Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes Season Premiere Tonight

Yes, there is a three-hour block of Heroes scheduled tonight. The actual new season begins at 9 PM ET/PT. I'll be watching, but I don't think I'm going to write up a full review. I'm a bit fuzzy on where last season left off although I'm sure it will come back to me. But three hours worth is too long for my knee to be in one position watching and blogging. I'll try to get the more important things mentioned, though.

The first hour is a pre-season premiere special. All of the stars and a huge party with clips from the past seasons, a run-down of the heroes, some glimpses into the new season. I'll have to have a Heroes party with my cat. She doesn't like to fly ... sigh.

Who shot Nathan Petrelli? Noah? Adam Monroe? Niki's Jessica? His mother? Mohinder? Claire? Sylar? Unknown assassin? The suspense builds.

Volume Three - "Villains"

Ohh ... Claire tries to shoot Peter, then he goes back to the past when Nathan was shot. Peter chased the would be assissin into the mens room only to find his cap and jacket. Hmmm....

UH-oh, now Nathan is dead but we know he isn't. He zooms to life right at Peter and we get the opening credits.

Hiro now has 51% of his father's business, but he's the same old Hiro at heart. A message recorded by his father was given to him. But then there's Claire packing to save Nathan but running into Sylar instead. He wants her healing power, of course. But she gives him a right uppercut instead. He's locking all exits before she can get to them. No working phone. Claire! He's in back of you! She hides in a closet with a butcher knife.

Cut to Maya being surprised by Mohinder. He's ready to give up his work. He decides her powers have a mind/body connection ... flight or fight. He has an epiphany ... the abilities are produced by adrenalin.

Back to Hiro -- He leaves him a sacred duty. He must keep a secret. In the wrong hands the secret could destroy the world. He's supposed to be a sentinel, but Hiro wants to be a hero. He's not supposed to open the safe, but that's what he wants to do. Heh, another DVD from his father scolding him. He has half of a formula that the fate of the world depends on and must find the person with the other half.

Ohh ... a new blond female evil "hero" speedster snatched the formula and he froze time to catch up with her. She escapes with the half the formula.

Meanwhile, Peter might be the assailant of his brother. He went to retrieve the gun and Parkman caught him. Yipes, it turns out that Peter's scar returns and he tells Parkman that he came from the future to stop Nathan from telling the world about them. And, now that Parkman knows, he can't be there anymore. Uh-oh, is it the end of Parkman?

Nathan leaves the hospital as a news reporter talked of his miraculous recovery ... and Peter's looking for him. Nathan thinks he was saved to do great things. Peter's ready to shoot him again if he talks. Nathan says God is the only one with a message -- "We're all connected. Only together can we be the stewards of our own destiny." Peter doesn't shoot him. "Save ourselves, save the world."

Cut back to Mohinder and Maya. He's trying to figure out the source of her power. He's isolated the genetic building blocks of her abilities. She wants her powers taken away, not given to others!

Back to Claire and Sylar. He has found her father's files on the heroes. She attacked him, but he's ready to ... he starts to slice her head ... and we go into commercial.

Back. She is cut and wonders if he's going to eat her brain. He doesn't; he just goes for a certain little bit, no eating. He pulls out the knife she stuck in him and the healing power seems to be working. He has taken off the top of her headbut he puts it back on, she lives. She heals. When she wonders why he doesn't kill her, he tells her she's special and can never die. Now neither can he.

Back to Mohinder and Maya. Blah-blah. He wants to inject himself with his discovery. She doesn't understand, thinks her abilities are a curse. She thinks his discovery is evil and should be destroyed.

Back to Nathan and Peter. Peter reminds him of the powers while Nathan thinks it's the hand of God or angels. Now Nathan doesn't want to tell the world so I guess Peter won't have to kill him again. Yikes. Peter leaves and Linderman comes in. He's the one who healed him. "You and I are meant for great things, Nathan."

Niki/Jessica is with a governor and they see Nathan on TV. She likes him. Isn't he such a lucky man?

Eww. Parkman is in a desert with a scorpion on him. He's all alone and panicky.

