Saturday, July 12, 2008

This Week's TV Briefs and Bits o' Life

Waiting to board the Hot Tamale Train on So You Think You Can Fly.

Television has been a bit stagnant for me this week. But here's a few things which made an impression on me one way or another:
  • Although I was a bit irked that The Late Show with David Letterman is in repeats again this week, one show made it all worth while. Y'see, Jack Hanna is my all time favorite Letterman guest. Back on May 14, the day I was having my surgery, he was scheduled on the show. I forgot to tape it and was in no shape to watch anything that night in the hospital. Lo and behold, Monday's show was a repeat of that show! Woohoo! I found it very interesting that Jack Hanna had mentioned surgery on his knee and a blood clot. I feel akin to the guy.
  • America's Got Talent - Eh, another week. Once I'm a bit more in action I'm going to have to film some of the street acts in Manhattan for uploading on YouTube.
  • The First 48 - Since I don't have to rise early for work these days, I'm loving how A&E schedules the episodes late into the night for repeats after their primetime debut. I've definitely gotten myself hooked on the show and find myself watching consecutive hours almost into the dawn as long as I haven't previously seen the episodes.
  • So You Think You Can Dance - Yes! About time Comfort got the boot! And, of the three guys in the bottom three it had to be Thayne's time to go. I really think if he didn't have that huge smile on his face so much I would have liked him more. But Will is easily the most talented dancer on the show and, well, Twitch is Twitch. I loved his solo, but as I have said before -- he's my sentimental favorite on the show. It'll be interesting when they switch the partners up.
  • I'm still digging (heh) Mad About You when I find it on TV Land at all kinds of odd hours. Thankfully the baby hasn't arrived yet in any of the episodes I've caught.
  • America's Greatest Dog - Cute mindless fluff of a show. I like the dogs, but some of those owners are whacked. My cat liked swatting the dogs on the TV screen.
  • Hopkins - This reminds me of the ER Trauma shows on the Discovery Health channel. Hey, maybe they'll show a knee replacement!
In Bits o' Life

On Thursday I actually walked to the train station, accompanied by my cane of course. It's about a six block walk, perhaps a bit short of a half-mile. I stopped in at the shops I used to frequent on my work commute, saw friends I haven't seen in a while, and enjoyed the gorgeous summer day. It was in the high 80s, sunny, but no humidity at all and breezes galore.

Once at the train station I didn't see Roofus, but he might have other cat things to do. I looked for him, though.

I did all of this because I was en route to have my blood drawn (for my INR levels for the Coumadin) at LabCorp in the next town over. I've been using the county para-transit, but they were so undependable the week before that I decided to give the walk a try. It was a very pleasant time indeed. Well, except for the needle part, of course. Sigh ... I'm actually getting used to needles. That can't be a good thing.

After the blood draw I hopped the train further east one stop, getting out in Westfield where I could catch the NYC/Dunellen bus which would let me off directly across the street from my apartment. Ah, but I had time to stop in Starbucks for an icy beverage between the train and the bus! Thanks to a blog reader, I have a Starbucks card and it hit the spot.

As for my health -- the knee itself seems to be doing fine. Unfortunately, I've developed a severe pain in my calf where the blood clot is/was. According to the doctor's office, the clot won't move but it's adhered itself on the wall of the vein and the pain I'm feeling could very well happen on and off the rest of my life. Here I thought it dissolved, but it's only resolved -- a big difference. As long as my Coumadin levels are monitored and my INR is in line, I shouldn't develop any new clots. On a side note, that woman who died in the waiting room at a psychiatric hospital in the city died from blood clots. Scary stuff. But mine is under control and I just have pain and tired issues remaining at this time.

Today is the big "free" Bon Jovi concert in Central Park. No, I'm not going. But in honor of New Jersey's native son, I'm playing my Slippery When Wet CD as I write this. It's the only Bon Jovi I own.

Whoops! The bird will never catch the Hot Tamale Train on this track!

Today's musical non-sequitur:
You're a loaded gun
There's nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done

Shot through the heart
and you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name.
-- "You Give Love a Bad Name" - Bon Jovi


Laurie said...

Wonderful to read that you were out and about like that. You are most surely healing day by day. It's so nice to read your wry humor and think of you getting better and better.

