Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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Don't let the ghouls get you! Zoetawny made us a neat new Halloween graphic for the blog. Give her some candy!

My latest Survivor review is up over on TV Squad and a new "TV Shows Off the Beaten Path" should be posted over at CliqueClack TV sometime later today. And I'm off to work. I'm going as myself. I figure that can be scary enough.


lynn1 said...

Happy Halloween everyone! Could I actually be first????

sue said...

Have a good one today, Jackie. I'll go check out TV Squad. the graphic. It made me smile and that is always a good way to start a day.

I bought the huge candy sacks of assorted non-chocolate candy. One is of Swizzler type and one is the Chewy assortment with Slo Pokes and caramels and some Bit O Honey. I have to admit the caramels, chewy ones are my favorite. I am hoping I can keep my hands out of that big bowl of candy.

I am not dressing up in costume today, but I always like to check in on TV to see what The Today Show cast and also Regis and Kelly come up with. I saw a promo for Martha Stewart's show and she looked pretty with her hair curly in her get up. Jackie, will Bonnie Hunt do a Halloween show today?


meb said...

Great graphic Zoetawny. You are so talented!

Jackie, I came to work as myself as well... can't beat this costume. I guess I should stop at the store and get some kind of candy, just in case somebody stops by tonight. We don't get much traffic. Everybody goes to this Safe Nights, which I think is the best idea ever! Did I tell you I don't like the Halloween concept. Dangerous!
Yeah... I said it earlier.

Have a safe day! I'll be here checking in off and on today.


Donna in AL said...

Well, I just typed a nice post and went to publish it and got flipped to a page that said something about duplication.

I brought 5 or 6 masks with me today and will put them on, sneak into an office and spook whomever I can!! When I worked here 22 years ago I came in with a mask and costume, so they expect it!!

AT&T spend all Wednesday at my house trying to fix DSL and did not leave until 7pm. He said it was fixed. Last night after I posted I lost my connection and could get on periodically for a couple of minutes and then it was out again. Grrr....

The little girl in my avatar is Gracie, my son's GF's daughter. She is such a sweetheart, she has me wrapped around her little finger!!

Donna in AL said...

Also, the dress Gracie is wearing in the picture is hand made by my sister-in-law. She sells them on ebay. She has made special occassion dress for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday's. If anyone is interested, I can post her ebay name for you to see them.

PDX Granny said...

Happy Halloween, to all you ghosts and ghouls out there!!

Zoetawny, as usual, your graphic is great!

I made a graveyard dirt cake for work today. My boss is allergic to chocolate (can you imagine!!), so I made 1/2 of the cake with vanilla cookies instead of Oreo, and pumpkin mousse instead of chocolate. That's the side I want!!

Tonight I get to go Trick-or-Treating with my grandson. He's going to be a glow in the dark skeleton. I'm going to be a granny! :)

Have e a great day everyone!!

My WV is derael - as in I hope nobody deraels my day today!

meb said...

Jackie, are you manipulating the word verifications... I looked up and there it was... writch


ORKMommy said...

Happy Halloween!!! I too came to work as myself, but I did wear an orange shirt!

How 'bout Survivor last night? I didn't think they'd get Ace or Dan but I guess that's why I watch. Ya never know what those silly castaway's are gonna do next. So, here's the results from the pool...

The tribe has spoken and Rbennie & Nancy in NJ have been sent packing via Ace and Joy N & Terry in CA via Dan.

Until next week...

Bob Crowley - ORKMommy & Jennasmom
Charlie Herschel - Jackie & Katie in Chi
Corinne Kaplan - Margo & Caroline – NJ
Crystal Cox - Sydney, Laurie & Becky
Sugar Kiper - Petals & Gayle
Kelly Czarnecki - Lucy & Albglinka
Ken Hoang - TXrednekgirl & Clementine
Marcus Lehman - Meb & Sue
Matty Whitmore - RJM in SC & EileenM
Randy Bailey - tbc
Susie Smith - Nana in the NW

Dan Kay - Joy N & Terry in CA
Ace Gordon - Rbennie & Nancy in NJ
Kelly Czarnecki - Lucy & Albglinka
Danny "GC" Brown - Pdx Granny & Monty924
Jacquie Berg - Delee & Zoetawny
Paloma Soto-Castillo - Tessa
Michelle Chase - lynn1 & Barbwire
Gillian Larson - Lars Eller & Donna in AL

RBennie said...