To Ando and Hiro talking about the woman stealing the formula. Ando wants him to go back in the past and ask his father. But Hiro wants to go to the future to see if the world gets destroyed. So he does. Future Hiro has the formula, Ando kills future Hiro while present day Hiro watches. Ando has the formula and it looks like the city is esploding, but it's back to present day. Hiro tells Ando they must get the formula.

Oh, back to Mohinder. He's ready to shoot up the serum from Maya, he does it. An allergic reaction? Poisoning? He collapses.

Back to Peter, Nathan and Mom Petrelli. She asks Peter what he's done with Peter. She knows he shot Nathan. He tells her the formula she has will destroy the world. She says something different happens and it's all because of him. She wants her son back. "I put him somewhere safe," Peter says and walks away.

But she's right, he's not Peter. Peter is trapped underground with HRG. Into narration from Mohinder about the second coming. Parkman, Claire, Sylar ... all seem to be on their missions. Hmmm ... Mohinder is laying in the same prone position as Sylar when he went down. Thugs try to steal his money and he jumps to life with some sort of super strength, not Maya's blackening eyes bit.

Chapter Two - "The Butterfly Effect"

Claire's mother is in the house and is upset that Syalr was there. Clair cut her hand, but this time she doesn't feel the pain. Before she would heal but feel the pain. She's upset -- said the pain was the only time she knew she was still human.

Huh? Mrs. Petrelli walks into a buidling foul of our heroes, the good ones all dead. The bad ones alive. Phew. It was a dream as she rode in the back of a car. She goes to Peter and tells him it's her fault. He tells her he can't, he's busy saving the world. She tells him you don't screw with time -- the butterfly effect. You step on a butterfly today and three years from now a million people die.

They talk about Claire. She tells him that she's had a bad day and he should go see for himself.

Maya and Mohinder in NYC again. He's really developed superpowers, it seems. He's thrilled to death with his new powers. He's sort of like Spider-Man with his climbing. They kiss and we get hero-sex and then a commercial.

Parkman is still staggering through the desert and looking weak. He presses on. He collapses. And we go to part two -- Syular walking up the street and getting shot by cops, flinging the two agents aside. Back to Bob and Elle at Primatech -- the agents were theirs. She wants to go find Sylar.

Back to Hiro and Ando. Hiro is jumpy around Ando probably because he saw Ando kill future Hiro. The speedster is Daphne and they get a file on her from their detectives.

To Jessica and the governor. He thinks Nathan is untested. Sje is pushing for them to go with him ... politically, it sounds like. She wants him to appoint Nathan to the junior senator of New York. She's off on her mission.

Eep. The guy who played Willard (rats), approaches her. He's some kind of journalist and wants to exp[se her past.

Back to Hiro and Ando. They see the Mona Lisa? Now Claire is recording again, thinking she's not human. "If you can't feel anything, do you still have a soul?" She stands in front of a train, but Peter swoops in and saves her. She tells him something awful happened to her and ... commercial.

She tells him about Sylar taking her top of her head off. Peter blames himself and knows that Syalr can heal now. Peter tells her he can't help her because if something goes wrong, it could change the whole world.

To Nathan and Jessica arriving. He's surprised. She tells him that she works with Governor Malden (?) and about the position. He tells her that she's Niki Sanders and she tells him she's Tracy Strauss. Linderman watches her leave. He tells Nathan that it was legit and that it wasn't Niki Sanders. He tells Nathan that it is God's plan. Nathan kicks him out of the room.

Back to Elle and Bob. She tells him that Sylar could be sent to Level Five and have a buffet. Uh-oh, Bob is dead. She goes to Level Five -- and that's where Peter and HRG are. She gives HRG a gun and says they have to go for Sylar.

Whoops, Sylar is there. HRG shoots him several times. He looks dead, but the bullets are falling out of him and the healing works. He tells him he got the power from Claire and flings him. Elle tried to use her hands on him. He turns the gun to gold, tells her he killed a lot of people and she's as much to blame. All of a sudden the electricity flash and I think it was Sylar gping up in the air with it. Hmmm ... did the Peter who doesn't look like Peter do it? I turned my head a second, not sure if it was indeed Sylar. Definitely a guy, not Elle.

