Monday, September 29, 2008

Amazing Race Review is up on TV Squad

My review of the season premiere of The Amazing Race is now up on TV Squad. I hope folks take a gander.

As long as I don't get goosed.


lynn1 said...

I loved the show last night. Great start to this season.

While I would never try out for the show I would try to remember to read the darn clue and comprehend it before taking off.
Every year good teams don't get the info they need before taking off half cocked and screw up because they did not read the clue.

I don't have a favorite team yet but I thought Terrance was a jerk complaining that Sarah was talking to other players instead of holding him. Geeze

I was sorry to see the hippie beekeepers go but they didn't seem to be very competitive.

Jackie your TVsquad report was excellent.

Laurie said...

Good morning! Lynn, my husband nearly fell off the couch when Terrance complained about Sarah not paying attention to him. He said she should dump him right there! I agree.

I don't think the hippie couple were competitive, either. They were strong and fit but march to a different beat than most of us. I enjoyed how nice they were to each other.

Still sorting out the other couples. It takes me awhile to put names to faces ... especially when some of the faces look so much alike! I mean, those blondes probably aren't named Barbie, are they?

Jackie, I'm off to read and comment on your TV Squad review. I'm sure it's excellent as usual!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Wow, I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in forever! I took Thursday and Friday off, so today's my first day back at work since Wednesday. I peeked in once or twice over the weekend, but this is my first chance to really catch up.

Well TAR is off to a good start. Too bad the hippies went so soon. They seemed like they would be fun. I don't have too much of a vibe about any of them yet, but I think the separated couple picked a very bad way to try to reconcile their marriage.

Hey Orkmommy - why don't we have a pool going for TAR also. Would anyone be interested in doing that?

Speaking of the pool, I'm not exactly loving my guy Ace. He's a hard worker and good at the challenges, but his people skills are lacking. Come on Ace, you gotta worm your way into that alliance!

becky said...

Jackie, you caught the same two items that hit me last night. They were: "Ken and Tina: This separated couple is one of those using the show to get back together.... let's get all stressed out so we can kill each other or get back together." I can't imagine anyone trying to save a marriage attempting to do it in such a high stress situation.
Also: "Terence and Sarah: Yes, a couple. ... He also seems to have real jealousy issues going on." Boy, that had the red flags going up for me. Run, Sarah, run -- in the other direction.

I liked the geeks too. And I also liked the brother and sister. The frat bros should have counted the stairs the first time. I mean it wasn't like they had a lot to do while on their hands and knees. Plus, AR is good about having the "how many" questions. I think that them calling other couples Mom and Dad may come back and bite them.

Excellent write up on TVS. I love the humor you put into your writing.

becky said...

RBennie said...Hey Orkmommy - why don't we have a pool going for TAR also. Would anyone be interested in doing that?

If you do, I want in, pretty please with sugar on it. I missed out getting in on the Survivor pool.

Lars Eller said...

I know a Nick & a Star, recently I asked about them, nobody seemed to know the answer. I last heard they had gone to Germany.

Star I know is a little annoying, she'll hide behind her brothers, they are hilarious when they dress in camouflage overall it's to draw people away from her.
She's a different version of my cousin Royal who was sheltered from the world due to her parents back story, both smart yet panic if they sense they might be taken advantage of.
The second I read Jackie's review I immediately thought it has to be Star I know, she calls everyone Mom & Dad even her pets, although they'd joke a lot, surely can't be her. LOL

I didn't watch Amazing race, I'm anxious to see what they look like. I have a feeling it's the Star I know mainly because of the Dallas Cowboys " Star " symbol. I believe Star posted in Jackie's blog a few times, Of course if it the same Star.

delee said...

I agree about a AR poll...

As I read the TVS article about the detour, I pictured Jackie trying to do that with your new knee and it made me wince and say No Way...

Great article at TVS, per usual.

Looks like a great start to the race...

RBennie said...

Orkmommy, if its too much for you to keep track of 2 pools, I would be glad to organize a TAR pool. That is, of course, as long as Jackie doesn't mind us using her blog once again for this purpose. I just think it makes the game that much more fun for all of us. Please let me know what you think.

Margo said...

I want in the pool - please please please I want the hippies-oops maybe not. I would love to play - it adds another element to the show. I hope I get the bit**y team since I'm gonna be used to that with Corrine on Survivor.


Anonymous said...

I want in too! I am still lurking, but will try to comment more. Here is a blurb re Sarah on TAR in The Washington Post.

Karen in MD/DC

A Double Dose of Reality: From Bear Stearns to 'Amazing Race'

For months, Potomac native Sarah Leshner begged her boss: Please could she take off a month for a shot at reality TV fame? The answer came back no: The company needed her for the big spring conference -- and it didn't want that kind of publicity.

Turned out her company had bigger things to worry about . . . because it was Bear Stearns. When the investment bank collapsed in March, Leshner found herself jobless but suddenly free to take that offer to compete on "The Amazing Race." The Churchill High grad, 31, and boyfriend Terence Gerchberg were among 11 teams vying for $1 million in the new season that debuted last night. (Dad Alan Leshner is a leading D.C. policy wonk: chief exec of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.)

"I feel like I lived through a horrible tragedy," Leshner said of her colleagues who are uprooted or unemployed. But it worked out for her: After seeing so much poverty via the show's round-the-world chase, she abandoned Wall Street for a job in microfinance. "It just feels so much better," she said.

RBennie said...

Since people are already responding, I'm just gonna go ahead and run with the TAR pool. Jackie & Orkmommy please respond and let me know its okay with you guys.

There are ten teams left, so we need 20 people to pair up. We've already got a good start with:

Karen in MD/DC

We need 15 more of you rabid TAR fans. Just comment here that you want in and I will add you. This is gonna be fun!

