Monday, October 13, 2008

CliqueClack, TV Squad, and Other Things

I have no idea what kind of bird this is -- I call 'em dotty birds. They're kind of ugly and have evil beaks.

I have a new Reality Clack column up over on CliqueClack TV and my Amazing Race review is up over on TV Squad.

My condolences go out to blog reader Nana in the NW on the loss of her mother. Words can't always express how we feel, but know you're in our thoughts and prayers today.


sue said...

Hi Jackie, I hope you are feeling better. That might be a Wood Trush or of that family. Sue

Jackie said...

I just found it online - it's a European Starling, 100 were set loose in Central Park (NYC) decades ago so we would have all species mentioned by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's Starlings

Sydney said...

I was just going to suggest that it looks like a starling, but what do I know? I just discovered this bird here in the spring, and ours have bright yellow beaks and no dots, but they look similar enough.

Amazing story about their release. It's never a dull day at Jackies!

PS, are you feeling any better today? I hope you don't mind me asking. Can you identify if it's from the meds or something else?

Margo said...


Try Grackle - is another nasty bird we have in the midwest.


sue said...

I should have recongized it as a starling...there are thousands of them flying over our house every day. What a mess they leave...and they make a lot of noise. People wait for them to fly over, and then make noise so the birds won't light on their trees but will fly on to another tree. Every day, back and forth they go morning and evening.

RBennie said...

Hi all. Hope your feeling better today Jackie. I was home on Thursday and Friday with some kind of flu thing, but I'm hale and hearty (whatever that means) and back at work today. I'm gonna go and read your reviews right now. Is everybody ready for dancing tonight? Hopefully this will be the last week we have to see Cloris dance (well not really dance, what exactly would you call what she does?)

RBennie said...

Jackie, I just read your TAR review and it was great as usual, but I do have to disagree about your comment that Aja lied to the Divorcees about Starr. Starr definitely asked Aja to U turn the Divorcees. I heard it very clearly.

Lars Eller said...

John McCain is gonna be on David Letterman on Thursday.

Jackie for President!

Rie's neighbor Peter was given a dog by the name of Copper.

I don't feel good today, my stomach hurts.

Tom ( J ) is ill. He rarely complains of pain we're worried, why can't everyone just get along, why pressure students into voting a certain way.

Jackie when do you go back to work?

Margo said...

I get Grackels and Starlings mixed up all the time. They are both problem birds at my bird feeders-chasing away the song birds. I once heard a description of the starling as a flying cigar. I thought it was perfect.

Margo said...


I came across this written by an unknown author.

I found it on a blog by Bindu which I found through Sydney's blog. I asked for permission to post.

"I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other. Then someone at my side says, "There, she is gone."

"Gone where?"

Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side, and she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port. Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someone at my side says, "There, she is gone!" there are other eyes watching her coming, and there are other voices ready to take up the glad shout, "Here she comes!"

And that is dying."

Thanks Bindu


meb said...

Margo (Bindu also) That is beautiful. Thank you both.

Donna in AL said...

Hi all,
I was here during TAR last night and I posted but then deleted it. There was no comments and I asked if everyone was TIVOing the show. Then when I posted it, there were 5 comments, so omitted it. I didn't hear much of it with 2 children between me and the TV and the dose of cough medicine I took. heehee
I went to the doc today and I have bronkitis and a sinus infection...again! This is the 3rd or 4th time since I started my new job...I think there is mold in the ceilings there.

Yeah, the frat boys did not get philiminated! I am sure Nana will be proud. She and I are on their team.

Nana, I am so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. I hope my children are as comforting as you and your siblings when I pass and I hope I can be there for my mom too. I lost my dad very suddenly, 3 years ago, and I still find myself thinking, I need to call dad and ask him so and so. I will be thinking of you and your family in my prayers,as you all go through the next few weeks. Hugs and love to you, my friend.

Jackie, do you have this crud too? I hope you are feeling better.

Sydney said...

Margo --I saw that on her blog too and thought it was just beautiful! How lovely that you thought to pluck it for Nana.

becky said...

RBennie said... Is everybody ready for dancing tonight? Hopefully this will be the last week we have to see Cloris dance (well not really dance, what exactly would you call what she does?)

I am ready. I hope Cloris goes home this week. Pathetic is a good word for her "dancing". I was so disappointed in the Geeks last night. I can't believe they didn't read the clue better.

Jackie, great article on TVS. I guess you could call the little spat Bragate.

