outside my office window. They will be finished least I keep saying that over and over.

Tonight at 10 Eastern are Swingtown (ABC or CBS?) and Fear Itself (NBC) I will tape Swingtown. Just to see how the other half was living when I was a square in the 70s, you uderstand. I was too busy in those years to do anything remotely party like.

I am not a horror film fan, my real life is too scary by itself, but it will be interesting to see if Fear Itself draws an audience. A series like this might be just the thing to help the network line up. If it is like Twilight Zone, as in having different good writers offer something new each week, then even I might tune in.

About BB. What draws me to the show, and I admit it is a warped view for me to have, is to see everyday type people...the kind I might not know personally but run into at work or shopping. They start out being a lot like me, then as the 'House" takes over, they move closer to the edge and finally jump right over into the lunatic fringe. Now that can be fun to watch. But, when the producers bring in people who are already over the edge, then watching them adapt to the pressures of the house makes me more repulsed than entertained. I like the journey of watching the house change them.

Anonymous said...

meb -- I was on Lipitor for cholesterol and had a similar experience. I've been off for two years now and my legs are still bothering me. I am taking red yeast rice now, but can only take 1/2 the dose or the leg pain is back. I still have trouble walking up the stairs or uphill. My diet does not seem to have any bearing on my cholesterol -- have bad genes!

Sue -- Thanks for the words on foster parents. We have several foster families in our small church and I have seen firsthand the wonderful work they do. We also have many adoptive families (us included) who have taken so many of these children out of the system. One family adopted 10 children at one time -- two sibling groups. In our church the foster and adopted children outnumber the birth children 2 to 1! I am 52 with a 4 year old and it is the most wonderful experience you can imagine. There are a group of us old moms with little ones. We call ourselves the "old ladies with babies club." We are having the time of our lives. Keeps us young!


Sydney said...

Yes yes yes... Swingtown! I was reading in Entertainment weekly on Summer TV so I could put some more things in here... and I forgot that that starts tonight til I saw the ad for it. Thanks for remembering and posting about it Sue.

Donna in AL said...

What kind of leg problems are you guys talking about? I started Vytoran about 3 years ago and have had leg cramps ever since. My doctor doesn't think that is the cause. They are so bad at night when I try to sleep that I have had to get up and put hot towels on them and other remedies.

TV is just too boring for me now. I haven't had a chance to see the Mole and I don't care for SYTYCD. Guess I will just wait until BB.

Donna in AL said...

Swingtown ....looks a little spicey, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Donna in al,
Horrible leg cramps, at first. I used to walk two miles each morning. Then it got harder and harder and my muscles just hurt more & more. My doc didn't think it was the statins, either. But the more research I did, the more it sounded like it to me. (I am a retired microbiologist, so I had access to med journals.) When I went off the Lipitor, they got better. But my cholesterol shot up again. Have been on the red yeast rice, and my cholesterol is still up somewhat, and it too bothers my legs, but not as much as the statins. My brother, in his 40s, was on the statins and started having memory problems that his doc traced back to the statins. Not quite as safe as they lead you to believe!


Patty said...

Zoetawny-loved your graphic!

Sydney-You're the best for chipping in and helping with the post.

Jackie-I hope you are "on the mend" and it is not too tough for you.

It sounds like overall, everyone is doing well and keeping rather busy with all their happenings.

I was able to tune in for the Mole. I am loving it and glad it is back on. It is too early to predict who is the "mole". I need to go back and rewatch it and see what clues I may have missed.

I want to remind all of you about the return of Army Wives. Season 2 premieres on Sunday, June 8th at 10:00PM/ET on Lifetime. It is an awesome show. Anyone who would like to view Season 1 can go online and watch it. I am hooked!

I am hoping to be able to sneak in more often again very soon.

Have a great day everyone!

RBennie said...

What a crazy day. First chance I've had to check in. Thanks for the Army Wives reminder - I would surely have forgotten. Does anyone know if and when Heroes is returning? Love that show. Really cute graphic Zoe. Hi Jackie, I'm thinking of you.

SueGee said...

Anyone else been watching "Can You Duet?" on CMT? New shows are on Friday nights and are repeated on Saturday nights. My musical leanings are more towards folk, country and bluegrass - so I'm loving it!

meb said...

Jennasmom and donna in al... My legs just got so I couldn't hold myself up. I know cholesterol medicines warn that your muscle system can be affected, so when I started with having trouble walking, I just quit taking it on my own and called my doctor and told them. I'm not sure the doctor has figured out yet that I'm not on a cholesterol medicine again.

