Monday, September 15, 2008

Off Topic: The Feast and Stuff

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I spent the afternoon and into the evening in Manhattan, mostly at the Feast of San Gennaro. I haven't been to the feast in years. Alas, it's become more generic since the days when the mob used to run it. But I like street fair food anyway. I brought home a half of a sausage, onions and peppers sandwich, a fried Oreo, and chocolate-covered strawberries. (Clicking on the image will enlarge it.)

Ow, I hurt. Stairs, walking, go to an escalator in the Port Authority building and it's not on! Ack. Walk, walk, walk some more. Deal with subway station stairs. And, I didn't bring my cane. So I'm here with my leg elevated and ice on the knee. But I'll be fine -- I just gave it a really good work-out. It's better than pre-surgery!

Regarding the Internet MySpace thief -- that page address is -- anyone frequenting that page is more than welcome to leave a nasty message about my work being plagiarized. And, feel free to let the world beware!

If you want to see some good accounts of Ike, check out Sydney's blog! I was so relieved to hear that she and others in the path of Ike fared okay.

As for the Big Brother live feeds, it looks like I didn't miss much at all. BORING! Now, if they had fisticuffs or something, there would be something to report.

Thanks again, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun on your birthday Jackie. Sorry taht your knee is bothering you. I'm also glad that everyone seemed to come through the hurricane all right.


RBennie said...

Glad you had a good time on your Bday Jackie. I know you're in some pain now, but it sounds like the knee is holding up really well. You did all that walking around without your cane? You daredevil you!

Sally said...

A street festival actually run by the mob? I had never pictured that possibility. I'm not sure I'd have dared to go.

Sounds like your knee did get a workout, but think about the progress it's made in the few months. And that ice on you knee could come in handy to keep a refreshing beverage chilled.

I'm going to miss Big Brother--I really have been quite addicted to it this year. I don't follow any other reality shows much, so I might go into withdrawal.

Thanks so much, Jackie, for the great work you do on this blog!

Jean Bean said...

Jackie, Happy Birthday! I am heading down to the feast myself tomorrow, do you know where the good zeppoles are? I am glad your day went well, rest up tomorrow. BB should be a snoozefest until showtime, so you have nothing better to do!
Sally, growing up in the New York area, ALL of the street fairs were run by the mob! But the sausage and peppers were never better, and the zeppoles, well, they just really are no the same anymore! I also don't really watch any other reality shows, but I love to read the blog, even if I don't post much. (I tend not to make a lot of sense, as you can see!) Jackie, again, love what you do!

AAARRRGGGHHH forgot my password again! (another reason I don't post much!)
Jean Bean

Anonymous said...

Yay Virgos!!!! Happy Birthday!

Jackie said...

Little Italy itself has changed so much over the years. It's shrinking, being taken over more and more by Chinatown (cool in its own way) and Little Australia to the north. The latter is very interesting.

Jackie said...

Jean Bean - I had a zeppole from one of the vendors, can't recall which one. It was okay, but not the best.

sarah the great said...

glad your birthday rocked, jackie! im also glad the bb house was boring, makes your day even easier!

monty924 said...

Okay, the sausage and peppers I've had. I love but they don't like me. :( Never had a zeppole and I'm not even sure what it is, but it sounds good just from the name.

Glad your day out went well Jackie and it sounds like your new knee came through it alright. Sore maybe and ineed of ice, but alright. You'll know tomorrow if you overdid it. I hope not. Hugs!

Sasha said...

Wanted to join in (literally at the 11th hour) to wish you a

Very Happy Birthday!!

Glad you did something special even if you are now paying for it with an elevated, icy knee. Still very impressive that you could do all that!! Hope you had fun.

Thanks for all you do, as always.


Anonymous said...

who can watch these guys? gotta glass of wine?

Anonymous said...

Hi all!I have been lurking all season but feel like I know you all.Happy belated b-day Jackie;your day sounded wonderful.I talked to nana in the nw the other day(we are both in Tacoma) that was fun.To pdx granny: I might be in your area soon;would love to chat.MNF was exciting but Dallas sucks. Go Green Bay! Enough rambling-nite. Laura

Anne said...

This is for the person who is using other peoples' work without permission:

Do the right thing, you'll feel better about yourself.

Sydney said...

glad you had a great b-day and some time out Jackie -- and if you didn't come back sore I'd think you didn't party enough!

I've missed being able to check in here daily and to have missed these final eps of the show -- know there's been a lot of drunken fun in here. I have had to miss the party!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for peeking in on my blog Jackie. I am now going to call the zoo to see what's up there. I can see they are still without power (though they have generators) and there was a kind of urgent call for any employees who could get in to do so to help. I can't imagine what a mess it must be, let alone what it's like on day three to have all kinds of hungry animals -- from tigers to chimpanzes to giraffes to alligators -- who are agitated having gone through that storm (tuned in to nature as they are). Volunteers may not be able to help, and I am supposed to be going to New York Thursday. May need to take today to care for MYSELF this time, but I'm so torn -- I want to be over there!

Maybe I'll call and see if they can use volunteers and if so will go and give a few hours AFTER I pack for NYC....

Sydney said...

PS: I tried to sign on to the myspeace person's page when tenaxblondie first left the address and it says private, don't know how to comment on it in that case....... can you?

Anonymous said...

The blogging thief who stole your words has her blog set to private.
Glad you had a great birthday!!!!!

joy n said...

Jackie, glad to hear your birthday was a fun day, except for the soreness. You should try one of those collapsible canes that you can store in a purse or bag just so you have it when you need it.

sarah the great said...

i didnt want to post this on the other post bc its not 'fun' related.

i got a response from myspace on the thief and they told me that only the writer can form a complaint. if you want me to forward the email to you, let me know.

its a lot of info, though, that they want from you, im surprised they didnt just look it up on their own. its not my work, so i cannot say how important it is to you.

the blog thief has blocked me and responded to me that they do credit you. they might now. but they certainly didnt a few days ago.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Sarah. With the finale tonight, I suppose I might just have to watch for next season -- maybe come up with a fake MySpace name so I have the goods on them. Apparently this person has been stealing my work since BB9 and both here and TV Squad from what I saw on the blurb she's changed.

Pond scum.

Anonymous said...

I know I read your blog daily when BB is on and when Survivor & Amazing Race too!!..I love to read the comments. I tried to go the the my space page and it is set to private..

M.R.B said...

During a crisis Tom was asked a question
His reply:

Make sure Jackie's Blog receives credit,

Make sure Jackie is regonized for the talented writer, indeed she is.

Lot's of Red tape, one huddle after another, time has prevailed
Oct is my best friend R's Birthday
Wish shall be granted!

Indeed items have been taken from within blog.

When millions are involved limited amount of people truly cared..
Jackie's blog indeed cared!

Anonymous said...

btw the chick who stole your stuff is named ashton summers

just thought you would want to know