Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Amazing Race - Mosquito Net Scenes and Final Words

The CBS websites are really putting in more video clips than they've done in previous seasons. I was looking around today and found more clips on their site than what comprised the actual show! So, I couldn't help but to share a few with you. While I liked Anita and Arthur, they are a bit "out there" for this show. I can't help but wonder if CBS made them wear the tie-dyed outfits. I'm adding Dallas and Toni to my "hope they do well" list. They're the mother and son. I'm definitely not too keen on the blonds.


~~Silk said...

Does Anita remind anyone else of Sister Wendy Beckett, the art-explaining nun? The teeth, the skin, the eyes, the air of "Oh, wow, look at this!".

Delee said...

Found this at Joker's...it is Jerry and his goofs set to Britney Spears, new song, Womanizer!!!


It's a hoot!!!!

nancy in nj said...

delee......hahahahaha ROFLMAO!! thanks for the hoot!!

PDX Granny said...

On the previous post Tom S asked what we collect. Since this one has started, I'll answer it here.

I collect Pearl China. I found a small vase a few years ago at a flea market and fell in love with it. It has a unique shape and is yellow with gold leaves overlayed on it. Then I learned I could search for it on eBay. Ohhh, bad news!!

I now have more pieces than I can count - in turquoise, forest green, platinum, gold and the original yellow. I have different shapes & sizes of vases, tea pots, cream & sugars & compotes. When I moved about 3 years ago, I packed it all up and haven't pulled out even one piece. :)

I won't even mention the Beanie Babies I got hooked on. Those also are packed away in many boxes and bags!

Jackie, thank you for giving me an outlet for my addictive personality. It's much more cost effective to be addicted to this blog!!!

Laurie said...

Oh Elaine, we truly were meant to be friends. I collected Beanies, too. I have given many away but still have too many in plastic boxes under the bed. Maybe this will be the year they go to a charity.

I guess I should admit to collecting yarn, too. However, that yarn eventually gets worked up into something or given to my friend who knits sweaters for a charity.

Still off topic, Terry in CA and I went to see Nights of Rodanthe this afternoon. Total "chick flick" and we both enjoyed it. Terry said it wasn't the same as the book but it was still good. She thought ahead and brought tissues. We needed them!

Sydney said...

I left a comment for Clementine, Sue and Donna on the last post.

Sydney said...

SIlk -- that's spot on with sister Wendy!

Nana in the NW said...

rbennie--please tell me there's still room for me in the pool???

I have been so busy with my mom that I haven't read anything for two days! Her condition is getting worse although she came home today. Hospice has been brought on board and the drs. are indicating we'll be lucky to have her at Thanksgiving. I just keep telling myself God won't give me anymore than I can handle!

If I miss any fun games here just sign me up!! I might not be checking in regularly for the next few months but I don't want to miss any of the fun!

joyn--thanks for the name game info....I kind of like Stick Freedom :-)

becky--if you don't tell anybody(especially Orkmommy...you can join my team for Survivor. I'm by myself and have Susie Smith. I would love a teammate....but shhhhh it's a secret!! LOL

sydney--re: Sharon I sent you an e-mail....please forward to the rest of your list.

I would love to talk but am too tired. My days have been starting about 6a.m. and I'm not settled back at home until about 9 p.m. Thank goodness for the DVR!

dla said...

Aloha, everyone!

WOW, am I behind the curve! I have been MIA for two weeks, and have so much to catch up on. Just wanted to say hello, and I will work the next few days to go back and read the posts to get up to speed.

I hope all is well with everyone, and, nana, you are in my thoughts!! Hang in there, and take it one hour, one day at a time.

Hugs to all!

PS: (((Sharon))) we are missing ya!! Please pop in a quick note to let us know how you are if you read this.

lynn1 said...

Tom's, Thanks for bringing up the off topic of what people collect. I have found it interesting.

I am not currently collecting anything but I have several collections that I feel are complete enough to satisfy me.

I have a collection of Opalescent glass in blues and pinks.

I have a collection of David Winter cottages.

I have a cookbook collection.

I have a collection of rabbits.

I have a small collection of hand painted Russian boxes.

I have a collection of fine china, presently I have 6 sets, each with service for 12.

