Friday, November 14, 2008

Gray Friday and Not Much on TV (for me)

Today's weather here started off foggy and gray. Then it became misty and gray. The ornamental kale above shows the misty effect. In the winter, it will look like cabbage and has been called snow cabbage. It will lose its color. (Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.)

It's one of the first nights this week with the exception of Big Bang and Survivor nights that I haven't felt like immediately napping after I got home from work. The problem is, when I do that I tend to wake up several hours later instead of my planned half-hour nap. Hopefully that will change since I'm now off the Coumadin as of last night.

Alas, there isn't much I'm interested in watching on TV tonight. Not to fear, I can watch the shows I recorded and catch up a bit!

I have the Survivor review up over on TV Squad and a new TV Shows Off the Beaten Path column up over on CliqueClack TV.

As much as I didn't care for the divorcees on The Amazing Race, I must give them kudos for being caring people. They've set up a charity called The Amazing Grace which will accept donations for an impoverished country visited by TAR each season. This season's start off country is Cambodia. Both women were struck by the poverty in the country.

Today's musical non sequitur:
The city lights, the pretty lights

They can warm the coldest nights
All the people going places
Smiling with electric faces
What they find the glow erases
What they've lost the glow replaces.
-- "Neon Rainbow" by The Boxtops

I leave you in the morning fog of the local train station.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Jackie,
A day and night to just curl up all warm and comfy watching TV.

Delee said...

I posted this part on the end of Survivor, but now a new post so thought I would repost it here:

Price is Right, tonight at 9pE is a Salute to Our Troops. Guess only servicemen will be the contestants. I hope they clean the set of prizes!

Jackie, great news about the rat P. Hope all goes well now that it is done. Great pics too.

meb said...

That kale just gets more beautiful with each picture. Thanks. Glad you're finally off the coumadin. You should be feeling a lot less tired now.

I have some taped shows I'll be watching tonight as well. Not much on for me either.

joy n said...

Glad to hear you're off that awful but necessary Coumadin at last.

This newest kale picture is the best of all of them. Nothing comes close to the beauty Mother Nature provides us. What a great job you do of capturing it.

RBennie said...

Nice to hear you are feeling a little more perky Jackie. Your pics are great as usual. I think you missed your calling.

Clementine said...

Great pics, as usual, Jackie. I enlarged the kale and the color is stunning, with the sparkle of the dew drops to set it off.

Did the Ex-List get the axe? I haven't seen it for awhile. There's nothing I'm interested in, so that gives me a chance to catch up on Fringe and Sarah Connor Chronicles. I can't decide if I really like Fringe, but I keep taping. I love the father/son relationship, but the X-files stories seem a little stale.

I haven't watched Heroes for a few weeks, and can't seem to get interested anymore. Too much jumping through time for me to keep up.

Lost is back January 21st! That's my absolute favorite (non-reality) show. Can't wait!

Delee said...

I noticed Ex List has been absent but I have not heard it got canned, but it must have. Lipstick Jungle got the axe, so Ms Shields can now go hawk more VW's.

PDX Granny said...

As usual, great pictures, Jackie. I love the fog at the station. There's something mysteriously romantic about it.

meb said...

Not much going on this morning. I put a couple new posts up on my blog if anybody wants to go look. You know me... always trying to find the humor in things. Later...

KarenJC said...

good morning everyone - had to catch-up online before I start my cleaning...

If anyone wants to read a recap of The Biggest Loser - I found this's pretty funny.

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning to all!

I had a great night dancing with all my friends. It's good to get back in the swing of my normal life(is my life normal?)

Today we are shampooing the carpets, going to my granddaughter's soccer game, and probably the casino tonight.

I really hate weekend TV. The only good part is that it gives you a chance to catch up on everything you have recorded all week!

BTW--yes, the Ex-List was cancelled a few weeks ago.

Jackie--it's picture like these that you visualize when reading a romance novel. Glad to hear you are finally done with the Comaudin. Hopefully, you will start getting some energy back.

It's cold and sunny here in Tacoma and gas is $2.03.

Have a great one.....

PDX Granny said...

I'm off for a day of shopping & playing with my grandson. He came over this morning with a new look. He "painted" his face to look like a super hero. The only problem is that he used permanent markers!!!

It sounds like Nana and I have the same weather today. Cold and sunny. After the rain, this is nice. I wish I could send some of our cool weather to California. Those fires they're having are horrible!

Delee said...

Hot news? I did not see anyone report this:

For the first time in the show's history, a previously split The Bachelor couple have reunited, as the show's seventh season lovebirds Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice are back together and planning to wed, In Touch Weekly reported Wednesday.

Can this be true? If so, we will see.

PDX Granny said...

OK, now I have to try to remember who Charlie and Sarah are.

meb said...

Me too pdx granny... I can't remember who they are either. Anybody know where to see a picture of them to job the memory???

meb said...

"jog" the memory... I know you knew what I meant, but I had to correct it... compulsive whatever

Clementine said...

Here's a pic:

Charlie and Sarah

I didn't watch that season, but they make a cute couple! Charlie's brother is Jerry O'Connell who used to star in Crossing Jordan and is married to Rebecca Romijn from Ugly Betty who used to be married to John Stamos from ER.

Just practicing my six degrees of separation. I'm sure I could link him to Kevin Bacon, if I tried! :)

Jennasmom said...

Beautiful photos, Jackie! Congrats to being off the coumadin! Hope you feel better soon!

Not much on TV for me on Friday OR Saturday nights. Why can't we get better programming? Not all of us are out on the town on weekend nights anymore!

Was cold & windy here in So. Texas today - expecting our first freeze tonight. I hate cold weather & I've already started my countdown to spring!

Delee said...

Thank you for the pix, Clementine, I never thought to add one.

meb said...

I guess I didn't watch it either as they don't look familiar. They are a cute couple tho... I agree.

Thanks for the pic Clementine.

joy n said...

I remember them (Charlie and Sarah) and hope they work things out. It'd be nice to see one more couple from that show succeed in the forever-after department!