Friday, June 06, 2008

Proof SOMETHING is on in June....

OK folks -- we should be hearing from Jackie soon. I spoke to her today and the lilt was back in her voice... now the question is, when will the spring return to her step?

She has something written up that she will post. But it seems the way her desk is configured, it's hard to be comfortable while using the computer for long, so she has just not been on it... and frankly, after a double year of Big Brother, I think that is not such a bad forced rest. Glad to hear things are going well and we look forward to hearing from you Jackie!!!

Entertainment Weekly has devoted a whole issue to Summer TV and since we've been grappling with what that is exactly, I made up a nice little list for y'all to look over.

Weeds:  June 16 on Showtime at 10 PM (13 eps) Emmy winning, title speaks for self!

30 Days:  June 3 on FX at 10 PM (6 eps)  This is a FAVORITE of mine!! From Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did the movie Supersize me. Takes people from one walk of life and makes them spend 30 days doing something or being with people that are polar opposites, to challenge their thinking and grow their compassion, doing the audience the same service. A+!!!

Nashville Star, hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus (Orkmommy do you hear that?) on NBC, starting June 9th at 9:30 PM (9 eps) NBC rescued this from USA channel, this show's 6th season gets good reviews.

Celebrity Circus: NBC June 112, 9:30 PM (6 eps) Joey Fatone hosts an 8 wk boot camp and circus training with c list stars.  I'll watch, lol. 

Hopkins: ABC, June 16, 10 PM (6 eps) Puts the doc in documentary re: life at Baltimore's John's Hopkins Hospital.  Rise in female surgerons makes this the real life Grey's Anantomy.

MVP: SOAPnet, June 19, 11PM (1o eps) set in the bedrooms of fictional pro hockey players , steamy nighttime sudser is from Canada)... for Tom 's and Lars (not that you watch soaps)

Camp Rock: Starts June 20 on Disney Channel, 8 PM  ( new movie, probably like High School whatever that thing is that's sweeping the nation)

Army Wives: Lifetime, June 10, 10PM (19 eps) Life on an army base in S. Carolina, part deux. Endorsed by both presidential candidates... um.

Wipeout: ABC, June 24, 8PM. Described as a cross between MXC (huh?), Fear Factor and American's Funniest Home Videos. 24 contestants try to complete a series of physical challenges. Try is the operative word. 

The Bill Engvall Show: TBS June 12, 9 PM (10 eps).  A family sitcom, season 2, with surprise guests.  Trying to bring back Dick Van Dyke kind of comedy says Engvall.  

The Singing Office: TLC June 29, 9 PM  (9 eps).  Joey Fatone is BUSY, as host, joined by DWTS and Spice Girls Mel B as colleges from 16 co's battle for $50,000 singings. Could be funny.

Kathy Griffin's D list:  Bravo, June 12, 9 PM (9 eps) 

The Mole: ABC, June 2, 10PM (10 eps) -- in case you didn't know.

In Plain Sight: USA, June 1, 10 PM ( 12 eps) Starring West Wing's Mary McCormack. She and her partner, Frederick Weller, relocate people in the witness protection program to New Mexico. Deals with what happens when you have to reinvent yourself. Sounds intriguing.

America's Got Talent: NBC, June 17, 9 PM (Eps TBD)

I Survived a Japanese Game Show: ABC, June 24, 9 PM Why should I try to explain with a title like that?  I'll tune in. Jackie, will you?

Ice Road Truckers: History Chanel, June 8, 9 PM (13 eps) Season 2 follows rigs hauling loads over frozen the Arctic Ocean.  Deadliest Catch meets Sue from Survivor?  Don't let me discourage you with my poor attempt at humor. This is the channels highest rated series (who knew?) 

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Showtime, June 16, 10:30 PM (8 eps). Imported from the UK based on a real life call girl's blog. Billie Piper from Dt. Who stars.

My Boys: TBS, June 12, 9:30 PM (9 eps) This looked like a fun premise last year, but I only caught 1 half ep... if any of you watched it, would love to know what you thought!

Legally Blonde, the Musical: MTV, June 2, 10 PM (8 eps)  10 Broadway hopefuls vie for the starring role played by Reese Witherspoon. Hey, if I were dating Jake Gyllenhall, I'd be singing too.

Law and Order, Criminal Intent: USA, June 8, 9 PM (12 eps)

Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood: Oxygen, June 12, Time???

The A-List Awards, hosted by Kathy Griffin: Bravo, June 12 10 EST

Design Star: HGTV, June 8, 9PM EST

When We Left Earth - The Nasa Missions: Discovery, June 8, 9 EST The Nasa film vaults are opened, and with the intended quality of the Planet Earth series, we can live the epic adventures of the challenges and achievements of our space program... in HD.  

