Monday, October 06, 2008

'Prison Break' Blog Discussion Post

Here's your place to gather and discuss Prison Break. I don't watch the show, but I do read the comments! You can get here via the link in the sidebar. Prison Break airs on Mondays at 9 PM ET/PT on FOX and the official show website is right here.


meb said...

Just wanted to be first!

Lars Eller said...


Thanks Jackie,

Prison break is a wonderful show!

Meb I wanted to be second

& Family

RBennie said...

I'll take clean up position, LOL. I don't know how much I can watch tonight though. I'll be juggling DWTS, Prison Break & Heroes.

dla said...

Yeah! Prison Break!

I am in a pickle with tonight's TV schedule, so may need to watch online and comment later. Also on West Coast time, so I will always be a bit late.

I look forward to hanging out with all of you this season! :)

RBennie said...

Hi guys. I only got to see bits and pieces last night, so I'm gonna try to watch online today and then I'll throw in my two cents worth.

Patty said...

Hello Prison Break Watchers! Glad to see other like the show also.

I love Prison Break. Me and my hubby watch it together. I think Michael and Lincoln are very nice eye candy ;)

It seems like each week it keeps getting better and better. It is a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, not knowing who's freedom will last and who's will not. I hold my breath each week! LOL!

Meb, I hope you are feeling well these days. It is nice to see you back posting.(you are better at posting than me.)

meb said...

patty..thanks...I may be more often posting than you, but not better. I love your posts.

I cannot stand Teabag and I'm so glad Michael conned him and ended up with him in a cage where he belongs.

Can you believe that Nolasco (can't remember his name in show) actually got paid $1000 to have sex with the guy's wife. Too funny!

What happens now that they confiscated the piece of equipment they were using to copy the information they need. It's going to be interesting to see how they get that back.

This show is so good, has so many things happening and it does keep you on the edge of your seat.

Love it!

meb said...

patty..thanks...I may be a more often poster than you, but not better. I love your posts.

I cannot stand Teabag and I'm so glad Michael conned him and ended up with him in a cage where he belongs.

Can you believe that Nolasco (can't remember his name in show) actually got paid $1000 to have sex with the guy's wife. Too funny!

What happens now that they confiscated the piece of equipment they were using to copy the information they need. It's going to be interesting to see how they get that back.

This show is so good, has so many things happening and it does keep you on the edge of your seat.

Love it!

Clementine said...

How hot were Linc and Sucre in Vegas?? Nice to see them dressed up for a change.

The actor playing Agent Self did a good job of looking terrified when he confronted the General.

I was hoping they would ditch the computer geek/id.thief after he lost the data copier thingy. I can't stand him.

I know there are many people that love Michael/Sara together, but not me. I just don't see any chemistry.

Overall, I think this was a slower paced ep than in past weeks. I like the way they changed up the story this year - kinda Oceans Eleven/ Magnificent Seven /A-Team. But they definitely left any remnants of realism in the dust. Some of the plot points are ridiculously unbelievable. I think what saves it, is that the actors still play the characters straight and have developed the relationships over the years.

Patty said...

I looked to see if anyone was blogging while the show was on, but did not find anyone.

It was another great show. I liked the fact the Michael and Company decided to handle a few of the bad ones.

I never have trusted Roland, the computer geek from the start and now I see why.It was nice of Michael to stay with him in his last moments. I loved Sara showing her ability to take on Gretchen and put her in her place. Ihope Gretchen got the message. I am still not sure if I trust Don Self or not. I held my breath hoping Sucre would pull through and was glad that Sara was able to get him patched up. Bellick was not looking so hot for a while, he was certain he was a goner. Lincoln fears nothing as does Michael not fear too much.

I was cursing when FOX said in two week someone will not make it. First of all I don't want to wait two weeks to watch and second, I hope it is not one of our favorites that is no longer with us.

meb said...

I just finished watching the taped show. I wish they would have let Alex take his pound of flesh out on the guy who killed his son.

Who could be the one who dies next episode? Sucre is standing on a bomb in the previews, but I can't imagine it would be him. He's too cute to go.

It would be great if it was teabag, can't stand him (the character)

Even tho we see Michael collapse, it can't be him because he is a main charater... and I do mean main!

I really like this show. What has happened to everybody who use to post here?

Patty said...

Meb-I am with you about letting Alex have his day with his son's killer.

It just cannot be Michael who dies off. Prison Break just would never be the same. Could something happen to Bellick?