Yep, Peter did it. He escapes with a black guy. Elle is still alive as is HRG. Syalr is pretty out of it and it looks like they're going to lock him up.

Ando and Hiro -- In France. Hiro tells him about the future Ando killing future Hiro. Ando is dubious about that. Hiro is in Daphnre's place looking for something they can use to bargain for getting the formula back.

Peter and Nathan. Nathan mentions the position offered. Peter tells him he came from the future and came back to kill him. He said it was because the future heroes were tortured and abused because of Nathan's speech and he had to shoot him. Nathan asks future Peter what he should do ... take the offer? Peter says he's from a different future and Nathan must make the right choices. Peter vanishes telling Nathan that he has to set things right.

Nathan accepts the offer and tells "Tracy" he wants her on his staff. Back to the rat ... er, journalist. She denies she's Niki Sanders. He has a video of Niki and Nathan. He keeps at her, she pulls on his arm, he freezes and shatters like glass. ZMD 320 is the plate on her car if that means anything. She seems to have frightened herself with her power.

Elle is guarding over Sylar when Mrs. Petrelli arrives. Mrs. P tells her now that her father's dead, she's in charge. She's very condescending and tells Elle that her electrical power cut down the grid and allowed the prisoners to escape -- her services aren't needed anymore. "I suppose you'll have to get yourself another life," says Mrs. P.

Hiro and Ando trying to figure out Daphne with Catwoman. Daphne arrives and Hiro dangles her running medal trying to get the formula back. The formula paper is behind the Mona Lisa. She tells them her boss won't be happy. She zooms at Ando, holding a knife to him. She wants the formula and the medal. Hiro is confident -- he put a tracker on the medal. They go off following her.

Mohinder and Maya are in bed and he ain't doin' too well. His skin is peeling off all over his back and he seems all hot and bothered.

Someone has found Parkman in the desert. It's a turtle, telling him the plant nearby will give him water. Um, okay. It does. But the turle is not a turtle. It's an African asking him if he knows Britney Spears because he's from America. They walk. He tells Parkman he must stay and spirit walk for several miles. He sees the future. They walk on.

Claire is in her house, HRG is home again. She's so happy to see him but realizes he's not staying.

Chess game -- Linderman and Nathan. Linderman tells him he made the right choice by taking the senate seat. Nathan tells him that he won't be manipulated this time. Uh-oh, turns out that no one can see Linderman but Nathan. So his aide thinks he's playing by himself.

HRG is showing Claire all the heroes files, the evil ones it seems. Yep, evil. He says they will cause unimaginable destruction to the world -- they're villains. He's the only one who can stop them. Claire wants to help him. HRG has appointed Claire's firehands biological mother to protect the family.

Peter is after Sylar in Level five. His mom arrives and tells him it was the butterfly effect. She calls him Jesse and tells him that she wants her son back. Yikes, Peter sees the flamethrower guy kill people. The evil villains are befriending him. Hmmm ...but Peter's reflection is the guy who didn't look like him but was him in Level Five. Curioser and curiouser.

Mrs. P has Syalr captive. She calls him Gabriel and wants to take him in as her son. He says she's not his mother. "But I am, but I am," she replied.

And that's that.


Sydney said...


Donna in AL said...

Whooo hoooo! Although, I will be watching later since Two and a Half Men is new too.

sarah the great said...

jackie, im so glad you are live blogging this. haha. as im watching i know i am missing things :)

Sydney said...

did anyone see Hayden on the Enmmy's last night? She looked stunning and composed for only... what 19? 20?

Sydney said...

I am tivoing it for when my husband comes home and will comment later... watching DWTS

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, you're presenting me with quite a veritable quandary here! I was going to pass on Hero's this year. I don't need another program stacking up on my DVR. I already have 3 episodes of Bonny Hunt, 3 episodes of The Mole, and 6 episodes of The Riches!!

