Wednesday, September 03, 2008

TV Squad Doings

Nah, this photo has nothing to do with TV Squad. I just found it interesting that the NYC X-Men have taken over the train station -- graffiti all over the place.

I have a new Reality TV Newsy Bits column I'm trying to get as a regular feature over on TV Squad. Once BB stops, I'll also go back to the more general TV Newsy Bits here with the links and all. But I want to see if I can get the weekly going there. Please check it out!

Plus, my full review/recap of last night's BB episode is up over at TVS, too.

Welp, I'm off to go exercise the knee. Fun never ends.

UPDATE 5:45 PM ET: My latest live feeds report is up now on TV Squad. The house is boring today, grr. As for me, I think I pulled a muscle in my leg. I shouldn't be allowed on exercise equipment. I must put ice on it. The knee is okay, though.


Anne said...

Jackie, I love the new column! I wanted to post there but the one & only time I posted on TV Squad I didn't like the ID tag it had for me and don't know how to change it to just "Anne".

My daughter asked me last night if I could remember TV before "Reality TV" and then the two of us tried to remember exactly when it all started. I could only go back to the 1st Amazing Race, she beat me with Real World (MTV). I tried to one up her by claiming 'I Love Lucy' was reality TV - after all, Lucy & Desi were married in eal life and Desi, Jr. was their real life son. She wasn't buying it...

Sydney said...

Love the newsy bits over there Jackie . As usual, my comment didn't post. I hope you can do that weekly there. It was so funny, your wit is classic through out and really informative. Covered a lot!

Sydney said...

Anne -- I think back to the first survivor as some of the beginnings of reality TV. THere may have been a real world on MTV at that time too? Good question.... would love to hear what others think it is, then Jackie's vote.

ORKMommy said...

Wikipedia has an interesting article on reality TV. It lists Candid Camera from 1948 as the first reality show.

Jackie - Loved the article on the Squad and I did post a comment!

RBennie said...

I think The Real World has been around longer than Survivor, but Survivor was the start of reality tv for the big networks.

sue said...

I remember hearing that Survivor was going to premiere a long while before I watched the first show. (I would have voted Rich off that episode..and I have picked wrong every season since!.) I remember the article about the new show said they would drop off some people on an island and come back later to see who survived. That just sounded meand to me! I never even envisioned that there would be a film crew, comps, Jeff, and others along with them. Although, that first season, they did a lot more survival type things than now. Remember the bug bites?

RBennie said...

LOL Sue, I hated Richard Hatch with a passion. I was upset for weeks because he won.

Zoetawny said...

Hi all!

Congrats, Jackie, on the new slot on TVS. It's about time AOL realizes you're the best writer, ever. Of course, we've known all along.

Hope your PT is going good even though you're on your own now. I'm sure you're looking foward to the end of the Coumadin dosing. Hopefully, it's not causing you any problems.

((((Meb)))) ((((Laurie)))) ((((Sharon))))

Wishing you better days to come. Your resilience, fortitude and bright spirits are inspiring.


Good to see you back here.


I'm assuming and hoping all is well since the hurricane as I haven't read any different.

Who will win HOH on Thursday's live show? The suspense is mounting. I have to say, I'm sad to see Renny go but it seems inevitable. She certainly did grow on me since the beginning. There's just something about her strong spirit, joy for life and attitude. I'm hoping that she wins some money if BB has the most popular player vote.

I can't say much good about Jerry. I was so hoping to like him but after reading the live feeds, I just can't. It still amazes me how the editing can change our view of what really goes on in that house.

Keesha has been very lucky aligning herself with the right people. She was knocked down a peg or two in my book because of lying to her BFF, Renny, about her going on the block. I think Renny has been a better friend to Keesha than Keesha has been to Renny.

Someone help me figure out why I can't get on the Memphis train. Is it his lack of emotion that turns me off? He is playing a pretty smooth game. I still remember Brian saying that Memphis is going to win this game.

I'm still rooting for Dan. He certainly has gotten himself out of some tight spots since Brian's eviction. I never thought he would get himself off the block this week but he managed to get the job done. His intelligence mixed with humor is so appealing. I'm going to call him the "preppy bad boy". Just so you know, I've never liked the bad boy type.

