Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TV and Stuff

This is a photo I took of a tiger lily which I edited to create the black and white background.

In television doings --
  • Big Brother 10 -- Since the start date is a week later than past seasons, I don't think there will be any official cast news for another week or ten days minimum. I found this article which states that the casting has indeed been completed.
  • I think the only prime time shows I've been really, really following have been So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. I'm running behind on Hell's Kitchen due to the latter.
  • Call me silly or even simple, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming show on CBS about America's Greatest Dog. Of course, cats wouldn't fall for such a ploy. I could do my cat's trick, but if she were surrounded by strangers and cameras she would freak. I hold my hand out to her and say, "Show me the love" -- she licks my hand. Now if I could just get her to do a fist bump.
  • Oh! I'm also still watching Groomer Has It on Animal Planet. Now that it's between Artist and Jonathan, I want Artist to win because Jonathan is so arrogant.
As for me --
It's weird how this knee is consuming my life. I had my five week check up with the doctor last week. He's very pleased and claims I'm ahead of the game. My physical therapy is down to two times a week to spread out the visits as my health insurance only covers twenty visits. My range of motion is up around 113 with a forced 120. My muscles are strengthening every day. Unless I plan to be on my feet a lot, I don't use any aids in walking. I'm still at the point where I have to remind myself to walk heel to toe and bend my knee with each step. It can get a bit unstable if I stop thinking about walking, but that should improve.

I still do my home exercises three times daily followed by ice. There is still some pain and I ended up asking the doctor to give me the heavier stuff back (after requesting lighter meds) especially for my PT sessions and nights. I have yet to get a full night's sleep.

I'm also going out to have blood drawn weekly for the Coumadin levels. Now, instead of being on the Coumadin regiment until August, I'm on it until December. Sigh. I'm going to look like a chunky junkie by the time December rolls around.

But the recovery hasn't been as horribly painful as in my imagination pre-surgery. It's not really easy and I have had the complications of the blood clot and the Baker's Cyst behind my knee. (Did I mention that?) That's behind my operated knee causing pain and limiting my range of motion to an extent. But it's not the stuff of my worst nightmares I had envisioned. It's just tiring, somewhat painful, and weird.

I want to thank everyone for hanging in.


sharon said...

Jackie,so good to hear from you and hear that things are progressing,altho not perfect,but very well. Don't you just get sick of being sick?? Sounds like you are doing all the right things and soon it will be a distant memory!

LOVE the pix,as usual!

I hear BB is July 13th,and I am sooo hoping for a diverse,watchable group of hamsters. I've been devoted to SYTYCD and The Mole(haven't got a,of course The Bachelorette.I saw on another post that some watched Wipeout,and so did I. My sons and I discovered EXM on Spike a long time ago,and we all used to laugh ourselves silly watching that. This seems to be along those lines,and though it's not nice to laugh at others misfortunes,they asked for it!!

nancy in pa said...

YEA!!!!! a letter from jackie!!!! so good to hear from you and happy to hear you are making progress (although not as fast as you would like i am sure :) )

i am so ready for bb. someone remind me of that after two weeks and i am saying how disgusted i am with the hamsters and the powers that be.

i hope everyone is coming along with all their struggles whether it be knees, smoking, diabetes, weight, etc.....i guess we all deal with something off and on.

anyone else here watch "clean house"? they are doing another messiest house in the country july 2 rerunning it the 3-4. that always blows my mind.

weather here on the east coast has been beautiful.....although they say the humidity will be back in a day or two. ugh.

Gayle said...

Jackie, it really is good to hear from. Stay strong - it will get better!

sue said...

Jackie, It is so good to tune in and see your photo, well not 'your' photo, but one you took. Beautiful and creative, as usual. As slow as it seems to you, I think your progress is pretty great.

I will watch the first episode of Hopkins, it is either tonight or tomorrow, I think. On ABC. Real life hospital stuff. do you have enough of that in our real lives? : )

I watch House Hunters International whenever it is on...I love seeing those tiny little kitchens and hearing how grateful the hunters are to find even a two burner hot plate. It is a contrast from the USA House Hunters where clients complain if the bath tub isn't big enough and all houses must have the obligatory granite countertops.

Good to see you back Jackie. Sue

Sydney said...

YAY JACKIE!!!!!! It's so good to hear from you. I was really concerned since it'd be so long, and you reported you'd had a bit of a setback. Yet here is a new, lovely picture from you. I am still on the run but just wanted to pop in and say how glad I am to hear a little something. THANK YOU!!!!

Nana in the NW said...

Thanks, Jackie!! It's good to hear your voice(kind of). Loved the pic. as always. Just remember the saying "slow and steady wins the race". Hopefully you don't have to go back to work for awhile.

joyn-that's good that nothing showed on the ultrasound. My cousin has been going throught swollen feet, ankles, and lower legs for months. They have done every test and can't seem to find anything! Now the dr. has taken her off salt.
Give yourself a pat on the back--two days and no cigs.! That has got to be really hard. Just keep taking it one day at a time.

Put some sample paint colors on the house today. Now I have to wait and see which one my hubby likes.

joy n said...

Jackie, good to hear from you. Sounds as if impatience is setting in a bit. You'll get "there" soon enough. Your progress has been amazing so far.

Your tiger lily is beautiful. Love the contrast. They grow wild around here and I just love them.

Keep working on that fist bump with Scherzo. It might get you on Letterman one of these days. LOL!

I'm looking forward to BB, and hoping, as others are, that this new group is a little less tawdry than the last.

Thanks, Nana.

Carla said...

Great to hear from you again! Although I don't comment often, I read every day. Glad things are going well for you...hang in there (I know that's tough when you want to be better NOW!). :)

sue said...