Zoetawny said...

I only have a minute but decided to check the most recent entry.


My heartfelt condolences goes out to you for the deep loss of your mom. Hold on to all the wonderful memories of her and take comfort from your family and friends. The piece that Margo posted was touching and beautiful. I wish I could offer some words to wrap around you. As Jackie said, just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jackie, hope you're feeling better. I'll have to read TV Squad and Reality Clack later tonight.

My stepson was admitted back in the hospital today. We spent the weekend visiting him at home and I had a very difficult time holding back the tears.

Califoria is on fire but we and the rest of the family are safe. My Dad is close to Chatsworth and Porter Ranch but is safe in his neighborhood. My son is going to stay at my Dad's house until the worst is over. Now at least, I won't have to be in 10 places at one time with my son is watching over gramps.

TC all!

Donna in AL said...

Prayers go out to you and your family too...not just for your step-son but for the fires raging there. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...


I didn't know how to email you this, so I am posting it here. TMZ has an interview with BB's Memphis on their site. He and Dan DID start the renegade clothing line, apparantly

Sydney said...

Margo -- Funny you should mention Grackles. I had never seen them before and I guess i can see how they'd become a nuisance, as they are really SMART and know how to get FOOD. I hate to tell you, but I have come to really like them, for all their swagger and personality. I wrote about why I like them a while back.

Check this out if you feel like it:

It's so true that one man's hell is another's heaven. There is a lover for every critter out there. Working at the zoo I realized that even more -- there's spider lovers, poisionous snake lovers, rat lovers ... you get the picture. Lucky animals!

Sydney said...

Zoe- Steer clear of those fires. I remember them happening all the time when I lived in LA. Not sure where you are in relation to them. I will turn on the news to get a better idea of what's going on there.

meb said...

Zoetawny, so sorry you have the fires to concern yourself with. You have enough on you plate right now. You don't need that too. You and your family are still in our prayers.

Jackie...feeling better?


Petals said...

Re: BB clothing line ~ I tried searching for "renegade gear", but nothing came up. I don't think the clothing line took-off as expected. How can it, in this economy??

Tom`S said...

New York Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov died during a game in his native Russia on Monday. He was 19.

Cherepanov collapsed on the bench during Omsk's Kontinental Hockey League game and died a short time later. Omsk head coach Wayne Fleming said Cherepanov collapsed during the third period of the game and did not see anything that happened on the ice that may have contributed to it. He also said medical authorities tried to get Cherepanov's heart beating again after it had stopped.

"They tried to get his heart started again but they couldn't," he explained.

Sources in Russia told TSN that the ambulance that is normally at all games had already departed and had to be called back.

It is not clear exactly how long it took for Cherepanov to be transported from the rink to the hospital but one source in the arena told TSN it was, "probably 15 or 20 minutes."

There are also questions as to whether defibrillators at the arena were in good working order, though no further details are available.

"We are extremely saddened by the tragic passing of Alexei," said New York Rangers president and general manager Glen Sather in a statement. "On behalf of the New York Rangers organization, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to his family. Alexei was an intelligent, energetic young man, with tremendous talent and an extremely bright future."

Cherepanov was drafted 17th overall by the Rangers in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

"He was a great kid," Cherepanov's agent Jay Grossman told TSN. "He had a great smile and was an outstanding player with a great future on and off the ice. It's both shocking and devastating news for all of us. "

He had seven goals and 12 points in 14 games played this season in KHL, including the first goal in Monday's game. Cherepanov played 106 games during his career in the KHL/RSL (Russian Super League), all with Avangard Omsk and scored 40 goals with 29 assists over that span.

He set the RSL record for goals by a rookie with 18, beating the previous mark held by Pavel Bure (17 goals), during the 2006-07 season. His 29 points in his rookie campaign was more than Evgeni Malkin, Alexander Ovechkin and Ilya Kovalchuk scored during their first initial RSL seasons.

Cherepanov also helped lead Russia to a Bronze Medal at the World Junior Championships in 2008, scoring three goals and adding three assists with a plus-three rating over his six games at the tournament.

"The NHLPA is saddened to learn of the passing of Alexei Cherepanov," said NHL Players' Association executive director Paul Kelly in a statement. "Alexei was a tremendous young man and a highly-skilled hockey player whose promising career had no limits. His unexpected passing at such a young age is a great loss for the entire hockey community. The NHLPA extends our condolences to Alexei's family, friends and teammates during this extremely difficult time."

