Sunday, November 09, 2008

NEW 'Grey's Anatomy' Blog Discussion Post

Folks have been asking for it, so here it is -- your new home for discussion of Grey's Anatomy. The official website for the show is here. But right here on the blog, you can gather in your comfy chairs with snacks discussing it with your friends. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Thought I would comment on this one just so I could say I was first! lol RJM

Michelle said...

Yes! Finally a blog discussion about my favorite show! Can't wait to read comments and post my thoughts as well on this one.

KarenJC said...

Yeah! Can't wait to be part of the discussion too!

Karen in MD/DC

meb said...

michelle and karenjc... we've had a blog site all along that Jackie gave us, it just got so full we asked for another one so we don't have to search for the last comment. Welcome to the blog discussion.

Donna in AL said...

Roll Tide!!!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the new blog, Jackie!

Welcome - Michelle and Karen!

dla said...

Yeah!! I look forward to hanging with all of you each week!

What does everyone think about Dr. Hahn leaving the show so abruptly??

Michelle said...

I thought it was odd that her character was written out so quickly. I read about her being taken off of the show last week, but figured they would show more in the episode about her leaving. It will be interesting to see what happens with Callie now.

Caroline said...

Personally I'm happy Dr. Hahn is leaving. She was nasty to everyone and I've never found anything redeemable about her personality. I was annoyed when they hooked Hahn up with Callie cause Callie is a good character and I didn't want her bogged down by Dr. B!tch. I'd still love to see Callie end up with Mark Sloane...they have very good chemistry.

I'm not sure why they opted to use Denny Duquette to write Hahn out of the story. I just hope we don't have to spend weeks watching Izzie relive the Denny fallout. Just for once I'd love the writers of this show to allow Izzie to have a happy story arc for a few eps. They just deal her one shit storm after another.

And just as a sidenote...I love the interactions between Cristina & Lexie. I think the two of them are hysterical and that for whatever reason in her own odd way Cristina keeps bonding with Grey girls.

KarenJC said...

I read somewhere that they told her in September that they were ending Dr. Hahn's character on the show. She waited awhile before announcing it.

They were a weird couple and the fact that Callie was all spazzed out by the "sex" thing, they should have played into that longer instead of them jumping right into it.

I am liking the Christina character better this season as well.

RBennie said...

I'm not at all sorry to see Dr. Hahn go. I never liked her. I could never find anything likeable about her. Christina has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. Don't ask me why, but I've always just understood her really well. What does that say about me, LOL. Bailey is my absolute favorite on the show though. I think I could sit through an hour of her just talking to herself and be entertained.

Michelle said...

I agree that Hahn needed to go too. She was always so negative. I too am a big Bailey fan! She brings such humor to the show. Can't wait to see tonight's episode.

Lara said...

Yeah - Denny!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am totally confused! How can Denny be back? I thought he died!
Lisa in VA

KarenJC said...

I only saw part of the show, so can't wait to see it this weekend - want to see how the new doctor played out - and was surprised Dr. Hahn didn't show up at all and then leave - total drop! Weird.

meb said...

Lisa in VA... Denny isn't back... only in Izzy's mind and usually when she's dealing with something that she finds difficult to handle.

I'm happy to see Hahn go too. Just didn't care for the character. She is a good actress tho.

Who commented about a movie that Hahn was in as a young a pit... I can't remember the movie name. Please retell that story please. I saw the movie... just can't remember anything!

Anonymous said...

Brooke Smith (Hahn) was in _Silence of the Lambs_ with Jodie Foster. She was the Senator's daughter who was in the pit.

And to be honest, I have never been a fan of Smith's work. She was grating in SotL, she was grating on Crossing Jordan, and she was grating on Grey's. Coincidence? I, for one, am glad she is gone!

Now, what is the deal with Izzy? Are they going to write her out, too? Psychotic break or something? As much as I love Denny, I just don't think it is going to work and still be realistic. Anyhow, I complain but still watch every week. Go figure!


meb said...

