Sunday, November 30, 2008

Off Topic: Roofus the Cat and My Own

Yep, this is my own cat Scherzo pretending to be a lolcat. A personal bailout would be nice. After all, I'm not a business who's supposed to know what I'm doing and how to be a profitable business.

Yesterday morning, despite rather raw temperatures and cloudy skies, I spotted Roofus the Cat taking a cat nap way up high. Someone mentioned in previous comments that people live in the building.

Yes, there are folks living in all of the buildings whose roofs Roofus roams except the one condemned one. However, Roofus has outlasted all of the tenancies. The apartments in the buildings seem to mainly rent to seasonal immigrants. Right now many are empty and might not be filled for the winter.

I've seen Roofus go up there -- he goes from an abandoned vehicle to a garage top to the back fire escapes of this same building, then accesses the roof from the back similar to how he gets on the fire escapes in the front. He's generally cleaner and healthier looking than the other local feral cats, but I credit that to his smart ways. The elderly man is still feeding all of the ferals (including Roofus) at the defunct Budget Rental Car place. The interior is stacked with huge bags of cat food and cats seem to come and go from inside to out somehow.


joy n said...

I believe Roofus is a scrapper. He probably doesn't belong to anyone. He's found a great place to "live". There's a source of food nearby, (the elderly man) a place of safety to retreat to, (the building) and the occasional company of Eave.

If the cats find a way to get inside where the food is, then they probably go there, too, when the weather turns foul.

He seems to be content and clean.

He also has the eyes and ears and lens of Jackie to keep us informed of his occasional whereabouts each season.

Thanks again, Jackie, for doing that.

joy n said...

Scherzo's looking pretty content herself.

Sally said...

Great picture of your beautiful Scherzo, Jackie! You must have a special touch to get her to "pose." I never seem to have much luck photographing my cats. They're either bored or annoyed with my attempts, and don't sit still for more than a nano-second.

Thanks for the Roofus updates too. I'm happy that he seems to be doing well, and it warms my heart that the neighborhood cats have a kind man who provides food for them. May he live long and prosper.

joy n said...

I keep trying to figure out what those ropes(?) are that hang from the top of Roofus' place. Anybody have an idea?

Nana in the NW said...

joyn--I don't think those are ropes. They look like coax cable to me. I would guess that since the building is mainly housed by immigrants someone has pirated cable connections from other tenants.

Years ago we were charged for each cable connection in our house so we just had one main one and spliced 3 more off of it. I know that's illegal but so are the prices you pay for cable/internet service! When we switched companies there is only a flat fee for up to 5 connections in your house.

Thanks for the kitty pics. Jackie :-)

joy n said...

Nana, thanks. Now that I took a closer look. they do appear to go into windows of the building. I've noticed them in the last few of Jackie's pix.

Jennasmom said...

Roofus looks a lot like our Sarah - one of last spring's feral kitties who decided to move in with us. Sarah is in love with our pekingese...and our white cat, Casper. Not too sure about people just yet. Her sister kitty is the most beautiful calico I've ever seen. The calico stays in our backyard, but won't get too close yet. Mama cat lives in the woods nearby, but always comes to our backyard to have her kittens. That's where we got Casper the previous spring. Wish there was some way to get her & her kitties all neutered, but no affordable trap-neuter-release program in our area. I may have told you all before, but Casper had a broken leg as a tiny kitten and we caught him & raised him by hand. Had to keep him confined in a small cage for months while the leg healed. He's the most lovable cat now. I hope to be able to get Sarah spayed soon -- if she'll let me catch her. Wish more areas had low-cost neutering available. My vet bill is ridiculous! We have two rescued dogs (Cissy the peke & Molly the border collie), two rescued cats (Ally, my dumpster kitty - someone had put her in a box in a dumpster & Casper) & these wild ones. Hope they name the new wing of the vet office after us! LOL

Delee said...

I can see at least 2 satellite dishes on the roof that is what the cables are from.

Glad Roofus was spotted again. Comforting to know he is ok and that he probably has a source of food.

Scherzo is sooo cute. Lucky kitty in my book!

Sure hope AR starts on time tonight. I have been watching Animal Planet all afternoon. Time for some humans.

Clementine said...

Ugh... 60 Mins is just starting here at 7:40pm. TAR won't be on for awhile!

sizzie said...

I set my DVR to record 30 minutes over, which means I will miss the last ten minutes of The Unit. I record TAR, Cold Case and The Unit and add to the last one in case of football overage. I should have known to add an hour. Maybe I'll be able to reset it before it starts.

I have stopped recording and watching Desparate Housewives and watched last week's episode today (I am behind the times!) and liked it enough I plan to see tonight's one, too.

Petals said...

Hey Miss Jackie! The building looks cool, expecially the long shot of lil Roofus.

Clementine said...

Hi Sue/Sizzie (which do you prefer?) :)

Desp Housewives lost me for awhile when they started writing the characters as just plain mean. I watched a few weeks ago, and I'm back to enjoying the show! Do we know who Edie's crazy husband is targeting and why? And I betcha Carlos regains his vision after being hit in the head when he fell offstage during the fire.

sizzie said...

Sue or Sizzie or hey you...they all work. : ) I think Edie's husband must be after Mike...maybe something to do with the rich man's daughter from the first season???

Sydney said...

Seeing this at a distance I am amazed you ever spotted Roofie in the first place. I am sao glad he managed to stay safe and healthy. I want to knwo how that little old man managed to afford the cat food, bless him! Though I am at fault for assuming he is a poor guy -- maybe he's a millionaire who doesn't look it and has it all in his mattress!

Lars going in circles? said...


Miss all of you, I hope everything is back on track.

Nice seeing Roofus

Jackie's blog will always be part of our family.