I fotgot to add to nancy in pa that I do watch Clean House. I haven't seen it much lately, but I liked it and Sell This House (when it was on) Sell This House cleaned as much as Clean House did. Both shows inspire me to get some much needed house work done. : )

Tom`S said...

Jackie, great hearing from you. Recovery process is very difficult, it can become " tiresomely weird "
I tend to get summer blues, instead of winter blues, Texas heat is unbearable.
Jackie, your flower photo reminded me of my dad, he enjoyed gardening, he'd plant all kinds of flowers, in fact we joked about him being a flower.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

dla said...

Jackie is back!! Yahoo!!

So glad to get an update, and hang in there! It sounds like you are kicking *ss! :)

Keep us posted on how you are doing, and rest up for BB!

lynn1 said...

Thanks for the update. I am impressed that you are able to move about without a walker or cane. That is is a real acomplishment. Your surgery was only 6 weeks ago,so I think you are doing great!
I know your recovery must seem to be going at a snail's pace to you but I think you may be ahead of schedule in the Dr's and PT's eyes.

Hang in there. All of your Blog pals are cheering for you.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I am thinking of you and your journey to healing. I know it's a rough road.

Although I am not a regular contributor, I check in almost everyday to read the comments and get a positive sense of community here. I feel like I am getting to know a new group of friends. What I like most is the genuine caring of one another. And the trip down memory lane was sweet. I am almost 64 and I live alone since the death of my beloved husband seven years ago. My kids live hours away and I don't get to see them often. Back in Feb I was involved in a car accident and have been involved with the long drawn out process of healing of a broken ankle. The accident was not my fault. Worst thing about this is the insurance and medical bills I am having to deal with. The person at fault is responsible for my medical bills and his insurance is waiting to settle when the doctor releases me from care. Meanwhile, the medical facilities want their money, rightly so. So I am in a catch 22. I return to the doctor in July and hope to be released then. Meanwhile my ankle is healing ever so
s l o w l y. It feels good to be able to vent to you guys here. Thanks for listening.

Doris in SC

sharon said...

Doris,so glad you decided to post.We like "lurkers",but really,really like posters!!!

So sorry to hear about your accident,but glad you are on the mend. As Jackie and probably almost all of us know,it's so hard to wait out the recovery process.And darn those insurance companies,anyway! Somehow,it always seems it always harder on the victim,than the one who causes all the trouble in the first place.Take care and pop back in and let us know how you are doing.

I'm not sure all of you heard that I saw the specialist on Monday,and we are waiting another three months and then doing another ultrasound and a needle biopsy then. I liked this doctor,a lot,and feel much calmer about the whole thing now.Hope everybody else is doing okay and.....shout out to Joy on the NOT smoking!! Way to go!!

Is Clean House the one they show where the toliets and kitchen are filthy?? How could these people let cameras in to see that?? YUCK!

meb said...

Man... I just wrote a long comment (yeah, I know, what else is new) and when I tried to publish it, after 3rd time trying it disappeared!!!!! Don't you just hate that!

Well, I'll try to do it again. First... JACKIE! so glad you're healing well, even tho I know for you it's too slow. Hang in there!

Doris in SC... I'm a little older than you and I know what you mean to come on here and find your "friends" waiting to hear from you. That's how I feel anyway. As to your ankle, just make sure you get some counseling, in case something happens down the road that you weren't expecting. You're dealing with insurance companies and even tho I'm not into suing people, I am a believer of taking care of myself in situations I may not have control over. glad to hear your ultrasound results went well... and 2nd day without smoking... fantastic!!!

BB - bring it on!!!

nancy in pa said...

Morning all. The humidity has come back with a vengence. The temp is 90 but I believe the heat index is about 108. Ugh! Oh well, in spite of it all I still enjoy the changes of seasons and know that in a few short months I will be telling you all how cold I am!

sue.....I know what you mean about those home shows motivating you for your own home. The same thing happens to me. Now, I'm not saying that I jump right up and hop to it...:) but I do learn a lot of things that I will often apply to myself. I now tend to clean or decorate as if I were going to put my house on the market. A lot less clutter and "stuff". Mostly though, I just watch and enjoy. Did you see last years messiest house in the country? They took 9...count'em.....9 !! HUGE trash dumpsters of trash out of that house!!! You know how your mother always told you to wear clean underwear in case you got in an accident and had to go to the hospital? Well, I also have to straighten up before I go to bed in case there is a fire and the firemen have to come in my house! Crazy, I know.....I can't help it! And....I will also be watching Hopkins. I think it starts tonight?

Doris in SC...I enjoyed reading your post. Hope your ankle continues to heal in a timely manner and you get all that hospital paperwork and red tape settled. My daughter had a little girl that had open heart surgery just days after her birth. Between that and continued treatments, the paperwork and bills have been ridiculous. Everyone has been very nice, but the way the system works is just the CRAZIEST thing ever! She is our million dollar baby (actually she has exceeded that) and I do not complain about the cost...she is worth 10 times that to us....but that paperwork...WHEW!!! side note..she is 2 now and perfectly healthy! :)

have a good day all!

TerryinCA said...