You're making it pretty hard to pass!! Should we start calling you Jackie the Enabler??

Jackie said...

Heh. I'm behind one Bonnie Hunt, one Big Bang Theory, and one How I Met Your Mother right now.

Donna in AL said...

I watched The Big Bang Theory, I love that show!

Donna in AL said...

Does anyone watch Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles? I will have to catch tonight's episode online later.

Jackie said...

That's one I don't watch.

meb said...

donna in al... i'm watching the Terminator. So far, so good. Not a fan of Heroes tho, just came in to see who was watching.

Donna in AL said...

I watched it last year too and really enjoyed it.
MEB how have you been...I've been on vacation and have not read back to catch up on everyone. I did check on Sydney a few days after Ike to make sure she was okay.

Thank you Jackie...I have not commented much this BB season but I was here more times a day than I care to admit. I still haven't had the time to check out all the Survivor people yet but I will...too busy trying to watch all the after show stuff on BB.

I will be here lurking and maybe commenting on Survivor.

Thanks again Jackie and you too Zoetawny for your wonderful graphics.

Susan said...

Hey,all. Jackie, I'm in awe of you. HOW did you watch it and keep track of all of that?! I am SO confused, and I wasn't blogging, obviously! Whew, a lot to take in. Thank you, yet again, for filling in the details I missed.


Petals said...

Man, I feel like a tool here because I DO NOT watch Heroes. And no, I will not start watching it, but I will lurk just so I can say "HEY" to you guys.

Caroline said...

So what did everyone think about the premiere? I thought it was fantastic and back to the Heroes of Season 1.

I hate both Maya & Mohinder and watching them in bed together was not only disgusting but also creepy. Mohinder will probably turn out to be a villain cause he'll get addicted to the Heroes shot or something.

Dying to know what's going on with Niki and Tracey. What happened since we left Niki in the burning building after she saved Monica? And I love Monica, I hope she'll be back on.

Supposedly two characters would be revealed to be related to Nathan & Peter this season...Sylar is the first, wonder who the second will be.

Oh and just for the end when Angela Petrelli was talking to Future Peter and he said he put current Peter in Area 5. She wasn't calling Peter by the name Jesse....Jesse is the name of the villain whose body current Peter is trapped in. He's the one whose power is sound manipulation and HRG told Claire he could destroy the world.

RBennie said...

Thanks for the recap Jackie, I sure needed it. I was trying watching DWTS, Heroes and Prison Break all at the same time! So of course I missed something in all of them. I'm so glad Heroes is back. I never watched it in the beginning, but I started watching it on DVD and was hooked.

Laurie said...

Petals, I don't watch it either but you know I'll be reading the messages just to see what's going on with my fellow addicts!

We do watch the Big Bang. Those guys crack me up. I've worked with programmers for years and they are so right on. Just love the nerdiness!

Oh yeah, I am going to start watching Survivor. I'm even in the pool the orkmommy is creating. Might as well go for it all, right?

ORKMommy said...

Speaking of the pool...

We have 9 spots available for the teams of two.

Donna in AL? Susan? Caroline? Anyone interested? Nana in the NW...maybe you need to "gently nudge" a few more ;-)

The pool will be open until 5pm CST on Thursday!

Caroline said...

Hey Orkmommy...I'm the Caroline in NJ that emailed you yesterday about the pool. I'm totally excited for Survivor this year...especially since it's in HD. Can't wait to watch and critic with all you guys.

ORKMommy said...

Caroline - Alrighty then. Sometimes I have trouble keeping everyone straight. Must be my "old timers" kicking in :)

Donna in AL said...

I am in, I received your email back Orkmommy. Yay, can't wait until Thursday!

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy-I'm doing my best!
Yesterday was a gentle it's a "light push"....don't make me come looking for you tomorrow!!!

I'm not sure who signed up yesterday but just in case:

DLA(is she back from Maui?)
MICHELLE(do you watch Survivor)

What did you do about Sharon?

Hope that helps!

Nana in the NW said...


I'm going to post this comment here because it's latest one up on Jackie's.

