Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Shall Never Forget 9/11

I want to thank those blog readers who shared their memories and thoughts of 9/11 in the comments of my previous post. I should have put this up earlier, but I had to go out for my weekly blood draw. The tragedy of 9/11 hits very close to home for me -- my company lost seven people, I lost friends, neighbors, and a relative. Life drastically changed in the city and here in the commuting towns in the Greater NYC Metropolitan area. I can still recall the acrid smoke smell which drifted in the air here and my view of the skyline is forever changed. I do wish the politicians would quit bickering about the memorial and just get it up.

This is a photo I shot of the weekly war protest in front of the Shaker building where I live in NJ --

And this is why we should never forget -- the future. I met this little girl in Central Park the week before the attacks. No, I don't know who she is and she's surely changed by now. But in the eyes of a child, things have to change.


Laurie said...

Oh Jackie, once again I am moved to tears. The picture of that innocent child is wonderful. Yes, things have to change and the memorial should be up by now.
Hugs to you, our dear friend. Hugs to you.

Media audit said...

I will not as well. At was in an airport in Warsaw, Poland, when I heard about the attacks and believe me, Nobody, nobody could believe this.
And everybody felt the same pain for those people.

AlbGlinka said...

Jackie: so sorry to hear of your losses... a tragic day for so many.

It was so strange for me as an ex-NYer, West Coast transplant who used to work down near the WTC. So very far away when it happened. But I felt compelled to visit that October and went down to Ground Zero, so glad I saw how it was in the weeks afterwards. I'll never forget all the flags everywhere and the memorials in all the fire stations.

on a completely unrelated note: GO DANNNNNN, you are awesome!

Laurie said...

I was home, depressed and numb after the passing of a young friend from breast cancer. I had been her main support for two years and suddenly she was gone. I couldn't seem to shake my grief.

I turned on the Today show and saw that something was going on but couldn't quite figure it out, just as the second tower began to crumble. I just remember thinking this can't be true, this must be like that old radio show that scared everyone. When the reality began to sink in, I heard them say that there could be more planes heading to large west coast cities where buildings would just be beginning to fill with employees. I remember calling my daughter who worked at the big BofA in SF to tell her not to go to work and to turn on the televsion. She didn't believe me anymore than I believed what I had already seen on TV. We sat and cried together for a bit, then she called her sister so they could be together.
We were far from the scene of the crime, but very much affected by what happened. We will never forget.
My heart goes out to all who lost a loved one or who witnessed this horrific event.

Anonymous said...

jackie, that pic of the little girl is beautiful. what a little angel.

when the attacks happened i was driving home from my spanish class (which i failed spectacularly) and was listening to the local radio show. they were saying the events and they are known for making jokes about horrible things and putting radio skits to them....i remember thinking "Oh My GOD! what a horrible thing to make a story about, what if that really happened!?"

sadly, when i got home i turned on the tv and sure enough, it was true. my husband, then boyfriend, was lounging around when i barged in and clicked the tv on and he, too, was amazed. i remember watching the first hit on repeat and was there to watch the second. a horrible thing, especially to all of us in ny. i dont live in ny anymore, but the morning drive, the weather, the hour...all ring clearly.


Anonymous said...

You are truly a gifted photographer!

Petals said...

^^5 Jackie.

lynn1 said...

You have my sincere condolences for all the coworkers, friends and the relative you lost on 9/11.

It was awful for me just watching on TV so I can't begin to imagine what you went through being on the scene and actually experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and horror.
I think it is admirable and wonderful that people like you and rbennie have had the strength and courage to rise above that tragedy to show the world that Americans are resilient and determined people.

I don't want to sound melodramatic but you are heroes too.

Anne said...

Thank you Jackie and everyone who shared their thoughts today.

My heart was heavy all day and it was helpful to be able to come here and find a connection.

I didn't lose a loved one and wasn't close enough to witness the horrors, but nonetheless I'll never forget the terror and the pain I felt at the thought off all those lives lost and all the loved ones left behind to grieve.

I will never ever forget.

nancy from long island said...

I was at work when it happened and I remember the news trickling in a little bit at a time. I work in a nursing home so I went to one of the floors and the TV was on and I watched the first tower go down. My heart fell into my stomach I couldn't believe it and all of those fireman that had rushed in had just perished. Watching people jump it was sick,sad,and scary time period. I live in long island and it was so quiet everyday people just weren't going out unless they had to it was like a ghost town. It is something I will never forget and it will alway' be with me.

Zoetawny said...

God bless all those who have suffered personal loss on 9/11.
It was a tragic day in our history that changed the world as we knew it forever.

Thank you so much, Jackie, for putting up a post to honor this date. The images of that day still make me cry. I think the whole country felt like "New Yorkers" that sad day. I know I did.

If I don't get an opportunity to go online later...holding positive thoughts and praying for all of those in the gulf. Please stay safe.

God bless the USA!

monty924 said...

Thanks Jackie. My thoughts have been with all Americans today. Seven years later and still just as fresh.

God Bless!

Petals said...

So tonight's show is live, or no? I lose track of the sched when it gets this close to the end...

monty924 said...

Live. I get to watch it live and not recorded. YAY!

joy n said...

I remember seeing the first plane hit on TV and thought, what a horrible tragedy. Something must have happened to the pilot. Then, the shock of the second plane hitting, and that dawning realization that this was so much more. The fear that grabbed your heart as more and more details emerged about other planes, other places. We can't ever forget!

Anonymous said...

I never watch morning TV when I'm getting ready for work, but that morning I had a bit of time so I had it on in the back ground...I heard them say unconfirmed reports of a plane hitting a building in the city...When I got in the car, the usual crazies weren't there but instead I heard Dan Rather's voice...I thought that was odd, and the reality of what he was saying sunk it..He announced the second plane hitting the tower and sat there stunned at the green light.
I grew up near where you live now, Jackie. The towers opened in 73 when I was born so I really didn't know NYC without them on the skyline...probably why I waited so long to go to Ground Zero. But I did finally a few years ago and was moved to tears while walking past the church before I even saw that great hole in the earth.
Thank you for that beautiful picture of the sweet little face...once again, I was moved to tears thinking how their lives will never be the same. My post 9/11 visit to the Statue of Liberty was proof of that.

I'm not much of a religous person but..
God Bless our troops and those that risk their lives for us everyday!
My heart goes out to those that have lost someone on 9/11


(sorry so long)

delee said...

My (then) hubby was in the Marshall Islands. I called him and told him to turn on the TV, he would not believe me. He said nothing would be on the TV as it was around 3 AM in the morning there-the next day. When he did turn on his tv, there it was and this was before the Pentagon was hit. He said he would call me back because all were asleep and he needed to tell them.

He was there to test an SDI missile!

Son was in PA and daughter was at college. Family in PA, I was all alone in AL. I was on the phone most of the day in shock and horror.

9/11 will bring a chill and sadness to all Americans when each anniversary roles around.