Are we getting excited for TAR and Survivor to start? Has anyone seen the new show "Raising the Bar"? I think I'm really going to like it.

Can't wait to read your comments tomorrow night, including Sydney's critique on Julie's outfit. ;) I hope there aren't too many recaps and we get to see more of what's going on in the sequester house.

Thanks Jackie! You're the BEST!

Maria said...

The first season of survivor was the best. Sue' s speach at the the end (let the snake eat the rat) is my favorite reality moment.

I am looking forward to my doggie show tonight, but now that Bill and Star are gone it won't be the same.

Rennie will certainly be missed if she goes this week and I agree that she was the better friend to Keesha.

Anonymous said...

i love all your writing. I'll be reading something (not always about bb) and think this sounds like jackie. Sure enough its you.
as i have told you i've had both my knees replaced (nursing) and it does get better.
within a year you'll think why didn't i have this done sooner.
I have company but I let them know that during bb they have to get along without me. Two nurses I used to work with(my dh is out numbered) till I got smart and retired to or. Vegas sucked. I am so enjoying retirement going to the coast this weekend(with computer)


Anonymous said...

just an fyi...
The Real World (New York) was first broadcast in 1992...I was a senior in highschool...and just another useless fact...the loft they all lived in the 1st season was owned by one of the castmates...
not sure when Survior came about...i wasn't too interested then, but it had to have been around the same time right?


Anonymous said...

ok so i pulled an "orkmommy" and checked out wikipedia...
survivor premiered in May 2000..
TAR premiered Sept 5, 2001...did anyone remember that?....i didn't start watching til later on, but never realized it premiered 6 days before September 11.


Anonymous said...

Oy Jackie, be careful with your leg. Feel better.


sue said...

The Loud's pre-dated Real World and I remember it being mentioned at the time. Although, The Loud's weren't an actual reality show, just a camera following a family around while the gay son came out and the parents divorced. Now I am going to go google that old show and see how wrong my memory is. I'll bet it wasn't even named the Loud's. : )

Donna in AL said...

Orkmommy, that was an interesting article... shows not all of them are exactly "real".
The first time I saw an episode of Survivor was about 7 years ago at a friend's. The people were talking so bad about this other guy, it made me mad. I did not like how mean they were at all. Big Brother 6 was the first reality show I ever watched, I found Jackie's blog and I was hooked. I am not sure I would have continued if not for this blog. I still do not get into all the ones you guys watch but I do love BB and Survivor!

sue said...

Just back from google

The gay son I mentioned, didn't 'come out' on the show, but in his parent's words was already gay and it was just mentioned (especially during the trip to the drag club with his mom). One report called it 'the first reality show" and another said it shouldn't be considered in the same class as Survivor, Real World etc. I think I am insulted! All I know is I am glad to see there are clips of it. I spent a lot of 1973 trying to watch episodes while my family thought it a big waste of my time. As if washing real diapers, and working full time wasn't enough to occupy my time.

Nana in the NW said...

Ohhhh Jackie!!! Don't you know....exercise is hazardous to your health! LOL Hope you knee is OK:-(

joyzjenn--my daughter was a sr. in high the 1styear of Real World(1992) and I was very upset she wanted to watch people swear, drink, have sex, and backstab each other......hmmmmm sounds alot like past seasons of BB LOL

I agree Renny has been a better friend than Keesha, but I think some of that is because of her age and knowing what's really important in life.

As for the part BB prod. plays in the HG bios I'm not surprised. A few weeks ago they were talking about the questions on the application and one of them was "What is your favorite sexual position"!!
What does THAT have to do with living with 13 other people and winning 500K?

It's funny how bored we are with the HG--can you imagine living in there?!

Last day Dan was seeming to be mean to Renny but I think most of that was, again, just editting on the part of prod.

Jackie--love the new article. Someday you may be able to just work from home!! You have just a knack of wit and humor. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Mark Burnett used to have another reality show before survivor. It was about twenty teams of four travelling through the jungle, over mountains, through snow and caving. They did a lot of survivor type things and it was a non-stop race that covered something like 500 miles. The winnners won a beer and bragging rights. I can't remember the name of it but it was on The Discovery Channel or The Learning Channel. It was really interesting. I wish they hadn't stopped doing it.

Clementine said...