But with that, I can't breath properly.. I get so out of breath I feel like I'm taking my last one until I get it under control.

Man this getting old is the pits! And it just tics me off that I was fine before taking the medicine and now that I stopped, my health didn't correct itself.

My next doctor to visit is the pulmonary, who I think I should have started with, but you know those insurance companies. Referrals or they don't pay.

Sorry to everybody who has to wade thru this to get to the next commenter.

joy n said...

I was on Lipitor for 5 or 6 years and then was switched to Vytorin. My left leg (calf and ankle) started to swell on the Lipitor and hasn't changed since I started the Vytorin two years ago. I wear one of those "stockings" but it doesn't really do much for it. About twice a month, I have that restless leg thing when I go to bed and the only things that help is either get up and walk and stretch the muscles or massage it. I watch it closely because of the Diabetes, but so far, so good.

I agree , getting old is a total pain in the arse.

As for Top Chef, I was so disappointed to see Antonia go instead of Lisa, too. If Richard wins, I can live with that, though I'll be rooting Stephanie on because I'd still really love to see a female win this season. Lisa better be the next one to leave. She should have gone this week.

Zoetawny said...

Just checking in to see what's new.
Never a dull moment here on the blog. ;)


As Sydney said you have earned your angel wings. Life would be boring without children but I'm sure you could use a few days of boring once in a while. How's Josie doing?


It was good to read an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing it with us.


I haven't done any research on BB10yet so thanks for telling us what you read. When AG says, "the wildest group yet" I don't see how it could get any wilder than the crew of BB9. Whatever it is, I'm sure we will have a blast with it.


Sure hope the banging and pounding overhead will be done soon. We had a section of our roof (tile) replaced a couple of years ago when we notice a stain on the ceiling. It took two days and the dogs never stopped barking. I love my dogs but I'm not sure what was worse the banging or the barking. ;)


Thanks for the reminder of Army Wives. When my husband saw the commercial for it, he said, "I like The Unit better". VBG I don't think he's ever watched Army Wives before. I told him the show was just for women. LOL


I wish I knew when Heroes was returning. If I find out I'll be sure to post it.

donna in al...

I think I am going to try "Swingtown". It might be more humorous than racy and... a blast from the past. I like to check out the clothing and hair styles from that decade. I actually knew of a couple who were bragging that they were "swingers". When I asked my Mom what that meant she thought it was swing dancing. LMAO!


Are we the only ones going to watch Swingtown? There's so little on right now I'm up for something new. Can't wait to hear what you thought of the show. Thanks again for taking care of us here on the blog. If you talk to Jackie please let us know of any new updates.

I hope you're progressing and the pain is gradually subsiding. We miss you!

joy n said...

Well, guess I'm going to start watching DEXTER. I just read on TVSquad that Jimmy Smits is joining the cast as of the new season. (Can't keep a good man down.) He'll be in 10 of the 12 shows of the third season. His role is that of Miguel Prado, an ambitious, charismatic Asst. District Attorney, whose family is well-loved in Miami. Shades of CANE, WEST WING and LA LAW there.

I'll take him anyway I can get him. L-O-V-E my Jimmy!

joy n said...

P.S. Forgot the part that said "He's part of a powerful, political family."

Zoetawny said...

Just found this regarding when Heroes starts. But, another site said Sept. 15. At least we know it's in September. ;)

Heroes clip show (8-9 p.m.)
Season premiere (9-11 p.m.)

joy n said...

Bear with me, I just read another article on TVSquad about Survivor - Gabon which starts filming later this month. YAY! It says they've been hit with problems during pre-production.

Problem # 1; Shipments to location have been delayed by thirty days. This means the crew has to stay in tents and not a building.

Problem # 2; A crane fell over.

Problem # 3; $100,000. worth of food has gone missing.

Problem # 4; Dangerous animals are causing a problem.

This ought to be quite a season!

sue said...

I think The Next Food Network Star is on tonight. I liked it last time. I will watch the Jaclyn Smith hair style show, but I think it is rather odd and I didn't like it as well as Project Runway or Top Chef.

Hi Jackie, Hope you are doing better.

joy n said...

Over on RealityTVWorld, (you may have noticed I'm roaming tonight) there is an shortish interview with Jeff Probst talking about the problems mentioned above. He says they're waiting for the 18 castaways to arrive.

Also mentioned there is that Karina Smirnoff has broken off her 2 year relationship with Mario Lopez. Says "the relationship is going in different directions".

meb said...