Thanks for reminding me it was Silence of the Lambs. I remember the girl in the pit as a chubby dark haired girl. But now that you've said it was Hahn, I can see her face and realize it really was her. Wow... she changed a lot. I have to admit, I'm glad she's gone too.

Now as to Izzy and Denny... that just isn't possible, so she's imagining all this... yep, breakdown... but that would be mean as far as Alex is concerned, cause he already just dealt with the girlfriend who was psychotic. By the way, wasn't she the one playing in Ex-List. That's sad if they took it off. It was kinda cute. Oh one asked me.

Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere that Izzie will have a brain tumor and that's why Denny kept telling that he's here for her. I sort of think that maybe they will write her off, so she dies and Denny takes her, or Denny is there to help her heal. I don't know.

I'm a widow and I would love to see my husband again. I would want to hold him and breath in his scent!

I, too like Sloan and Callie together.

MEB, I liked the Ex-list too. I was surprised that it was gone.

KarenJC said...

I loved Denny in the show - easy on the eyes. but here as a ghost is just odd. My husband (who is upset that he is now into this show) just groans when they do the ghost love scene. He thinks Bailey and Callie will become lovers because of their conversation after Callie's surgery. I don't agree. Sloan is one horney dude. And what's up with the interns? and the new one they brought in, I don't like her. But the reactions were great when they were trying surgery - wouldn't they all be fired in real life?

Have a great day!

meb said...

Karenjc...can't imagine they wouldn't be fired for something like that.

d...isn't it phenomenal, odd, amazing, wonderful... take your pick or choose your own word... to have a show affect you in the way you described, because of Izzy and Denny. I'm sorry for your loss and understand your sentiments.

And please be wrong about Izzy dieing... not ready for that yet, although it makes sense that Denny would be there for her.

Alex appears to have calmed down a lot.

Anonymous said...

what about Izzy waking up and Denny's death was just a dream???

Gayle said...

I found this little tidbit regarding Izzy in Matt Mitovich's article (11/26)

"With regards to Grey's Anatomy and Denny's ghost being "real" to Izzy, this exact same story played out on General Hospital last year between Nikolas and Emily. If this ends the way that did, Izzy has a brain tumor." — Kathy

MATT: "By that thinking, Izzy would then fall in love with the pretty nurse who helps her through the health crisis, and we know ABC ain't having any more of that. Besides, Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes insists that the ghost story "won't involve... a brain tumor." That leads me to believe that Izzy is, as Liz Lemon puts it, "staunchly in favor of Cocoa Puffs," and that Katherine Heigl's character will be leaving the show in a designer (and, one can only hope, Emmy-caliber) straight jacket."

If Matt is telling the truth Izzy is leaving Grey's. Is it "pay back" for refusing to be considered for an Emmy earlier this year?

dee ann said...

I really enjoy Dr. Bailey's interactions with the chief and Christina/Owen match up. I don't care for Sadie's character and would like to see Callie and Sloan hook up.

KarenJC said...

okay - where are your thoughts on last nights show? The sex chat Izzy had with Christina last night - weird all the way around. Why wouldn't Izzy work in the clinic after starting it with Denny's money and showing him what she's done and be proud? Too much sex with herself? Bailey changed her personality yesterday when it came to do the surgery with McSteamy. But loved her speech to the residents as they waited to hear who had the solo surgery.

btw - My hubby and I decided we may need to dvr this show so we can speed pass the commercials - there are so many!

Anonymous said...

I also don't like Sadie for some reason. I don't like the Callie being gay. I just see her and Sloan together. C&S have great chemistry together, it's a shame that Little Sloan and Little Grey are merging. YUCK! He looks old enough to be her dad. It's not right.

I'm tired of Izzie and Denny. I'm glad George noticed that something is wrong with her. Hopefully we will find out soon.

GA is definitely a must to DVR. Speeding through commercials is the only way I can watch t.v. now. I'm spoiled!