Oh jackie, so go AWESOME to hear from you and know that recovery,although slow, is steady. what will they do about the cyst?
I had to laugh at your comment about dogs, and how cats wouldnt fall for that true.
Three days a week I take care of a little toddler out in horse country near here...they have three cats, three dogs and two horses. Sometimes I feed the horses for them if they are running late. and I make sure the liter box inside and the cats are fed just cause I like to do it.
The three cats are so different, they just have this wide range of personality. Harley is the smokey gray, bright yellow-green eyes and he never gets too close. Phoebe is a huge short haired black and white stripe with white belly..she is huge, at least 18 pounds. Shes the lover, and likes to sit in the computer chair...she would rather I sit on her than make her get off.
Then there is Cosmo..who never liked me...long haired, really the prettiest of them all. The other morning I was walking the baby in the stroller outside came around the corner and there sits Cosmo hiding behind aplanter..."Cosmo, how did oyu get out here by yourself?" None of the cats have front claws, and are strictly indoors cats. I took the baby inside, went ot he front door and began to call him, finally he came in and raced to the water dish. I let the owners know...they said he must have been out all night long...coyote country not good. Glad he had the sense to stay hidden.
Well just a little story to hopefully entetain you, as you do us constantly!
You ROCK!!

TerryinCA said...

Nancy in Pa....just a note to say I was gettng out of the tub once and slipped and fell....crawled to the phone because I had broken something...called 911...and there I was in all my glory with a afghan pulled over me wet and naked when the 8 best looking firemen came in my bedroom.......sometimes Moms are right....and then sometimes you cant help it......=)

RBennie said...

Hi Jackie, great to hear from you. We were starting to worry!

I'll be out of touch after today for the next two weeks - vacationing in Orlando with the family. I can't wait. You can't imagine how much I need the break. If I can find my way onto a computer, I will check in.

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning all!

Doris so glad you decided to "join" us. We love having our family grow. As you know this is a site that talks about anything and everything! So sorry to hear about your ankle :(
I don't know why ins. co. make it so difficult to get bills made. Quite often the innocent party feels like the guilty one! Stand your ground(as well as you can) and don't let them think that just because you are an older widow they can push you around!!!

rbennie-Have Fun!! Are you going to Disneyworld or visiting family?

Many of you listened to me bemoan all the work it took for my line dance event and said a pic. would be nice. Well, one of the people in our group figured out how to get our dance performance on YouTube! So if you are interested go to YouTube, type in....Jungle Beat Line Dance Video and hit search. I am the "native" in the front row(on the right) with a black wig on. And remember videos add at least 30 lbs. to a person!! LOL

Nana in the NW said...

BTW--I was channel surfing last night and came upon "The Baby Borrowers". What a crazy concept! At least the parents were watching everything that was happening while their baby is in the care of teenage couples and could intervene when necessary. Will I watch again?? Maybe, but it sure brought back memories of being a young mother(20) and the frustrations of not knowing how to quiet a crying baby or changing a diaper on a squirming baby. Interesting enough, the one boy who had never had contact with a baby was the one "their" baby calmed down with and he was the most relaxed.

It was better viewing than watching how metals parts are made(my hubby's choice)!

Speaking of metal...did anyone watch America's Got Talent Tues. night? What was with the girl who had on metal armor and was "rubbing" herself with a power grinder??? Looked like something that should have been on porn TV!!!

sue said...

First of Jackie, it is a bright new day here and I am feeling great...I wish the same for you. Sunshine does wonders for me. But, as toms said, I also feel a little out of it during summer months. I think it is the lack of routine and how it seems as if everyone and their dog (and cat)are on vacation while I am just hot and doing business as usual. At least I could serve lemonade at my pity party, though. : }

Welcome Doris! You said it about our community where Jackie is mayor. It has a good feel to it and I am glad you commented. Keep us up on your battle with the insurance and medical people, and know we will choose your side every time. : )

terryinca: I believe you win the 'Visual of the Day' award. Not only is it important to have clean underwear on when you leave the house, but also to have afghans placed nearby for emergencies.

Nana, I may have spoken too soon about the above referenced award. I haven't watched Youtube yet, but will.

meb, thank you for your kind words. I have come to respect your viewpoint and your energy. I can tell you are a great person because of your words, the thought you put behind them, but mostly because your family (including teens) like having you around. We should all be so blessed.

nancyinpa....I clean my fan blades now, since watching one episode of Sell This House when the owner had not done so. It is a hidden spot that I would over look without that show. I am not a good housekeeper, and have actually seen a house as cluttered as the ones on Clean This House, it was sad beyond comprehension. It is the outward example of inner turmoil. I fight with myself often not to find myself living in that kind of place. It creeps up on a person. I also watch the ones with the English women who clean with bright rubber, fur trimmed rubber gloves. I also marvel at how anyone can let the camers see the 'before' houses.

I love salt and have since I was a child and hiding the salt tablets I found where my father worked. And eating the salty water from the ice cream freezer (which sounds pretty nasty right now). But lately, I have realized that salt keeps me awake at night. I know that sounds crazy, but if I eat salty things (pretzels etc) near bedtime, I am awake all night and I finally connected it is the salt reacting to my system. Always something new to give up, it seems.

RBennie said...

Nana - I'll be in Orlando but will be visiting Universal this year. Got a great deal on the tickets. I really think you have to be rich in order to afford Disneyworld these days!

I really wanted to watch that show "Baby Borrowers" but didn't know when it was on. Do you know if its a series or a one time thing?

Your comment on America's Got Talent is exactly the reason I hate the show. They have too many weird and seriously unentertaining acts for me. I know they have a few truly talented people, but I can't manage to sit through all those bad acts to get to the few good ones!

Welcome to the family Doris. We can be a dysfunctional bunch sometimes, but we're still loveable, LOL.

Susan in FL said...

Good to hear from you Jackie. My days are not going well either. After surviving the breast biopsy last month, yesterday found me having my second (5 years since my first one) colonoscopy. The doctor removed a 5 to 7 millimeter flat polyp. Whether I will be seeing him again in 5 years or sooner remains in doubt until the histology report comes back. Keep your fingers crossedfor me everyone. And returning good health to all my fellow sufferers.

Susan in fL said...