Anonymous said...

When Eva Longoria Parker put on a few pounds over the summer for her role as Gabrielle on "Desperate Housewives," everyone jumped to the conclusion that the actress was pregnant. In the November issue of Allure, Eva sets the record straight about her recent weight gain, as well as the rumors surrounding her marriage to NBA star Tony Parker.

On her fuller figure:
"I stopped working out and gained about seven pounds over the summer, which is a lot for a small person. Every magazine is tearing me apart ... I never went up a size. I just got rounder. I'm still a size 0.

On growing up thinking she wasn't beautiful:
"My nickname was Prieta Fea, which means 'Ugly Dark one' in Spanish. I didn't have a boyfriend. My sisters were so mean to me. They used to say I was adopted, and 'we picked you up at the hospital. You were the extra baby that day.'"

Patty said...

Nana-My heartfelt condolences are being sent your way. May there be many good memories tucked away in your heart that you can wrap yourself around at this difficult time.

Jackie, I hope you feel better soon also.

Zoetawny-I hope things stay a little more calmer for you. As one poster said, you have enough on your plate to deal with right now.

Take care friends.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I hope you are feeling better today Jackie.

ORKMommy said...

Nana - There are no words to express my sadness for your loss. You will most definitely be in my thoughts in the weeks to come. Just hold onto the memories and know that she's in a better place.


Anonymous said...

Becky - laughed at your "bragate"

Hi everyone! Thoughts to all...

Karen in MD/DC

joy n said...

Petals, TMZ has a clip that was posted yesterday with Memphis stating, "Me and Dan were in Seattle and we just launched the RENEGADE GEAR clothing line yesterday." He also mentions getting "a lot of money instead of the Camaro."

RBennie said...

I sure hope Dan didn't blow all his winnings on this most likely failing venture! I saw Memphis on TMZ last night and he was so cocky and obnoxious - going on about all the money he got.

joy n said...

I thought maybe Dan would have second thoughts, too, about partnering up with Memphis once they were out of the house. In this case, Dan being a man of his word may bite him in the butt. Hopefully, he only put a small portion of his "eggs" in that basket.

Sydney said...

Darn, can't find it -- where are we currently commenting on DWTS? Way back on that post that Jackie put up last week or are we on the sdiebar as usual? I looked at DWTS part one and two which is 2007 and DWTS 2008 which has comments from march, so I'm lost..............

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37 -- I'll let you know when Eva Longoria Parker IS pregnant. Here in San Antonio that will be the major news story of the day! Elections, wars, stock market crashes - it will all take a back seat to San Antonio's #1 couple! They'll interupt programming for a special news bulletin! LOL


delee said...

Sydney, under categories click on DWTS, it is the Part 2 where we are commenting. It is 1st item.

joy n said...

Trista and Ryan Sutter (of Bachelorette) have announced that they are again expecting. Trista is 3 months pregnant.

Sydney said...

thanks delee,

Jennasmom you made me laugh and I know what you mean

And Joy, that's great news, I guess the second time was easier for them. I saw a fathers day layout of Ryan and their little boy in Us magazine or something like it and their child is REALLY adorable. Has Ryan's big blue eyes. I bet they have a girl and she too will resemble the best of the both of them.

PS: I saw a show on network TV this afternoon around PM called Doctors... it's like the view meets Dr. Oz and the lead doc who hosts the panel is one of the former bachelors.... but not the one who was in the navy.

Lars Eller said...

We KNOW-I'm next' then Ria who helped us after finding bogus names, it doesn't matter when a person supported Acorn, it mattered when we found out ya'll had dead people and didn't know someone was really alive that YES YA'LL KILLED US
We're not saying a word/
Use my name vote millions of times people didn't believe us anyway,
why kill my friend Alex? Rie knew after getting Bulldogs silver and blue Georgetown ball that had HOYAs it was for her to shut up.
People should know after you saw Texas Rangers sticker is why Alexi was gased,

His express nickname, They tried you people aren't any better than Russians I left. Eller

I'm in alot of pain.
I couldn't have voted anyway but we know ppl hate us, we did nothing wrong.

Lars Eller said...


the pain is so horrific please just shoot us from this


Anonymous said...


Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ACORN is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is a community-based organization that advocates for low- and moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety, health care and other social issues. ACORN has over 350,000 members and more than 850 neighborhood chapters in over 100 cities across the United States, as well as in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and Peru.