Oh, Eco-Challenge!! I loved that show!

Auntie Leigh said...

Well Jackie, I guess I will just have to check out tvsquad because I love your comments and perspectives. Until this season I was pretty fed up with BB and only watched to be able to understand the articles and blog responses. It is not always so easy to make a comment on TVSquad but I want to support you over there so I will certainly try. Anne, I never thought of considering Lucy and Desi a reality show but they really kinda were. And then you can include Ozzie and Harriet, too. Well, I am off to visit the TVSquad.

Anonymous said...

Weren't Ozzie and Harriet, I Love Lucy considered early sitcoms because they were totally scripted?

lynn1 said...

I am back in LA Old Gustav was a non-event at my house, thank the Lord!

Donna, sorry I did not see your posts about meeting up before we left for home. Maybe some other time though. I do come to B'ham once or twice a year to take care of family business.

(((Sharon))) hope you are taking it easy . Please don't rush things you have bee seriously ill.

(((Laurie))) hope you are OK after spending the day with your dentist.
You might get a chuckle out of knowing that in Alabama there is a dentist named Dr Pullen. My dentist's name is Dr Dragon! That is scarey to me! LOL

Jackie sorry to hear you pulled a muscle. That sounds like something I have done. Take care and don't over do.
I love you new column on the newsy bits of reality TV. I am hooked on all your blogs!

Zoetwany the graphic with Renny is fantastic. I too wish Renny could see it I know she would love it.

I know when it gets to this stage of BB that it is cut throat and looking out for number one. I wished Dan, Memphis and Keesha displayed a little remorse for having to vote Renny off. Maybe they do and it was just creative editing on the show last night. It sounded like Dan and Memphis were cold hearted when talking privately but what can you expect from a red headed cabbage patch kid and a Judas? LOL

Clementine said...

90210 will replay Thurs night at 8pm on the CW. I can't bring myself to watch it, but let me know what you think!

Anne said...

Lynn it is so good to know you're home safe and sound!

I think the whole country was praying; I know I was!

These are the moments I'm truly thankful for - sorry, don't mean to get mushy - these things get to me!

Clementine said...

Feeds have been blocked for almost an hour now. Luxury comp? Twist? BB staffers passed out from boredom?

Donna in AL said...

Lynn1, I am sorry we could not meet up this time. Next time you are in Birmingham, let me know and we will try to have lunch.

We helped a family get back on their feet during Katrina. They bought a house here and are our very good friends. Their dad came here Saturday to get away from Gustav. He is staying until all the power and everything is back to normal before going back to NO.

Nana in the NW said...

clem--re: feeds blocked...I vote for any of the three!

lynn1-glad your home and everything is fine.

zoe--love the graphic!! I sometimes read the posts from the newest to oldest(don't ask why!).It's funny that I know your style of writing and always know when a post is by you.

michelle--haven't heard from you....are you OK in La.?

laurie--THE DENTIST...ALL DAY!!! I hope they gassed you or gave you some anxiety drugs! I have to go to get my teeth cleaned tomorrow and have been anxious about all day. I've never had a traumatic experience with the dentist but the older I get the more I fear it!

laura--where are you?? I finally find a fellower BB addict in my hometown and now no comments!? I really am harmless...a bit obsessive but,hey......

The HG have been talking about a luxury comp. all day. I hope that is what's going on. I would like for Renny to win something before she leaves.

TerryinCA said...

lynn1 - so glad all is well with you and your family!
rbennie I was thinking that even tho R Hatch won, he lost with the tax evasion, right?

I am wondering what happened to that couple that won TAR and she shaved her hair...Uchenna & Joyce ? they wanted a baby...

Anonymous said...

Oooh feeds block that should make the show more interesting.


Sydney said...

oh crap Jackie -- So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are just trying to get BETTER on that equipment. Darn Rats Dang Shit Bummer Fooey Damnit ARRGH

Clementine said...

Looks like the feed block was Craig Ferguson. But they're still on indoor LD, so the hope of a lux comp remains alive!

Anonymous said...

Err, umm. Whatchoo talkin about Jackie? More BB double talk?
"For the latest from the live feeds, read on past the jump. Beware -- spoilers ahead!
Well, when I said things have been boring, I meant it. As far as new spoilers, I have none for you. I won't bore you with the tales of Jerry."

