Monday, June 02, 2008

The Mole and other stchuff

Many thanks to Zoetawny for another of her custom made graphics for Jackie... You Rock Z.

The much anticipated return of The Mole is also on tap tonight, at 10/9 central time on ABC.

For those who never saw it, it's being brought back after a few years off the air. I believe it had two seasons with regular people, then two with celebrities and it tanked. A shame because it has the potential to be smart and adrenaline filled. We are hoping they hit it this time and we have a little sumpin sumpin to keep our TAR/Survivor cravings fed. Both fingers crossed.

The Premise: 12 people embark on an international mission but one person, whose identity is unknown to all, tries to sabotage it. There will be clues to follow but you can't believe anything you hear or see... The whole show is centered around one burning question: WHO IS THE MOLE????

In other news:

*Universal Studios had a huge fire yesterday, buring many of the famous movie sets and up to 50,000 of the studios videos and movie reels.
* Yves St. Laurent passed away today. Bo Diddly did as well. Rest in Peace.
* Senator Kennedy's brain cancer was operated on today and it's said to be a success
* Yesterday Hillary Clinton won Puerto Rico... but is rumored to really be wrapping up the campaign.
* Jackie is hopefully feeling better by the day.
* What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Put your comments here about the Mole, whatever else you may be watching tonight (Bachelorette has it's own, exclusive post just below) or whatever's on your mind.


Susan in FL said...

Guess what happened at our house today? The microwave oven clunked several times this morning and died. Yes, this is the same one we had in the late 1970s on the kitchen counter. Ted bought it at Sears while Susan was at an ABWA convention in Las Vegas. We knew the end was coming. Yesterday it clunked once before heating our morning coffee water, which never got really hot, only tepid, after 5 minutes on High. Then later in the day Sunday it clunked and refused to defrost the two chicken leg quarters we wanted to cook for dinner. After running it for 15 minutes, I turned it up to High for 5 last minutes and the chicken thawed. This morning it emitted several clunks of protest and steadfastly refused to heat the coffee water. No amount of coaxing or cajoling would persuade it to continue. A brief memorial service was held today at the shed. Internment will be Tuesday at the Manatee County Landfill on Lena Road.

joy n said...

WOW! 30 years for a microwave is fantastic. RIP, Sears microwave! My condolences to you and yours, Susan. Do I hear TAPS off in the distance?

Sydney said...

LOL, that's all I can say to you two.

Sydney said...

One 60 year old on the mole...a woman.

joy n said...

I'll comment later. I need to pay attention.

joy n said...

Gee, I hope the chubby guy didn't die.

Zoetawny said...

susan in fl...

ROTFLMAO! I couldn't live without my microwave. I have a micro story. My microwave is attached to my oven as a built-in unit in my kitchen cabinets. One day my dh was cooking a snack in the microwave and I was upstairs. I started smelling fire smoke and heard a very loud boom. The wiring in the microwave had blown and smoke filled the kitchen, smoke alarm went off (very loud), dogs barking scared to death. We were lucky we didn't have a fire. The bad news was that the complete micro/oven combo had to be replaced because the harness wiring was no longer available. This combo was only 10 years old and just out of warrantee service. The new unit which didn't fit exactly (custom work needed on the wood cabinets) put us back $2800 (not including the cost of the cabinet work).
So...I'd say your microwave had a good long life. :)


You sure got that graphic up fast. I didn't think you'd even get to read my email yet. Now you're a pro. I still don't know how to upload an image to a blog.

I'm really looking forward to The Bachelorette and The Mole tonight. I was a fan of The Mole and was surprised it was canceled back when. I get so tired of mostly reruns until the summer shows start. Did any of you see In Plain Sight last night? It was good but not sure I'd be a huge fan of the show. Maybe it will grow on me.

I'm waiting with baited breath for Heroes to return. It is returning, right?

Hey, Sydney, are we going to have a guess the mole contest? LOL I can't even guess until the show is halfway. Can't wait to read your comments.


joy n said...