ACORN's priorities have included: better housing and wages for the poor, more community development investment from banks and governments, and better public schools.

Apparently there is a current scandal having to do with it registering people who were deceased or in prison to vote and in the news it's being linked to our two presidential candidates.

Donna in AL said...

And how much is the price of eggs in China?

RBennie said...

Hey where is everyone today? I refuse to believe I'm the only one goofing off at work and checking in here!

I hope all is well Jackie. It's been a little while since we've heard from you. You know how we get, LOL.

Donna in AL said...

I am here...checking in every 30 minutes or so but no one is commenting. I decided to add my eggs to the basket of non-sense. LOL

Hope everyone is okay.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking in too, Donnal in AL - And how much is the price of eggs in China?

fell off my chair!

Needed that! Hope all is well with everyone - Karen in MD/DC

RBennie said...

Hi Donna,

I guess its just you and me for now, LOL. I hope the current way, way off topic posts are not discouraging people from posting.

RBennie said...

Hi Karen, I see you are lurking also.

lynn1 said...

If anyone decides not to watch the debate tonight there is good TV on as well. The finale of Project Runway (Bravo) or Ghost Hunters (Sci-fi Channel) is at 9:00 PM E/8:00 PM C.
Since I like both shows I watch Ghost Hunters at 8:00 PM C, then Project Runway at 10 C.

RBennie said...

Hi Lynn1 - I'll definitely be watching the Project Runway finale. Hopefully Kenly will not win. That girl needs a serious attitude adjustment. Either Leanne or Korto would be fine with me. I didn't really like Leanne or her work in the beginning, but she grew on me. I thought Jerell deserved to be in final 3, but he killed himself with that awful wedding dress!

lynn1 said...

I am sorry to see Kenley in the final 3. I don't care for her whiney voice and nasty attitude and frankly with the exception of a couple of things I don't like the clothes she designs.
Like you, I have come to like Leeanne as a person and most of the clothes she has designed.
I also liked some of Korto's and Jerrel's designs.
I don't have a great track record of cheering for the winner of Project Runway or any other competition type show.
I will be very disappointed if Kenley wins but I wouldn't be surprised to see her win.
I remember how sad I felt when Jeffery won a few seasons back. He was not that great of a designer imo and he was a royal PITA.

sue said...

I watch Project Runway and Top Design. I agree about Kenley and was surprised she was in F4, and then she shows up with a great collection. I caught a few minutes of Project Runway this am (they are running the whole season, it looks like). It was the Olympic challenge and Jarrel missed it completely. I had only been remembering his really great looks. Although, I often am amazed at what the judges like and don't like. Leeann is growing on me, I didn't think she would last three episodes. I don't mind people having an attitude (like Kenley), but the whining and 'nothing is ever her fault' is what turned me off to her.

I know there is a DWTS place, but all I want to know if which of the child couples won last night. The one who danced first or second?


RBennie said...

Hi Sue, the second child couple won last night.

Lynn1, - I remember Jeffrey very well. I hated his stuff! Michael (was that his name?) was really good all season long and I loved him, and then he turned out a really mediocre collection - what a disappointment. Laura was the third and I actually loved her stuff.

Donna in AL said...

I don't watch any of these shows you are talking about. It's hard enough to finding time to watch the ones I do like. I would like to know how Cloris did as I have seen you comment on how awful she it.
Maybe with the debate tonight I can go online and watch a few of my shows I have missed...i.e. Survivor last week!!

Anonymous said...

We watch Ghost Hunters and Project Runway too - well, husband watched GH and I watch PR - but anyway- I thought Kenley was subdued on the last episode, that maybe she grew up a little bit, even apologized and wanted to start fresh. I think it would be a hoot if she won just to see the reactions.. lol

Karen in MD/DC

dla said...

Hi everyone ~

Happy Wednesday! I will be watching Project Runway and Top Design tonight, and I also need to catch up on last night's episode of DWTS. I got caught up on The Biggest Loser, and didn't flip over at 9pm since I figured either Rocco or Cloris would be leaving.

Total agreement with everyone hoping that Kenley doesn't win, but she did come back with a strong collection... Should be interesting!

Jackie, I hope you are on the mend, and feeling stronger. Post-surgery is no fun even when everything is on track... Hugs to you!

sue said...

