Thursday, October 09, 2008

Announcing the Winner of the Bonnie Hunt Contest!

Yes, blog commenter Lynn1 has won the Bonnie Hunt sweatshirt and mug! I want to thank everyone who entered and wish that there was more to give away. The correct answers to the Ultimate Bonnie Hunt Quiz were as follows:

1. In what HBO movie did Bonnie share the billing with Mekhi Phifer?
Subway Stories

2. How many times has Bonnie been married?

3. What was Bonnie's occupation before her show business career took off?
Oncology Nurse

4. In what movie did Bonnie Hunt make her acting debut?
The Rainman

5. Who was the co-executive producer of two sitcoms of Bonnie's -- The Building and The Bonnie Hunt Show (not to be confused with the current talk show and later retitled simply Bonnie)?
David Letterman

6. How many siblings does Bonnie have?

7. Is Bonnie Hunt related to Helen Hunt?

8. What famous improvisational comedy troupe did Bonnie join in 1986?
Second City

9. How many movies has Bonnie appeared in, not including voice work?
I accepted 18-23 in the contest due to discrepancies on websites.

10. What is Bonnie's zodiac sign?

11. What character in the 2006 animated movie Cars was Bonnie's voice?

12. What kind of pest recently infiltrated Bonnie's home?
I was looking for rats, but also accepted crickets as she's had problems with both.

Thanks again, everybody! And, congratulations to Lynn1!


lynn1 said...

Yay! I won!
Thank you Jackie for a really fun contest.

Margo said...

Congrats Lynn1

lynn1 said...

Thanks Margo. It was a very nice surprise for me.
Jackie, I forgot to thank you for the cool grahic with my name!

Zoetawny said...

Congrats Lynn! Jacke always makes it fun here. I wish I had time to watch Bonnie Hunt as I've always liked her style and humor.

pdx granny...

Your mammogram story had me in stitches. I needed a good laugh today. But, I'm sure it was more terrifying than funny while you were held captive. When I go for my mammogram test I'm going to ask if they have a generator back-up, just in case. Sydney is right about you submitting your story. It was written with such great humor that I could actually picture the situation in my head.

I'm eager to read Sharon's response to all the love sent in her card. You all ROCK!

Thank you all for your kind and supportive words regarding my stepson. It means a lot to me.


I always seem to post on your newest entry. I hope I'm not being "off topic" and should post further back. Let me know if I've been doing it wrong all this time. ;)

Hugzzzzzz to all!

P.S. My first post disappeared as I hit the submit button so had to rewrite it. Hope it doesn't post twice now.

RBennie said...

Congratulations Lynn1. I'll try really hard not to be bitter, LOL. I'm ready for Survivor tonight. I'll be cheering on by boy Ace (even if he's a bit annoying).

Sydney said...

Congrats Lynn1 -- did you win the contest about guessing the number of Jackie's stitches too? Or you were runner up?

If so, wanna go to Vegas with me sometime soon?

joy n said...

Congratulations, Lynn1! Good job!

I messed up on question 8. I named the first improvisational comedy troupe she joined in '84 instead of the famous one in '86.

Survivor and CSI tonight. CSI will be a weeper.

Delee said...

WTG Lynn, enjoy the spoils that Jackie so lovingly will be sending you.

It will be interesting if Sugar and Ace do not get on the same team tonight, since she opened her mouth to him that she has the idol.

Sydney do not forget Ugly Betty tonight...ha ha...I have tivo set for all ABC shows.

Now I have to go hunt for the mammiogram story...missed that somehow.

Delee said...

Yes Lynn1 did win the stitches contest too...stop that Lynn1 LOL

lynn1 said...

Sydney and delee,
I had forgotten about guessing the number of Jackie's stitches!
Maybe I should change my name to Lucky Lynnie! LOL

Getting ready to enjoy a new episode of Survivor. Should be a good show tonight.
Good luck to all of you still in the Survivor pool. I wasn't so lucky with my draw of player on Survivor but was lucky that she was first one voted out cause I would not have been able to honestly cheer for her to win it all.

RIE said...

Congrats Lynn1

Jackie how do I add your blog to another blog, there's an area stating Blogs your currently following

Anyone know?

I've added link but it doesn't do anything.
I need a agent. LOL

Jackie's blog best in Texas, I was thinking of the Ford Commercial
but instead sang Jackie's blog.

Orkmommy I'm on exile Island he he

We're having a blog party hehe my cousin R donated boxes of shoes, well they're Lady shoes
I helped stacking boxes, she's never even opened some of the boxes I'm glad I don't wear all them kinds, Sydney next time you come to Texas I'll give them to you or someone name Star Rie will.

I think these are suppose to be nice shoes, well they are nice still in box wrappings with that stick thingy in the shoes hehe
most are size 8-9
they are Sam Libby black Satin
Vanns, don't know how they look
Not rated ( yep Yap? ) navy size 8, never heard of them, they did look comfy but these shoes called Rocket Dog size 8 looked more comfy, sorta reminded me of Jackie needing comfortable walking shoes
lots of Adidas all colors,
2 baseballs signed from don't know who but she doesn't want them, lots of Barbie doll collections still in original boxes along with beanie babies, I'm exhausted whew

PDX Granny said...

I said this on the previous post, but just in case it's missed, I want to repeat it here ...

I'd love to take credit for the mammo story, but it was sent to me by a friend. I tried to make it clear it wasn't my own story, but I guess I didn't do a very good job of it!

I'd feel pretty bad if someone thought I was trying to take credit for some great writing that isn't mine. I wish I could write so well, but alas, that's not the case. . . . but I can do a mean copy & paste!! : )

joy n said...

Happy B-day, Tom S.

Patty said...

Congraulations Lynn!

Sydney-I think you should take Lynn to Vegas with you...she sounds like a Lucky Charm!

I impressed myself taking the quiz. That last question stumped me a bit. I guessed cricket.

Many thanks Jackie for the fun time.

The mammo story sounds like a good read, so I am heading back to read it and find out what I am missing.

Patty said...

Let me try saying it once again to Lynn, Congratulations!

I am glad this is not typing class because I would have failed that test.

Lars Eller said...

2 baseballs signed from don't know who but she doesn't want them, lots of Barbie doll collections still in original boxes along with beanie babies, I'm exhausted whew

10/09/2008 7:57 PM

Jackie & Sydney,
I wrote for Rie
I had several windows open, plus she was hooking up the computer sharing thingy, I kept getting my post back that I'd written, it returned over 8 times,
I thought I was blocked but I wanted you all to know about fundraiser.

Oh boy its a media madhouse frinzzy again.

Happy birthday Ralph

meb said...

nana in the nw... I saw that about Cheryl and while I'm not trying to be mean, and have weight to lose myself, when she stated she had only gained 5 pounds I had to shake my head. She still looked great and she will lose it all as she continues to dance, but 5 pounds. No way!

lynn1... Congratulations. Are you always this lucky? Jackie holds two contests and you win them both. Count me in on the Vegas trip with you and Sydney! Smile.

dla said...

Congratulations, lynn1!! Great job!