Well, I'm already not liking Nicole with the "attitude". Voted the biggest whiner. Yes.

Her quote, "What's wrong with being gorgeous and smart at the same time?" Sheesh!

Donna in AL said...

My goings on for today are: I started my new job. It was okay, I think I am going to do all right there. I did have a bad attitude about it because I worked there 22 years ago. I just decided a couple of weeks ago that I was being stupid, so I just began to think positive. I don't know if I will be able to check in here when at work now but I think it is a good possibility I will.
To bed now, can't be late for my second day of work!

sue said...

Good Luck Donna in al, new jobs are difficult enough without having 22 year old baggage to shift into place along with the rest of the workload. At least now you should have a computer at your work station. : )

susan in fl, I hope I am not too insensitive to suggest a replacement. Is it too soon? But, wait until you see what those new microwaves can do now! And they are much cheaper now. They might not last 30 years, of course. I just bought one at Wal Mart (as a gift), it was a good brand, a high wattage and was less than $90. I remember when they cost as much as a range.

Sorry, I am not watching TV tonight, but am enjoying pictureing what is going on via the comments here.

Hope all is well Jackie.

jef said...

I am still using the Litton microwave my dad bought my mother in 1972. It's had two new timers put in, and a fuse replaced, but otherwise is still very functional and big enough to cook large dishes. I'm quite attached to it.

We bought it at Sears in St. Louis. My dad was working 12-15 hour days, and my mom felt like it was her obligation to have a hot meal on the table whenever he hit the door. Dad felt badly that she basically had to cook supper twice every night, and one Saturday he took a half day off and we went to St. Louis to get it.

Mom has had a couple of new ones since then (she has a spiffy micro/convection combo now), and I inherited it for my use when I started grad school. Just two weeks ago I cooked a roast in it in the clay pot.

dla said...

OK, I watched The Mole for the first time tonight, and must say I am a bit confused... Hoping to have stronger clarity as we move into next week!! lol

I am most confused by the quiz at the end... Did they want to have the most correct answers, or the fewest correct answers?

I was multi tasking, and should have sat down to pay attention to get my mind wrapped around this.

What did everyone think?

dla said...

susan in fl, my sympathy for your loss...

Enjoy your new and updated microwave! My Mom just replaced hers within the last year after almost 30 years, and she is thrilled with the advances in technology during that time! :)

sharon said...

Susan...RIP,old faithful micro!! We have an old Amana,not the first ones with the dial,but with the touch pad and it's about 30 yrs old too.My hubby has replaced light bulbs and door springs,and it keeps on going. Some of the numbers are worn on the touch pad,we have quit using the #3. I long for it to die,so I can have a much smaller one,my hubby would keep it

Well,as I expected,they made almost everybody seem as if they could be the mole.Didn't like Nicole much either,can we say shades of Omarosa? Right out of the gate,I thought Bobby,and then when he drug himself across the beach,I though...aha! But a lot of them did suspicious things. I kind of like the older History teacher and the lawyer guy. I'm not ready to officially guess just yet,cause I stink at these kind of games,my kid always kicked my butt at Clue.

I still don't get Deanna keeping Twilley,or Robert,or Fred,or most of them. I think she's just about made up her mind that it's Jeremey and that's too bad,cause I don't think he's right for her. I didn't like the remark she made about the star,that if nothing else,Jason would have that to remember her by.She took the news well,but she may do some serious soul searching in the meantime.

Jackie,hope it's a GOOD day and you are doing fine!

meb said...

My goodness... who does this Nicole think she is. She's an obgyn, but so what! She's there in an equal capacity as everyone else.

I did think, if you hadn't ever seen The Mole before, that they didn't take enough time to explain the concept.

The quiz at the end determines who goes home based on who got the most correct answers. At this point in the game it's just guessing, and its gotta be luck as to who stays and who goes, because they don't know each other and no one has really done much to "out" themselves as the Mole.

I have my pick and would love to have known the answers to the questions to see how I did. Of course, that would be giving too much away.

