Friday, November 07, 2008

No Criminal Intent Tonight, Yet Tagged

Angry much? I found this poor pay phone in Plainfield, NJ.

Alas, I was looking forward to the debut of Jeff Goldblum on Law and Order: Criminal Intent tonight. Sniffle. They've decided to push it back until 2009 so they can air all sixteen new episodes in a row. Now, that doesn't matter to me with a show like L&O. I hate the long hiatus periods between mini-seasons on shows with continuity like Lost or Heroes. Grr.

Later tonight I'll get up new discussion posts for DWTS and Grey's. Do we need anything else?

An odd note: They're renaming the Triborough Bridge to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Yes, a worthy tribute. But it's going to be hard to remember -- they should have done it a few decades ago, don't you think?

Lastly, Donna in Al has tagged me with a meme. I usually don't get too involved with the tagging stuff as it can get overwhelming. But since most I know to tag have already been tagged, I'll answer and not tag anyone else. (Unless you want to get in it.) Here we go:

1. Clothes shopping. Hmm, I'm not so huge on this. Given my druthers I'm a jeans or slacks, sweaters and polo shirts, and sneakers kind of person. I do enjoy sweater shopping. I argue with high heels.

2. Furniture shopping. I'll occasionally buy a piece, but unless something breaks I don't have room. None of my furniture will be heirlooms and few pieces actually match. Hey, I like it that way!

3. Sweets. I'm a chocoholic. I like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate ... as long as you don't mix nuts in it. I'm not so fond of cake unless it's chocolate. I refuse to admit I have a problem and you can't make me!

4. City. I live close to my lifetime all time favorite city in the world -- New York City. Unfortunately, I can't afford to live IN the city itself. What I pay for my apartment here wouldn't get me a tiny one-room studio in any sort of decent neighborhood in Manhattan or Brooklyn (the two places I would be if I could). Where I live now is a city, albeit small scale and Jersey-rough. But I enjoy my city. Even though it has a bad reputation, I find the folks friendly, polite, and I've never had any sort of problems at all. There are many good people here but folks tend to lump it in with a Newark or Elizabeth. Perhaps even an Orange. But I like the diversity and conveniences of living here. I can go to the top of the nearby hill and see the Manhattan skyline.

5. Drinks. I'm not a big drinker -- usually going months without alcohol. I like to try out micro-brew beers or drink things like frozen strawberry margaritas in the summertime. I can't stomach Scotch, hard bourbon or whiskey drinks, and never have had a martini in my life. More than a few glasses of wine tend to give me a headache. I learned my lesson about Rusty Nails when I was 19. (Drinking age was 18.) Talking non-alcoholic, I'm enjoying Coke Zero these days, but also like a good ginger beer, too.

6. Music. Eclectic. I have a bit of everything in my collection in every medium from vinyl to cassettes to 8-tracks (yes, I still can play them and tell myself I have to record them to another medium) to CDs and MP3s. Old jazz, rock, some country, even a bit of rap, lots of folk music, plenty of classical, a bit of gospel, you name it.

7. TV Series. Many too many to name.

8. Film. I'm a big Alfred Hitchcock buff. I have a gazillion movies on VHS and DVD ranging about all the genres except porno. Well, I have Midnight Cowboy which was originally rated X back when I was too young to see it. In today's world it only rates an R. I don't go to the movies much but do tend to collect them when the video stores sell 'em cheap.

9. Workout. I used to ski, rollerskate, and do all kinds of outdoor sports before my knees rebelled. Now I do about fifteen minutes a day on my stationary bike and do some exercises meant to rebuild the muscles in my knee. I also walk a lot.

10. Pastries. Mmm ... yes! I don't really have them often, but (of course) anything with chocolate is good. I also like things like apple turnovers and such.

11. Coffee. Yes, please. I grind my own beans and like to try different kinds. But I rarely buy the fancy ones at Starbucks unless it's beans to bring home.


Delee said...

Jackie, enjoyed reading about you! I agree with most of your likes.

I am BACK, I drove over 3600 miles, walked my legs off, and slept in 6 different states. I fell in love with western Kentucky and will go back to that area again. Will write up something for my blog later with more pics.

What is TAG? How do you do it? Always something new to learn!

RBennie said...

Hi Jackie. How are you? I hope you are a little less tired. I know I tend to perk up on Friday evenings after dragging my butt all week long,LOL. I guess I already know you pretty well, I could have guessed many of your answers to the Tag questions! I actually created my own blog today - aren't you proud of me? Check it out when you get a chance. I've grown up so much (computer wise) since I've been blogging with you. Have a great week end. I'll be here on Sunday for TAR.

Jackie said...

delee - I tagged you in your comments. What you do is write your own bits for each topic and let us know when you get it posted!

rbennie - Yay, you blogster, you. I'll take a peek.

Jackie said...

rbennie -- Go into your settings and let us comment. It looks good!

RBennie said...

Delee, I see Jackie tagged you already, but I left the questions for you in your blog. Just erase my answers and add your own.

Thanks Jackie. I thought the comments were working. I'll check it. If I have technical difficulties I'll be right back, LOL.

Jackie said...

rbennie - They're working. For some reason, the link is showing really teensy on my screen and I missed it.

lynn1 said...