I'm guessing most of you are like me and read all the posts even if you don't watch the show just to see what's going on!

I have watched several interviews with Jerry and I dislike him even more!
*He denies saying anything about the girls bodies
*He thinks he was in the F3 because Memphis had a deal with him....not that he was a weak competitor.
*He denies doing MANY things
*He was only in the Marines from 1950-1954! Semper Fi, huh!!
*mentions many things he's looking forward to outside the house(grandkids, golf, hanging out at the local bar)--never once his wife! When asked about her his response was"Oh yes, I'll take care of her...that's my responsibility".

I'm glad all he walked out of there with is 4 gold bricks!

Bring on's time to start bashing a whole new group of contestants!! LOL

ORKMommy said...

Nana - I totally agree with you about Jerry. Is he so delusional that he doesn't think it's all on the internet for the world to see. Duh...they recorded EVERYTHING!!!

Several of you have expressed an interest in how my little girl is doing in school and with her speech delay. If you're interested I just posted a School Update on my blog.

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

I agree with all on the Jerry interview, but I was surprised to see him hold his own with ED. ED didn't give him the hardball questions that Bunky did, and he DID suck at those by the way. I think Jerry took a memory pass on the Keesha comments. He probably won't even go back and watch all the nasty things he said. Sad!

I think ED has a certain compassion for anything that happens in that house and anyone who puts theirself out there for us to critique. I did like what Jerry said about that. He said they can criticize me and then go in there and let me criticize them (or something to that effect).

Just sayin. :)

9/23/2008 4:57 PM

Zoetawny said...

This is one of my fav shows so of course I watched. But, forgot to dvr it so I could watch again to get it all straight. I'm not sure who the good guys and the bad guys are now. ;)


Thanks for the detailed report. It must have been challenging to write it up. It will help me get it straight after I read it once or twice...probably twice. Very cool graphic, too.


Sorry I'm late, but count me in on the Survior pool. I may not have time to post as much as I would like but I still want to participate.

Hope everyone is well and all is good!


Nana in the NW said...

monty--If I didn't know ED I would have thought he was ALMOST being respectful of Jerry as an elder! Jerry was right in his comment about "you go in the house and let me criticize you". That being said....he says he's watched the shows for many seasons(I think probably to see the young girls in bikinis) so he knew that he would be either be criticized and hated or loved and adored by the viewing audience. BB did a good editting job to make sure it was the latter. JMHO

zoe--good to see you! Glad to got into ork's pool.

Tonight is The Mentalist and season opener of Without a Trace....looks like the DVR will be humming.

Sydney said...

Donna, my husband LOVES Terminator. I watch it with him sometimes.
Anyone watching Project Runway? What are you thinking of the designer gal who's got the 50's style? I have decided I really don't like her vibe AT ALL. Arrogant, and to borrow a BB buzzword....disrespectful!

ORK and Nana -- do we lose Clementine and Plaidchick for Survivor? I don't think we lose Monty...

Laurie said...

Sydney, I watch Project Runway. I liked that 50's style gal in the beginning but she's been really arrogant the last couple of weeks. Not so likable anymore!

Anonymous said...

Orkmommy -
Your little one will catch up in no time! We're a year behind you -- my little one is 4. I worry about her not being able to sit still next year for kindergarten. She started her Pre-K class yesterday & when I went to pick her up, she was sitting perfectly still and listening to the teacher! Wish she'd do that for me! One of my dear friends had a son with severe speech delays. He just graduated from high school this year with honors & is attending college on scholarship. Each one blossoms in their own time. Sounds like she is getting a good program. Relax & don't worry!


Caroline said...

I love this season of Project Runway. I definitely liked Kenley in the beginning, a lot, but like Laurie said, her attitude these last few weeks has turned me off. But no matter, cause my money is on Leanne to win this season. I've been super impressed with her work the last few weeks and get a kick out of her sense of humor relating to the other contestants.

I'm not impressed with any of the guys left, so if Leanne doesn't make it than I think Korto is the next best. I didn't like her in the beginning but I've warmed up and she's made some fabulous outfits.

lynn1 said...