Thanks rbennie for the answer about the child dancers. I thought the second couple would win and turned the channel at commerical and then forgot to change it back. I liked the first couple, too, and couldn't bear to see their faces if they didn't get it.

donna in al, I think Cloris' dances are on youtube, if you just wanted to see the short version of the show.
I watched Samantha Who? and it was fun and tied into DWTS. I noticed Cybil Shephard wore flats and that made me smile, since that has always been a big deal with her. She was good in her role, I thought.

I hated Jeffrey and all his clothes and I liked Laura. I also watch Tabatha's Salon, has anyone seen it?

Donna in AL said...

I watched NCIS and Without a Trace which I love both and I am trying out The Mentalist. I guess I am stuck on most CBS shows as my son pointed out, that's about all we watch.

I will check out YouTube for Cloris' routines, I think she is a funny lady but not for DWTS.

ORKMommy said...

I will be watching the debate tonight because 1) I don't have cable and 2) I actually enjoy them. Hope I don't offend anyone, but I really enjoy watching McCain make an ass of himself :-)

I loved Project Runway when I had cable (insert sigh here...) and I actually liked Jeffrey & his collections. Not that I'd wear anything he designed but I admired his "This is me and I don't care what you think" attitude. I really liked Laura and thought she deserved better than 3rd.

p.s. Did anyone ever find out how much eggs cost in China? I'm dying to know...

RBennie said...

Yes Sue, I will admit to watching Tabatha's Salon. It's actually a pretty good show. I wish the owner of the salon I go to would call her up, LOL.

There just does not seem to be a reality show that's too beneath me to watch, LOL. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't watch it, I watched Rock of Love Charm School last night. In my own defense though, I was thoroughly disgusted with myself the whole time!

No wait I take it back, there is one show I refuse to watch - that Paris Hilton BFF crap.

So come on guys you fess up too, what's the crappiest show you watch faithfully?

Donna in AL said...

Have you all heard the saying, "what does that have to do with the cost of eggs in China" or is that just a southern thing?

Egg Facts:
China produces most eggs, at about 160 billion per year. In the US, about 260 million hens produce more than 65 billion eggs per year. A hen can lay about 250 eggs per year.

The chicken is one of the first domestic animals, appearing in China around 1400 BC.

The prices of eggs at the farm are now about 2.10 baht each, down 30-40 baht from May, while the production cost is 2.60 baht.

Sydney said...

Hi All-

I was out at the bookstore after checkin in this morning. I want to buy everythiing when I'm there, but then I just come howm and put it on the shelf after I thumb through it for a day or two. My plate is overflowing and if I have time to read, it has to be school stuff... or it SHOULD be the wall Street Journal which I happened to subscribe to a few weeks before the sky fell on Wall Street. Certainly has made for some historic headlines, and I keep those front pages with others in storage... maybe someday they will be interesting to look back on.


PROJECT RUNWAY: I could not believe that Jerrell was sent home when he won two challenges and did clearly classy, beautiful work. I know his final gown wasn't fab but you would think they judge on the whole season's work at that point, and the person's potential as a designer.

I don't know what the judges see in Kenley's work!! Nothing has blown me away, especially in the first several challenges. Yet the very scrutinizing Nina Garcia showers her with compliments. I wonder, what am I missing? I WAS in that business for 28 years, and my eye was how I made a living...

i have even thought that since Kenley is so truly disrespectful of the judges, they kept her on so as not to look like they were letting personal judgments get in the way? Any possibilities there?

I was rooting for Jerel and Leann from early on, and while I love Leann's work, do they all have to have that flap-scalloped kind of detail? It's on every design. So does it very well, and some deisgners do make it big with a signature kind of detail, but I don't know how it will all pan out.

Too bad none of us want to watch the debates. This is such an important election but I feel like I'm not going to hear anything real or concrete and what I do hear means virtually nothing once voted in due to the machine that's in place. Isn't that sad?

Heard Nader on Jim Lehrer last night and he sounded great, on all the issues. It is worth it to go to his website just to get a clear picture of the issues and what a candidate who is not forced to box himself in or mould himself to the process of winning/funding has to say on them.

Sydney said...

I'm with yourbennie across the board. I watched two seasons of Flav or Love and then the first of I Love New York (both had great kitch value) but I think those ruined me for trolling that bad anymore.

Regardless, I will not watch Paris.

RBennie said...

LOL, Donna - I always heard that saying as "what does that have to do with the cost of tea in China".

Sydney, Sydney - you actually watched Flavor of Love? Well I did too! You can join me down here in the gutter, LOL.

Donna in AL said...