Auntie Leigh said...

All day at the dentist. Yikes. Poor girl. We have an oral surgeon in my neighborhood named Dr. Slaughter.
I was able to sign on to TVSquad. Maybe I am getting it together, technologically. A great blurb, Jackie, as usual. Loved it.
And clem and nana, thanks for the heads-up re 90210. I am guessing Dr Wiil is going to be on? Hope so.
Glad to know that Lynn and others made it through Gustav. I am sure you are all relieved to be getting back to your own beds. And TVs and blog sites! Good!

Clementine said...

Wonder if Julie gets OT for working evenings? Heh, heh, bet she works a lotta evenings for Les. Heh, heh.

I saw a CBS Morning show segment the other day where Jules was interviewing some expert about sex addiction (what with D.Duchovny going to rehab and all). Anyway, I swear I was waiting for her to chime in with a story about April and Ollie!

Clementine said...

Oops, Auntie Leigh, no Dr. Delicious on this 90210. This is a recreation of the 90s teen show "Beverly Hills 90210."

Will is on Dr 90210 on another network.

It took me a few minutes to make the connection, and you had me all excited for Will as a guest star. That would get me to watch. I'd love to see him put Shannon Doherty in her place. Bet they'd have some great chemistry!

Donna in AL said...

Oh Sydney, that reminds me of my mom "cussing" when I was about 11. She was bent over in the freezer getting something and the lid fell (chest type freezer). She started stomping and yelled "shoot fire fuzzy fiddlesticks"!

monty924 said...

Loved your new column on TVSquad Jackie. I'm pretty much a CBS reality show girl with a little Celebrity Apprentice and American Idol thrown in there. I only became a fan of TAR through my brother and Jackie's blog.

Zoetawny, wow... Renny would love that graphic. I got dizzy trying to locate your Zoetawny signature in it. I kept thinking of "Where's Waldo?" :)

Sad OFF TOPIC news. I had a to bury another kitty today. I'll never get used to this no matter how many times I have to do it. I miss my Dad and brothers at times like this.

Man oh man has it been boring in the BB house lately. Everytime I turn the feeds on, Jerry is asleep on two feeds and Dan and Memphis are playing chess without talking. God I'll miss Renny when she is gone.

I'm definitely voting for Renny if we get the chance for AC money. She deserves it for all the entertainment she's provided this summer. I love ya Renny Girl!

nancy in nj said...

nancy in pa said...
hi all long time no blog....but i have been lurking. jackie, you were right when you said we were all falling apart this summer. i am typing with one finger (which is why no blog) as my other hand sits in a cast ( removeable one though) up to elbows.

i am so glad the the fave 4 still there. hoping for a dan win but can take any of the 4 ...notice i ignore fact that jerry is still chance he'll go further, right

go dan! renny, thanks for memories

9/03/2008 9:17 PM

nancy in nj said...
i meant nancy in nj....same person as nancy in pa..depending on where i am :)

9/03/2008 9:19 PM

Donna in AL said...

I just read your post back on the last one Nancy and put a response there.

Jackie said...

Sydney - Yes, it did post! Plus, as long as they're submitted, I can usually activate them.

Thanks everyone for the kind words on the column. To my horror the editor changed my "bated" breath to "baited." Argh. I changed it back.

Jackie said...

Supposedly Candid Camera was the first "reality" show, but I personally would go for An American Family with the Louds. I recall being mesmerized by that. Of the latest wave in the genre, the show COPS started it all in the writers strike in 1989 (88?).

TerryinCA said...

Jackie, I remember watching candid camera...gosh loved that show..when we got our first TV, it was about 9 inch diagonally and we could watch Milton that was reality!!

Jackie said...

Anon 9:07 - You don't see the jump if you use the article link. If you just go to, you have to click on a link to "jump" to the next page. As for spoilers, I had some -- just nothing big and nothing really new vote-wise.

Clementine said...

Well, they're grilling, so lockdown is over and no comp.