I liked Marcie (the one who went home), so sorry to see her go so soon.

The kid that couldn't breath on the beach????? What was with that. If he's that bad off, he needs to go see a doctor.

I did think it was funny that Dr. Whiner (Nicole) wouldn't sleep the night before so she could stay inside the house, but the next night she had to sleep outside cause she was left on the beach alone. Karma!

All in all, it was pretty good and I'll be glad when I get to know who's who, even if only in my mind, cause I'll never get their names straight... until Joyn keeps telling me who they are that is.

Caroline said...

dla...the person with the fewest answers correct on the quiz is the person that goes home.

So hard to get a good read on these people after one episode. Initially (stuff I read before yesterday) I had considered Marci, the mom, as a possibility, but I knew as soon as they picked her as most likely that it couldn't be her. I find the women more suspicious than the men, maybe cause they were so quiet. Ali the model, Kristen the neuroscientist and one brunette girl barely spoke at all within the group. And the heavyset guy, Craig (?) and skinny weakling Bobby were also pretty quiet.

I'm inclined to think that Liz, the 60 yr old is not the Mole, because in the last real season of the Mole it was an older gentleman, so I'd be surprised if it was the older contestant once again. But I'm still prepared to be surprised.

So far, I'm not ready to commit to any definite suspects.

sharon said...

meb,I thought the same thing about Dr. Whiner,but then,it was completely different,she was alone on the beach,sure,but with a camera crew and the focus was on HER solely! She was once again,the subject of the minute,the "star",if you will. What an ego,I've heard that of surgeons,but OBGYN's?? She just hated that she'd been singled out to be in that group with what she considered the "outsiders" and she even stooped to playing the race card. Again,she can go any time,but soon!

meb said...

I agree Sharon... the sooner the better for Nicole's demise (from the show of course).

Zoetawny... I was so wrapped up in the comments of the show, forgot to mention your graphic. How adorable! And Sydney I marvel at how you're doing all this. Were you always computer literate or have you gained experience by just going forward and doing it?

At any rate, thanks to both of you for filling in while Jackie continues to heal.

Sydney said...

Meb, I had never loaded a photo before, as proven by my own blog. What I can't figure out, and I probably would if I had more time, is how to get Zoetawny's animated graphics to load. My stepson who is a computer whiz just started living with us for the summer so maybe he can help me. OTherwise I have zero free time to learn it on my own right now.

Anything I've learned about computers was by some kind of situation that forced me into it, so I welcome the opportunities, lol.

Sydney said...

Sharon - It seems obvious that Deanna likes about 3 guys, Jeremy being one of them, but at this point she needs to keep x amount for the show so I figure that's why twiley and others get kept. But I can pick up that Twiley is really well liked by everyone, so he's probably more funny and palatable in real life than the stalker impression we got in the first 2 eps. So if she coould only get rid of 2 guys last night, she got rid of Ron, the bitter barber, who would have been hell to keep around.

RBennie said...

I thought the show got off to an interesting start. The host is cute, and that always helps! I'm reserving judgement on Nicole. I think she got really offended when Marcie chose her to sleep outside, then she's voted biggest whiner and everyone laughs and applauds when she had to stay on the beach alone all night. It can't be much fun to have the whole group against you from the very beginning. Her bitchy side came out full force. I thought Marcie's choices for sleeping outside were pretty strange also. I just assumed she would pick 4 of the guys to do it. Why make the 60 year old woman and the grossly overweight man sleep outside when there are several young healthy men there? I couldn't see her reasoning for that.

It's too soon for any mole predictions at this point, although I can name 2 people who I definitely think are not the mole - Nicole and the loud mouth guy who wanted a coalition with Marcie.

joy n said...

Microwaves - they just don't make 'em like they used to.

Meb, hope I can keep the names straight on The Mole. I messed up last night on Fred and Paul on The Bachelorette.

delee said...

dla, I have watched all the Mole's and I am still confused from start to finish! The most correct answers, but then they never know who was right and who was wrong,unless they have to leave. Like the question, the Mole was what # in the falls drop. Oh please! I just watch for entertainment value!