Lastly, did you notice that the announcer didn't say that Grey's will be on next week, it said it's on Thursdays. My DVR doesn't have any scheduled to record. Do any of you know when it's coming back on?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, I thought last Thursday's show was phenomenal! Here are a few of my don't like:
-Don't like Callie gay
-Don't like new psycho/crazy intern
-Don't think it’s a good idea to put these two together.
-Didn't like Dr. Hahn, GLAD she's gone!!!
-Tire of Izzy although sex with Dead D has made for a extremely
interesting show. And I agree I think there is something wrong with
Izzy, it's a set up. Knowing GA
they will have a logical explanation for their illogical
Ok for my likes:
-Christina has always been my
favorite and she really rocks
this season!!! Her best yet.
(She is the secret star of the
show now.)
-I like the new doctor (I call him
Dr. War)Christina and the new doctor makes a great & intriguing
couple! Finally she has someone
who has her back!
-I like the temptation MacSteamy
is having with little Grey, makes
the show funny
-I like the new interns not,(didn't in the beginning) their lost but that's what makes it funny

So, I have more likes than dis-likes. Also, I don't think Bailey
changed her personality! From
last week's episode, she was looking for something fresh to
make her career exciting again.
I think we are just seeing new
sides of every character on the
show. We need to or this show
will get boring and get cancelled
because to tell you the truth, I didn't think the show was going to
make it without Dr. Burke. Look at how many new characters they had
to bring in to fill the void!
And compared to all the other seasons, this is by far the worst!
Christina is making the show. And
Izzy and Dead D is just advertisement to get people to watch. They had to do something to
replace the diminishing relationship between Mac Dreaming and Meredith--it's getting old.
But I hope they don't plan on killing him off either! That will
definitely kill the show! (If you
remember Meredith's dream in the
season premier!)
Also, in last Thursday’s show, I totally agree with Christina! It's not fair that they are punishing her when it was everyone's fault!
Meredith was out of line and selfish in even her approach for the solo surgery! Dr. K deserved it
out of who was left. And I thought
Dr. K confessing his love for Izzy was outstanding! He really has evolved, healed from how he used to be. I am only mad that he is not going to get the love he deserves in return from Izzy. This
isn't fair to him, and I tell you
I will hate her the more for it!!!

Also, I think this site is great! Finally I have somewhere to go and talk to others about this show!

-Mrs. Mac Dreamy

meb said...

I loved watching Denny be part of the group. Thought it was really funny. Needs to stop, but for the short haul, think it's a good thing.

The reason I don't like Sadie is because in Alias, she was the traitor who married Jennifer Garner's fiance when Jennifer was missing. And she was evil, so I can't warm up to her. And if Hahn wasn't going to be a gay partner for Callie, then why are they playing up Sadie as being a possible partner. Too confusing.

Loved Alex telling Izzy he loved her with Denny saying he was getting on his nerves. Too funny.

Hope Izzy comes around or George finally convinces someone that there's something wrong with her. Thought Alex was a little harsh with George when he told him not to talk to him about Izzy???

Of course Bailey is the best!

Loved Cristina's reaction to the air vent. That was some good acting.

OK. I'm finished..

meb said...

SPOILER: It appears that Izzy has an anurism and when it acts up is when she sees Denny. Other's have alluded to this before so it's not really anything new.

No word whether they're going to let her go or fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

I love this show...butnthis season sucks big time. Callie and Erica were awesome together, i mean sure Erica had an attitude problem but look at Dr. Karev, he's just as much a jerk as Erica was.

Izzie and Denny is lame, having Denny come back from the dead?! DUMB IDEA Izzie's character is stupid, never liked her.

Callie isn't having a lot of screen time what's going on.
Same with George. Although he does want off the show so...

What was the point in firing Brooke if they were just going to continue with the lesbia storyline with another character, Sadie. LAME!!

Dr. Bailey is amazing!!! <3

Meredith and Derek are over-rated now...them breaking up, and getting back together is really old.

Loved Christina with the air vents that was cute, nice to see a soft side to Christina.

I hate the army doctor, he's a real jerk. I just don't like him at all...he needs to leave!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, I agree, but disagree at the same time!

I love the Army Doctor, I think Dr. Hunt!

I loved Christina and the air vent!

Do not like Callie being gay at all, I love her with Sloan.