I guess all of questions will be answered in two weeks.

Glad to see other like the show as much as I do.

Meb,I hope things are going well for you now that you are back working.

meb said...

Patty... thanks, I'm doing great. Work is easy... I also help out in the nutrition club we started on my off days from work. Glad to see you posting here.

Clementine said...

Monday nights are too crazy... so PB always gets put on tape for another time. And then I forget about it :)

Now that they have an reason for Michael to not have the tattoos, why is he still always in long sleeves?

I'm not buying Don Self as a tough-guy. I thought Gretchen/Susan was going to take off her high heel and skewer him.

Glad the computer geek is gone.

Also, I've never been a fan of Sarah, and her overdramatic PTSD flashbacks are too soap-opera-ish. So, I hope if any of the regulars have to go, that it's her. (Sorry, Sarah fans.)

I can't remember, what happened to LJ and Whistler's girlfriend?

dla said...

Well, we are just getting tossed around due to baseball. But so far an excellent season!!

See you all next week when we see who goes!

Have a great week ~

Patty said...

Hello Prison Break Watchers! I am not sure if anyone is back to blog tonight, but I am here.

Patty said...

I sure hope Sara does not believe Wyatt and what he has to say or she will be the one that will be history.

Too bad Mahone cannot have a few seconds with Wyatt. Wyatt would be a goner.

I do not know if I am trusting Don Self. Something is fishy about him.

Patty said...

T Bag is talking about a cat named Roofus!

I sure hope it is not the roof top cat Roofus we all know!

Patty said...

Is Mahone going to kill Wyatt?

It looks like Mahone is going to torture Wyatt like his son was.

Ohhhh nice work on them recording Wyatt's voice and making a call so they think the job is done!

Is Gretchen going to pull the trigger on the so called business man?

Patty said...

It was Bellick who did not make it.

meb said...

I really felt sorry for Belick, he turned into a nice guy at the end.

Do you think Alex has really killed that assassin? Or do you think he got free from the cement block? Hope not.

Sara was smart not to listen to him.

Ewwww... can you believe that (I can't remember her name) kissed that old man. Yuck!

Looking good for next episode.

Patty said...

H Meb-you must be talking about Gretchen kissing the older guy. Sorry to say, but nothing surprises me with her.

Anything is possible with Wyatt. I just hope Sara is not the one who comes in and saves him. That thought crossed my mind, since she is a doctor.

I thought at first good, Bellick is getting paid back for being a creep to Michael in the beginning. Like you, he grew on me in the end. It is funny how some characters have a way of doing that to us.

Clementine said...

Double-yuck to Gretchen for letting the General kiss her!

Do you think she's "infiltrating", only to sell him out later?

I'm sure she wants revenge for being tortured.


And is it just me, or is Wentworth Miller much heaver than he used to be? I can't tell if he's bulking up with muscle, or if he just put on some weight. But they always dress him in a loose fitting shirt now, and sometimes you can see a little belly on him.


I hope Mahone can get back to normal now. He's been so tortured over his son's death, I want to see him somewhat happy again.

Clementine said...

Oops, and I meant to add...

I'll miss Bellick for his comic relief. He did provide some very funny moments. I would rather have seen an end to the Don Self character, but I guess he's needed in the storyline for awhile.

meb said...

Well where is everyone... no posting for a while.

They've been caught in the vault, but somehow it seems that it may have been planned?? Confusing. Can't wait until next episode to see what's really going to happen.

Michael has gained weight. Losing that boyish look as a result.

RBennie said...

I will have to catch up on the last 2 episodes online MEB. I don't like to switch back and forth when watching that show, because if you miss something you have no clue what's going on. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up. Is the finale next week?

meb said...

I don't know if it's the finale RBennie. I hope not... didn't they just come back on for the winter? At least it doesn't seem like they've been on for long.

meb said...

I missed last weeks daughter said it was really good. I've tried to go on line to watch it but it wants me to install something and when I try it messes with my computer, so I skipped it and watched tonight's.

I think there are two more episodes. Can hardly believe that, it seems like it just came back on. Time flies...

Next week's episode (if it's next week) looks really good.

Where has everyone gone?

Clementine said...

Hi meb,

I just watched this week's ep at

You can see the one you missed there without downloading anything, no problem.

I never have time to watch PB live on Mondays, so I usually forget to check in here.

I love how they switched Self's character around to be the bad guy. I hope Gretchen kicks his behind!