Amazing how one broke MW could start off so many conversations!

No new show report...just same old!

Anonymous said...

I forgot the Mole was on and just caught the last few minutes. I really liked the previous seasons - mostly due to Anderson Cooper who was the host at the time. I only saw the new host in action a few minutes but he seemed to do ok. Can't wait for more episodes.

Thinking of you Jackie!


lynn1 said...

I don't have any idea on who is the Mole at this stage of the game.

I do think that the folks who were scavengers in the last challenge have to be dumb bunnies. The host told them more than once that Robinson Crusoe took place in the 1700's. How in the world could anyone think a vaccuum cleaner or an electric fan would have been availble in that time frame.
I am surprised that the history teacher guy and the 60 year old woman didn't realize that a victrola, a revovler and "levis" weren't around in the 1700.

Guess it is good they are on The Mole and not Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader! LOL

joy n said...

I have no idea either, who the Mole could be this early on.

Bobby, at 25, seems pretty weak in the missions or is pretending to be.

Mark with his teary sob story turned me off.

Pompador Alex and New Yawker accented-Paul are possibilities.

Craig not doing so well in the missions. His chubbiness or is he the Mole?

Nicole, aka Dr. Whiney, is very unlikable already. Hope she didn't mean her threat in the previews for next week. "I'm gonna kill you while you sleep." It appeared to be directed at Paul. Maybe she forgot to take the Hippocratic oath. LOL! He ought to sleep with one eye open, just in case.

I hope Liz goes far. Maybe because she's only a year younger than me and has bigger cujones than I do. (So to speak.) I NEVER would have jumped over those falls.

Surprised, in a way, that Marci was executed. I didn't think she was the Mole.

The rest, well, it's just to early to tell.

The kitten is precious, Zoetawny!

Zoetawny said...

I wish I had DVR'd the Mole because I'd like to watch it again for more insight. I was looking at all of them in a suspicious light. Ironic how you can find strange behavior if you're predisposed to look for it.

I have the ABC site open but minimized so I can refer to their names here. ;)

Nicole needs an attitude adjustment. I'd love to hear what Jackie would say about her. ;)

Liz could be the mole. Being she's the oldest grandmother type she might look benevolent...but she is capable as she proved last night.

Bobby could be the mole because he has an unusual lack of energy for being so young or he's simply a slacker type.

Paul was a little NY-in-your-face. He could be putting himself out front trying NOT to look like the mole.

Craig could be the mole because he's non-threatening... the type that everyone could like.

Victoria is rather act so she might not be viewed as the mole?

Oh heck, they could all be the mole. LOL It will take more episodes for most of us to form an opinion. I'm wondering who's writing the least in their journal? If you ARE the mole you wouldn't have to take copious notes.

At least we have an interesting show we can bounce ideas back and forth with each other.


I'm hoping this week is a bit easier for you and you're adjusting back to your normal sleep patterns. Just take it one day at a time and know that we all all rooting for you.

Sydney said...

DOn't know if anyone's into it but the Alaska experiment is on tonight after Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. It's on at 9 central time.

I know someone else here is watching it... is it Delee? It's been a good show, and while I think tonight is the finale, it's worth a look, can be enjoyed as a stand alone episode if you are looking for something to watch tonight.

Sydney said...

Zoetawny said:
I wish I had DVR'd the Mole because I'd like to watch it again for more insight. I was looking at all of them in a suspicious light. Ironic how you can find strange behavior if you're predisposed to look for it.


joy n said...

Watching Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsey is, instead of the guy you love to hate, the kind of the guy you hate to like, but I keep watching.

I can't believe that
Jen won the individual food competition. Guess her phony tears worked. I want her GONE.

meb said...

Why do I continue to watch Hells Kitchen? It's rediculous. But thank God Matt is gone and hopefully Jen is next! As you can see, I have hope for next weeks show which probably means I'll continue to watch it.