It's nice to see Meredith and Derek being in a healthy relationship!

I like how Alex is changing and showing more emotion.

Dislike Denny and Izzie.

Love Dr. Bailey!

Did you hear that Lexi Grey is pregnant in real life with her third baby? She's so young, okay 26, but that's young!

meb said...

Don't know why I'm so slow getting back to this post. I love GA and should be posting as soon as I watch the show.

I didn't know that Alexis is pregnant in real life. Wonder if they'll make it that Sloan gets her pregnant in the show?

I would rather he end up with Callie. And I wish they'd stop with the new girl... I don't think (in the show) that she's really gay and Callie is going to get hurt big time.

I too am glad that Derek and Meredith are getting along.

Alex is being so good with Izzy. Hope Denny is gone soon (as much as I love looking at him). He needs a show to get into that is all about him. I'd watch!

RBennie said...

I'm with you MEB, I always watch Grey's, but forget to post about it. I love Sloan and Callie together and I wish they would just drop the lesbian storyline. As hard as they are trying, Callie just does not make a convincing lesbian. I hope this Meredith vs. Christina feud does not go on for much longer. I miss their quirky friendship. I agree with Christina re Dr. McArmy - he's way too hot and cold. Either your into the woman or your not! I'm amazed that Alex is going along with Izzy's Denny sightings. He should be trying to get her some help instead of playing along.

Jo said...

I agree with the comment about too many commercials and will be doing the same thing-dvr it to watch later. Another trick is to start watching 15-20 mins into the show and you can zap the commercials and never overtake the beginning.
Now, about Denny. I think I finally get it. I think the Grey's writing crew knew how much we enjoyed and missed Denny so they created this just for us. No, it's not realistic and yes, totally silly,improbable and bizarre. But don't we just LOVE having him and his wonderful smile on the show for so many weeks now? Dead or alive, I'll take Jeffrey Dean Morgan anyway I can see him. He's so adorable and sparkly. It's a great bit. Thank you, Shondra and co.!

Jo said...

OH and ps on my last comment. Denny has been with us for so many weeks now that I think we are actually forgetting he is dead. He's one of the gang and I for one sure love seeing him.I get tired of watching PS I Love You for the hundredth time!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had waited to watch the last episode until next week. I'm so impatient and I want to know now what Denny has to say to Alex.

I hope Christina's remark about the dumb ponytail is the icebreaker to their fight.

I absolutely loved that Christina got into the shower with Dr. Hunt. I think he runs hot and cold because of all of the trauma he had in the war. How sad to save a life, for the life to commit suicide.

meb said...

This was the best episode ever! I have never cried so much during one show in my life...

Bailey's breakdown at the end after her thing with Derek re saving the prisoner's life.

Meredith at the end after her seeing the execution and her breakdown...Cristina going to the car to comfort her.

Izzy's thing with Denny... I'm almost in tears now with remembering that scene. Denny is an excellent actor.

The wife with the husband with the organs... The mother with the little boy when she was telling him it was okay to go...

OMG... such an emotional episode, causing me to be an emotional wreck.

Hate that Izzy is sick and as yet, except for some spoilers we've heard, don't really know why yet. I really don't want her to leave the show.

As usual, can't wait for the next episode.

meb said... so carried away I forgot to welcome Jo and Dusty. Glad to have you here and really enjoyed your comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meb for the welcome!

My electricity had gone out Thursday afternoon and I was worried that I would miss the show, but thankfully it was turned back on in time. I had even called a friend to record it for me! I'm that addicted to it! It was one of the best episodes and an awful one to miss!

I found myself feeling so relieved that I was watching it alone, because I had to wipe the tears from my eyes more than once.

I absolutely loved the end when Derek was waiting for Mer outside the gates.

I felt so heartbroken for Denny and how mean Izzie was to him. The Grey writers do say that she's sick, but that's all.

I really liked how Lexie got in bed with Sloan.

I'm glad that Christina and Mer are finally over the fight. At the end when they were talking and we couldn't hear what they were saying, in my mind, I was thinking they were saying, "hey, after this shoot, do you want to go and get a cheeseburger?" But something really lame that had nothing to do with the emotional state that Mer was in.