Good morning all. Getting ready to leave for Myrtle Beach, SC for a long weekend, so won't be posting until I get back on Sunday, late.

99 degree weather in NC... the place we're staying has an indoor water park, so if it's too hot outside, I'll just stay inside. I just want to be near some water.

Yay...Smits on Dexter. That's going to be good!

See ya later!

RBennie said...

Sounds like a good time MEB. Have fun. It's going to be a scorcher in NYC for the next few days also - expected mid 90s. Was that me who was wishing for summer? What was I thinking. LOL

sharon said...

Have a good weekend,meb,and everybody else. Well,it has finally gotten warm here,no,not warm,HOT!!! No easing into this,just from rainy,cool one day to 90+ another. Be careful what you wish!

I watched SYTYCD,still can't tell them from one another,but hope it's a good season.

Watched "Fear Itself",wasn't overly impressed,but wasn't the least bit interested in Swingtown. I have a feeling Friday will join Saturday as a night to watch Netflix. I thought I caught that Next Design Star starts Sunday night. I also read about Mario being rid of K....good deal!

Sydney said...

Have a great trip Meb, you will be missed.

I didn't feel I could comment on your situation because it may be linked to all sorts of meds I have not been on... but I have had asthma whichwas far worse when I was a teen and in my 20's and cleared up greatly when I moved to LA -- I assume the sun had something to do with it as the air could not have, lol.

Anyway, after 9/11 (I obviously had moved to NY and was living there at the time) I lived just a few blocks above the quarentined area. Regardless of where you lived, there was stuff in the air that you could see for weeks and months after. The pile itself smoldered for what seemed like 6 weeks and who knows what was in it. Long story short, this triggered in me what you describe you are struggling with.

I went to the best allergist I could find and they did a breathing test and found I'd lost 3/4 of the capacity in my little breathing branches in the lungs and 50% of the large ones. I went on inhaled steroids (Advair) and maybe alternated with some kind of serevent as well the first round... but it took a year and a half to clear it up-- I could walk without being unable to keep pace with whomever I was with and stopped feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest... and could breathe normally. But the tests showed I got my lung capacity back to only 50 % on the little branched and 60% or so on the bigger ones.

The doc said, ok, well if you're breathing normally, that's great... and I was like, we're not going to try to get 100% back or close to it? Like, won't I need that capacity so I can lost some as I age? I'm trying to joke now, but it was the best they could do.

Point being, inhaled steroids can work miracles, and always has for me, and I was never on them long enough to suffer any of the side effects. The only thing it the inhaled stuff cumulatively messed with your vocal chords a little while you're on it. What you inhale dusts them with the medicine and you clear your throat alot and it can make your voice sound a tad hoarse. A small price to pay to breathe again.

Maybe you can independently go to an allergist for a breathing test and to discuss this and see if it turns up any information/treatment that's helpful. It may be related to the meds or not???

RBennie said...

Wow Sydney, what you just said really struck a chord with me! I work 2 blocks away from the WTC site and was caught up in that black smoke on 9/11. As you said, the air quality in the downtown area was horrible for several months after 9/11. About a year and a half ago I started to notice that things like walking up a flight of stairs, running or even walking fast would leave me gasping for breath and with a heavy feeling in my chest. I really thought it was heart problems and went to a Cardiologist. He put me through a battery of tests and I even had an angiogram done. Turns out my heart is just fine, but I still have the problem. I am definitely going to find myself and allergist. This has got to be the most helpful blog in the world!

Sydney said...

Rbennie-- If you're in NYC, my allergist is one fo the best.. Her name is Dr. GIllian Shepard

235 East 67th Street @ 2nd /3rd
New York NY 10021

RBennie said...

Thanks so much Sydney. Is she affiliated with NY Presbyterian at all - I know that hospital well.

Sydney said...

Rbennie -- I really don't know. I just saw her at her office always... she is always listed in those 100 best doctors in NYC issues.

Sydney said...

PS: I did all the heart tests too!!!

sue said...

Paul Sorvino (actor and father to Mira..did I spell that right?) wrote a book about asthma and breathing. I haven't seen it for a long while, but I remember when he did the book tour (pre 9/11) he talked about how doctor visits didn't help and so he found a way to help himself by creating breathing exercises. He since has worked in an Asthma Foundation. I liked to see his case study on himself and how he made use of medical science (dangerous not to follow doctor's orders, of course) but added his own common sense way of dealing with a health problem. I think the title is How to be a former asthmatic...or something like that.