Are we really coming down to Bobby possibly winning this thing. He just seems to stay in the background a lot and doesn't get into much trouble. At least what we see from the editing. I don't care for any of them.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't an avid fan of The Mole before but I did find it interesting. They give us the questions at the end to show us what the players are asked. They can't give us the answers or we would know who the mole is. The moles objective is to sabotage the games so they don't win as much money; however, other players may want to sabotage a little because that would make other players think they were the mole and then they would answer questions wrong based on that info and helping themselves stay in the game longer. Did that make any sense?


SueGee said...

I finally had time tonight to watch the first episode of The Mole and I think I am hooked again! I have no idea who it could be either at this point, but my gut is saying one of the guys. I never get anything right, although this year I did win the Survivor Pool at work!

For those of you who forgot to tape or otherwise record it, they have the full episodes of the Mole listed on the ABC web site. I watched Gray's Anatomy that way and find it a very good way to catch up on missed shows.

Sue in CA

Delee said...

Will be gone Thurs/Fri.


Top Chef tonight

830-10 Last Comic Standing followed
by Fear Itself(?) on NBC

Meerkat Manor returns 9-930 and at 10p a new Animal Cops begins "South Africa". 1st I have heard of this, so not sure! Animal Planet

Sydney said...

Suegee, thanks for the tip. I have a girlfriend who rents Grey's Anatomy to catch up... while it can be good to see it on a bigger screen, it takes the hassle and expense out of watching it to be able to do it online. I need to catch up on Ugly Betty that way... after all, I already am payiong for it once by having cable.

And Delee, thank you so much for supplying us with viewing info. It saves me looking things up when I'm crunched for time already! Much appreciated!!!! Have a good time wherever you are going...

RBennie said...

Good morning all!

I reluctantly watched Hell's Kitchen last night - there was nothing else of any interest on. That guy Matt is truly a walking disaster. It was a no brainer as far as who was going home last night.

While Jen's cocky attitude - which I believe is all for show - is most annoying, her cooking is, for the most part, top notch. Her only mistakes last night, at least as far as what they showed us, was forgetting about a pot of rice and making one risotta too salty, which in the context of all the other disasters last night wasn't much.

I think Christina thinks she's a lot better than she actually is, but at least she's not too much of a whiner. I don't like her and Corey's fakeness towards Jen. They can't stand her and have good reason for it, so why be so nice to her face and then slam her the second she walks away.

I think Bobby and Petrozza are looking like the front runners at this time.

It was good to see Rock again. He was my favorite last season and I was happy that he won.

Sydney said...

Nana, I think you and someone else asked about how Sex in the City was... It was great. Total eye candy and a storyline that went deeper than expected while still remaining funny throughout. I think that people relate because they see a part of themselves in each of the girls, and I certainly revisited that. It inspired me to write about it and post pictures on my blog for the first time so visit there if you feel like it.

For those who loved the show those first few minutes of seeing the girls again is great, and afterwards you felt you had a wonderful visit with old friends. The New York Times reviewer absolutely KILLED it and I was amazed. It left me wondering if we'd even seen the same movie. But i guess if you're a critic, sometimes you can go overboard looking for things to criticize...

sue said...

I will have a headache soon. The roofers are coming, and between the noise, the smell of whatever it is they use and the disoranization to my day, I am expecting to feel rotten. But, we are getting a new roof and had an upgrade in the shingles we ordered since the supplier was out of the ones they promised. The hail storm in April took out many roofs, some of my neighbors already have theirs and some are still waiting. At least ours was just damaged and we still have a roof over our heads as we waited. However...we had another storm Sunday and it brought a lightening strike to our back yard...I happened to be inside looking out and saw and heard it hit. As those weren't enough clues, the power went out at the same time. Our surge protectors protected all but one circuit...and our kitchen and various other spots are still out. (cooking is possible, but frustrating) The electrician has come and gone and will be back later today. Fun times, right. I knew you would all want to know immediately. I'll keep you posted as the headaches progresses.

I saw some high gasoline/computer humor on a vechicle today. It was a sign that looked just like the ones at the gas station, except in place for the price it had computer expressions.