And to Nana and Rbennie - it is REALLY HOT and HUMID and RAINY in Florida right now. Hope you have a good time in Orlando

sharon said...

Ah,susan,good thoughts and prayers heading your way. Keep the faith!

Zoetawny said...


It's been a while since we've heard from you. I was getting concerned not knowing how you're doing, especially since you haven't read my email from 6/10. Now I can relax knowing you are all right. I know everything is a hassle for you right now but you are making amazing progress. Like Nana said, "Slow and steady wins the race". :)

I've been snooping around trying to find some BB10 spoilers but there's not much on the net yet. I'm working on a new BB10 logo but can't seem to find any images of what the CBS official logo will look like, other than the promo clip. If anyone here finds any good images of the new logo please let me know.

Doris in SC...

A big welcome to our community here. You will find some great humor and friendly comfort from everyone.

Susan in Fl...

You were a brave girl to have that colonoscopy. Most of the polyps found and removed are benign. But, I know until you get that report back you will be anxious. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way.

Terry in ca...

I could just picture your face when the good looking firemen showed up. I will make sure to keep an afghan near my bedroom phone. LOL Did all of our mothers tell us the same thing about wearing underwear?


How's Josie? Going to Youtube to check out the "hot" Nana now. ;)


How's it going? Did you get the email I sent last night?

Take good care all!

nancy in pa said...

You guys are so stink'n funny!!

nana...watched the video...LOVED it! as i watched i wondered if i would have the stamina to keep up with you all! you go girl!!!

sue....the fan blades! oh my gosh!! there is one in my bedroom...i'll have to check it out (with fear and trepidation). is Sell This House the one with that guy with the mustache and english accent and they go in and fix it up then they have an open house and try to sell it? i watch that one on ocassion.....

susan in fl..good wishes coming your way....

rbennie....have a great time! my daughter and son-in-law just got back and had a great time.

terryinca......oh my gosh!!!! you have lived thru my nightmare of firemen coming in my house..but i must tell you..and in all due respect to your injury...that was one of the funniest stories!!! i bet you were the talk of the firehouse that day!!

joy n said...

Welcome to Doris in SC! The more, the merrier.

Rbennie, enjoy your vacation. Visit lots of air-conditioned places!

Susan in FL, about 6 years ago, they found 14 polyps in me and all turned out to be benign. Think positively! My best wishes are with you.

Ruben Studdard getting married on Sat. to Surata Zuri McCants. Now that is a different kind of name.

Shear Genius will feature the Real Housewives of OC getting their hair done next week.

Speaking of Real Housewives, Reality TV World has news. RH - OC (4th season) and RH - NYC (2nd season) will return next April. In the meantime, Bravo has announced that there will be a preview on July 30 of Real Housewives - Atlanta. There is a feature story there and pix of those five women. Also in the works is Real Housewives - New Jersey. (Guess they're going state by state.) No announcement yet of a starting date for NJ.

Nana in the NW said...

terryinca--similar thing happened to my mother-in-law. She fell in the shower, waited for half-n-hour before realized she wasn't going to be able to get out. Used her Lifeline necklace(which I highly reccommend for anyone living by themselves with disabilities) and told them to call me!! I rushed right over, she needed medical help but wanted me to get her nightgown first!! LOL

Speaking of clean your house--susan in fl. wins the prize. Sounds like she really had her house cleaned!! Colonoscopys are not fun but very important to have them. I hope your results are good. I've had two in the five years--each time they have found polyps but all was benign.

nancy--the fan blades in my bedroom collect more dust than anything. I will lay in bed and see the layer of dust on them and realize it's time to clean the areas of my house I can't see(top of my refrigerator). Sometimes the dancing wears me out, but it's great fun and exercise.

zoe-Josie is like a toddler who always has a bump or bruise. She can't take it easy and I think will always limp because she keeps "tweaking" her knee. Otherwise, she has no restrictions. Both her and I are tired of confinement.

rbennie--don't know if your gone yet, but "The Baby Borrowers" is a series and will take the teenage couples through babies, toddlers, teenagers, and elderly parents.

A heat wave is coming our way so I am going to get to try out the new pool!!

joy n said...

Nana, just watched the Jungle Beat video. What fun you all were having! Still got a lot of spring chicken in ya. LOL! It looked like everyone had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Jackie! So good to hear from you & LOVED the photo! We've all been wondering how you were doing. Sounds like things are progressing well.

Doris, welcome & we'll keep you in our prayers for fast healing, too.

BB10 is going to start while we are on our mini vacation at our little lake house in the beautiful highland lakes of central Texas. Sure hope the satellite and tivo are working when I get there! Probably won't be able to get online after the show as we have the world's slowest dial-up there. Ugh!


dla said...

nana in the nw, your video just made my day!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

TerryinCA said...

Gosh, dontcha just love it here?
Thanks guys for all the comments...yes it was one of those moments you relive in your mind...I have a cousin who is a fireman and he said I probably did make the story list...
Sending out props to nana for being one great gal!

meb said...

My Goodness... you go away for an evening, and look what happens.

nana in the nw... that was a great line dance... now that's one way to stay limber...

terry in ca... LMBO... too funny.

rbennie... have a great time on vacation.

susan in fl... believing with you for a good report from the doctor...

zoetawny... we'll be on the lookout for BB10 logos, but I'd venture a guess that you'll see them before we do.

