Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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I took this shot with that illustrator mode on my old Pentax digital camera a week or so ago. The Red Tower #1 restaurant in Plainfield, NJ. Not to be confused with the Red Tower #2 or #3. As always, if you click on it you'll see it enlarged.

I am still alive, but still a bit under the weather. I caught some sort of stomach virus last week. That was bad enough in itself. But, because of it, I didn't eat hardly at all (couldn't) for more than a couple of days. And, because of that, my levels for the Coumadin went all kinds of screwy and I ended up in the hospital for one day due to internal bleeding. I'm recovering again now, but I'm totally wiped out. I'm trying to catch up slowly.

Tomorrow I go to the vampires for my blood draw and then an early evening appointment for my Doppler test to check on the blood clot and see if there are any more. Yes, I still plan to return to work on October 27.

I thought I should get an explanation up.


Zoetawny said...


I was just going to email you to ask what was wrong. You know how we all worry about each other. I'm sorry to hear about that nasty stomach virus. The tolerance of Coumadin must relate to food intake and what type of foods. You poor thing... ending up in the hospital, but I'm glad you're not ignoring when you need to seek medical attention. If you're not feeling good enough to return to work on October 27, can you delay it? Please get the rest you need and don't worry about us.

lynn1 said...

I can emapthize and sympathize with you on that stomach virus/flu. I had it a couple of weeks ago and it is a booger.

I am still weak 2 weeks later and I didn't have the complications of being on Coumadin like you are.

The thing that helped me the most was drinking gallons of gatorade and Power-ade.

God Bless and heal you.

I know I am a long way from NJ but if there is anything I can do to help you out please ask, you have my email.

Petals said...

{{Ms Jax}}

Sorry you're not feeling very well. I join everyone in wishing you all the best and sending you tremendous amounts of virtual "best wishes & feel betters". As usual, your beautiful eye for photography has not been effected. You make me homesick for NJ.

joy n said...

I don't wish a stomach virus on anyone. They're horrible.

Jackie, you certainly are having an awful year; losing your cat, having knee surgery and the after-effects of that. Kind of a one step forward, two steps back kind of year. And a stomach virus to literally kick your butt some more!

Well, at least this year is coming to an end soon, and hopefully the next one will be kinder to your health. I really hope you get to feel "normal" again soon because I can imagine "normal" would feel glorious at this point.

Anonymous said...

Jackie - sending hugs -- and ditto all above --

Karen in MD/DC

monty924 said...


Sorry to hear you were hospitalized this past week. Hang in there girl and I'm sending huge hugs your way.

Loved your photo as always! You have such talent for photography.


Delee said...
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Delee said...

Jackie, oh my goodness, what next and here is hoping there is no next! Stomach garbage is def no fun and then to have to be hospitalized. Hope you are feeling a bit better and be good to yourself.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, it would be hard for me to WANT to go back to work at this point? Or do you feel like you're ready to get back to normal life?

Feel better...winter will be here soon - and (maybe not for you) but for me - my mood is downhill til the first sign of spring!

Delee said...

Project Runway wrapped up, 1st time 3 women were in the finals and the winner is.....Leanne!!!! WOW I picked one.

Filled my oil tank today...gulp...$822.24. Praying for a mild winter. Last year was $1.00 less a gallon, boo hiss! I really feel bad for some who can not afford the price this year. Even if you get 100 gal that is $359 plus usually a charge for less than a fill. I foresee alot of tragic events, when people use kerosene/elec heater or do without heat.

Laurie said...

Oh Jackie, so sorry to read what's been going on with you. You will be in my prayers. I hope you can feel the support from all of us!

dla said...

(( Jackie ))

What a year. :(

I am so sorry to hear the latest. Like everyone before me has said, you take care of you and don't worry 'bout us. We just want you happy and healthy!!


Donna in AL said...

Oh my dear Jackie, so sorry to hear you have been so sick. I hope you are better soon.
My son had a violent stomach virus Tuesday too but he is healthy and it only lasted 24 hours.
Take care of yourself. You were missed.

meb said...

Jackie... that's terrible. You're in the hospital and we don't even know it. I'm so sorry you're not feeling up to par still. Take it easy and as someone else said, don't worry about us... we'll be okay until you're better.

I go back to work tomorrow. Just working Thursdays and Fridays for a while. Can't wait. Ready to get back to the real world. (Did I just say that?)

I can still get to this site from work, so I'll talk to you all tomorrow and let you know how its going.

Sydney said...

Oh my goodness Jackie -- a day in the hospital is a big deal. I just can't wait til you're 100% and all the rest I have to say has been said so I just am joining in with good wishes.

Thanks for letting us know.