Will list what's on in July later in the week.


Anonymous said...

cant wait for ice road truckers this weekend, LOVED last season!! and i enjoy nashville star, will see how it does on nbc this season! thats all i'll be watching on your list LOL
debie in HOT calif!

joy n said... TV WATCH has an article titled "The Real Housewives of NYC and OC Catfight". A few blows were actually thrown. It happened during Wednesday's taping of the BRAVO A-List Awards. Jeanna of OC and Bethany of NYC were mostly involved. These housewives need to get over themselves.

joy n said...

Sydney you forgot about (teehee) "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling". I'm not sure of the starting date on CMT, but some of the "wrestler's" are: Dustin Diamond, Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Frank Stallone and Trishelle from RealWorld.

Talk about a disaster waiting to happen. They've really scraped the bottom of the barrel for this one. TVSquad has the story.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch the new Regin Philbin version of Password on Sunday? I was disappointed. The lights, music, etc. was too much like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I used to like the old Password & thought maybe it would be something I could fill Sunday nights with. Not sure I will tune in this week.


joy n said...

I'm roaming again!

Two sad stories from RealityTVWorld.

From TLC's Little People; The Roloff's family friend, Mike, (the one who was injured by the catapault along with Jacob, the youngest boy) has died at the age of 60. He had suffered a heart attack and was undergoing surgery for a torn aorta when he passed.

Worse news. Meerkat Manor has lost another star. I won't say who, in case you'd rather not know. It involved a hit-and-run accident while crossing a road in the desert. Mother Nature can be unkind. This show has lost so many this past year. Very sad. Sorry Jackie, if you read this. I know this show is one of your very favorites.

sue said...

Thanks for the list Sydney. I have only seen two episodes of Weeds, it was well done, but I never seem to remember when it is on. And I am woefully out of date with it, so would have a lot of catching up to do.

Have you seen Haulin House? And I have to admit I used to watch the Dog, Bounty Hunter family in Hawaii. The first season I watched Cops, but it is so sad to see most of the time that, except for Mardi Gras, I usually can't watch it. I like the Mardi Gras ones.

Yes, Tori will be back. I think she and Dean should have a different guest celebrity each week, Paris could drop in (are they speaking?)she could invite the guy from TMZ or National Enquirer, twistedly I think that would work. I see lots of potential for her show, but haven't seen the producers going in that direction. I liked when her mother was on it. But then, I watched the brother's show...I have forgotten the title and it wasn't on long. Rich boys with too many toys, maybe that was it? lol

Anonymous said...

i watched My Boys last season...since I'm still single, i kinda identified with it...loved it...loved the humor...have been waiting patiently for its return


Jackie said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Sydney!

I probably will watch some of these. Bill Engvall is a good sitcom style show. I watched In Plain Sight last week. I'd rather they stick to an hour, but I was entertained enough. The Japanese thing sounds interesting.

Silly me -- I'm looking forward to the dog talent show thingee starting in July!

A new America's Best Dance Crew starts on MTV today. I was flipping channels and they're reairing last season. GreatSk8 just got the boot. At 2 PM ET, live auditions for the new season.

Anonymous said...

omg joy!! i cant believe that about mike on little people! they will be lost without him!
and sue? i just read that a&e is bringing back dog the bounty hunter for another season
debie in calif..

ORKMommy said...

I WILL be watching Nashville Star and not just because of Billy Ray (although I do look forward to lusting after him).

I loved Nashville Star back in my "I lived in town where people heard of cable television" days. I'm glad they moved it to a network station cuz us farmer type people don't have no cable tay vay way out here in the kuntry!

Caroline said...

Wipeout: ABC, June 24, 8PM. Described as a cross between MXC (huh?), Fear Factor and American's Funniest Home Videos. 24 contestants try to complete a series of physical challenges. Try is the operative word.
MXC stands for Most Xtreme Elimination Challenge. It's a show on Spike, usually at like 11pm or later on the weekends. It's an old Japanese gameshow (circa 1983)that has been edited and dubbed into English except the dubbing has very little to do with the actual show. Kind of like Mystery Science Theater. Basically it consists of lots of Japanese people doing all kinds of obstacles that end up making them look ridiculously silly. Anyone who hasn't seen it should check it out if they have a chance. It's pretty hilarious.

Sydney said...

Thanks Caroline. I had no idea!
And hello to Orkmommy... !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hopkins (ABC's "grey's anatomy" replacement show) starts on june 26, not 16. i searched it

also looking forward to America's Best Dance Crew on MTV, but a lot of the crews seem a little too much like last season