Happy Halloween everyone! Don't eat too much leftover candy!

meb said...

lynn1... I just went back and was reading some of the posts and saw your comments regarding your mother. It must be so difficult to deal with such a debilitating disease. I know you need your friends and family to bring you comfort.

My mother didn't know me the last year of her life, but I believe it was simply senility. And it also could have been she just wouldn't acknowledge me because I had to get her to agree to go into a Nursing Home as I just couldn't let her stay at home alone as I worked fulltime. She never got over going there. It got a little humorous, because when I would visit her, she would ask me my name and where I worked and then she would say, "Oh I have a daughter with that name who works at the hospital". I always felt she was pulling my leg.

Keep positive thoughts.

Laurie said...

Happy Halloween everyone. I'm not wearing a costume either, but I plan to do my hair in a faux hawk. That should get a few laughs!

Donna, I would love to see the dresses on eBay. Little Gracie is adorable with that halo of blonde hair.

sue said...

meb, It is difficult to do the right thing with parents. We should have helped my mother in law long before we did, even though I know she would not have liked us for doing it. I regret not stepping in, and I am sure you made the best decision. When we were young, our parents had to make some tough decisons about us, too, I could guess.

pdxgranny..very creative with the cake. It sounds wonderful..both sides.

donna in al...I am laughing, I can just imagine how far I would jump if someone in a mask popped into the room.


Donna in AL said...

We all get a kick out of it, Sue.

Laurie, if I can get online tonight, I will post the pictures and how to view any dresses she has on ebay on my blog.

AT&T is coming back to my house this afternoon to try AGAIN to fix the problem with DSL.

Nana in the NW said...


It is raining ghosts and golbins here today :(
That may keep the numbers of little ones that go out few. Our school does something called "Trunk or Treat". Families and staff park in our school parking lot, decorate their car and open up the trunks which have buckets of candy in them. The children can walk from car to car and get quite a few treats in a short amount of time and be safe.

meb and joyn--loved the jokes!!!

I understand about the difficult decisions we have to make regarding our parents. Two years ago when my MIL was hospitalized we knew she was not going to recover from an e-coli infection, having her colon removed, and the complications of arthitis. My husband had to make the decision to remove all artifical means of support. As hard as that was he knew it was the kindest thing he could do for her.

I am so blessed my mother went quickly without much suffering and knew all of us until the last few hours. I will never know how she went downhill so quickly other than that's how she lived her life....when she was ready to go she went!!

Gotta go the phone's ringing....

lynn1 said...

Meb thanks for your care and concern. I had to put my Mother in assisted living over 8 years ago and later on my Father in a care facilitly. It was hard but I know I did it FOR them not TO them.
At some point in time if people are lucky enough to have their parents live to old age there is a reversal of roles.
While we are blessed to have our parents for a long time we have to assume the responsibility for seeing that they are safe and well cared for.
Sometimes as Nana said we have to make even more difficult decisions. If the time arises that I have to make that decision I believe I can without guilt but not without a heavy heart.

Nana in the NW said...

Finally....Survivor has begun!!!

I narrowly escaped eviction last night(Susie). Hopefully, the tribes merge next week and there will be bigger fish to fry than Susie for a few weeks.

Crystal has a BIG chip on her shoulder and her buddy Kenny better knock it off or his alliance of one will be gone next week!

It has taken several weeks but I have finally got a few favs---Marcus and Sugar(I know, I never thought I'd say that at the beginning of the season).

Sugar getting rid of Ace was probably one of the smartest moves of the game. He would have used her and then flipped as soon as they merged.