I was crushed for Kato tonight! They all wanted it, but she wanted it SO badly. I was surprised that her collection was so great because I just didn't get her look all season. I thought Leanne was a shoe-in but at the end there, I was really torn between the two. I don't know how they could have complimented Kenley as they did. Either they edited it out or they gave her no criticism as they did the others, perhaps to let her down easy?

Anonymous said...

Jackie, so sorry to hear about your health issues. Please take it easy! Keep us posted. You know how we all worry!

MEB, good luck at work! I know you are happy to be getting back to the real world. You take it easy, too.

I've had a horrible week, too. My little girl has to go in for some kidney testing next week. On the way back from the doctor, my car broke down on a very steep hill. There was no place to get off the road and we had to sit there for 3 hours. It was a crankshaft issue & cost us over $1500 to fix. Then today I drove my husband's SUV into town for an appt. Came out and someone had broken the door lock and wiped out everything in the car. Even took my husband's glasses! We can replace all the stuff, but I am most upset that they stole my daughter's little red Fisher-Price camera she got for her 3rd birthday. She was so proud of it. That just made my stomach sick. I am always so careful to lock the car & make sure nothing is showing. The only thing they left was the carseat & my little one's portable potty seat.

Hope we all have a better time next week!


dla said...


I am watching West Coast time, and the runway shows have just finished. I really liked the collections from both Leanne and Korto, but did not like the collection from Kenley at all (on the runway).

I already know who won, and will check back following the comments... :)

dla said...

Syd, I agree that I DID NOT agree with the judges' comments re: Kenley's collection, but I would have ranked her 3 out of 3, so that was done.

Sad for Korto, as I really loved her collection on the runway.

Leanne definitely grew throughout the competition and came into her own when it was critical.

I would have preferred to see Korto, Jerrell, and Leanne in the finale, but that is just me. :)

TerryinCA said...

Oh dear Jackie, that is so scary...I feel awful you were glad you are home and up to letting us know!!

TerryinCA said...

Oh dear Jackie, that is so scary...I feel awful you were glad you are home and up to letting us know!!

Anonymous said...

Jennasmom - my TAR teammate - that is horrible news - what a terrible day - I hope you get good results regarding your daughter.

Re Project Runway - I thought Korto should have won over Leeanne - her stuff looked all the same with the petals (so many) on everything, but it was nicely made. I loved Kenley's comment when they announced Tim as the third judge! However, I didn't think that was fair, since he's seen their collection from the beginning. .02

Hugs to all! Hope the day gets better -- Karen in MD/DC

dla said...

jennasmom, I just caught up on all the comments. I am so sorry to hear about your day. :(

Here's to a better day today!

(( hugs ))

sue said...

Jackie, thanks for the photo and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Jennasmom, I am thankful you and your family are safe, what happened to you was frightening to read well as making me angry when I hear of someone stealing.

Here is Suede talking about Suede mostly...but he adds some insight into Project Runway. He says (unless I misread it) that 6 showed at Bryant Park.

I thought Kenley's collection was going to be better than it was. Tim raved about it on his home visit. I would have liked to have seen Jerrel's collection. I liked Leann's 'waves' when they were on the diaganal,but the others didn't do it for me.

Auntie Leigh said...

Oh boy, I KNEW IT. I knew you were sick. Darn. well, glad if you are better now. That coumadin complicates everything. I know that now that we know, you will be getting lots of prayers and e-hugs from all your faithful readers. Including me.

RBennie said...

Good morning all.

Oh Jackie, I'm so sorry you are having such a rough go of it. Don't you just want to say sometimes "okay Lord, you can stop testing me now". I hope you feel better soon.

Okay - on to Project Runway. First off let me say I'm so so glad Kenley didn't win. I didn't see one thing in her collection that looked new or fresh.

I loved Korto's collection and I really think she should have won. She put together 2 new pieces at the last minute, and they were both fabulous!

I liked Leanne's collection, but there was too much of the same theme. That wave thing she does is pretty amazing, but she needed to show she could do something else. Also, I didn't think there was anything in her collection that was actually wearable for the average woman.

I really wish we would have gotten to see Jerell's collection.

Jennasmom - I'm so sorry that happened to you! I know things can be replaced, but it leaves you feeling vulnerable.

Patty said...

Jackie-Sorry to hear you were in the hospital.I am sending well wishes your way and I hope it won't take long for things to get back to "normal." Rest up the best you can.

Jennasmom-How terrible that there are those nasty "thugs" out there invading you and your family. I hope they get caught soon and many of your things find their way back to you.

MEB-Good Luck in your return to work. I hope you are feeling much better these days.

RBennie said...

MEB - I hope you enjoy being back at work today. I'm sure you were missed.

meb said...

jennasmom... what a bummer! When it rains it pours sometimes. So sorry you had to go through all that. I had my car broken into once and the feeling I had after was that I (personally) had been violated. I loved my car and it was difficult to get back in it, knowing someone else had been there messing with my stuff.