I posted on the previous topic that after rbennie tagged me I followed her lead and started my own blog. Thanks for the nudge rbennie! :>)

RBennie said...

I just checked out your blog Lynn1 - good job. I love the name.

RBennie said...

Delee, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Those houses are amazing.

lynn1 said...

This has been a wild and hairy week for me but one bright spot that I have neglected to mention, I received the Bonnie Hunt prize from Jackie's contest. A really nice green hoodie sweat shirt and a mug, which will do very nicely for my diet coke.
Thanks Jackie you are the best.

Welcome "home" Delee. You were missed. I know you had a great trip from all your beautiful pictures. Hope you had good luck at the Casinos in Biloxi and Tunica.
My WV is coita...hmm

meb said...

Love your tag questions Jackie. If you have a second, stop by my "house" and read mine. I've been trying to keep my blog up as much as possible..can't do it like Sydney does, but little here and there.

I worked all day today and I'm exhausted. I didn't think going back to work was going to affect me this much... I'll be glad when I get a little more stamina. I mean, all I do is sit there, but then again, sometimes that's worse than actually physical labor.

Hope you're getting stronger and stronger each day.

Donna in AL said...

Whoo hoo Jackie, I thought I had tagged two that did not want to play. I am so glad you did. Lynn1 and Rbennie, I am glad you guys joined in on the blogging too.

I really like reading about you guys all over the country since I have never really traveled. Thanks for sharing everyone.

Delee said...

My tags are done...for good or bad. Now to find the time to read other's.

Sydney said...

YAY Jackie -- I totally relate to what OKR said about tags and chain letters but this has been fun. I loved reading your answers.

Look how many of us got to blogging because of you. In order to comment on your blog I thought I had to get my own to have my name blue and though I was very hesitant for a few years, I finally started doing it. We have so much to say thank you to you for now don't we!?!?

BTW -- I finally announced the winners of the Guess My Martini contest in today's post. Thanks to all who stopped by to play along.

SO I checked out Rbennie's and now will go to Lynn1's. Delee, I will check to see if you have put up even more pictures. What a great vacation you had! BTW, I have listed myself as a follower of all of your blogs so if you don't have that set up I dont' know if it will tell you or not.


becky said...

Jackie, loved reading your likes and dislikes. New York City is my very favorite place to visit. I have been three times and plan on being there next June. I have always found the people very friendly.

I do want to check out everyone's blogs -- maybe after I get through the mega garage sale I will have next weekend. Did I mention I dislike garage sales? LOL DH (darling husband or d*mn husband, depending on what he has done) insisted we have a garage sale instead of just donating the stuff -- and then he has to work so can't help. If he says the word again it will be justifiable homicide!

Perhaps when I finish with this and the holidays someone can help me set up my own.

delee, welcome back. We did miss you. Oh, and I want to know what a tag is too.

Jackie, get some rest.

Anonymous said...

...........So obvious you guys R using this blog to communicate in code...............

have you asked jackie for permission?

meb said...

lars... I went on your blog and noticed that you actually speak English... is there some reason you can't do all this gobble-d-gook over on your own blog? Obviously it isn't meant for us to know. Just curious.

Sydney said...

Why oh why is there nothing to watch on Saturday night? I no longer have a lifestyle where I'm out on Sat nights anymore, lol... why not have repeats of Ugly Betty which I totally miss because it competes with Survivor every year... Either that, or I need to learn to use my DVD players more. Just rarely feel like settling in for a movie at my house. In a movie theater I could see them back to back. At the house, stuff from my to-do list call too loudly.

PDX Granny said...

Sydney, I'm glad there's nothing to watch on Saturday night! It's the night I use to catch up on all the things I've recorded during the week!!

I think I need to get a life!! LOL

KarenJC said...

I agree about Saturday nights, good thing we had football playoffs and a hockey game to go to, looking forward to AR tonight.

Was watching the new Ruby show this morning before the hubby came out and groaned about me watching another "weight loss" show. (I had fat, but thought maybe I should change that.) lol

Jackie - hoping you are getting your rest this weekend. Take it easy.

Have a good day everyone. Karen in MD/DC

sue said...

I agree about Saturday night and think it goes back to years ago when Saturday night was the one night no one was home to watch TV. Although, I always seemed to be. LOL And, even when I was out, we all found a TV somewhere to watch SNL. Their theme music still touches me a little as it reminds me of their early shows (and that earlier me). As a teen, way back in the day, I would be at someone else's home watching TV (usually babysitting) and remember Saturday Night Movie's. That was long before DVDs and I loved hearing which movie would be on TV.

I never see America's Most Wanted on Fox, but recorded it last night. Two local murders were covered, the show was in town recently to do interviews. I will watch the recording later...but know it will be sad. I just hope AMW will find who did the two terrible crimes.

PDX Granny said...

Well, I finally did what I said I'd probably never do - I started my own blog!! Since Laurie group tagged us over at Jackie's Town USA, I figured if I was going to take the time to comment there, I may was well do it in my own space.

I haven't yet learned the art of saying a lot with a few words, so it's a bit long winded. But you all should be used to that by now!! :)

Stop by and take a peek when you have time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
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Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu.

Hope you had a birthday as wonderful as you are!