Corrine and Marcus were right about Dan. He was very insecure and needy. You need to be mentally strong for this game and he would have went with whatever alliance accepted him.

I need to re-watch my tape of the show. I didn't notice Randy with no letters but he would deserve it. What a mean-spirited person! In the previews it appeared they were at the ocean.....hmmmm....must be a reward challenge.

Well, I am off to take my granddaughters to see High School Musical 3. They are very excited!

Nana in the NW said...

Oops...I forgot....great graphic Zoetawny!! You rock as always!

becky said...

WOW! Great graphics, great Survivor (including write up) and wonderful news about Rufus.

Hubby and I went to a play "Tuna Does Vegas" (two men, Joe Sears and Jaston Williams doing all the parts)last night. The play was hysterical and I would encourage anyone to see it. At least one of their Tuna plays has been on PBS.

I am getting ready for a garage sale, so haven't been reading much. BUT I did run in last night to see who was voted off.

YEAH, Rufus. I was more excited about that update than the show.

becky said...

meb said... Did I tell you I don't like the Halloween concept. Dangerous!

We stopped giving out candy when the kids began looking like they were nearing retirement age, okay, in their twenties with pillow cases, or gang bangers. You know what I mean.

I always take a sack of treats to the wonderfully behave next door neighbor kids (only family on the block with children trick or treat age)on the day before Halloween. I tell them that this is their trick or treat and that our porch light will be off on Halloween.

I miss putting a costume on my dogs and answering the door with candy. The last year we did it we went through 500 pieces of candy -- and that was giving just one each.

Margo said...

I want to know what is up with me getting all the *itchy contestants (Divorees and Corinne)in the pools? At least we got to see Corrine in camp which I don't think we really have seen Kota in weeks. I'm worried for Bob and Kenny. They are skeletons w/skin. I hope there is a feast next week and everyone gets to eat. I was also wondering if there is a rule that Sugar can not bring back fook from exile. There was plenty of fruit yesterday for her whole tribe.


RBennie said...

LOL Margo, I don't know, you tell us - is there some reason for you to get the itches? It was amazing how Corinne turned on Suzie in an instant. Suzie needs to learn there is no benefit in being completely honest on Survivor - it can get you sent home. I think Suzie will be safe for the next couple of weeks now though, because they will be busy picking off the Fang people, of which, I hope Crystal is the first to go. Talk about worthless. I wonder if things would have gone differently last night if Matty would have made it clear to Kenny that he was included in the alliance with Ace.

ORKMommy said...

Margo - I'm sure Sugar can't bring back food because the exiled player has a choice between the clue and the hut. If she told them about the food, then she'd have to explain how she got it and the cat would be out of the bag.

That's just my thought...

RBennie said...

I'm about to head home now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you for TAR on Sunday. Go Terence & Sarah!

Zoetawny said...

BOOOOOO! Where's my candy? I know, it's right where it usually is, in my pantry. We usually don't get any trick or treaters because of the fun events my community offers but I'll put out a bowl anyway. One year I was so tired of getting up while eating our dinner to answer the door that I put the huge bowl on the porch.
I checked the porch around 9 P.M. and you guessed it...the bowl was empty. LOL I don't think we got that many kids because the dogs would bark every time someone came to the door even when nobody rang the door bell. I'm thinking maybe just a couple of kids filled their whole Halloween bag/bucket at my front door. LOL

Save the chocolate for me and have a fun Halloween evening.

Let's all do the "Monster Mash". :D
Remember that one, Jackie?

TerryinCA said...

Awesome job and Jackie really dress up this place!

Ok, oh Halloween eve my word verification is.....hedliz....

Donna in AL said...

I got the pictures of the dresses up on my blog. Take a look if you like.

sue said...

Good Morning Everyone, I made it through Halloween. We had some really sweet little ones and a few rather odd older ones at our door last night, but all in all it was a good time. We have some candy left but none I really care about, so that was also good. This morning we went out to breakfast and now I have to settle down to doing the first of the month work. Then a walk in the most beautiful weather/fall- colored trees, then maybe catch up on the tv shows I have recorded and not watched. And tonight I'll change the clocks. Sounds like an action packed day, doesn't it?! Sue

Nana in the NW said...

