Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TV and Writing, Writing and TV

This is a Manhattan subway shot I took a few weeks ago, messed with a bit with my editing software. But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to mention some of the writing I've been doing.

Last night over at TV Squad, I had a Survivor article posted. The comments are interesting (speaking of bananas). ;-)

Although I'm still with TV Squad, I'm pleased to announce that I'm also writing for a new venue -- CliqueClack. That site is having its "grand opening" today. The articles I write there are unique to CliqueClack and can be found at my author link on the site. But do check out the whole site! A bit later today another post is due to er ... post. I hope I see you there!

Keep tuned here, too. I have an exciting (well, not like skydiving or going off to Paris exciting) contest with a prize coming up just for you guys!


nancy in nj said...

WOW!!!!! Go Jackie! congratulations or your ever expanding writing assinments! i am about to check out clickclack..just wanted to tell you congrats and tell you i think your talents as well as kind personality and humor just shine thru! i hope you realize that you have made a difference in so many peoples lives!!

nancy in nj said... list is ridiculously long..
childrens books
beanie babies(finally given to thrift store)
SEASHELLS (my number 1 love!!!)

used to collect porcupines

etc et etc...

SHARON.....we are thinking about you and praying for you!! give us a holler if you can!!

Laurie said...

"It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer."

Jackie, this quote from Charlotte's Web came to me as I was reading your post. Your writing is so engaging and brings so many people together as friends. You are a gift to us!

re: collections ... I forgot my collection of keychains. It started as a collection of places I've never been, given to me by my globe-trotting daughters and has grown into key chains from friends and family (and places I have visited myself).

Margo said...

Geesh Jackie-
I clicked on the link in the TV Squad comments and I didn't see that either. I'm surprised the censors missed that!


RBennie said...

Jackie you are turning into the busiest woman on the internet, LOL. I will check out your new site ASAP. Congrats!

Nana in the NW said...

Oh Darn!! We've moved to a new post! I left a message on the prev. one this morning......

Congrats. Jackie. You may be able to quit that daytime job yet!! I'm going to jump over and read your articles a bit later.

RBennie said...

Wow, I thought I saw a little more of Marcus than I should have, but I just thought I was imagining it, LOL. I guess not. How in the world did editing miss that?

RBennie said...

I just checked out Clickclaq and left a comment. It seems like a great site, looking forward to reading all your stuff there.

joy n said...

Congrats, Jackie! As nana said, this may turn into something where you can quit your day job and write full time.

lynn1 said...

I read your TVSquad blog it was great as usual. The comments and link were interesting to say the least! ;>)

I like Clikclaq. I browsed the site and enjoyed all the blogs I read.
Congrats on your new gig. I hope it leads to more opportunies for us to read your take on our favorite shows.

meb said...

Jackie...I went over to clickclack and I left a note. Unfortunately, I gave my real name... duh! Anyway, I left a silly note on the schedule for the upcoming week and changed it to meb, so from now on, it'll be meb.

rbennie... you saw more of Marcus than you should have... he's mine rbennie... no fair looking! Oh wait, I guess you can look, just no touching! Smile

Tom`S said...

Jackie - your a talented writer!

We've know this, I'm going to Skydive..

Finally Oct 1,
Today will BE a Wonderful DAY!!!!

RBennie said...

Hey MEB - I'm not the only one who's seen it. He's literally hanging out there for the world to see, LOL. Survivor - please give these people bathing suits.

joy n said...

Whoa! Marcus playing a little peek-a-boo with us. I missed that flapping in the breeze shot on the show. Kind of made my day. Marcus, you da man!

My husband says it is now official. I am a dirty old lady.

meb said...

rbennie...I have to admit, I just went and looked. The way they showed it in motion, I had to laugh... sort of tiny wasn't it? But then, I haven't seen one in so long, what do I know. LOL

joyn...I didn't know you were a dirty old lady... welcome to the group!

joy n said...

Meb, I'm relieved to know there IS a club. Thanks!

joy n said...

Er, group. Marcus has me flustered, I guess.

RBennie said...

Joy and MEB - you guys are too funny. After being married to the same man for 19 years and living with him for 5 years before that, I guess it was just kind of nice to get a peak at a different one, LOL.

joy n said...

rbennie, I've been married 20 years and lived with him for two years before that, and I agree with you. A little peek never hurts.

Delee said...

Almost missed this post I was so wrapped up in the BH contest. A huge congrats on your new writing gig. They are lucky to have you!

For the one's hot over Marcus...there is always "Playgirl"

joy n said...

Off Topic: TMZ has announced (accuracy,?) the new line-up for Celebrity Apprentice.

Annie Duke (poker player)(?)
Brian McKnight (singer)
Nadia Gulbis (golfer) (who?)
Brande Roderick (actress) (?)
Clint Black (country singer)
Herschel Walker (football, I think)
Scott Hamilton (ice skater)
Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins (?)
Claudia Jordan (?)
Tom Green (Barrymore's ex)
Khloe Kardashian (Kim's sister)
Dennis Rodman
Joan Rivers
Melissa Rivers
Andrew Dice Clay
Jesse James (Sandra Bullock's husband)

If this list is true, I think I'll be skipping this season.

Laurie said...

Excuse me, can someone direct me to the banana section? I missed it.

Jackie said...

Laurie - I don't have the link handy, but go to the TV Squad post I linked here in this post and it's in the comments there.

Sydney said...

this picture makes me homesick! Black and white is just so right for the subway.

Jackie, so excited for your new gig! One more step in your illustrious writing career!!! I'm thrilled for you!
Will check it out. It's so much fun to be along to see it happen.

Zoetawny said...

Just popped in to see what's going on here. Sorry, I just don't seem to have time to check in more often. My RL has got me in a tizzy lately.


WOOHOO!!!!! Congratulations on your new writing gig. I did stop by ClickClack TV and read your articles. Of course your unique and talented style shined through.
I'm fortunate to have met you way back when on the AOL message boards. You've come a long way baby! LOL

Laurie said...

Thanks Jackie. I went there first and looked at the videos you posted. I'll go back and do more shopping ...

Laurie said...

Ding Dong ... We have a special on Bananas!

Yes, I am a member of the dirty old ladies club!

Gayle said...

Congratulations Jackie! I knew your writing talents would eventually and continually be rewarded! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

ORKMommy said...

Are we ready for some Survivor? In case you forgot, here's who you should be rooting for if you're in the pool...

Ace Gordon - Rbennie & Nancy in NJ
Bob Crowley - ORKMommy & Jennasmom
Charlie Herschel - Jackie & Katie in Chi
Corinne Kaplan - Margo & Caroline – NJ
Crystal Cox - Sydney & Laurie
Dan Kay - Joy N & Terry in CA
Danny "GC" Brown - Pdx Granny & Monty924
Jacquie Berg - Delee & Zoetawny
Sugar Kiper - Petals & Gayle
Kelly Czarnecki - Lucy & Albglinka
Ken Hoang - TXrednekgirl & Clementine
Marcus Lehman - Meb & Sue
Matty Whitmore - RJM in SC & EileenM
Paloma Soto-Castillo - Tessa
Randy Bailey - tbc
Susie Smith - Nana in the NW

Michelle Chase - lynn1 & Barbwire
Gillian Larson - Lars Eller & Donna in AL

If you remember, Michelle & Gillian were voted off last week. Each week, I'll add each castaway to the bottom of the list in italics.

Good luck everyone!