I watch Project Runway too.
I have come to dislike Kenley. Her voice is so whiney. She is a one trick pony to me. She certainly doesn't think anyone knows what they are talking about. She has made several remarks about the advice she has been given by Tim and made remarks about her competitors that sounded more catty than honest critiques.
I like Leanne the most but I doubt she will win. I don't think she is edgey enough with her designs or personality to be a winner on PR.

RBennie said...

I am also a big Project Runway fan. I never did like Kenley. She's pretty much a one trick pony. I find Leanne to be the same way. She is not at all versatile and has too meek of a personality. I think Korto is very good and has an excellent shot at winning.

ORKMommy said...

Jennasmom - Thank you so much for the comment. And to everyone who commented on my blog, thanks to you too! I have a lot of support around here, but it's nice to know that my "internet family" cares so much too.

I love hearing success stories of kids who had similar problems because it lets me know that it WILL happen for us too! My little one is such a smart, beautiful (both inside & out) funny girl who got a rough start in life.

Thanks again for all of the encouraging words and thoughts! You have no idea how much it means!

ORKMommy said...

p.s. We only need 7 more for the pool!

If we don't get them, we'll still play. It's just that some will be in a team of two and others will be alone...

RBennie said...

Orkmommy - can you please give us the current list of participants so we know who still needs nudging. Thanks.

ORKMommy said...

Joy N
Pdx Granny
Lars Eller
Nana in the NW
Nancy in NJ
Katie in Chi
Caroline - NJ
Terry in CA
Donna in AL

ORKMommy said...

Wait, are there two Nancy's or did I put Nancy in NJ in there twice? Oh, this is getting confusing!!!

RBennie said...

LOL, Sorry to confuse you more, but you also have Delee listed twice.

ORKMommy said...

I got so many emails and with real names, names used here and email address names it got very confusing!!

I fixed the Delee mistake, just waiting to hear from Nancy...


Sydney said...

leeanne is the young girl with the bangs and saucer eyes, yes? I think she's really talented but yes, her designs are starting to look generally the same. I think she may be in the finalists heading to Bryant Park though. And as to the guys, I really have my eye on the tall, thin african american guy... arrgh, I don't know names!

I do think he'd turned out one stunning thing after another. I could not believe how much they bashed his outfit for the avante guard challenge, though I understand it wasn't so AVANTE, but it was classy as hell -- plum under smoky charcoal chiffon. Sleek, elegant, tasteful, different. Kors was saying you could get this off the rack ANYWHERE, which minimalized it a bit. The make over challenge he won is right up my alley. I wonder what he'd do with Julie Chen, lol.

Sydney said...

Ork -- it will be so much fun to be on a team, especially if we get matched with a horrible Survivor. At least then I can comiserate with someone here.

lars -- maybe you can let Tom's know and see if he wants to join in?

Does anyone know Clementine's e-mail? I don't know if she checks in after BB but maybe she, like Laurie, could be coerced.

I'll write Albglinka and see if he wants to.... I know he's working a lot right now, and not sure if he's a Survivor fan.

Gayle, do you watch Survivor????

ANd Ork, didn't pickles watch too or was she just BB?

Orkmommy, at least this gives us all something to do until the show starts.

And Dexter starts up again Sept 28th I think. Us Magazine has a reverse over/ad on the back of the mag this week all about that show.

RBennie said...

Sydney, the designer your talking about is Jerrell and I agree he has turned out some great stuff too. He did have a couple of real stinkers too though. He won last week's challenge with that suit he made.

Gayle said...

Sydney, I just emailed ORKmommy so that I can get in the Survivor Pool too!

Gayle said...

YAY! Sydney, I just received my email from ORKmommy - I'm in the pool!

Donna in AL said...

Have you guys heard Pres. Bush is speaking on the economy tonight at 8?

ORKMommy said...

What time? I don't see it on my TV schedule. I assume all the networks will carry it.

Donna in AL said...