Oh My's Nov. 1st!?! Where did the year go? Now is when I start getting the Christmas itch. I want to start getting the decorations out(but I don't) and I need to start my shopping.

My husband keeps telling me we need to "talk" about how we're spending on Christmas....translation...the stock market hit us hard and we need to really cut back on the gifts! I know he's right so I need to try and be frugal.

We had no trick-or-treaters last night. This may be the last year I even bother with putting out a bowl of candy. There were not even many children out on the streets when we went to dinner.

Today is doing some cleaning and then off to watch my 7 yrs. old soccer game(in the rain). Tonight we are having my sister, cousin,and their hubbys over to play Mexican Train. We always have alot of fun playing and it's cheap entertainment!

Have a good day and remember to turn back your clocks!!

PDX Granny said...

Happy Saturday, all! I, too have an exciting day ahead of me. I have a couple of mystery shops to do, then I need to take my Halloween decorations down.

I have orange lights & spooky garland strung along my fence, glow-in-the-dark bats hanging from my trees, a skeleton dangling from my garage, singing "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out", and a ghost at the front door that says "BOO! Did I scare ya?".

It's going to be a rainy weekend, but last night it was dry and clear. Perfect for trick or treating. I went with my grandson (of course!). He was so cute - shy when it came to the first couple of houses, then once he got the hang of it, we couldn't hold him back!!

I left a bowl out for the kids while I was gone, and of course, it was completely emptied. Hopefully, at least some of them read and headed the sign saying to Please Take Only One. The best thing about that is that there's nothing left for me!! LOL

PDX Granny said...


I meant "heeded", not "headed" the sign.

Makes quite a different point! Especially when considering the holiday!! LOL

PDX Granny said...

Here's something totally off topic:
Some of you may recall me mentioning how much time I put in at work, and how I'm really not all that crazy about my job. I really like the company I work for, and my immediate boss. It's just my particular job isn't my cup of tea.

Well, I applied for another position in the company. It sounds like it would be a much better fit for me. It includes what I like about my current job, and gets rid of what I don't like. The wages are similar, but there's overtime!!! I don't get overtime now, and since I normally work 5-10 hours over each week, that will be a huge difference. Not to mention, in the first 2 1/2 months of the year I work 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. That doesn't happen with the new one. There may be no overtime needed, but if there is, I'd get paid for it!!!

I had a nice talk with the manager before applying. She told me there were 21 applicants, with 4 that looked good. She also said she'd be really, really happy if I applied. That sounded good to me.

I'm trying to have positive thoughts and praying that if this is what's meant to be, it will be. If not, that there will be another door opening for me with an even better opportunity. Any prayers and good thoughts sent my way would be much appreciated!

For now, I wait.

meb said...

pdx granny... first of all I hope you get the job if it's what you want. But, my HR is coming out when I hear you say you work overtime but don't get paid for it. Unless you're an exempt employee (and there are certain rules that have to be followed to have you be considered exempt), they HAVE TO pay you overtime if you work it. It's illegal for them to work their employees overtime and not pay them.

We often will go in on our own and say, "Oh, I just did that on my own, they didn't ask me". Doesn't matter... if they allow it, they have to pay it.'

They could really get in trouble if someone "snitched on them".

Just thought I'd mention it.

Got home really late last night, so had no kids come by. That's just as good, cause I didn't have any candy. The next door neighbor goes all out and actually turns his living room into a dungeon and tours go thru. It means a lot of traffic on our street. I HATE it. I can say hate here, cause it's Halloween and a yucky holiday...if you can even call it a holiday. To bad, but I'm the bah humbug of Halloween. Oh well, it's over for another year. YAY!

joy n said...

Of the now five applicants that look good, I hope you come out looking to be the best person for the job, pdx granny!

Meb's right on about the OT.

PDX Granny said...