When the kids and I watch a show that was recorded, we fast forward through the commercials. We usually make up our own dialog for the commercial. That's what made me think about Christina and Mer.

dla said...

Hi Grey's Group! I always forget to come back to comment, as well. I just cannot live blog anything, as I miss to much. I need to watch it, and then comment.

What a powerful episode!! It sounds like we were all shedding a few tears through this one.

I am anxious to see what the storyline holds for Izzie. And now Denny's presence does make some kind of weird sense. I sure like him as an actor, and wish he could land on something that sticks.

See you all after the show on Thursday! Is it a rerun already? My TV Week does not indicate that it will be a new episode...

meb said...

dla...yes it's a rerun... they said Grey's would be back in two weeks.

After this episode, and all the crying I did, I need a break! Not really, but it sounded good.

I was so glad that even tho Izzy was mean to Denny, they kissed before he "left". That scene was heart wrenching.

Just love this show for its humor and it's tugging at the heart.

RBennie said...

Did anyone else see the previews for the Grey's/Private Practice episode? I believe it will air next Thursday. I knew that would happen sooner or later.

As for last week's show, it really was a tearjerker. Bailey's breakdown really got to me. I had to agree with Izzie for being upset with Denny. Enough of all the cryptic "I'm here for you" stuff, just tell me I'm sick! I'm glad that it looks like the Christina/Meredith feud is over. I missed their interaction. The broken peepee bit was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm new here and just have to ask. What the heck is Denny trying to tell Izzie? I guess I'm really dense.... Is SHE going to die?

Anonymous said...

I bet Isy has a tumor or something thats causing her to see denny. Im happy he is gone tho, Isy and Alex seem like they are perfect for eachother and its way too confusing with denny

Anonymous said...

Last night's show was AWESOME!!!
My favorite part....the slo-mos with Christina and Dr. was a beautifully, but delicately
woven masterpiece of flirtatious
affinity set to a classical piece!
What a wonderful way to capture
attraction! And what a pleasantly unique turn for GA! It's stuff like
this that keeps this show #1. Great
writing! AND next week with be just as outstanding with the crossover Private Practice drama!

Do you think Meredith will say yes?
She's shuck a punk! I don't know if
she is ready to be Mrs. MacDreamy. But I hope she says yes. Derrick
deserves a yes, but knowing Meredith and her self-sabotage tendencies, she will in fact find a way to ruin a good thing! And Izzy, trust me she's sick, they are just going to drag it out to be part of the big season finale big drama! (And I am glad Denny is gone too!) Still, Christina is the reason why I still watch this show. She is the best character. MacSteamy is growing on me, he keeps things interesting too. But
I think last night's show will go
down in history as one of my absolute favorite just because of
the poetic scene between Christina
and Dr. War. That did it for me,
I'm done!

-The REAL Mrs. MacDreamy

TrevMax said...

I don't want a Grey's Anatomy without George and Izzy. I don't want to be left with The Annoying One (Meredith) and Evilina (Christina) talking about how depressing life is. I want the gang back. George is one of the original cast members, one of the reasons the show is a success, along with Izzy. They might have gotten on your nerves a little but they gave a balance to The Annoying One's world. Without them she will turn into Evilina The Sequel. I want George to marry Little Grey, (numerous possibilities in that storyline). Have Izzy's daughter come back, her adoptive parents killed in an accident, and Izzy adopts her, which puts friction between her and Alex (another storyline and I'm not even getting paid for this.) Stop trying to up the ratings by turning Callie into a lesbian. It's not, working. And stop bringing in new characters that I don't care about. I want my Grey's Anatomy back. I want them back at the cafeteria table. But alas, the days of enjoying the ensemble cast are long gone. Rest In Peace Grey's Anatomy. I'll miss you much.

Anonymous said...

I read that George and Issie are staying.

I noticed that Grey's isn't going to be on next week, dang it....

Anonymous said...

