Thursday, October 09, 2008

We have a winner!

And we have a winner of the big Bonnie Hunt Ultimate Quiz prize giveaway! I've notified the winner by email and will wait for confirmation before announcing the name. I want to thank everyone for participating.

I'll be posting the answers and the winner's commenting name here a bit later today (after the vampires have their way with me). Until then, I found this snippet of Bonnie with Amazing Race Philiminated team Stephanie and Anthony. It's just a teensy bit of their interview with her. He did say he was joking and put on the spot when he said he was thankful for his good looks.


ORKMommy said...

I loved his joke about being a mortgage broker! Funny stuff...

Morning all! Am I really first?

Laurie said...

Good morning orkmommy. Yes, you are really first. I saw the interview and he actually seemed like a nice guy. Not my type, but a nice guy.

Congrats to whoever won the contest!

Margo said...

Not me :(


Anonymous said...

Not me, either :(

Hey, Orkmommy! Ready to cheer on our boy Bob tonight? I usually tivo the show and watch it after I get the little one to bed, so I probably won't be online this evening.

Jackie, watch out for those vampires! I'm surprised they show themselves in the daylight! Haha! Wear some garlic -- or just eat some -- before you go!


Tom`S said...

Thanks Jackie.
This might be my last post here, its off topic - I'll send you another email Jackie, I sent one back on Sept 1, 2008

We have another tropical storm brewing the name Odell, it means something for Ria, I apologize for this off topic, I'm hurt how the media stalked several people.
I was worried people in this blog were getting bad luck because of my family.
Jackie you can pull this post but hold it )I'll be right )

I apologize for any problems my family may have caused.

I have a final doctors appointment in 2 hrs.
You know sometimes in life; we risk everything we've worked so hard for..
sometimes we end up making the worst mistakes during this risk,
I can ONLY speak for myself it wasn't a gamble, it was about my immediate family, protecting them, If people are angry with me, it's because they " assumed " or because they had no idea the extension of
my " other family " Wow what a mess, it wasn't difficult for hungry media bliss to pin-point inaccurate stories, that upset me, they haven't done an actual survey about the economy, otherwise they'd know if you offered an individual 2000 dollars worth of concert tickets to a Hannah Montana or 2000 dollars so that they could pay their medical bills, pay they're electric bill, media would and should honestly report any type survey and this was done back in Nov, 2006 and again in Feb 2008 and finally again back on Aug 4
Guess what 98 % choose concert tickets, it just wasn't concert this was a example, this was done by a Hispanic lady who was in prison back in 2003, she wasn't surprised, what surprised her was that people don't really care but doubt you'd ever believe that story..

Indeed it was 1995.

I have a REAL nephew who was sent to Iraq, he's terrified- it's not because of Mccain.

I have a niece Stacy who married Lee back on March 29, I wrote about this wedding. I actually found it hilarious that my Hispanic-Italian side of the family had never heard of Redneck jokes, never heard of trailer park whatever it was called jokes, in fact they never heard of so many " Bubba's " Haha but that's not important.
What's important is Lee's also in the military, he's being deported to Afghanistan Lee's wife is pregnant, I am sad but I know I'm about to face a drilling, Haha Hey --

I'll risk it all once again but the truth of the matter people stalked family members because the 911 timeframe, so now that the real story I was attempting to relay is being ignored, I'll risk it all by yeah I know Friday Oct 10th is Dale Earnhardt Jr's birthday.. My family member is connected - But the damn greed was better,
Nothing better happen to JR or Jeff Gordon - Take it anyway you want, If media used Jackie's blog they better pay her and everyone else in here!

I don't care how crazy my Greedy Part of the family made me appear, my record of predictions speaks for itself..
I battled why Concord N.C was bothering me, I battled why California, I battled why the Dollar general store well wow imagine that.. but the worse part was people who tricked Ria, she is a great nurse, she protected her patients.

I expect to lose net/phone access, my Real family is linked via RR for everyone's protection,,
I have attempted sending various updates and couldn't, nor can I open certain posts

In 2002, Junior had a roller-coaster season. He struggled after enduring a concussion at Fontana in April an injury he did not admit to until mid-September.

Anonymous said...


Nana in the NW said...

It's already Thursday!!

meb--last night on The Insider they had a report about some "mean-spirited internet bloggers" saying Cheryl Burke had gained weight....I thought "Oh No, someone must have read meb and my comments from a few weeks ago!" LOL Then I remembered this site isn't the only one.....just the best one!!

Congrats to whoever won.

Becky--are you getting to cheer on our gal Susie?? With new teams being formed I hope it will save her.

toms--sounds like you've got some struggles in your life. Just stop and take a deep breath, close your eyes, and this too will pass.

My grandkids have 1/2 day of school so I am busy, busy, busy.

Mom's not doing well either...I think we're down to our last few weeks. On a lighter note, the meds she's taking is making her pretty loopy and today she told me I wouldn't be so busy if I hadn't had 12 kids!! She said, "I thought you would only have 2(which I do), but that husband of yours...." It made me laugh!

RIE said...


I'm Ria

Zoetawny said...

I should be returning phone calls but had to read more here.


Ohhhhhhhh, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It's heart breaking to have to watch her decline. I wish I had words of comfort for you.


I'm sorry to read you're having family issues, too. We all care about each other here and I hope it was cathartic for you to write about it.

Keep the fatih!

Anonymous said...

How bout my guy MATTY being ranked the best on his tribe! Go MATTY RJM in SC

joy n said...

Nana, so sorry to hear that your Mom's not doing any better. Bless you for being the good daughter you are.