Thanks for the concern about the OT, MEB. However, I am exempt. And if I'm going to be perfectly honest, I'm one of the few who works so many hours, which is the main reason I want out of what I'm doing.

I'm one of about 30 data analysts. We do lots of reconciliation and cleaning up data in client accounts. Most others seem to be able to get their work done with little, if any overtime. Most of them are also fresh out of college, with accounting and financial classes still fresh, and their brains still in the learning mode. Either that, or they've been with the company for so many years that it's all second nature to them by now.

The last time I had any kind of a math class was my sophomore year in high school (1963), and that was just general math. To make matters worse, I don't have a head for numbers. I struggle a lot. My immediate supervisor is great! She's worked with me a lot, trying to help me wrap my head around it all. Even though I've talked to her in the past about thinking I'm not set out to do what I'm doing, she really doesn't want me to leave her team. I'd much rather be someones social secretary!!

To be fair to my company, we are fed and given free parking when we work weekends during the busy first couple of months. We're also given rewards, usually in the form of $25-$100 gift cards for meeting and exceeding individual and team goals. Some of those are given weekly, and some at the end of the "season".

OK, I've dwelt on this for much too long!! I'm gonna go watch some things I've recorded!!

My WV is hatedow - so appropriate considering what's happened to my 401k this past month!!

meb said...

ok PDXgranny... I want to work where you work...LOL Just didn't want you to be taken advantage of if you weren't aware. I still hope you get the position you're applying for.

I woke up at 7am this morning and that was an hour ago... now I'm repeating 7am. That's fun. Didn't have anywhere to go early this morning, so didn't bother turning my clocks back last night.

Everybody have a wonderful Sunday. I'm sure I'll be back to comment on something later. Smile!

Petals said...

Happy belated Halloween everyone!!! Halloween is also my birthday, so I LOVE that holiday! For the first time in a few years, I didn't dress up, but had a truly happy birthday and a happy Halloween.
Now, on to Election day and then....Thanksgiving. I'll be giving special thanks if the RIGHT person wins on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday petals...
I also love Halloween and dress up every year. tho this year i dressed as a phillies phan and spent my day in the city at the parade, then worked at night. of all that candy i started out with in my store, i ended up with 18 ft of gum, lollipops and gummies lol!
now i'm heading into work to put up the christmas trees.
enjoy your day everyone!

joy n said...

Off topic: AOL Entertainment news has an Omerosa article where she bashes Bonnie Hunt and a few other people. Trump is setting up some kind of talk show thing for her. Why, oh why, doesn't that nasty woman just go away?

dla said...

joy n, I just read about Omarosa online... Her arrogance is mind numbing. I completely agree that she simply needs to GO AWAY.

Sydney said...

Hey everybody! I'm back from our road trip through the Shennandoah Valley. Totally beautiful there. Just got back from the store and am cooking dinner, so dashing things off...

First of all -- tonight on CNN at 7 PM EST, 6 PM Central there's a special called Faces of Faith, I thought some of you might find interesting. About half way through there will be someone I've learned a lot from -- Rev Dr. Michael Beckwith of Agape in LA. He is so much more but is suddenly known as a contributor to the movie The Secret, and has been on Oprah twice and Larry King Live. Anywyay, thought I'd mention it since New Thought principles have been sweeping the nation and some of you might like to see it.

Also -- THE SIMPSON's Famous Halloween ep is tonght, same time as TAR I think, in case anyone wants to record it. I know the SImpsons is a funny show but I never got into watching it with any regularity. But their Halloweeen specials are something that's a big deal every year, so I put it out there on our little TV bulletin board!

And hardly least ----HAPPY B-day PETALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saw an Omorosa book called The Bitch Switch (when to trun it on and when to turn it off). Oy.

joy n said...

Welcome back, Sydney!

That book was mentioned in the article. Too bad she never really turns it off.

Petals said...

Syd! How was your anniversay trip? Beautiful scenery?? Wish you could post pictures. Hope you had a wonderful time, glad you're back!