I'm at work, and all the hugs and people making all over me was great. It's been almost three months that I've been away.

sue said...

meb, I bet it does feel good to be back at work, did they leave all your mail for you to open?! That happened to me once when I was out 2 weeks with a bad case of flu. What a welcome back it was!

jennasmom, I put a planter of flowers on my mother's grave and almost as soon as we left, they were stolen. It made me angry, and I heard lots of other people's stories on similar thefts. That started me thinking. I decided that 'someone' should put together a cemetery planter that has a small speech on it that is activated when the planter is moved. I thought of a long list of sayings, but most of them were something like..'Put that back, God doesn't like people to steal' or 'Where are you going with my flowers? I want to follow them.' My mom would have got a kick out of that invention. She hated people to 'waste' money on flowers, but would have loved to see that we marked her grave with beautiful living plants.

nana, I hope the above story doesn't offend you. My mom passed away seven years ago, she leaves me pennies to find when I need to hear from her and her good advice pops into my head at the most miraculous times. Someone stealing from her made me angry and I think her sense of humor is what made me think of how to wake up those thieves.


lynn1 said...

Jackie, I hope you are feeling better today. Please take it easy your body has been through a lot.

Jennasmom, you have had a terrible week. I hope your little girl is OK.
It must have been frustrating waiting for 3 hours to get help when your car broke down.
I am sorry that your husband's car got broken into. It was low of the thieves to take you child's toy camera and your husband's glasses.
I really hope you have better days ahead.

Meb, I am glad your coworkers fussed over you today. You are a special lady and I know they were genuinely happy to see you.

I enjoyed Project Runway last night. I was happy that Leanne won.
I thought that in the runway show Korto had the best designs.
I didn't like Kenley's so much though she did have a couple of things that were nice.
Leanne's was nice but I saw too much of the same thing with the petals/waves and not enough color.

Did anyone else notice that towards the end of the show when it was time to announce the winner Leanne's hair looked greasey and dirty. I am sure she had a long stressful day but darn it looked like she had not washed her hair in days.
I hope she will take some of her winnings and get something done with her hair.

Sydney said...

Gosh Jennasmom -- You have been through the wringer! You have a day like that and hope you're done for the year and then you have another and another in a row. Makes you look up to the sky and say ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! Don't know why things lump all together at times. Let's hope you're clear for the next decade.

Please let us know how things turn out from your little girl's tests.

Sydney said...

Nana, it is so good to hear from you. Sending you lots o' love.

Meb, I want your energy and sunny attitude, seriously!

Karen in DC, agree with your comments about PR and Lynn1 I TOTALLY was saying to my husband that Leann never looks like she washes her hair, it was so greasy at the end!!!!!!!! I think he thought I was being critical, but I was just making a statement and stumped. We know she washed it, we saw it in the beginning of the day.

Sue, thanks to the link to the Suede interview. He said Kenley is exactly who she came across to be but who knows his motives. He said he wants to get into any kind of relaity TV or on a soap..... nice designer aspirations, lol.

What was odd was the interviewer asking how he felt to show at Bryant Park.In it they say 6 contestants end up showing at Bryant. How's that possible?

lynn1 said...

I think Leanne and I have similar hair texture. It is baby fine, won't hold curl without a perm and bangs are not a good idea.
I can wash my hair, style it and 2 hours later it looks like crap. Not greasey but just flat and unkempt.
She needs to be very careful with using too much conditioner cause that will definetly make it look greasey.

I think Kenley has beautiful hair. I would kill for hair like hers. I am sure she mostly wears it in a ponytail for convenience. When she wears it long down on her shoulders I think it is looks great.

Laurie said...

All six did show at Bryant Park. I guess they have to do that because of timing.

anyway, if you go to you can see Leanne's clothes.

There is a Recently Posted area on the left side of the page with links to the others, including the ones we didn't see.

my prayers are offered for everyone going through rough times right now. I'm so glad we have each other!

RBennie said...

Thanks for that site Laurie. Well I guess its a good thing that Jerrell didn't make final 3 - what was up with that crappy collection? I really expected so much better from him. Joe and Suede's collections were so horrific that it makes you question how they even made it on to the show!

meb said...

Finally I posted something on my blog. It's especially for Zoetawny and Nana in the nw, and well... maybe jennasmom... hope it can lift your spirits a little!

And I apologize in advance if I offend anyone!

becky said...

Jackie, like everyone else I have been wondering about you. I haven't posted asking. Seems like this week I have been up to my a$$ in alligators and all of them are snapping.

Get well and feel better. If you are NOT feeling at least 97%, then extend your time at home.

meb said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog donna in al... I thought it was appropriate. Lightens up the situations if even for a moment.