Wonder where Mahone got off to?

And I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Bellick. The show needs some comic relief, and ease up on the melodrama.

The bad thing about watching online is you miss the previews. But that's okay, I'll wait and be surprised :)

dla said...

Hi everyone! I caught the episode on TV tonight (West Coast). WOW!!! I can't wait to see what happens next week! Unfortunately, we then have to wait for it return in the new year, and that break can feel like a long time between episodes....

Did anyone think that the voice on the phone to the guy that got scyla was either the General's daughter, or maybe Linc & Michael's Mom??

Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of these latest developments!

Clementine said...

Does Mama Scofield remind anyone else of Mama Petrelli from Heroes? Or would she be Mama Burrows? I couldn't remember why Linc and Michael had different names, so I looked it up on Wikipedia:

After Aldo Burrows deserted the family, Michael took his mother's maiden name because she told him that his father was an alcoholic. Lincoln became his guardian and took care of him after his mother's death from a brain aneurysm and prevented Michael from taking his path into the life of crime.

Gretchen changes sides so much, I can't keep track of what she's up to! I want her to develop a secret crush on Mahone (not Linc). Those two would make quite a dysfuntional couple. The actress who plays her is at the end of her contract, so I wonder if she'll be back in the spring. Probably not.

And why doesn't Michael have any holes in his head from his recent brain surgery... hmmm :)

I had to laugh at t-bag trying to act like a homeland security agent on the dock. And when the General hung up on him while he was still talking. He makes good comic relief.

Oh, well, the show was really getting good, and now we have to wait until ?March? to see more.

dla said...

Hi Clementine! I just read today that they are waiting to hear if the show will be renewed for a new season... If yes, then we will have 6 eps in the spring, and, if no, then we will have 8 eps in the spring including the series finale. :(

I sure hope that is not the case!

It also sounded like the actress that plays Gretchen did not know her fate at this time, but she did not think she would be back...

I am hoping for renewal for another season. We are not done yet!

meb said...

dla...I'm hoping for renewal too. I can't imagine they'd cancel a show that is so good, but then, how many times can they come up with another reason for them to stay out of jail. And isn't Don Self the one who can give them their pardon once Sylla is handed over... If something happens to him, then they are still fugitives, right?

I wondered about Michael and his surgery with no scars or holes in his head too Clementine. Did they just do laser surgery and it's healed already???

Their mother was in the previews for next season, so this will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Well, until they return...

dla said...

sniff sniff...

Here is an update. :(

meb said...

What a Mother! She just gave permission to shoot her son. I sure hope they tie this up to explain how she could allow this. What is Sylla about anyway?

And how do you spell Sylla?

And why aren't people commenting on this blog???????

meb said...

Hi meb... good talking with you.


I was just curious if you've been reading any of the spoilers for the show. I think somebody big (like one of the main characters) gets killed. Wonder who it is?

Turns out that Lincoln and Michael aren't really brothers. Michael knows that but so far, Lincoln doesn't.

Why hasn't Sarah told Michael she's preggers. It might give him some hope for the future. Doesn't appear to be much so far.

I like the show, but it's running out of reasons to still be on. Good thing this is the series finale. What? 1 or 2 more episodes?

dla said...

Hi meb! I have been watching faithfully, but forget to post after each episode.

I believe next week is the series finale, but they have a two hour movie in the can to be aired at a later date??

Did you see the preview where the "mom" hits Lincoln with her shoe on his bullet wound? What a bad, bad "mom"! She is pure b*tch!

meb said...

Haven't seen that dla... she IS mean... but then Lincoln really isn't her son and when she was telling Michael that, she acted like it was an imposition that her husband brought him into their home when he was orphaned (or whatever reason he was there).

I can't imagine how they're going to end this... well I guess I don't have too much longer to wait. Hope they don't leave too many open questions in the series to be answered in the Movie. I hate to be left hanging.

dla said...

I enjoyed the series finale. I did not expect much of what happened; I never expected that they would all be cleared and free to live their lives.

I shed more than my share of tears at the ending... I actually woke up in the middle of the night thinking about those final scenes.

I will really miss this show!

meb, Clementine, Rbennie, Patty, what did you think about the finale?

dla said...

Hi everyone! I don't know if you have seen this, but additional questions are answered:

cath said...

Prison break would definitely be my all time favorite TV series. I already have the copy of Prison break season 1-2 DVD collection.