Saturday, September 27, 2008

Survivor Gabon: The Jeff Probst Blog

Nah, paying Jeff Probst to blog here on my blog isn't quite in my budget. But he is blogging his thoughts on each episode at on their PopWatch blog. Since I can't get him here for you (my apologies, but I'm sure you don't expect him here, right?), I can do the next best thing ... spread the word about the blog he is doing and share some excerpts for discussion.

Regarding the Fang tribe, Jeff said:
  • It's not the last time they'll make questionable choices either.
  • The mismatched tribes continue to haunt Fang. I kept reminding them, "Quit complaining. You did it to yourselves." I like being a pain in the ass.
  • They're all afraid to do anything and coming from a place of fear is never a good idea.
Regarding some of the castaways, Jeff said:
  • Actions speak louder than words. Marcus and G.C., good for you. Hope that first episode immunity really pays off for you 'cause it may cost you later.
  • Randy getting injured was a nice bonus for episode 1. Anytime there is an injury, along with blood or stitches, it's usually good for the show. Randy is going to be a star if he can last long enough. Everything he says cracks me up. I also think most of it is heartfelt. He's mean as an alley cat, and trust me they're mean.
  • But nobody can touch Corinne on the Bitch meter. I only feel comfortable saying this because Corinne told it to me in person ... In her favor, Corinne plays the game hard, she knows how important alliances are, and if she forms a good one she could be around for a while.
  • Not sure what happened to Michelle's attitude. I had her picked as a favorite in my preshow picks. Yes. A favorite. Something happened and her zeal disappeared.
  • At the first tribal council, G.C. reluctantly accepted the leadership position. The question is how long will he last and how effective will he be? I would have never chosen him as my leader. This is the guy that raced ahead to get immunity for himself. It is a sign.
  • Over at Kota, Ace is cracking me up. I love him!
  • Sugar cries a lot. Just warning you. But I think you're going to like her. Maybe even root for her.
  • Marcus is getting a lot of love from everybody. They love his leadership, they love that he's a doctor, and they love how calm he is. He drove us nuts as producers because he was telling everybody to act rationally! What?! What are you doing? Quit ruining Survivor, dude. Marcus is waaaay too good for this game.
  • Dan's visit to Exile Island tells you everything you need to know about Dan. He's lovable and extremely well-intentioned but he overthinks everything. He's Hamlet.
  • I actually liked Gillian quite a bit during casting. But once the show started, became a little annoying. You simply talked too much without saying anything substantive. You were a cheerleader, and let's face it, cheerleaders are…well, annoying. We hated to see you go, but if you hadn't been voted out, we may have removed you ourselves.
Jeff also said that the idol on Exile Island is relatively easy to find. He said that next week Fang needs a win and Sugar needs a Kleenex. Uh-oh for those on the Sugar pick in Orkmommy's pool!


meb said...

Thanks Jackie... this was excellent reading. I love the fact that I have Marcus. He's going to go far. Wonder if we're going to like Sugar's crying. We sure didn't like Wamber's!

Looking forward to Thursday... Oh my... come to think of it, that's a long way away!

Laurie said...

I loved reading his comments. Thanks Jackie! I'm so glad to be part of the Survivors... who knew?

PDX Granny said...

Hey, this is great, Jackie! I'm gonna have to check it out.

I loved reading Jeff's opinions. As an insider it's great to see his take on things. From what I read here, it doesn't seem like he's being restricted on what he can say. And that's good for us! I just wish he was a bit more encouraging about my home boy, GC.

MEB, I'm curious about whether it's going to be on at the usual time on Thursday. There's the Palin Biden debate that's going to be taking up some of the air time. Survivor may or may not be at the regular time - depending on the time zone. I just checked, and the debate is slated for 6:00 here on the west coast and Survivor is 8:00.

I'm looking forward to the debate, but I sure hope it doesn't run over into Survivor!

PDX Granny said...

Hey Laurie!! How ya doing?

meb said...

pdx granny...glad you mentioned that timing issue. I'll have to check it out on my tv guide to see what's planned. Thanks for the heads up!

Sydney said...

I know Petals said she didn't like Sugar, but if Jeff says we'll like her, maybe there is something there to pump you up Petals!

