Sunday, August 17, 2008

TV Snippets

Off from the Big Brother topic, I want to talk about some of my TV observations, as well as a few TV pet peeves.

  1. Tying in with the photo I took above in North Plainfield, NJ -- I've been watching The Sopranos on A&E. The theme song caught my attention and I looked it up. It's not about the mob. It's actually about a woman who woke up one morning twenty years in an abusive relationship and shot her husband. Interesting how well if fits in with the mob scene although it stems from an actual news story. I can see why the series is a hit. They have a lot of clever bits. They're showing the last season now and I loved when The Theme from Peter Gunn kept playing as the feds tried to set up surveillance on Tony. Knowing Jersey as I do these days, I find it hard to believe folks from North Caldwell hang out so much in Elizabeth. BTW, Elizabeth is the county seat for my county.
  2. On another New Jersey note: Attention, weathermen (and women) -- STOP standing in front of NJ when doing the weather! Sheesh, please stand on the right side over the ocean or far end of Long Island! Why do you stand on the left blocking where half of your audience lives? Also, the weather usually travels west to east.
  3. I've noticed the Baskin Robbins ad has toned down. Originally, the adult woman kicked the soccer ball and screamed "In your face!" at a little girl. I personally thought that was in poor taste. Then, lo and behold, they're not showing that version anymore. Now she kicks the ball and high-fives a shocked coach.
  4. I received and have managed a first watch of The Wire: Season Five. I really should write up a few posts about what I think is the best drama series ever to air. You go, Slim Charles. Cheese needed to be got.
  5. Too many crime/autopsy-based shows are using Coumadin or Warfarin to poison or kill people. Stop that, please. Just have the victims drink mercury or something. You're making me worry about my dosages.
  6. Why do people confess on The First 48? Man, if I were a murderer, I would say "Lawyer, please." That said, when there was a huge embezzlement at my workplace years back and I was a suspect due to access, I voluntarily took a lie detector test with the State Police. I knew I was innocent and thought it would be an interesting life experience. Oh, I was indeed innocent.


carol said...

LOL about the coumadin Jackie! You know it IS rat poison.
Like you - I take warfarin and it's a real pain to get the dosage right. I'm happy when they let me go a whole month without a re-check!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you about the coumdin. Just cost me a week in the hospital. Almost rather take my chances with a blood clot. Stay upbeat is my motto. Always something to laugh about, just got to look. Pat in Fl

Anonymous said...

Jackie you crack me up and make me LOL when reading this blog and your TV squad posts.


nancy in nj said...

jackie...LOVED this blog about jersey!! i have to tell you...i am not one for movies or tv unless it is reality or comedy...but my son was buying the seasons of sopranos on dvd and he kept telling me i HAD to watch it. i got SO flippin remains one of the absolute best shows i have EVER seen on tv. the writing, scenery, jokes, realism..oh my gosh!! it was truly a work of art!! if you get the opportunity...start from the beginning won't be dissapointed!!