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie--YOU ARE GETTING BACK TO YOUR "OLD" SELF!! Pics and musical lyrics!! I so glad to see(read) that your over the hump....just in time for BB10! At least, for awhile, when it keeps you up late nights you can rest during the day.

I haven't had time to read each person's bio to I'm glad for a recap here by Jackie.

Tomorrow night...YAY!!!

14 frames and 13 people...hmmm....could be the twist?! I know there wasn't enough beds--I hope they aren't going to make people sleep together :{

I'm STILL painting my deck--it makes me dread the task of painting the house.

The grandkids are loving the bigger pool(and so am I after a day of painting). We've had some beautiful weather, but unfortunately, it has started the fire season early. None by me but 3 in our state are burning now.

My TV viewing has been limited(Deadiest Catch, Baby Borrowers, The Mole, and others sparadically).

I have developed Plantar Fracheitis(sorry about the spelling) on my left foot so dancing is very limited.
Good thing it's summer as I have no classes.

Back to the paintbrush...ugh!!!

Sally said...

Jackie, how nice to have you blogging more regularly! Even nicer to know that you're recovering well, except for that (expletive deleted) clot.

I've missed your unique point of view, gentle humor and musical non-sequiters! And I love the idea of your cat swatting at the dogs on TV.

I boycotted the winter season of Big Brother after watching one episode, but I'm looking forward to this season. My early favorites include Ollie, Jerry, Libra and Steven. I'd like to root for Michelle, the animal lover, and Keesha, the PETA member, but I suspect they'll be annoying me soon. Game on!

Hope you spot Roofus on your next outing.

sue said...

I love when things come full in the Hanna episode. That is a sign saying you are well enough to watch TV again. : )

I know if Roofus had known you were stopping by, he would have made himself known.

As to the extra (possibly) photo frame. If I got to choose who goes in there, I would put A Grodner's head shot. If she makes no major gaffs this season, then her photo can remain in color...if not, it is eviction from the house and black and white photo on the wall. She is good at making promises though, so I will wait and see. Ironically, the show is built on lying and yet her bosses seem to keep believing her.

The concept of opposites will make for some sticky moments within the house as the differing views try to ignore each other. At least I think that is what the producers are hoping. I would guess that right off the bat, there will be a comp that brings together the opposites. Gay rodeo paired up with the boys school teacher maybe. It sounds like it won't just be differing political views that will be discussed. I hope the house doesn't divide into two camps, as in Season 6, though.

I see a few opininated hgs, who seem to think their way is the only one, and possibly a few peacemaker types. It might be fun. I am trying to keep an open mind. But, no matter their mental agility, I think it is a sure bet BB will have them in bikinis before the first episode is over.

thank you Jackie.

Susan in FL said...

uihlxghI missed seeing The Mole this past week or was it pre-empted by something else? I watched Hopkins and thought it was pretty good. We have rabbit ears antenna tv, so we're limited pretty much to whatever the networks put out there. We got our $40.00 coupons today to get our DTV converter boxes. Anyone else purchased a converter box yet?

Zoetawny said...

Whoohoo! Jackie!

It's so great to see you more active on the blog. I can't believe you walked 6 blocks. Amazing! But don't board that Hot Tamale Train because we want you here with us. Love the interesting photos. You always make even the mundane fun with your humor. I'm sure you will see Roofus one of these days. He's probably hanging out in a nice cool spot.

I know the blood clot is a major concern for you but as you are finding out, clots are more universal than rare in knee surgeries. I don't know why doctors don't mention all the "fine print" before surgery but I'm sure your doctor is taking good care of you. Thanks for taking the wild ride on BB10 with us. It wouldn't be half as much fun without you.

Just stumbled across this video today. April is telling everyone to feel her "boobs" to prove they are real. Jerry was a little uncomfortable and embarrassed to touch them but laughed to play it off with the younger set. I already don't like April after watching this video on YouTube.

Can't wait to see you all here for BB10 tomorrow.


Hope that Planter's whatever isn't causing you too much discomfort. I'll have to look that up since I have no idea what it is.

Well, it's a busy hectic Saturday here today so better sign off.

Have a great weekend all!

joy n said...

Maybe Roofus and Eve are off enjoying a lovely day at the beach. Wish I was.

I was really lucky to hear that I didn't have any blood clots. I'd read about that poor woman falling off a chair and being ignored for over an hour before she was checked on in that emergency waiting room. How very sad. Glad to know that yours is being watched closely, Jackie.