I have a a collection of crystal stemware, 4 sets with service for 12.

My biggest weaknest is crystal and china.
Now you can see why I am trying to stop collecting things.

meb said...

SHARON !!! We really miss you. Please let us know you're OK!

Tom s: I used to collect owls. It got so for every birthday or christmas, all I ever got were owls, so I finally told my family I didn't want anymore and I sold all but one (and I had hundreds) in a yard sale and that was the end of that. Did you ever try to dust hundreds of owls? No more collecting for me.

Oh.. my outpatient surgery went fine yesterday. Won't know results until next week probably.

RBennie said...

Good morning all.

Of course there's room for you in the TAR pool Nana. Sue, Clementine and Jennasmom, you are all added also.

I'm sorry this is such a tough time for you Nana. Keep your chin up. Your family will be in my prayers.

RBennie said...

P.S. - MEB - glad to hear your surgery went well. Good luck on the results.

RBennie said...

We have 19 people signed up for the TAR pool. There is 1 space left, who's in? Here is the updated list.

Karen in MD/DC
Donna in AL
PDX Granny
Nana in NW

Orkmommy hasn't been commenting in the last couple of days. I hope all is well.

sue said...

meb...good to hear about yesterday's procedure and also the way you turned those owls lose to be appreciated by others. Great idea!

lynn1..I have my mother's Sweetheart cobalt blue candy dishes,etc. they are special to me. And I saved one piece of china/ceramic/etc from every mother, grandmother, great grandmother and in laws to represent those women to my children.

Nana, keep doing what you are doing. It is all you can do.

Jackie, I think you must collect photographs. Do you have a favorite taken by you?

Delee said...
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Delee said...

OK Tom started this and I think that everyone forgot to mention this collection....come on we all do this....when I typed my list on previous post I forgot this...can you guess?

Refrigerator magnets from places we have visited, local food joints, cutsie ones, etc. Confess your frig is covered with em!!!

Nana...hugs and prayers.

RBennie said...

LOL Delee. Although I do confess that there are several on my fridge, I did not buy a single one of them! People seem to like to give them as gifts, and they do come in handy for holding your important papers, lol.

lynn1 said...

I know this is a stressful and difficult time for you. My prayers are for peace for you and comfort for your Mom.
My Dad was in hospice care the last 9 months of his life. It was a blessing for him and for me. When it came down to the last few days, while we were sad, it was with peace and love in our hearts.

I remember vividly telling my Dad it was OK for him to go and that I would take care of my mother and brother.
The most difficult and the most loving thing we can do for our ill parents is to let them know it is ok to go.
My beliefs include life after death. I know my Dad's body quit but his spirit,soul and love are very much alive.
God bless your mother,you and your family.

MEB, I hope you get the best of news from your procedure. You are in my prayers.

Sharon, My prayers are with you for a full recovery. I hope you will soon feel up to posting.

meb said...

nana in the nw... My prayers are also with you and your mom during this difficult time. I'm glad you contacted hospice. When my friend died last year, it was such a comfort to have hospice on board to help you in those last months.

Nana in the NW said...

Ok delee, I confess....my frig. is covered!! Collecting vacation magnets started innocently enough and now has taken on it's own life!! Of course, now it's about getting the cutest one from each location...I will go to several stores looking for the one I like the best. Not much on collecting anything else.

meb--glad to hear your surgery went well. Do you have many more?

I noticed our pool list doesn't have dla, plaidchick, orkmommy, nancy in nj, or zoetawny. Are you all not TAR watchers???

Another nice day here in the NW....but the rain is coming tomorrow.

What happened to WV??

dla said...

Pick me, pick me! I want in TAR pool, but I don't know yet what it is!! lol

And I (sheepishly) admit to refrigerator magnets... I must say that each time I look at the magnets for each Broadway show I have seen, or those from my favorite vacation destinations, it does make me smile. And the fur babies do like to take the occasional swipe at them, as well.

It can, however, slow me down when I clean the outside of the frig, as I have to take a trip down memory lane which can add hours to the job. :)

RBennie said...

Caroline grabbed the last official spot in the TAR pool. I will post the teams tomorrow. Sorry, dla, Caroline commented just before you did, but you can still join in, I will just make one team of three.