Do we have any technical people out there who can tell me what I'm doing wrong... For instance, I tried to watch nana's video last night at home, but got a message that I needed to install Adobe Flash (whatever)... so I did and it said it was installed, but when I tried again (and I did reboot by the way), but when I tried again, it told me the same thing. No matter what I did, nothing worked. What might I be doing wrong?

meb said...

hey debbie in NC... just happened to go back and read your response. When I lived in Florida (3 years ago), I worked for the second largest car dealership in So Fl, and my then boss (and owner of the dealership) has his summer home(s) in Asheville. The whole family vacation there close to each other and I'm sure plan on retiring there. I even think they named their streets (or roads, since it's more like farmland) after themselves... King. Even tho I'm saying Asheville, they may live close by in Burnsville (or Burns something). Ever heard of them?

Sydney said...

Gosh, I am trying to catch up... just having a really low key week, trying to rest up. DO any of us rest much anymore? Do any of you??? Seems that has become a devalued and scarce commodity these days, or in our culture. Saved only for trips, and trips can be busy too.

I haven't read everything posted yet today so forgive me if I comment on something that's now old news. If I don't start somewhere it's never going to happen.

First of all Helllloooooo everyone! I missed you all and feel like I've been away longer than I have.

Doris- So glad you decided to write. I too feel that having to add the stress and anxiety and energy drain of battling insurance co's and dealing with bills is the last thing people need when trying to recover. The world is so backwards with this, where the victim seems to be on that end. Feel better, and please do keep us posted.

Joy, YOU GO GIRRRRRRL. My father was a FOUR pack a day guy and he quit successfully late in his mid 60's I think. My sister quit successfully too... She said it was the hardest thing she ever did but she does not miss it at all now, so if you do, HANG IN THERE!!! This too shall pass, apparently, lol
It's the single best thing you can do for your health.

Sharon! So glad to hear your news -- but also that you like your doctor! That can be 80% of the stress or bring you a sense of trust that you are in good hands as you walk this path. I m so glad for you.

Meb -- Isn't that frustrating? When I lose my post, I just hit the arrows that let you go back a page. It takes a moment, but there it is. I highlight the post, and "cut it" so I can then paste it in the next comment box. Works most of the time. PS: SOunds like you've been having a ball lately. I think I might want your life! :-D

Nana-- OK, I died with happiness to watch that video and finally see you in action. I liked the routine too. How much fun is that!! Also, did your husband decide on a color?

Rbennie -- Bon voyage, and if you check in be sure to let us know a little something about what you're doing while in sunny Fla!

Sydney said...

I just sat on the couch and caught up on the last 3 eps of Swingtown to get current. I keep watching, but I'm not sure if it's any good or not. I think I ust keep remembering how it was to live then, the clothes, the music, the appliances, kitchen colors, recipes, etc....

A real quality show is on A&E and called Mad Men -- NOT TO MISS. Think the first season is out on DVD to rent and the second season starts in July. Has anyone seen that? My father was a publisher in Chicago around that time (set in 1960's NY and is about AD men). Boy do I remember his white shirts, skinny black tie, wing tips, short hair and being a girl in that time. I was one in 1960, lol, but I do remember him being that way well into my teens. And I was raised with a 50's mentality. It's a real, fascinating look at lots of different things... a few I find fascinating is what guys would do at the office (drink openly, for instance, prolly how the martini lunch got started), how men and women smoked all the time and every where, how it was for women who worked, or the few divorcees, and what men did outside of marriage and how women dealt with it, etc..

We've come a long way baby... I think.

Sydney said...

Oh TerryinCA -- I forgot, you have been mentioning the bum ankle. I assume you re-injured on your trip. I'm glad you did the zip line anyway too. Hope things heal up quick!

Susan- I have not only my fingers and legs crossed for you, but I could arrange to cross my eyes (as soon as I stop typing here, lol).

ANd I saw the first BB10 ad while watching the last ep of Swingtown. I could have lived without seeing Gnat's face ever again. And they always show Ericka -- like she was some BB great... I think it's because she does casting or is friends with the production co? Who knows. At least they didn't show Boogie. blech.

joy n said...

Just read on Reality TV World that Survivor - Gabon premieres on Sept. 18. This is its 17th edition. Can you believe that? The 17th season!

Also announced was that the 13th (WOW) edition of Amazing Race will debut on Sept. 28.

Mark your calendars, everybody!

sue said...

meb, I am not technical and have had the same problem playing videos as you described. It could be your browser is set to stop pop ups, animated stuff, etc. Or, it might be something else. : )

the problem I had was that I thought I had okayed the pop up, but had only changed it one place and had to change it somewhere else in the blamed machine, too. That happens to me a lot, in fact. I think I have figured out a solution to something and find out I have to get it changed on more than one level. If you have more than one screen name on your computer, try playing the video on one of them and if it isn't blocked there then you know it is your settings.

Zoetawny said...


Loved the video! I'm sure that was you screaming the loudest. LOL You go girl! Was that Josie's bone in your hand? What a hoot! Thanks for sharing it with us.


I watched Swingtown last night, too. I'm not sure if I like it or it's just the nostalgia that's interesting. Thanks for the suggestion on "Mad Men". I'll try to catch it but I don't seem to have that much time for TV lately. I guess I'll have to put my life on "pause" when BB and Survivor start. ;)

Nancy in pa...

I always enjoy your posts but never seem to have time to comment on what every one has said here. You've got a great spirit.


I have no idea why Nana's video on YouTube won't play for you. Can you play any of the other videos on that site? Maybe your browser settings won't allow it? Do you have AOL? Maybe you could get help from AOL to figure it out. You've GOT to see it. :)


Thanks for being our "web research girl Friday". ;)

The weekend is almost here and I can't figure out where the week went.

Have a good one!

dla said...

Sydney and Zoe,

I have also watched Swingtown each week, and completely agree. I don't know if I like the show, or just the trip down memory lane! Did you catch the flash bulb on the camera when she took the picture of the guys in the boat during this last episode?? I laughed so hard!