ORKMommy said...

Hi everyone!

Jackie - Sorry to hear about your problems. Hopefully things will look up soon and you'll meet your very rich Prince Charming so you can quit your job and write full time and get a billion cats! Oh, and you can hire a few buff young guys to carry you around on their shoulders in a carriage like Cleopatra!

Jennasmom - That totally sucks! How can someone steal a child's toy like that? Hopefully Bob will make it through another week of Survivor so the week isn't a total loss for you! :-)

Everyone else - If you're in the Survivor pool, here's the listing (like anyone has forgotten who they have).

Ace Gordon - Rbennie & Nancy in NJ
Bob Crowley - ORKMommy & Jennasmom
Charlie Herschel - Jackie & Katie in Chi
Corinne Kaplan - Margo & Caroline – NJ
Crystal Cox - Sydney, Laurie & Becky
Dan Kay - Joy N & Terry in CA
Danny "GC" Brown - Pdx Granny & Monty924
Sugar Kiper - Petals & Gayle
Kelly Czarnecki - Lucy & Albglinka
Ken Hoang - TXrednekgirl & Clementine
Marcus Lehman - Meb & Sue
Matty Whitmore - RJM in SC & EileenM
Randy Bailey - tbc
Susie Smith - Nana in the NW

Jacquie Berg - Delee & Zoetawny
Paloma Soto-Castillo - Tessa
Michelle Chase - lynn1 & Barbwire
Gillian Larson - Lars Eller & Donna in AL

Nana in the NW said...

Thanks meb....that was funny. I started reading and thought this is going to make me cry....then I hit the punchline. I actually laughed out loud...Josie thought I was crazy!

Jackie so sorry to hear you were hospitalized. Don't go back to work until you can handle it.

Haven't watched much TV--my DVR is on overload so I need to catch up before it starts erasing.

Tonight is Survivor....Becky we need to cheer for Susie. Hopefully, they will win again and not go to Tribal Council.

meb said...

You can steal it orkmommy... I don't mind. It's too good not to pass (pun intended) on!

Sydney said...

Laurie and Becky, it's AWWN tonight!

I am hoping Miss Chrystal is faking her weaknesses? If so (or even if not) how much will it rock when all is said and done and she tells all these people she's a gold medalist!

Also, just because you can run may not mean you are physically strong or coordinated for other things, I guess? What are your theories. Do you have theories about our gal?

Sydney said...

Lynn1 -- I too have baby fine hair, but mine blows up to looking big if I don't stlye it (which I often don't, I admit it) and I end up looking like Farrah fawcett after she stuck her finger in a light socket. yeah baby, that's EXACTLY how mine looks when it dries naturally. But try to put it in a pony tail and it's the width of my index finger, lol.

I am wondering how all six got time and money to do a collection of 12 pieces and they filmed Tim Gunn going to visit each one of them. But that's possible. But all six showed at Bryant Park? That just doesn't make sense. It's packed with established designers and there is just no extra for waste under the tents.... A lot of designers have their shows in other locations around Manhattan... like Milk Studios. I've been to Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole and Betsey Johnsons's shows off site like that. BUt they are so big, it does not make a statement but that they maybe don't need to be under the tents. But otherwise the tents in Bryant park can only hold so many shows during Fashion week -- and though the finale show is a hot draw, I can't imagine them giving permission to 6 designers. I'm STUMPED.

I did think to myself that the timing was off this year, and I wondered, if they indeed showed during Fashion Week, how were the f3 kept a secret. That is a gossip epicenter!

Maybe the shows simply were not held at the Bryant Park location itself. You can put black pipe and draping and white folding chairs out around a long white runway in any building I guess.

sue said...

Sydney, The article on this link is dated in mid September. when was fashion week? Sue

sue said...

I did some research and the Project Runway finale was held at 'the Mercedes Benz week at Promenade on Sept 12"at Bryant Park . That means nothing to me, does it to anyone else? Sue

Zoetawny said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your misfortune. You really had a bad couple of days. Geesh! People can be so selfish and cruel. I'm just glad nobody got hurt. Sending positive thoughts regarding your little angel's kidney testing. Please do keep us posted.

A line from a Beatle's song popped into my head, "We'll get by with a little help from our friends".


I hope today finds you feeling much better. Thanks for making this blog cathartic for all of us.

Just noticed the time...many of you are probably watching Survivor now. ;)


TC all!

joy n said...

Why didn't they show who Matty voted for at the end? I assume he voted GC out, too, but they didn't show his vote. Odd.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the kind words! Sue, your "invention" had me laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair! Meb, glad to hear you had a good day back at work and I loved your blog! Ain't it so!


Lars Eller said...
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Lars Eller said...
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Anonymous said...

This stuff from Lars is getting very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I agree anon.