I laughed.

joy n said...

I was glad to see Matt leave Hell's Kitchen last night, too, after watching the whole show. The guy acted like a spoiled two-year-old and a flaky one at that.

I think Jen has had her share of disasters throughout the season, but I mostly don't like the cockiness she has displayed all season. I wouldn't want to work with her. At times, she has lied, refused to help others, even when asked to, and has done her share of sharing her nasty opinions of the others behind their backs. I'm not really rooting for any of them now because I doubt any of them are anywhere near ready to be a chef in a high-end establishment. Matt and Jen were two of the nastiest people there so I get some satisfaction that crazy Matt is gone and Jen will probably leave soon. Then, hopefully, one of the others will step up their "game".

Thank goodness for Top Chef.

sue said...

About Sex in the City, I know three young (late teens and 20s)women who saw it and really liked it. They recommended it to me. They were the only three at the matinee (can you imagine with all the lines waiting at bigger cities?!)

dla said...

sue, thanks for the belly laugh re: the gas prices! That is classic!

I apologize, as I must have missed when nana and others asked about SATC, but Sydney described it perfectly! I went with a very good friend who I don't see nearly enough, and then we had the pleasure of visiting 4 dear friends who we had not seen in years (except via DVD and reruns!)

If you were a fan of SATC on HBO, I don't understand how you could not love the movie!!

Very much enjoyed the experience, will definitely own the movie when available on DVD, and I certainly hope our friends don't wait another 4 years to visit again!

I know some of the critics slammed it, but they were number one at the box office, so they can laugh all the way to the bank!

joy n said...

I have a problem and I guess I'm hoping for some reassurance here.

I have regular bloodwork done every four months because of my Diabetes (Type II). I have other health problems, high blood pressure, high chloresterol and GIRD ( severe reflux) all of which are under control with meds. Tests are done on my blood on a reglar basis for these things, too.

My problem is this. My last bloodwork was done two weeks ago. I saw my Dr. one week ago. He told me that one of the tests showed that my body is producing too many red blood cells. He described it as my marrow is working overtime to make them and that my blood is "thick". The doctor told me sometimes they have to "remove blood" because the thickness is, of course, bad for circulation, and if, untreated can cause a heart attack or stroke. He told me that I needed to have further testing done. He referred me to a specialist, a hemotologist. Okay, I had to wait for the specialist to call me with the appointment.

I just received the call from the specialist's office and they gave me an appt. for the 16th of June.

The thing that has me worried (and scared) is this specialist's office is located at a cancer center! Does anyone here have any info on this subject? Any experience of your own or someone you know? My imagination is working overtime but I'm trying not to panic. It may not be anything but not having a clue is making me nervous. I'm dreading telling my husband because he is a worrier. I'm hoping someone of you may have some info that may be reassuring. I'd really appreciate it.

dla said...

joy n, I do not have any personal experience or expertise, but have you googled the specialist to get a feel for his background and areas of specialty? It may be that his office is simply located there due to geography and logistics?

Maybe you could call your regular doctor and ask a few questions? It may help relieve some anxiety...

joy n said...

Dia, my regular Dr. is on vacation this week. That was the first thing I did, trying to reach him.

This cancer ctr. is located next to a hospital and is associated with this hospital.

I will google for more info as you suggested.

I just spoke to a neighbor/friend who told me that that's where most blood specialists are located. He said that he had a heart attack 5 years ago and has been on blood thinners since then. So I'm wondering if this might be preventitive measures. Rule out certain things and put me on thinners just to prevent heart attacks or strokes.

I'm going to go crazy before the 16th, but I'm feeling less panicky now, at least.

Thank you, Dia.

joy n said...

Okay, I googled the Dr.'s name (why didn't I think of this?). He has two specialties, Onocology (cancer) and Hemotology (blood). I'm now realizing that one doesn't necessarily have to do with the other. The name of the place threw me for loop. Sands Cancer Center.