Unsure if I would continue to watch if there was any competition on Thursday night at 10pm (following SYTYCD), but it will do for now.

meb said...

Thanks Sue and Zoetawny re my computer. I had installed an update to Adobe Flash Player when it asked if I wanted to, and ever since then, it kept saying I needed to install it, even tho i said it was installed and I rebooted like it said. Anyway, no matter what I did, it didn't work so....

AOL (or whatever program) allows me to restore my computer to a former date without losing everything I've done that is new, like new emails, etc., so I went back and restored it to 5/2 and everything is back to normal. If it asks me again if I want to update anything ever again, I'll say "no" cause I'm happy just where I am.

I did see Nana's video at work, but I just played it again. Funny Zoetawny ...Josie's bone . Loved the video again, second time around. losing my post. Great idea to arrow back. Sometimes it's there and sometimes not, but I didn't even think to try it. Thanks.

OK... just starting my day, so I'll be checking in here later to learn any "poop from the group"!

Delee said...

SS I have not been around but have been running here and there.

Nana loved the dance video!!!

Hope all that have boo-boos are doing bundles better.

I found this on Joker's this AM, whether totally accurate or not here it is...and remember I said at end of last show that it could be based on political and other like we will see!

"To end alot of speculation. HG's were selected today, and I would guess they will be heading off to sequester early next week. That was the timeline I was given. They will spend 4-5 days in sequester while doing photo shoots etc.
Look for the basis of the show to pit HG's against each other based on strong views they have. Such as Politics, religion, Vegetarians, PETA and stuff like that. That's how the show and HG's are being built." !!! @@ to quote Jackie!

sue said...

meb, glad all is well with the computer. It is always a balancing act for me to have it running. At this point AOL only recognizes me as a "guest" because I have "low memory", which is true of myself but not my computer. : ) The programs we download all have so many extras that I don't want or need, but I don't know how to not have them along with the part I do want. If I clean the registry, for example, it will delete my printer...and that just isn't good! I am learning, but slowly.
I could watch videos on my husband's email name, but not on my own...and they are on the same computer. Another lesson I learned on how much I don't know about computers.

I also have lost posts here, (not Jackie's fault but blogger (and maybe mine??! ), and know the frustration. It is usually my best work, too. smile

We have another thunder storm moving in, so I must shut it down and unplug all the electronics. We have already lost power so many times this year and had the electrician out too many times as it is.

I hope you are getting along well Jackie, I'm thinking of you.

sue said...

That storm came and went, lights flickered in the house, but no outage this time. some small hail, but the car was in the garage and the new roof is still okay. With everything unplugged I was forced to find some other way to occupy myself. I put away laundry and straightened out my closet. It is amazing how many long sleeved turtleneck tops I have...and even more amazing is that I don't pack them away for the summer.

Sydney said...

Delee -- thanks for that juicy little tidbit about BB. I would love to see at least 2 people age 38 or 40, even 36 or so.... if they are going to have differences it would be way better to watch people who'd had some time to live and form deeper opinions, but then, they might have more self control and less drama in discussing them (er, except people age 40 like ED).

And dla, I remember buying those flash cubes. After my Polaroid Swinger film.... I still remember that jingle: "meet the swinger, Polaroid Swing-ah"

Doris said...

I thank all of you for the welcome and for the positive messages. I cried as I read them. And that video of nana made me laugh out loud. Despite being a retired RN, I am basically a shy person which my former profession may contradict. But that was professional and in my private life I am quiet. My late husband was the outgoing one. Another reason I like it here is because you are outgoing. Maybe in time I will become increasingly comfortabe. Know that you are all now in my thoughts and prayers as we are all on our personal journey and are dealing with personal issues. Jackie did a favor to us all when she was so open about her own journey to healing which lead others to share their own journey. Thank you Jackie and to all of you who allowed yourself to be vunerable. A journey shared with fellow travelers makes for treasured memories.
Thanks for listening.

sue said...

Very well spoken Doris! We can be ourselves here and still not have to be dressed for company...not that ya'll wouldn't be welcome. : )

I have mentioned storms and weather in probably 80 % of my posts over the last few months. I have been near tonadoes and I have helped in clean up after one. And Sydney, you said you moved from NYC to Houston, any hurricane activity since you moved? Whenever a hurricane is brewing on the East Coast I watch the weather channel who always seem to be reporting from Nags Head and I know we have some NC commenters here as well as others with an ocean view (Pacific and Atlantic). Do you have weather stories...past or present?

Here is one from the tornado clean up. Everyone wanted to help and there was enough work to go around, but it was difficult to know what to do first. Trees were gone, I was lost in a familiar place because all the landmarks I used to navigate were gone. Someday, I will have to write it down just to make sense of it all...there are so many memories of those weeks. But, one of the first things I noticed as I walked into the blocks of destruction, was that everyone's Rubbermaid trash containers had survived the storm. Walls, roofs, vehicles, nothing was safe from the wind, but the trash was intact...lids still firmly on, not a dent in sight. I kept thinking someone should phone the Rubbermaid ad department and get them out with a film crew.

joy n said...

Bachelorette fans, I left a new comment up on said post in re an interesting Graham interview found on

sharon said...

Nana,finally remembered to go and catch your video and it was a hoot! You looked to be having a ball! Thanks for the link! More,please!

Did anybody watch "Dance Master" last night? It was pretty good,since these were not dancers,just people who think they can dance(like me).I really liked the circus guy,but he got outdanced in the finale.

And I see on TLC that the new season of "Say Yes To The Dress" is to start,I think July 18th. Anybody else watch that? I love to see all the bridal gowns and see which ones the girls pick.