Margo said...

I came across this humorous link on another blog. You can see what your name would be if Sarah Palin named you. My name is Knife Pile Palin.


RBennie said...

LOL Margo - that was pretty funny. My name would be Ripper Shook Palin. She is really getting blasted isn't she? I was changing channels yesterday and caught a bit of Bill Maher's show and he was absolutely merciless.

Delee said...

Goodness graceous, me oh name is:
Shove Maggot Palin

How lucky did I get?

RBennie said...

Oh yours is definitely much cooler than mine Delee, ROFL

Margo said...

I'm glad you are having fun - Shove and Ripper.

Knife aka Margo

RBennie said...

What can I say, I'm very easily amused, LOL.

It beats reading my CNN alert that just told me that the $700 Billion bail out bill failed in the House and the Dow Jones is down over 600 points.

joy n said...

Just checked out my name. Stick Freedom Palin. Like the middle name. The whole name sounds a bit sarcastic.

rbennie, count me in on the poll. Please use joyn, not Stick.

RBennie said...

You got it Joyn

Shove/delee said...

CBS broke into As the World Turns with the joyous news(kidding). Wonder if I should run to the bank and have mattress $$$. We are in scary times and no matter who is elected, I foresee rough times ahead.

Alias- Shove

Strange names for sure can not wait to see more!

RBennie said...

My question is who in their right mind would want to take over this country at this point in time. If I was Obama or McCain, I'd be working on losing the campaign right about now!

Alias - Ripper

lynn1 said...

rbennie, please add me to the TAR pool. Thanks.

If Sarah Palin named me I would be
Crunk Petrol Palin! LOL

RBennie said...

Sure thing there Crunk, um I mean Lynn1, I added you to the list. Hopefully you will last longer in this one, LOL.

lynn1 said...

rbennie, Unless you use the Hippies I think I'll be OK!
I think I prefer to be called C. Petrol Palin! LOL

Donna in AL said...

I don't keep up with TAR like I do BB or Survivor but I do watch when I can. Count me in the pool too, since my survivor's torch has already been extinguished (Gillian).

Donna in AL said...

Hi, my name is Rot Pipeline Palin and my mom has gas...rotten gas that is.

Margo said...

Hee Hee


Jackie said...

RBennie - The pool is fine with me. You can even throw my name in for a team.

Laurie said...

Please add me to the pool. I think it's a great idea!!

RBennie said...

Okay, I've added donna in al, Jackie and Laurie to the pool. Where are the rest of you regulars? Is everybody too busy taking all their money out of the bank? LOL. I know I shouldn't joke about it, but hey you might as well laugh.

monty924 said...

I just finished stuffing my mattress Rbennie. ;) I'm ready to join in the TAR pool.

Go whoever! lol

RBennie said...

Your in Monty924. I bet that mattress is nice and fluffy now, LOL.

Sydney said...

I want in the pool too!!!

Sydney said...

I spread out all my cash into 1-2-5 month CD's in a few banks a few days ago, lol.

meb said...

I'm in for the pool. give me a good one like I got for Survivor. I'm going to win the Survivor one. Smile.

meb said...

Nice timing Sydney... Hey... did you get my picture? You didn't respond. Did it frighten you that much you're afraid to say anything.

meb said...

Nevermind Sydney... just read your email. I have a habit of putting the horse before the cart. Smile.

monty924 said...

OMG, what a funny site. I just spit tea through my nose.

Let me introduce myself:

I'm Spoon Archer Palin, and

my two best friends in life are:

Vise Peeper Palin, and
Thump Hummer Palin!

joy n said...

I just put my husband's name thru and it came out McCain Fortress Palin. I'm not telling him that. He supports Obama.

PDX Granny said...

Rbennie, count me in on the pool! I was sorry to see the hippies go, since they're Oregon folks, but I'm sure I can find someone else to cheer for!

I feel real sorry for people with retirement plans right now, which is the field I work in. Today we had a plan that had terminated because the company shut down. All the employees that had invested in it had to either roll over their funds into another plan somewhere else, into an IRA or just get a check for the amount, less 20% tax, plus 10% penalty for taking it too soon.

Since the employer had shut down, there was no retirement plan for them to leave their assets in. They were forced to take them. One of the participants lost almost $30,000 in just one day.

Although my job is in the financial industry, I'm somewhat confident that it's secure. It's not in banking! I'm not touching my 401k, in the hopes that between now and when I retire in 5 or 6 years, the market will have recovered.

Scary times!!

You can call me Smoke Strapon Palin, aka pdx granny

meb said...

OK... I'd be Nam Guadalupe Palin.

Sydney said...

Love your name PDX

Smoke Strap ON

RBennie said...

Hi guys. Here is the latest list of TAR pool participants. We still need 6 more people.

Karen in MD/DC
Joy n
Donna in al
PDX Granny

I know we have more TAR fanatics than this, come on and join the fun.

joy n said...

Nana in the NW: That means you're Stick Freedom Palin, too, since we have the same first and middle names.

Caroline said...

Rbennie...I'd like to be in the TAR pool also. Thanks.

I'm sorry we didn't get to see a bunch of the other teams, I was really liking Aja/Ty and Kelly/Christy (the divorced girls)by the looks of them. And although we saw a little of Toni/Dallas we didn't see how they handled the challenges and the taxis and the general chaos. I certainly hope some different couples get airtime next week.

Disliking the frat boys Andrew/Dan and Terence/Sarah the most now. Even Sarah was annoying at the end "I hate them, they didn't say hi". Are you kidding me? You're in a race and you want to take the time out of looking for a taxi to exchange pleasantries with another team and then when they don't you "hate" them. Grow up!