I'm still nervous about how my blood got "thick" in the first place, but at least I'm not feeling like "it MUST be the big C".

They should change the name of that place.

Dia, you really helped a lot. A calmer head is what I needed.

sue said...

Hey joyn, don't jump to conclusions. I have read about something similar to what you stated. If your doctor didn't give you a title, then all we can do in guess, in our non-medical, don't really know much on the subject, way. I am good at that. : ) (talking about things I don't know any thing about, I mean) Google the words 'thick blood'. See what you think. I know that many things might have similar symtoms, but perhaps your doctor is just wondering what the cause behind it all is. I didn't read any sites today, so forgive me if they have frightening things on I remember it was encouraging and even sort of goes along with the other things you mentioned experiencing. See what you think. But most of all, know that just because your doctor deals with cancer that there are many other blood disorders that do not belong in that catagory. Just like a dermatologist can have cancer patients and also those that have other issues. My system always feel wonderful after giving blood, and think it has something to do with what you are saying. Keep us posted on what you hear at your appointment.

RBennie said...

Hi Joyn. Please don't worry yourself too much. I don't know alot about Hemotologists, but I do know that they often work in conjunction with Oncologists and are usually located close to them. This, of course, in no way means that your problem has to be cancer related. In fact, from the list of your medical problems, I would think there is very little chance of any cancer worries. Try my mantra "don't worry about it until you absolutely have to". The 16th will be here soon. Good luck.

Sydney said...

good going dla! JoyN, so great the you could turn here to write about it. When is your appointment?

Zoetawny said...


I would be the same way...freaking out and letting my overactive imagination carry me away.

I googled "thick blood" and there were many articles worth reading unless that would make you more anxious. I would be anxious anyway so would try to research some info on my own. There was an article associating "thick blood" with diabetes II but also "thick blood" can be caused my many things including fungi, bacteria even metal toxicity. The important issue here is that the hematologist will run tests to try to find out exactly what's going on. The best advice I can give you is not to immediately think the worst as someone suggested. It's a good thing your doctor discovered the problem so that you can be treated with the proper meds.

Feel free to express your feelings here and we will keep you company until your appointment.


We're here to share your headache. ;) It's fortunate none of your appliances or electronics were damaged by the surge. But, I know when "things" aren't working it can be a real PITB. I hate home repairs and contractors. ;) I'm glad the lightening strike didn't hurt anyone. Good luck with the new roof.

Have to go check my emails now so will check in later tonight.

Take care all~

Sydney said...

Duh, sorry JoyN. I asked when the appointment was and see that it's the 16th. I guess I was so preoccupied with what else you wrote that detail didn't stick.

joy n said...

Thank you guys, all of you!

I am about to google the "thick blood" thing to get what info I can. I have another question I need to look into. I do not take insulin with Diabetes II, but do take a pill daily and have to test my blood sugar levels twice a day. I want to know what effect blood thinners (if necessary) would have on that daily ritual. Just in case. Google's gonna love me tonight.

I appreciate the kind words and advice I've received here today. I've decided I'm going to think positively and just wait for the results of these coming tests.

Thinking back on my Dr.'s demeanor when he told me about this, I think Sue is right. My doctor just wants to know the possible cause of it.

It's weird how the "C" word in a name can freak you out. When I was 38, I was told I had pre-cancerous cells in my cervix and had to have a hysterectomy. I freaked out back then, too, but all turned out well. That memory probably sparked some of the panic today.

My hubby is telling me all the same things now that you have. I'm borrowing your mantra for awhile, rbennie.

Thanks to Zoetawny and Sydney, too.

I will definitely fill all of you in when I have new info, although I have no idea how long it will take to get the results of those tests on the 16th.

Again, you guys are great! Thank you.

joy n said...

There is so much info about my problem that it's almost overwhelming. I've read so much and copied tons of it. So many causes. I'll just wait for the test results.

meb said...

My goodness... where have I been? Joyn... so sorry to hear about your concerns although I think everyone else has been able to help alleviate some of them. Keep us posted.