Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Amazing Race Spoiler Post is up on TVS

The Amazing Race makes its debut on September 28, but I've tracked down the timeline, the countries, and a bit on the teams. Beware -- definite country spoilers, team spoilers to an extent, some task spoilers.

But if you want to peek, it's over on TV Squad.


meb said...

Just read your post Jackie... won't remember a thing between now and when the show starts, but loved reading something now about TAR.

I left a comment, but it hasn't published yet. Don't scold me when you read it ... but those commenters over there get on my nerves.

Just happy to be here where people are nice, thanks to you.

lynn1 said...

Jackie you are quite the sleuth!
Glad to have some info on the upcoming season of TAR.
It sounds like they will visit some interesting places again this season.

Sydney said...

OMG I'm drooling to think of TAR.... I don't want to wish the summer away, but I wish it was starting NOW!

Thanks for doing the detective work Jackie. And it's so great to be getting regular posts from you. Makes me hope that it means you are feeling much better. Clearly the physical terrorist didn't kill you this time?!?! Is the thing on the back of your knee getting any better?

Sydney said...

in case anyone gives a hoot, Angelina went into the hospital in France last night... the twins may be in the world already. :-)

joy n said...

Sounds like this will be another amazing season of TAR. Almost three months, seems so far away.

TAR and Survivor are, to me, the best of the best of the reality genre. BB used to be and one can only hope it will be again.

Thanks for the new info, Jackie.

joy n said...

I can't believe it! TVSquad took my comment! I'm going to guard my new password with my life! Every time they gave me a new one, I accidently deleted it from my email. I've written this one down in four different places.

Sorry, but this is an accomplishment for me.

dla said...

meb, I read your comment earlier, and I personally think you rock! :)

Some people.

Anonymous said...

Hey meb - Debbie in NC here.
There is a Burnsville close to Asheville but I have never heard of the Kings from Fl..Sorry.

Caroline said...

Jackie, you rock, thanks for the info. And you guys are correct, those people who post over at Tv Squad are a bunch of obnoxious brats. But I have a question about posting comments there...how do you reply to someone else's comment so that your comment indents underneath them as opposed to just going to the bottom of the comment pile? I always just end up copying the comment I'm replying to in my comment cause I can't figure out how to do this.

Zoetawny said...

YIPPEE! Jackie's up and running, but I hope not too fast.


It makes me so happy to see you rockin' again over on TVS and of course here on our community blog.
I'm sure you are better at ignoring the moron commenters than we are. I was going to leave a message for the moron on TVS but sometimes it's better not to engage with that type. I was tempted to beat him with a wet noodle for saying anything negative about Jackie, but let him make a fool out of himself for all to read.

Thanks for all the research on our favorite shows, Jackie. You DO rock and nobody will ever change that.

Meb said...

Just happy to be here where people are nice, thanks to you.


Anonymous said...

loved your post on tv squad!! hilarious!
debie in sweltering calif

sue said...

I have a link for you. http://efortsmith.com/

It is for a Fort Smith Arkansas free magazine. The cover is of Monica and Joseph of TAR MoJo team. Inside the magazine are photos from their wedding (groom's cake was a glove in homage to the race)and a nice write up. Unfortnately, the web page only shows the cover and another small photo. shucks! I was hoping to share it all with you. For example, Monica says the producers of TAR tried to get Joseph to propose on the race. Instead he did it later and privately. Of the race, the article states that they saw each other 'at our best and our worst' and surviving that made them realize they could weather anything.

sue said...

Okay I am laughing at myself so hard now that I am having trouble typing it...but I intended to write that the groom's cake was a 'globe' not a glove. I can just picture a big Micky Mouse like hand sticking up in the air...but no the cake was a globe with a little airplane on it. Sometimes my typos are the best thing I write all day. :) Sue