I'm a little amazed that Jeff can say the edgy things he has said ... I know it makes for better reading but it also makes him sound kind of catty and even a little fully of himself, and he's not only the host, he's a co-producer at this point. I'm a big Probst fan but it's because he's able to mix bluntness without usually going over the line. I thought of him as a cool cat, but not so much from reading this.

What do people think? Should he be being saying things like: Gillian, we'd have gotten rid of you or stop running survivor about the doctor guy?

Sydney said...

Thursday is a long way away, but we have TAR and Dexter on Sundays...!

sue said...

Thanks Sydney for the heads up on Dexter. When last season ended, I couldn't wait for the new one to begin, and then I didn't even know it was starting this Sunday! Pushing Daisies starts this week, too. I laughed at Unmarried Gary, but didn't get into Worst Week. And, I agree completely about the tone of Jeff's blog. Has he ever done that before. It is fun to read, but is it ghostwritten and the ghost missed the point of keeping Jeff's thoughts undercover?

Sydney said...

Really nice tribute (one of many) to Paul Newman:

Sydney said...

well, in reading the full blog, Jeff prefaces those harsh statements with a little padding and damage control. So, Maybe I take that back.

Delee said...

Loved the comments of JP, thank you Jackie.

Finally, finishing the show, gee whiz it is only Sun. LOL I got hooked on some f-ball games yesterday, love when the underdog wins, except my team...GO PSU!

So glad we have some wonderful eye-candy this year.

BRING ON THE RACE....just hope NFL does not delay it too much.

Delee said...
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Delee said...

My Thursday sked shows Survivor is on before the debate or 8p PA.

Tonight will be fun...all new ABC shows..AR and The Unit for me on CBS. Then 2 other shows on top of the ABC and CBS shows at 10p...gee whiz!

Rain rain rain on the east coast, from a no name tropical depression. Has been raining here since yesterday am. Jackie are you to get much from Kyle (daughter's b/f name LOL)?

Have to go and catch up with shows from last week...ugh...

PDXgranny, bet you are glad you are PDX and not PWM(Portland, Maine)with Kyle approaching that area!!! I am travel trained so know the codes...

TerryinCA said...

That was great Jackie thanks so much for sharing it with us...gotta love me some Jeff Probst.
Poor Dan, my pool pick...he is honest, too nice...just too-too..he'll be a goner Im afraid....

Laurie said...

Yaay! AR is tonight and I have a team to root for. 2 guys (friends) from SD are in the race. There was an article in our paper last week about how they prepared for the event. One of the things they did was study major airports and airlines to see who was late and stuff like that. They also tried different kinds of travel clothes (especially underwear) to see how they held up and if they really could wash them in the sink and be ready to wear in the morning. Of course, they couldn't say how they fared but they are still friends and one said the other was brilliant with some of his ideas.

Good morning PDX! I'm hanging in there and accepting that this is my new normal for awhile. I am eating better and talking just fine. I'm reading The Shack right now. Have you read it? Terry in CA recommended it to me. It's quite a story and very controversial in organized religion circles. I think of you when I read it because the main character is in Oregon and he takes the same road we took to the falls. In fact, Multnomah Falls play a major part in the story. They even go to the gift shop there!

Laurie said...


The 2 guys from SD are friends with each other, not friends of mine!

PDX Granny said...

Laurie, glad things are going OK for you. And I'm really glad to see you here with Survivor. I knew you'd like it!

I'm finally starting to read The Shack. I've been carrying it around with me since our Canadian friends gave it to me, but haven't managed to read it until now. I was thinking of sending it to you when I was finished, but now I won't have to, thanks to Terry!

Delee - I had the exact same thoughts as you when I heard about Kyle! I am so glad I live where I do! It's a beautiful weekend here. Today it's going to be in the 80's, and they're talking 89 tomorrow! That's warmer than I'd like, but it cools down a lot at night. I'd rather have the heat then have to deal with Kyle.

PDX Granny said...

OUCH!! I'm watching the CNN News, and just heard that the CEO of Washington Mutual has only been on the job for 3 weeks, but has one of those "golden parachutes" and is thought to be getting $13 million (or maybe it was $18 million? - I forget) in his severance package.

