Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Amazing Race 13 Season Premiere

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Yes! I mean ... no! It's not on here on the East Coast as it's delayed by football. Once it starts, while I won't actually be live-blogging the entire show, I'll be updating this post regularly with my thoughts on the happenings and critical events. Of course, everyone is welcome to do the same in the comments area!

Until the show starts, we'll just have to admire Zoetawny's cool new graphic.

8:15 PM and we're getting started here in the NYC area.

Okay, they're going to Brazil leaving from Los Angeles. Out of my own geekiness, I'd like to see the comic book guys do well.

Lots of teams off to a bad start -- marked counter means just that. Duh. At least my comic book guys were #1 on the first flight!

Even though the first flight was delayed, they still had an hour and a half lead over the second flight.

In the Detour I was thinking they should count the steps. After all, what else could the question be?

Pit Stop order so far:
1. Nick and Star - won a trip to Belize
2. Ken and Tina
3. Terence and Sarah
4. Mark and Bill
5. Kelly and Christy
6. Toni and Dallas
7. Andrew and Dan
8. Aja and Ty
9. Anthony and Stephanie
10. Marisa and Brooke
11. Anita and Arthur

Alas, the hippies Anita and Arthur were Philiminated. Once my show review goes live at TV Squad, I'll post the link!


Delee said...

Wondered where you were Jackie...thojught maybe f=ball delayed ya

Delee said...

Off to Salvador Brazil on one of 2 flights

Clementine said...

Yeah, it's on time here! Didn't get a chance to preview the teams, but they look pretty interesting!

I'm already rooting for the single mom/son team. Hope they don't turn out to be obnoxious!

And what's up with TAR as couple's therapy? I think I heard about 3 teams with a "make or break" relationship.



Anonymous said...

woo hoo tx jackie!!
debie in calif

Laurie said...

I'm here to read all about it before I watch it on the West Coast. I shall begin by rooting for the two San Diego guys. I hope they aren't obnoxious!

Sorry about the football delay for you Easterners ... but my Chargers won so it was well worth it!

Petals said...

I just already do not like the brother/sister team. They sceeve me... eww.
LOVE the bee-keepers, the gamers & the frat boys. Also, strangely, I like the seperated couple.

Delee said...

American flt goes thru Miami, they have to find a flagged counter and none are finding it at 1st. United is the 2nd flt and arrives 3 hr later.

Clementine said...

Petals, about the sceevy brother/sister (I'm not saying they are!) but do you remember the bro/sis team from one of the early seasons that were always touchy/feely? I can still picture them on a bunk in the back of a camper, when the bro started to massage her neck, and she said coyly, "Not now, wait til the camera's are off. giggle giggle"

Now THAT was sceevy, LOL!

Clementine said...

Frat boys having a little panic attack cause they went to the wrong line and didn't make the first flight. Two couples already making a "loose alliance"!! That's not going to last :)

Delee said...

1 flt delayed so lead is cut to about 1 1/2 hr

Had to go get clue become a barrista push cast and find another clue

Delee said...

Ken/Tina Nick/Starr 2 legs alliance

Delee said...

One team just realised they speak Portuguese not Spanish LOL

Clementine said...

Comic book geeks out in front of the pack! New York couple (newly dating) are wound pretty tight. Separated couple are sarcastic, so far in a good way. But they must have edited in about 5 times now, that he cheated on her @@

Oh, sleep outside under mosquito nets! That will separate the players from the whiners!

Delee said...

Deliver cart clue is to military base and sleep in a tent with a signup for the am.

Clementine said...

Anita and Arthur, the hippie beekeepers, are working at their own pace (turtle and the hare, lol)

Delee said...

Terence and Sarah 1st to base 9am
Nick/ Starr 2nd
Mark/Bill 3rd
Ken/Tina 4th
Aja/Ty in 930 group

rest 10am

Clementine said...

Back of the pack...

Single mom/son
Southern belle blondes
Hippie beekeepers
And one of the "relationship test" couples @@

Sydney said...


Oh, the token blondes are in last place... can they go this soon? The beekeepers are even 2 or 3 teams ahead of them.

Delee said...

The cart was a long narrow 3-tier thingy, and had a small semi-truck tractor on the front...only had candies on it (?)

Clementine said...

Wow, I guess it's only on at our houses, Delee! Phil knew how much I missed him and didn't want to delay are reunion anymore :))

Sydney said...

Petals, I like the separated couple too, though who knows if she could explode on him once she's really tired and hungry? Not sure he feels he could loose it on her under their relationship's circumstances.

Wanted to like the bro/sis team but he was already nasty in line.

I like the girl with the dark curly hair who is newly in love with the blonde-sh guy...

Delee said...

Socializing, chatting and food.

Taxi to historic center and find church with a clue.

Clementine said...

Which chick was that hitting on my hot guy from the mom/son team? Back off, sister!