OMG, I admit I watched a season or two of Paris!!

I would like to listen to the debates but they just say what they plan to do not how they are going to do them. I do not think either of them CAN do what they promise. I watched the first one and part of the second to see how their body language was when the other one was downing them. It is kind of pathetic.

Donna in AL said...

Sydney, you are going to school for what? If you don't mind me asking.

Nana in the NW said...

donna in al--thanks for the egg info...but what's a baht??? I'm guessing their money...what's that exchange to our money?

This whole egg talk made me laugh...I really needed it today.

BTW--Here in the NW our saying is "What does that have to do with the price of tea in China".

I don't watch anything too strange. I tend to stick with the basic channels(ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX) even though we have extended cable.

Syd--you mentioned reading school stuff...have you gone back to take some classes?

Jackie--what seems to have you down? Are you going to be ready to go back to work in 2 weeks?

margo--I so loved that story you posted a few days ago that I am using part of it in our memory brochure for Mom's funeral. Thank you.

Today has been a hard as I have been putting together everyone's memories that will be read at the service. I would like to go to bed and awake on Sunday!

Going to hop over and check out the DWTS site.

RBennie said...

Good to hear from you Nana. How are you holding up?

Donna in AL said...

Good to "see" you Nana. Hugs to you. You are a good egg for our basket, although I am sure you feel quite cracked right now. You probably thought you were hard boiled but now everything has been scrambled. I know it seems like sunny side up is no longer possible so together we will all just be egg salad.

Well, guess the above shows I am cracked...hee hee

Just trying for a smile to lift your spirits and let you know we are here for you.


Anonymous said...

Well, I too must admit I watch quite a few Bravo shows. My husband just rolls his eyes. But it's fun entertainment for me. I actually like the Tabitha show, I wasn't sure how it was going to be, but it's enjoyable. Top Design I've only seen a few times, but I think I've caught up on it, and I really love The Biggest Loser - I didn't get to watch it last night since someone ran over the utility box in our neighborhood and it cut off all cable, phone, and internet service to our house. Not sure if I will catch Project Runway - I like to watch the debates - same reason as Orkmommy...

Karen in MD/DC

meb said...

We always used the expression "Not for all the tea in China" when we were stating an emphatic "I wouldn't do (that/whatever it might be), not for all the tea in China.

Funny how phrases change based on location.

lynn1 said...

I saw part of a show the other night that makes Paris' BFF look like it should be featured on PBS!
I am not even sure of the name of it but it is something like "Pick Up Artist" and is on VHR. The star is a man clled Mystery. He is supposedly a real Cassanova and very smooth with the ladies. He teaches dorks, geeks and nerds how to be like him. I was underwhelmed.

sue said...

nana, I think your journey through the memories might be the most valuable way for your to spend a day this week. Even though it has to be gut renching. Thanks for taking time to post here at Jackie's. I know we are all thinking of you and your family.

I, too, will be watching the debates. I like that Bravo and TVHG run their shows several times a night so I can catch the ones I miss in prime time.

I watch all House Hunters, Buy Me (which is often depressing, though!) and used to love Sell This House. I don't see Trading Spaces much any more. And, I watched all the Top Chef when it was on. I record a lot of the shows and watch them at odd hours, because if I didn't I would be in front of the TV all the time and nothing else would get done. Funny thing is I have come to watch some shows because I saw them on The Soup. And, the show I don't admit to watching? Girls Next Door. : )

dla said...

I did watch the debate prior to my Night o' Bravo TV. Nothing new there, other than JM was even more sarcastic and cranky than everyone expected. My mind has been made up, so it was simply for pure observational value.

I will admit to catching Tabitha on the occasion when I cannot find anything else to watch, and it does have a certain entertainment value. lol

I flatly refuse to watch anything Paris on general principle.

I LOVED Jonathan Antin on Blow Out when that was on Bravo! I had another friend that watched, and we would e mail back and forth through each episode as he cried during his therapy sessions and lost it on his stylists... It was an absolute train wreck that I could not turn off. LOL

My other guilty pleasure that has gone away was the Rock Star reality show with Brooke Burke as the host, Dave Navarro, etc. (Rock Star INXS, Rock Star Supernova) I was obsessed with that one, and would not miss an episode. I would love to see that one come back.

Also admit to sometimes catching Housewives on Bravo, but have not been faithful since it left OC.

And, I have to admit that I watched Date My Ex: Jo & Slade... That was my dirty little secret.