Killer boredom in there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie for clarification about the spoilers. I see you as a perfectionist so I thought I would tease ya a little. I was traveling in uncharted territory.
ps. I like it better over here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Memphis just picked his nose on the feeds. Those boys are not sexy. Not at all. Dan is starting to cuss and he is skinny, with ugly hair, and has no clothes. Memphis is built but too cabbage patch. And we don't have to talk about geriatric J, who thinks he is sexy. I don't think any of them are really that funny or smart. That would sex them up. heh!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Clem, I couldn't remember the name to save my life. I loved that show too. My favorites were the two guys whose teammates dropped out in the middle of the race so they decided to race together. One was from America and one was from Britian and they named their USUK. LOL!

Maybe they'll start doing it again.

nancy in nj said...

donna in al.....oh my!! i hope you start to feel better very soon!! maybe you have been watching too much "jerry" and your body is starting to revolt. prayers are for your healing.

i think renny would vote for dan if he was in f2 and she was in jury. don't think she would hold any grudge. i think she has a special bond with banana man, as well as vote for game play as oppossed to revenge like sir KA.

i woiuld think anyone who makes it this far has SOME sort of game i'm ok with who wins. FINALLY...a winner i don't detest!

Laurie said...

Jackie, I love your new column and look forward to reading it on a regular basis. Do replies to it help boost your ratings?

Here's the update on my day. If I still drank, I'd be asking for booze!

Today was rough. I cried my first tears over the whole thing and nearly lost it. I'm better now.

My morning in the dentist's chair wasn't too bad. I love my dentist and his assistant.
They are both caring people and I've known them a long time. I think that helped keep me calm.
He got the bridge out, filed down the teeth for temporary caps and bridge and made a pretty good looking row of upper teeth for me.

I had to go to an oral surgeon this afternoon to get the roots removed of one tooth that broke completely off. If I had that to do over, I would ask for a drug to make me not care.
What do they call that? Twilight sleep or something?
I didn't do that, just had novacaine. I won't give details, just say it was awful and I was reduced to tears by the time they put the bridge back on.
I wasn't numb anymore and it hurt like hell.

I literally prayed myself home, glad I was on surface streets and not many people were out at 2 in the afternoon.
I took a vicodin, ate some applesauce and went to bed. I woke up two hours later feeling much better.

Tim fixed me mashed potatoes and cut up leftover chicken into itty-bitty bites for me. Gotta love him for taking good care of me.
By tomorrow, I should be feeling much better. I will have my bite back and my fake teeth look pretty normal.
Right now I'm thinking I won't return to work until Monday. This has been a tough week and I think I need time just to rest and be.
I know my nerves are pretty shot and rest combined with distraction seem to be the best cures for that.

The good news is I know I won't be seeing any doctors tomorrow. yes!

Sydney said...

Anne - I'm right there with ya with getting welled up.

Lynn1, so glad you're back safe and sound. Now just need to hear from (((((Cha cha)))))

(((Meb))) I am writing you tomorrow!

((((Sharon)))) I was gone and someone today commented on reading back and finding out you got a diagnosis.... I thin it was Petals -- was that something in this last week or was she really reading Waaaay back in the posts?

Nancy in nj/pa -- wha hoppen 2 your hand/arm/wrist? Do you happen to have a hot pink cast? :-)

Jackie - I saw my comment, finally. Thanks!

Clem, lol.

Sydney said...

I know folks hate to talk politics, but anyone care to comment on what they think of Sarah Palin's speech?

This may not be a good idea.... but if we could pretend she was a character on a reality show???

Jackie, I put this in a separate comment so you can ERASE IT if you want, lol!

Sydney said...

aah, saved by seeing you just put up a new post and few will look back at this one, lol

I ask as a former image consultant, wondering how she came off vs. what I might have liked or would have changed.

Gayle said...

Sydney, I tried to watch Sarah Palin's speech, but she spoke in such a monotone (drone) that I couldn't be drawn into it. Although, I must admit to being an Obama supporter with no intention of voting for her.

Jackie said...

Sydney - I wasn't interested enough to watch her. Just looking at her reminds me of Tina Fey with big hair.

I watched Animal Planet. I know. I'm horrible.

Jackie said...

Laurie - Please take care of yourself! And twilight sleep sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Lucy and Desi were married, but they weren't playing themselves. And, once he was born, Desi, Jr. never played "Little Ricky".

Anonymous said...

You can see why fans of reality TV would skip the Republican convention.

Clementine said...

Anon- that's classic!! Ha!