Storms moving in,lots of thunder and lightning,so going to pop off for a while. I am sooo sick of this rain!

nancy in pa said...

sue.....funny with the rubbermaid! back in the 70's i was in the middle of a horrendous night of tornadoes in xenia, ohio. at least one was an F5 i believe there were a total of 6 that went thru town that night. it was the most horrific thing i have ever lived thru. 9i was n a ditch in the road for one, then in a building basement for another..and the whole building blew away which left me in a hole in the ground. i was in the middle of main street and only figured that out because i saw the golden arches from mcdonalds laying on their side. every once in awhile the sky gets that certain color gray..and my stomach turns a bit.

doris.....keep hanging in there with us. i am terribly shy and quiet....and after peeking in on this blog for about a year i slowly added ittle comments here and there. now, these poor girls are stuck trudging thru my long-winded conversations! :) it has proven to be a safe place with very caring people.

zoetawny..thanks for the shout out!

the humidity is AWFUL here on the east coast. it is in the nineties but feels way into three digits. I have been doing well coming back from a heavy sickness...but this heat is no match for me. HOWEVER...due to the wonderful world of air conditioning, i was able to FINALLY go to the basement and load up 5 boxes of stuff for the mission thrift. You have no idea what a victory that is for me!!

oh yea..and about that ceiling fan....UGH. but its finally clean. bring on the firemen!!!

nancy in pa said...

oh yea...about bb....i hope the difference in the HG's are subtle and not something to start WWIII immediately. I find it so much more fun when they just slowly start getting on each others nerves simply from just being who they are without the theatrics. JMHO.

Zoetawny said...

Hi all!

I didn't realize so many of you were having wicked weather. I pray everyone will be safe and no power outtages.

It's 87° here today and the humidity is unusually high. Now I know why I had a frizz battle blow drying my hair this morning. I should have known it was ponytail weather. ;)


Now we know to get inside a Rubbermaid trash can to stay tornado safe. Great story! I grew up in OH but never experienced a tornado there. Stay safe!


I sure did catch the flash cube. I'm loving the nostalgia. But, I agree with you that if there was something better on in that time slot I probably wouldn't watch Swingtown. Please pass the "pot brownies" over here. LOL


Keep in touch so we know you're safe. Good luck!


Very well said. Just wait until you see how crazy we get here when BB10 starts. I sure hope you join in and let loose. It's a great stress reliever.

My clothes dryer buzzed twice now so I had better go hang up the clothes. Had a flashback remembering helping my grandmother hang up the laundry on a clothes line in the back yard with wooden clothes that what they were called?


PlaidChick said...

waving at everyone... HELLLLLOOOOO!!

OMG we have a little over 2 weeks before the fun begins? AND it's suppose to be the wildest group yet?

We're wild right?

dla said...

Doris, welcome to you! You are always welcome to say as much, or as little, as you like around here. Most of us go in and out a bit. I definitely pull back into my shell when things get heated, especially with Big Brother. We were all very civil this last season of BB, possibly because we did not like, or even care, about any of them. lol

Zoe, I believe they are clothes "pins", but I could be wrong. We have an old family picture of my Dad's Mom hanging clothes in the backyard in Canton, OH.

It is 105 here right now (Henderson NV), which will be status quo until sometime in September. Thank heaven for the AC, and thank heaven for "dry heat"!

meb said...

plaidchick... good to hear from you again... figured when BB got close we'd start hearing from some of our "other" favorite posters.

You're right dla... they were clothes pins, but I have to admit, when I read Zoetawny's clothes "picks", I kept saying it over and over and then said, "yeah, that's right". Amazing what the brain will do for you.

OK... on my blog, I just posted a short video (or long, depending on how long you want to play with it) for your pleasure when (if) you get bored. Just click on my meb and then go to the bottom and click on "whatsnuwitu" and it'll take you to FLIGHT IN THE MOUNTAINS.


Laurie said...

Greeting everyone. I can't believe a month has gone by since I've been near the blogs. Good to read the comments on this one and see so many familiar names.

I'll try to check in more often, and will surely be back when BB10 starts up in a couple of weeks. Missed you all!

nancy in pa said...

morning all!

zoetawny ( and all )....not only are they called clothes pins..there were also ones that were like scissors with a spring clip. i still have a bucket full of 'em! i used the clip ones on my daughters cheerleading skirt. when i washed the skirt, i clipped them at the bottom with the pleats in tact so when it dried i never had to iron the skirt. it would dry perfectly pleated. believe it or not, i LOVED hanging clothes outside to dry. i always found it relaxing and loved how the clothes smelled afterward. the neighborhood i live in has an unwritten agreement not to do certain things..and one of them is not to hang clothes. (snobs)......but i always tell my husband if we move, i'm hang'n my clothes!

another scorcher here today. ah summer!! thank heavens for the beach and ocean!

going to target to take some things back...then just maybe i can get some more work done in the basement. tried to watch "Hopkins" then couldn't find the day or time. i am at a point where i have to write shows down when i see them advertised because i can't remember what day or time 2 seconds after the commercial is over. oi.... have a good day all!

sue said...

nancyinpa..Your tornadic night sounds awful and it just wouldn't you have nightmares from it? The most frightening part of any storm, to me, is that we have no control over it. It goes where it wants and leaves what and when it wants. I saw destruction and then clean untouched paths. More than once we heard people say "for some reason that night we didn't go to bed at the usual time ...their bed was crushed but they were safe in another room, or one family didn't go to their storm shelter and it was damaged and would have buried them, 'for some reason' they said later, they decided not to go. That 'for some reason' is the part that makes me feel good inside.