Ok,I was right all along, Izzy is sick just like I said! I knew there was going to be a logical reason for the illogical relationship she had with Denny. So she has a tumor and like I said they are going to drag it out, it will be apart of a season finale.

If she ends up leaving, the show won't miss a beat. They have enough intersting story lines going on. And beside she's annoying and I don't see what more they can do with her story line. It's pretty much boring. And no one wants to see Izzy with George!
She's better with Alex. You can already tell that their characters are burning out...all I can say for Izzy & George is "white dwarf ahead!"

I do agree with the Callie situation, drop the lesbo story line it's not working and it's annoying. But you gotta say last Thursday's show was GOOD! McDreamy & McSteamy fighting! WOW! But I do agree with you about the days of ensemble cast has gone away just like real music, folks just don't appreciate quality anymore, they rather settle for substandard junk and tell us it's in good taste.

-Ms. MacDreamy

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad for Izzie, even though I didn't like her for awhile. My husband died from melanoma.....

meb said...

I actually shed tears over this last episode when Cristina just blurted it out before she started her surgery. And then I cried thru most of the rest of the show. I really like Izzy and don't wnt her leaving. When I saw George start running to Izzy's room after Bailey told him (assumed, since no dialog) I truly lost it again.

This was just an excellent episode. I still love this show.

meb said...

Dusty, so sorry to hear about your husband and this dreaded disease. This had to be doubly hard for you to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meb, It really was/is hard to watch. My dh started watching Grey's with me, so I feel like we had a connection to G.A. and now this. Plus it's the time of the month, so I was a blubbery mess. It really sucked when Denny was on GA as a ghost because I would have loved for my dh to come back and hang out with me. I miss talking to him.

So do you think Izzie is going to die or do you think she'll make. On, they have said that Izzie and George are not leaving, but can we really believe that?

I have a feeling that I'll be upset either way.

Grey's Anatomy 100th Episode said...

“What a Difference a Day Makes” is the Grey's anatomy’s 100th episode milestone. It's the long-awaited wedding extravaganza for Meredith and Derek.

meb said... ends up that Izzy and Alex got married instead. How great was that.

Meredith's hair looked terrible. It looked like she took the rollers out and didn't bother combing it.

Now to the rest of the show... Poor George... he had to deal with all those deaths of those kids. It's too bad that kids don't watch this show (I'm guessing) because they needed to see what automobiles accidents can do. I'm not blaming these kids, I don't recall they ever said what caused the accident.

Is Izzy going to be with us for long or not. It would be a stretch to say that if more than 90% of the people with her disease do not survive, that she does. Of course, it's TV, so they can do whatever they want.

The Torres/other girl (name) relationship is just fill in and a waste of show time they could be focusing on other things. Now don't attack me... I could care less about a gay relationship, it's just not necessary to the show.

And let me start a benefit for Torres so she can pay her rent. Come on... just because her dad cut her off she has no money? She's a doctor for crying out loud and has to be making pretty good money just on that basis. I should be so rich.

It was good to see Denny once more. He just makes my heart flutter.

Derek and Meredith are just happy and that's good to see... no trauma.

Looks like next week Christina makes her move on Army doctor (name). That's good.

Bailey looked gorgeous in her wedding attire.

Did I leave anything out?

Still loving this show!!!!!

RBennie said...

Absolutely awesome episode last night. I sure didn't see the Izzy/Alex wedding coming. It was perfect though. The whole storyline about the graduates was heartwrenching. I agree with you MEB about the Torres storyline - just plain fluff. I think she is worthy of a lot more. I hope this doesn't mean that we are going to be cheated out of a Meredith/Derek wedding. I've been waiting a long time for that one.

dla said...

Hi ladies! I always forget to come back and post about this show, too!

I thought the episode was great!! I also did not see the wedding switch coming, so was pleasantly surprised. It was touching.

I have to agree about Callie and Arizona. It does not add value to the storyline, and just feels a bit forced. I don't see the chemistry.

I personally hope that the entire cast is back for next season, but that may be too much to ask right now. ;(

TerryinCA said...