That is so wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the link for the new Amazing Race? I was looking for Jackie's comments on the team and did not find anything.

Great job on Big Brother. I have been an infrequent commentor, but have follwed Jackie since her beginning. Can't wait for TAR to begin tonight!

Anonymous said...

too bad I cannot check my spelling better before I post. :-(


monty924 said...

Happy Sunday and TAR Premiere Day! I only just last season became a TAR fan thanks to my brother and all the commentors on Jackie's blog. I'm in the camp hoping that it does start late due to football. :( I won't make it home in time to watch all of it otherwise.

The Probst blog was interesting, and I hate to say it but I agree on GC and the first immunity idol. I was yelling at the TV screen Thursday for him not to DO IT! Things like that paint a huge target on your back unless you are loved and respected as much as Yau Man was. Come to think of it... he didn't last all that long on Fans vs Favs.

I'm going to take Jeff's word for it that we might be rooting for Sugar this season... we'll see. And, it looks like Corrine will provide the b!tch factor entertainment this season... and Randy's an alley cat? That's just insulting to alley cats everywhere, lol! jk

Have a great Sunday everyone!

PDX Granny said...

Monty924, I don't think it was all that bad for GC to take the first immunity idol, but I would have liked to see him go back and at least try to help others in his tribe. Although to be perfectly honest, I don't know if they could have made it no matter how much help they had.

I want to be loyal to our guy, but I'm liking the onion alliance.

It looks like another evening of being up later than I should be. First TAR, the Desperate Housewives, then Brothers & Sisters. Oh, what's a girl to do?

Laurie said...

PDX, I forgot our Canadian friends gave you a book and I didn't know it was The Shack! It makes perfect sense, though, in that "the universe is perfect" kind of way. I think you will enjoy it. At first I couldn't put it down, and now I'm slowing down because I want to think about what I just read.

Re: the CEO of WaMu ... you are correct, that's just not right. Fat Cats getting fatter and others losing everything. It makes me ill.

Monty, I'm a fairly new TAR fan, too. I think I've seen 2 seasons of it. My husband watches that one with me.

Delee said...

CEO/WAMU, I read that a few days ago and wanted to hang that company HIGH from a sturdy branch. It seems he is considering not taking it. That would be the honorable thing to do, but honor/honesty did not get us in this mess. Waiting to see what he does.

AR team bios are at under AR. Rozee...and glad you are going to chat...the more the merrier unless it is the "jerks" LOL

meb said...

laurie..pdx granny..terry in ca... I just finished reading The Shack. The cover certainly doesn't portray what you're going to read after you get into it. I won't discuss the content further until you guys finish reading it.

Let me know your thoughts tho.

Laurie said...

meb, I am excited to discuss it with you and Terry and PDX. Let's do it at our alternate site, okay?

Anyone interested in talking about the book "The Shack" can join us by clicking my name and then clicking "Jackie's Town USA".

The book is controversial but the discussion will be opinions only, no fighting and no flaming.

PDX Granny said...

OK, now I know I HAVE to get to reading! I've only read the first 2 chapters of The Shack. I'm way behind.

Hmmm -
Mow the lawn or read?
Do the laundry or read?
Clean the bathroom or read?

DANG!! So many choices!! :O

PDX Granny said...

Laurie, I just noticed you have Multnomah Falls back. A gentle reminder for me go get reading!!

I'll mow the lawn, and the laundry is in process. And I've just decided that clean bathrooms are way overrated!!

See ya at Jackie's Town USA later.

Laurie said...

Elaine, seriously a clean bathroom isn't even good for you. You need a few germs to keep your resistance to diseases up!

I started the thread about the book so we can get to talking about it soon!

Yes, I put the falls up again as a reminder to get you reading ... and remind me of the spirituality of the experience.

joy n said...

So Dan is an overthinker. That doesn't bode too well. At least he's a nice guy and has that going for him. I will still be rooting for him all the way, along with Terry.

Glad to hear that Jeff thought Gillian was annoying, too.

Can't wait to see why Sugar is crying. Just so long as it's not Amber-esque!

Delee said...

WOW 60 Minutes started on time lucky!!!