And the newly dating New Yorkers are very neurotic. Is that stereotyping?

Delee said...

Ken has a whistle and uses to get a taxi.

Taxis are hard to find.

Teams run by the boxs haha
Detour climb stairs on knees and make spiritual pledge and answer a mystery ? OR soft way down climb down rope to street 240ft

Delee said...

Rope cargo net oops

Clementine said...

Really hard physical tasks for this early in the Race! Climb down a 240 foot cargo net, or climb up a huge flight of steps on your knees. The beekeepers aren't there yet, but I can't imagine them doing either!

Delee said...

Nick/Starr 1st down and Ken/Tina 2nd

Now find a boat for check-in

Petals said...

It is just sooo rude to refer to Ken & Tina as "mom & dad". What a rude thing to just do! Grrr..I hate the bro/sis.

Delee said...

Nick Starr finish 1st and win a trip to Belize

Petals said...

Syd - yea, I like the the newly dating couple too... she's nice.

Delee said...

Ken/Tina 2
Terence/Sarah 3
Mark/Bill 4
Only one team does the hands/knees on the stairs Andrew/Dan and how many stairs they do not know

Kelly/Christie 5

Delee said...

They have to do stairs again...

becky said...

I don't care for the separated married couple. Such a stressful thing like AR is NOT conducive to repairing a bad marriage. I don't care for Terrance either. He doesn't want HIS girl talking to other people. Can anyone say red flag?

I like the Hippies, but I don't think they will do well. I also like the comic book guys and the mother and son.

Laurie said...

Mark and Bill are the San Diego guys. I'm sure they are total nerds but I hope they are also street savvy! I want it to be one here right now! *stomping feet*

Delee said...

6th Tony/Dalla
Andrew/Dan 7
53 stairs
Aja/Ty 8
Anthony/Steph 9
Brooke/Marisa 10
Beekeepers Last

Clementine said...

Aww, hippie beekeepers first eliminated! She's crying :(

They held hands the whole way through, what nice people!

Delee said...

852 and over gee whiz why do they not use these minutes...ADS boo hiss

Delee said...

Funny how we already have favs and not-favs...

Jackie...I salute you...I can not type fast and miss facts LOL

Have a good one all.....

meb said...

Awwww..beekeepers were last and eliminated. She almost cried when she was talking. They would have been fun to watch.

I like the brother and sister... what did they do that you don't like? I would have probably made the same comment he did in line. Of course, I heard the negative comments coming from the other guy, so I can understand the brother's comment. As you can see, I don't remember names yet.

I don't like the cheating guy or his ex.

I like the guys who did the steps.

And I can't remember the rest of them.

meb said...

I think if I was going around the world on a game show, the last thing I would want to win is a trip anywhere. Give me a car or motorcycle or something neat like that. But a trip???

monty924 said...

Didn't make it home in time. :( I enjoyed reading all of your comments and I'll either catch it on the net tomorrow or watch it at home later in the week. I remembered to set the DVR before I left my house. :)

I think I might like the comic book guys... but I don't even know who they are yet.

Sydney said...

LOL Meb!

Laurie said...

Well, I'm watching the show now and I do like the guys from San Diego. They are so excited to be going down that building! I like their spirit.

The blondes can go anytime along with the separated couple. Frat boys can go next!

ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of amazing race news summaries.

Petals said...

Meb, I can only speak for myself regarding why I don't like the brother/sister:
1. In the intro/bio, they just seemed to hang on one another so much (too much). Too touchy-feely or something, at least for my taste.
2. They immediately refered to the seperated couple as "mom & dad". To me, that's just rude.

Meb, how are you feeling??

meb said...

Thanks for the explanation Petals. I wouldn't be too excited about them either if they get "too" touchy-feely... that is if it's not in a brother/sister way.

I'm feeling great. Thanks for asking. I go for the Hysteroscopy tomorrow morning, 5:30a.m. But it's outpatient, so I should be home by afternoon. I'll probably sleep most of the day away. But who knows...I also may be right here posting.

TerryinCA said...

Meb- I liked the sister and brother too..Star and something. I think they were "touchy feely" because they dont live in the same state..they might miss each other. And I thought the comment he made in line to the camera was funny cause I would have thought the same thing...the frat boys are obnoxious....whiners. (and please who told these two that cute girls wold even look their way?)
Also I didnt get to watch the rest of the show cause my husband doesnt care for it --bummer--but I live through Jackies comments and all of you and my pal Laurie in San Diego...if she says the SD boys are cool then Im rootin for them!

joy n said...

Sad to see the hippy beekeepers go. I really liked them.

Not crazy about the separated couple or insecure Terence. I have a feeling Sarah is going to get to know him real well on this trip and not like what she learns about him.

I like Nick and Starr (bro & sis) so far. Mom and son are likable, too.