I know what you mean about forgetting TV. As a child, I told time by TV shows. I Love Lucy is on it must be a particular day and time, or Ed Sullivan, or many others. I could recite them all. The other night I was watching a program (how funny I am using it to illustrate and I already have forgotten if it was Dateline or 48 hours!) about a crime. I really wanted to hear how it turned out, but I must have dozed off about 15 minutes until the end and when I woke up the next show was on and about half way over. How confusing, I thought I was still watching and first one and couldn't figure out how this other person fit into the murder of the one I had been watching. Slowly, I realized my mistake and just turned the TV off. I should do that more often, I think.

Hi Jackie, I hope you are having a good weekend. It is sunny and hot here in Arkansas today. I don't like the heat, but having a rainy Saturday was depressing, so I will take the sunshine.

sue said...

My mother hung clothes on the line because there was no other way to dry them. Rainy days were the worst because then you had to find a place inside to hang things. I remember waiting for her to go back in the house after hanging up sheets, so we could make tents out of them by pulling the edges to the ground and anchoring them with bricks. I thought her a real wet blanket when she objected to our fun. Our backyard still has the metal "T's" that the clothes line was strung from, but there are trellis on them and flowers growing up them, no one seems to notice what they were originally intended to be.

Nana in the NW said...

Good Morning!!

Thanks to all for the nice comments about my video. It is as much fun as it looks!! Anyone who likes to dance but doesn't have a partner find a class in your local area. It's great exercise and most people who line dance are really nice.

It's going to be another scorcher here also. Yesterday was 94 and today is going to be about the same!!! I have a portable AC in my bedroom and that's where I will be by about 3p.m. Yesterday the grandkids were all gone so I spent the afternoon floating in our new pool!! I loved it!

Because of the location of the pool I have had to re-locate two giant hostas, re-configure my garden borders and dig up some grass to lay pea gravel. I got so hot working yesterday I was sick to my stomach and light-headed. Today I'm getting an earlier start and will quit sooner!

nancy- I'm with you about hanging clothes. I love the smell of them and it is kind of thereputic. I also used clothes pins on the bottom of my Amy's cheerleading skirt!! LOL

Do you all remember the birthday party game of kneeling on a chair and dropping clothes pins in a jar?

plaidchick and laurie--welcome back!!! So glad to see your names. It is time to start getting back into the routine of posting with BB10 only 13 days away!

dla--105 degrees--NO THANK YOU! If I lived there I would become a recluse, never leaving my air conditioned house!

It was so hot we went to our local casino last night. Had dinner and gambled our $20.00. I left with $230.00!!! I was playing slots and betting 40 cents!

Have a good day and stay cool.

delee said...

More BB stuff from Jokers:

Evictions will be on Wednesday this season, not Thursday's

There will be audiences for the "LIVE Evictions"!

ED will be at the Playboy Mansion for July 4th party

Supposedly Eric and Jessica have broken up.

ED will be doing a House Calls every Thursday after the eviction.

Will add as I find more...

Anne said...

Hi all,

So good to check in and find everybody still here and plodding along.

Jackie you are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work - remember, when you are recovering from an injury everything in you is working hard to heal that one area and it really does wear you down. Continue to take it easy and let mother nature do her thing.

My doc says I am officially in the "not diabetic" zone after 3 years and we will wean me off the meds starting in September if the numbers continue to decline. My thyroid numbers were so good he was shocked when I told him I stopped the meds on my own 3 months ago. Cholesterol and BP about as low as it can go.

Honestly, I think it all has more to do with food than drugs. Funny he told me to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing but didn't ask me exactly what I've been doing differently. In the last 12 months I've given up all dairy - ooh, I miss cheese - all bread, anything wheat except for the occasional whole wheat wrap - everything "white" - flours, sugars, rices, pastas, potatoes, etc. Not all at once - little by little eliminating anything that is processed and am now down to fresh fruits (lots of them), veggies, chicken, ground turkey and the occasional beef & shrimp when I need to splurge. Switched to sea salt and notice I don't retain fluid any more. Only use olive oil and garlic is now my fifth food group. Switching to black coffee was painful but now I can't imagine putting all that milk and sugar into it. It's been a life-changing journey but the thought of not seeing my precious grandson grow up terrified me and I knew I had to make some serious changes.

Sorry, didn't mean to let this get so long. I don't ever want to turn into one of those preachy tipes but I'm really beginning to think all the chemicals that are in our food sources are responsible for more problems than doctors will admit to. Of course I slip up every once in a while - nobody loves a good egg roll more than me!

Hi Doris, glad you joined in.

Sydney, we were forced to get cable boxes because they kept chipping away at our channels and now I can't record two shows at once on the TIVO! I feel bad that I told you I could before I got the boxes. I hate that we have one cable company available to us and they get to do whatever they want and we're at their mercy.

Looking forward to BB - let's all cross our fingers and hope they give us a group that won't hike our blood pressure!

joy n said...

Meb, just checked out your Flight in the Mts. Talk about majestic! The music is soothing and being able to "fly" over them was really nice. Thanks for the beautiful flight!

Laurie said...

Anne, thanks so much for your post about your health. You give me inspiration to let go of a few more things in my daily food plan. I am so glad to read that you have had such good success in getting your health back in control. Kudos to you for doing it!!

LOL, my word verification is uywil.
yes I will!

Twig in LA said...

Hi Jackie! Good to see you blogging regularly again and hope you're on the mend.

Some insider BB10 tidbits for you that I've not seen anyone post elsewhere.

The house theme is Americana and each room represents a different era. The kitchen is fabulous and looks like a 50s diner. Expect a lot of lava lamps (I think the living room) and one of the bedrooms has 'a lot of wood on the walls'

There is a stage for Julie and the newly departed and audience seating for the live evictions.