I just got an email from our local Fox News Alert. I would imagine all networks will have it on. I wasn't on my Direct TV schedule either.

Lars Eller said...


Letterman tonight?

ORKMommy said...

Jackie??? Are you there??

I was just wondering if you'll be live blogging Bush's speech?


ORKMommy said...


Bush's speech is set to begin at 9:01 p.m. ET and will take just less than 15 minutes.

Donna in AL said...

He may only take 15 minutes but the media will prolly take the rest of the hour. They usually do!

RBennie said...

15 Minutes! That's about 12 minutes more than I can stand listening to him, LOL. Well at least it won't interrupt DWTS and thank God its not tomorrow instead. Nobody better get between me and my Survivor!

Sydney said...

rbennie, I'm with you on that-- all the way.


Yay Gayle!

I think I might be able to write Silk....

Nana in the NW said...

So Bush's speech is going to take 15 mins. It only takes 1 to say "Our nation is screwed"!!

orkmommy--Jackie live blogging Bush....TOO FUNNY!! I'll bet the comment section will be filled!

rbennie--nobody get in the way of Survivor....just watch; the candidates or democrats will want "prime" air time for their views to be heard!

I hate politics!!

ork--I don't know if you heard from the 2 Nancy's but I know Nancy in nj is also Nancy in pa. and her e-mail starts "Hfiveo.....
I hope that helps you figure out if they are the same or two different people.

Nana in the NW said...

BTW--I don't claim alligence to Demo. or Rep. I try to vote as to who will do the best job.

Thanks Syd. for the info about that show. I have it DVR'd to watch w/o distraction.

Sydney said...

Speaking of the financial crisis -- this just in:

McCain just announced he's suspending his campaigning to go to Washington to take part as a senator in helping with this financial crisis. He wanted to postpone Friday night's debate. Obama rejecting this request to delay,citing that the president needs to be able to deal with more than one things at a time. Both are very interesting responses. That's it, I'll stop now.

I know we don't like politics here, but I always miss knowing what ya'll have to say in this arena. If only Bush's speech could be moved to Friday, lol.

Clementine said...

Whazzat? Somebody call my name? Hi, Sydney! Here I am! And I'd love to play a Survivor game. Can you sign me up, Orkmommy?

Just enjoying some post-BB downtime before Survivor and TAR get me hooked again! My name is Clementine, and I'm a reality tv addict, lol

I also love Prison Break, so if Jackie starts a post, I'm there!


Have we heard from Sharon lately? I haven't been through all the comments, so I may have missed her if she did drop in. If you're lurking, Sharon, I sure do hope you're feeling better! Give us a shout-out soon.

Sydney said...

Celm-o-rooni -- yay!!!

I have to say, I was getting all verklempt thinking you were a BB only commenter and we would not hear from you again til next year, lol. I think I need your e-mail! If you're down with that, I'm at

And good point about Sharon. I don't think we've heard from her and the last time she was not feeling well. Has anyone e-mailed her?

Anonymous said...

Hello All,
I have my confirmation from ORKMOMMY that I am in the pool but I am leaving for the SC state HOG Rally in the morning and I am going to miss the first show!!! Just hope my guy or gal doesn't leave with out me the first night!! I will be checking in here Sunday night to see how things go. thank goodness for Jackie.


AlbGlinka said...

Hey everyone-- just got a comment on my blog from Sydney, and I'd love to be in the Survivor pool if there's room. I have been a rabid Survivor fan from Day One-- it was the start of my RE:ality TV addiction...

Re: Project Runway. I used to work with a gal who dressed like Kenley. It's really NOT that original. There are whole clubs and bars in 'Frisco where everyone looks like her. She acts as though she invented Vintage! Jerrell is interesting, I think he'll be one of the finalists, I also would love to hang out with Korto.

I can't believe you guys are mentioning politics here, I'm a afraid that Jackie would kick me out if I started!

Sydney said...

Yay Albglinka! Survivor started it all for me too and I have been a reality TV addict ever since, to the detriment of many great books I could have read, essays I could have written, and nights at the gym I should have been pursuing instead!