Monday, September 29, 2008

Heroes ... Tonight's Show Live-Blogged

Yes, it's Monday and it's Heroes time! As the show airs, I'll be updating this post as much as I can. Please feel free to join in down in the comments!

It's creeping me out that Mrs. Petrelli is cuddling her adopted son, Sylar. She calls in Bridgette who can see everything an object has ever touched. Dhe's going to "feed" Sylar.

Jessica/Tracy/Whoever finds that she can burn through a rose stem with her finger. Nathan approaches the fake Peter (future) and demands to see his real brother. He got a message saying that Peter broke out of Level Five..

Meanwhile Peter and Marlo (oops, wrong show - he played Marlo on The Wire) are doing a bank robbery?

Back at Primatech -- HRG returns only to get scolded by Mrs. Petrelli. He says he wants to get all the escapees. She introduces him to his new partner ... Sylar.

Back at the Bennet's house -- Claire's mother is there to protect them, but she isn't allowed to smoke in the house. Claire has decided that she's going to leave school. She thinks she should be out there helping her father fight the criminals. Her biological mother insists she goes to school.

Primatech -- Noah is reluctant to work with Sylar. Mrs. P. says Gabriel has just been misunderstood.

Ando and Hiro - Still going after the speed girl Daphne. He wants his formula back. She's already sold his father's half. She called Hiro Pikachu. Heehee. Uh-oh she's slow. Hiro's powers aren't working either. Ah, it's because the Haitian is there!

Claire tells her bio mother about how she wants to fight the bad guys. She's hoping that her mother can teach her how to fight.

Nathan -- meets up with Tracy/Niki ... whoever. She has the video of the sex with Nathan, yet she insists she's not her. Nathan isn't all that convinced.

Back to the bank -- Police are arriving Yikes, ex-Marlo (didn't get his hero name), has a plan. He called the police, ripped the heart out of one of the robbers who threatened him, and wants the cops to get Noah there.

Parkman is still walking the desert. The man with him painted a painting which told him everything he knows about Parkman. He painted it when he was a boy.

Oh, Sylar has a suit on. He questions if she's his real mother. She says he was born with powers which made him the way he is. They get the report on the bank robbery in Poughkeepsie. Mrs. P tells Nathan that Peter's in the body of Jesse.

Ando and Hiro -- In a movie theater. The fast girl is there. She told Ando he's Robin to Hiro's Batman. They're upset that Daphne is looking for the formula for money.

Back to the desert and more paintings ... Parkman's entire life. The future has changed and Parkman with the baby painting is no longer. Sure enough, the guy has Isaac eyes when he paints!

In the bank -- "Peter" says he doesn't want to go back. The ex-Marlo realizes he's not Jesse and flings him across the room.

Sylar and Noah -- Noah tells Sylar that she's playing them. Noah tells him that they're not partners, he's in charge. But Sylar goes forward into some kind of FBI guy persona and wins his heart. Well, maybe not his heart.

Peter tells the other robbers he was put in the body against his will. They beat him.

Noah is donning a vest to go in the bank. Sylar is actually acting human. Noah doesn't want him going in the bank to "use that buffet" in there -- the powers.

Hmm ... Tracy (?) is at a casket with pictures of Micah/Niki and Niki in the coffin. New Orleans. Micah realizes she's not his mother. He asks her if she's special and has a super power. He tells her he can talk to machines. Both she and his mother were born in the same hospital, same time, same doctor.

Hiro tried a ploy to get the briefcase (with the formula?) from the Haitian. He accidentally knocked him down the stairs. Powers are back -- Daphne whizzes by them and grabs it.

Back to the bank -- Noah is facing Knox (ex-Marlo!) and Knox isn't pleased. Jesse/Peter finds his powers. First everything blows, then all freezes. Future Peter arrives to save Jesse-bodied Peter. They vanish together. Uh-oh ... now the real Jesse has Noah!

Claire and bio-mom are going into a warehouse of some kind where the mom is going to teach her how to fight. The beginning is survival. Claire says she wants to learn to fight.

In the bank, Syalr has arrived to save Noah from Knox and Jesse. It looks like a new partnership is forming between Noah and Sylar.

Claire tells her Mom she's indestructible. The mother mentions suffocation. Claire is having problems. The bio-Mom is telling her it's her mind. She feels trapped. Her body won't stop the bad guys. Claire screams that she wants to hurt them ... and then goes free.

Bank -- Sylar let Knox escape. He goes for Jesse ... I guess the partnership isn't too cool. He does his thing to Jesse while Noah is trapped watching him through glass.

Claire and bio-Mom are talking. You have to learn how to save yourself before you save the world. Aw, they

Desert --

Yikes ... big car crash outside here. Later!


Sydney said...

Hi Jackie! I'm tivoing this to watch with my husband when he comes home tonight, so I'm not really peeking, nor am I able to comment at the moment.

Sydney said...

This is a show that requires concentration! I don't know how you can live blog it. Unless YOU'RE A WIZARD with a GIANT IQ?????

Caroline said...

Niki, Jessica, Tracy and the briefly mentioned Barbara are totally test-tube clone babies! Have to be.

In the future paintings about Parkman, the newest one where he's holding a girl in his arms...anyone else think it's Daphne, the speedster?

Mama Petrelli is totally creepy and I'm still convinced she has more super powers than just dreaming the future.