I never said that my blood tests came back negative last week. My bone marrow is fine, too. It seems the "thick blood" and swollen leg is a smoking thing.

I am smoking. I was off cigs for five days and went nuts. So my doctor has me on a "schedule" now. Three and a half weeks ago, I was smoking about 50 a day (2 1/2 pks.) Now I'm "allowed" one pk. but have been smoking about 17 per day. I'm still on the pills and the craving is getting less demanding. I am weak but I am trying and still have every intention of kicking the habit. I have to. Wish I could talk my husband into quitting too.

joy n said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the April video, Zoetawny. Looks like this particular HG will be playing minus any dignity during the 10th season.

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

Hey ya'all:
I need some help, I signed up for the live feeds. Did download of Real Player & paid. \BIG QUESTION,, How do I access the live feeds? HELP! Any Advise would be appreciated.

Jackie said...

Judy - They won't go live until after tomorrow night's premiere. Then, go to, sign on to your SuperPass, then click on the BB10 live feed link there.

Judy/JKSP1957 said...

Thanks Jackie,, I am so excited. Not sleeping much at night so I figured what the heck,, I decided to give it a try.


Delee said...

Have Cane...Will Travel!!! How great, Jackie, that you are getting around more and more. Sad u did not see Roofus, but I hope it just a matter of time till u do.

Plantar Fascia is the long tendon from your heel to the toes/or arch tendon. That can hurt like crazy. When I had both feet operated on, mine hurt until the tendon got used to the new position it had been adjusted to by the surgery. Rest and wrapping may help as it gived the arch some support. Hope it feels better soon, Nana.

Susan... there was no Mole, last week, because of the 3 hr Bachelorette.

Real Player is offering a nice discount if you sign-up early! Not sure I will, with Jackie and Joker, I will see. Would not watch late night anyway and they are asleep till around noon here. But then I will miss ED and his show on Weds.

Catch ya'll tomorrow night. It is finally here!!!

Laurie said...

Thanks (I think) for the link to April's Boob show. One word for her: yuck!

Susan in FL said...

Joy N - Hang in there ! You can do it. I quit on Mother's Day 1994. Was it hard? Yes !! Was it worth it? Yes !! I quit because my HUSBAND HAD TO QUIT (heart problem) so it would be really nice if your hubby quit to help you. Again, hang in there. If I can do it, so can you.

Buzzmaam said...


I'm looking forward to BB10 and your recaps. I'm glad you're doing better and writing more. Thanks for the great blog!

Gayle said...

Susan in FL

I purchased a Zenith DTT900 digital converter box using the $40.00 coupon. It works very well! Once you connect it you will get more digital channels. I disconnected it from my TV so that I could use my VCR. That's the only drawback - you can only tape what you watch. The pix and sound are fanatastic!

Delee said...

TWO NEW SHOWS not counting BB10 starting back this week:

Tues 8-830p on TLC "Say Yes to the Dress" think this is a Sydney fav

Weds 9-10p on Bravo "Project Runway"

Just a heads up all!!!

TerryinCA said...

Hi Jackie, how refreshing to read your blog and get the pictures and updates...your sharp wit and commentary make my day! I always thank the Lord I foudn this blog when I did, oh what I would have missed!
I adored the bird...and sorry but glad the train was closed...bitty birds are my favorite.
since tonights the first BB airing I was so excited I rushed in to tell my husband..."Guess what starts on TV tonight!" his eyes widened and he rose up and said "Desparate Housewives?"
uh-no......better than that! BB10!
Oh, he says, I hope there are no Evel Dicks on there.....he wasnt a fan of his...but he did like the show ....but sadly, DH is his favorite...
I was concrned about the no Roofus sighting, but you dont seem alarmed so I wont be either.
Keep up the good knee progress...I worry about that clot causing you pain for much longer...keep us posted.
Again, thank you thankyou, cant wait for the fun to begin!

TerryinCA said...

Nana in NW.....sorry to hear about your foot..I had that as well...the orthopedic footwear store in town put two small pads under the insole of my shoes, and it totally went away over a short time and the pain relief was instant...hope you can find a good place like that there too.

sharon said...