Hi guys, sorry I havent commented, cause I have been watching!
Love that Derek and Meredith are finally out of that weirdo realtionship, they both seem happy and sane for once.
I like the Kate Capshaw character "Arizona" or whatever her name is, just cause she bugged Bailey....made Bailey step up..I love when Bailey cradled that little girl who just wanted her Dad...shame on him.
Im glad the chief apologized to Meredith and explained what he saw in her as a child.
I think its cute the way Mark and Lexi adore each other..but it seems strange he would be attracted to her...
I love Callie, I wish they would give her more to do. when she was crazy about George it was fun and sad and happy all at once.
Dr Hahn needs to find another profession.....acting bitchy cant be a real career path..
I loved Denny, but I got tired of the ghost thing.
I thought Izzy's Mom played a real trailor trash Mom to the "T" someone happy to be shallow, because they are afraid of the emotion of being real.
Oh and Torres, a doctors wages and cant pay her rent? come on.....was she working for free?

kaleena said...

OMG!! I just finished watching the season finale..... it was the best one yet. I'm still a little breathless. I can't believe it.

dla said...

OK, I shed more than my share of tears tonight during the season finale.

What does everyone think??? Are George or Izzie coming back next season??

Anonymous said...

Residents (which Callie's character is) don't earn that much. She is probably earning about $40,000 a year before taxes, so if she has a lot of expenses, she could have trouble with cash flow. Now after she finishes residency, that's a different story. She probably could expect to earn easily $200,000 to $300,000 a year.

meb said...

OK...who's going to talk to me about the finale. I am still sobbing... can't help it. This has been the most traumatic ending of any show I have ever seen, to then keep us waiting to see what really is happening!

RBennie... where are you? I'll check back on and off, but somebody has gone to talk to me about this episode.

meb said...

I just wrote up something, but it says now that it has to be approved by the blog author??? Did you have a "stalker" Jackie.

dla said...

meb, I posted following the finale, but it looks like the comments were all approved today.

I was torn to shreds. Between the Grey's finale and the series finale for Prison Break, I have been haunted for days.

I read an interview with the creator of Grey's, and she was not giving anything away about what is coming for the next season.

meb said...

I know dla... it's almost like the characters don't even know what's happening next.

When I saw Izzy getting on that elevator in her gown, I kept thinking, "OMG, she's meeting Denny", but when the doors opened and there stood George in his uniform, I screamed. And they were smiling at each other... I lost it. Even as I write this now, I get a lump in my throat.

Haunted as you said, is a good word for it. I know it sounds silly to be so wrapped up in a show, but I love the show and will be sad to see either Izzy or George leave.

I saved the taped episode and will watch it again. There was so many things going on, I have to go back and see what I missed. The ending sent everything else totally out of mind.

meb said...

Oh..dla... I forgot to mention Prison Break... I know what you mean... I had seen a spoiler saying that one of the main characters died, but when Lincoln was shot, I assumed it was going to be Michael since he was the one who was sick.

I liked how they showed everyone else preparing for a trip and then to show it was to visit a grave, 4 years later with Michael's 4 year old son. Sad but sweet too.

Did I say this already, I feel like I'm repeating myself.

Dusty said...

I'm looking forward to next week! Two full hours of GA!

Part of me is sad that Izzy has beaten melanoma or is beating, because I miss my husband, who died of melanoma.

I'm also sad to see George go.

But part of me wonders if it was a publicity stunt about George leaving.

Anonymous said...

it was so sad to see george go, and so sad to see izzy sick and still care more that george is leaving. but now that Izzy is leaving, fired, it pisses me off, she shouldnt go. i hope she comes back, yeah she made a mistake but the k.p. is okay. if it wasnt for those stupid new people this wouldnt be happening, that other hospital doesnt know what they are doing, and its all about compition to them. i dont like them on the show, it was so much better before the two came together.

Anonymous said...

Alex is a total JERK!!!!! There are good guys out there that would LOVE to have someone like Izzy. He has her and says he is worth more! Instead, they only want jerks like Alex and the nice guys once again finish last.

Anonymous said...

What is up with the singing on the latest episode....I think the singing could have been left out...