Ah,Jackie is getting back to her old form and everything is right in the universe. Good to hear the old Jackie shining through and know that things are going as well as they can. We so look forward to a word or a picture from you and now that they are coming with greater frequency,that's a very good thing.

I'm with you,Jackie,in being glad that Comfort was the one to go home. I knew that Nigel was after her,and it sure showed in his comments and it was just Thayne's luck to have to go up against Will and Twitch. I think they all think that Will is the front runner,because he is Debbie Allen's hand picked choice. He is a good dancer,but some of the others can hold their own. My personal favorites right now...Courtney/Gev,the shorties! I'll be sad to see them broken up. Is that this coming week,when the switch the partners? Can I just ask,is Mia a lesbian? She sure macks on the girls,a lot,this season.I think she is strange,no matter what her persuasion.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone and welcome to the newbies!

Is everyone ready to start out liking certain ones, only to dislike them the following week? I hope I can go in with a few I like in the was sure hard to do that last season.

Jackie-glad to hear your are up and at em, even if it is not at the speed you are up and moving, so that is what counts. A big "thank you" for your wonderful site. It has been a Godsend.

Well, get your favorite seat in the house, grab your favorite snack and beverage and enjoy the show. The ride is about to start!

Joyn-Hang in there, you are doing great. Just remember everyone has those tough days.

Nana NW-I hope your foot gets better. Planters can be very painful. We stained our wrap around deck, that was a job, so I feel your pain. Thank goodness we painted the house last year.

I will talk to you all later, to see what you all think of this season's cast and the happenings.

Have a great day everyone!

Nana in the NW said...

Thanks everyone for the advice about my foot. It can be very painful. Started hurting right before I went to Disneyland...5 days of walking on concrete was so painful at night I couldn't walk on it. I've been taking tylenol and iceing it which seems to help--no surgery for me!

terryinca.(and our other west coast viewers)--remember if you can't wait to watch BB10 you can see on East Coast time at: it's fun to watch along with most of the other bloggers.
I, then, re-watch on my time to catch the things I missed(and are usually talked about here).

Still painting...:( It got to be 92 yesterday so I quit about 3p.m. I had picked out various shades of gray for my house and have found out both of my neighbors are painting their houses GRAY!! So I was off to Lowes yesterday to get some new samples....I'm think of greens.

Have a good day...will be back tonight!!! YAY!!!

PlaidChick said...

Happy BB "X" premiere..

My nephew is spending the week with us, and my husband and him were in a round of XBOX male bonding, and I came through and did my jiggy dance, that BB starts tonight, I have the feeds, updates all the sites, with this blog being #1, and of course Sho2. I stayed up until 3 AM last night to gear myself up.

Joy-- WTG to go on quitting smoking! Some people can do cold turkey, others can't-- I kind of think it's smarter and you'll probably be more successful in the long run if you ween yourself.

Nana-- go get fit for some insoles. Since MIL broke her foot last year, she got some insoles for her shoes, and the support is so much better. She went to Foot Solutions.

"Mama" moved her kittens to some unknown place. I know she's not far because she still comes by daily.

Can't wait to blog with everyone tonight!

Laurie said...

Nana, when I suffered from planters fasciitis my doctor told me to roll a can back and forth with my foot. I think it gives a gentle stretch to your foot and also to your calf. Also, lifting my foot while sitting and "writing" the alphabet with my foot was a good exercise. I feel your pain, my friend, I really do.

Thanks for the reminder that we can watch it on the net at 5 pm here. I'll give that a try again this year and see if that works for me!

TerryinCA said...

nana, thanks for reminding me about justtvnuts...thats the ticket for me!
And oh no! about your Gray house...on our street everyone had some kind of biege,yellow, light rusty colors, all autumn harvest theme. Ours was a light gold, so we went light blue with white trim and I'll be darned if three other houses didnt do it too!
I guess You are the trendsetter for your block!

Forrest Gump said...

What the heck, America's Greatest Dog? I never heard of this one. I will have to check it out. I know that there are a million reality shows out now. They seem to be coming up with even crazier ones each month.
Check out how crazy Hollywood is. I work with Motorola, right. They set up a web site for Danica Patrick. She’s the race car driver that just became the first woman to win in the Indy car race series.
There is a Talk Show Spoof Video on the site. It’s pretty funny. The reason why I’m telling you this is that she might be getting a real talk show. How crazy is that; getting a real show off a spoof show? Only in America!