Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Some TV Stuff ... and Stuff

I haven't seen Roofus the Cat since Saturday but the weather has been icky. He's probably under a roof, not atop one. But I went to GoogleEarth and pulled up this satellite image of the area (obviously not really current as we have no leaves these days). You can click on it to make it larger.

The yellow dot is where I stand at the Plainfield Train Station taking Roofus photos. The red dot is the "Chotola" apartment building where he rests on the bay roof between the front fire escapes. The purple dot is the ex-Budget Car Rental where the elderly man feeds all the feral cats. The big aqua arrow means it's two more blocks that-a-way to my apartment building.

My latest Survivor review is up on TV Squad. And, over on CliqueClack TV I have my latest "TV Shows Off the Beaten Path" column posted. This one is about the show Cold Case. Bob Sassone over at TVS has spilled the beans about the next location for Survivor -- Brazil. Actually, Jeff Probst spilled the beans to Ryan Seacrest and Bob must have been eavesdropping.

Reality News Online has an interview with ousted Survivor castaway Crystal posted. Gee, she did so poorly on the physical challenges because she "threw her physicality out the window." Um, yeah. That's what she said --

Crystal: That just went out the window after I had a chance to run up the first hill. It’s hot as hell, I’m hungry. It just snowballed downhill. I think I had one good challenge, when I pulled Paloma off the pole.

RNO: But why did you go downhill?

Crystal: The challenges are not devised for everyday things that people do. They were hard as hell. For a person who’s been in tip-top shape, those challenges were hard. So I threw my physicality out the window and [decided to] play a social game.

Whatever. I'm just glad she's gone. And she is NOT in "tip-top shape."

RNO: What do you think of the reason behind you being voted off?

Crystal: I thought of the fact that I was social threat out there. I think folks didn’t want to go to the finals with me because I would have won. I think I had a great relationship with many of the castaways out there. To some extent, we had some sort of connection with every single one of the castaways. I would have won.

Delusional, I say!

So ... any C.S.I. fans out there? What did you think of the introduction of the Lawrence Fishburne character (to replace William Petersen) last night? I like Fishburne, so I think it might add a new dimension to the show.

Today's musical non sequitur:
Uno, dos, one, two, tres, quatro
Matty told Hatty about a thing she saw.
Had two big horns and a wooly jaw.
Wooly bully, wooly bully.
-- "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs


joy n said...

Jackie, I read that interview, too, and she had an answer (excuse) for just about everything, didn't she? Delusional is right. The jury gave her the silent treatment when she arrived at Ponderosa, but they love her and she would have won if she had made it to the final three. Uh-huh. I'm glad she's finally gone, too.

joy n said...

I just realized, if Bob doesn't win this, he may still have a good shot of winning the $100,000. for player of the season.

He's such a decent man and I'd love to see him win something.

Clementine said...

Hi Jackie - TGIF! Do you walk to that train station every day from your apt? Your new knee must be bionic! Hope you're hanging in there with work, since your boss is on leave.

I wonder if Crystal truly believes she played a social game, or if she's trying to put a positive spin on her image. Either way - she's wack-a-doodle to think anybody would buy her line of BS.

What does everyone think of the auto-bailout? I can't imagine the devastation of that many people losing jobs, but I also can't see throwing tax dollars into a failing product. In a free-market economy, how can you not let businesses fail when there's no demand for the product? Of course, I don't have any relatives in the industry.

My wv is aprili. Oh, how I wish it was April, and not cold, snowy December!

Jackie said...

Clementine - Yes, I walk to the station every workday. It's about six blocks, fifteen minutes if I walk fast (but I tend to stop at the donut shop and stuff). Walking is good for the knee replacement. In bad weather I can take the bus near my apartment to the train for free as it's covered by my monthly train pass.

Wack-a-doodle is a good descriptor for Crystal.

As for the auto bailout, I think the companies and unions brought a lot of the issues on themselves. They're paying their workers a much higher rate than either their education or work experience warrant. "Oh, you have a high school diploma? Let's start you out at $48,000 a year!" They've pumped up the wages so much for unskilled labor that it's ridiculous. I know it will be a tragedy if they go under, but they're not living in the real world. I'm lucky enough to live where I don't need a car. I gave my last one up about two years ago and love not paying the insurance, repair bills, and all.

Donna in AL said...

Jackie, when you buy groceries or go shopping how do you manage all the bags and walk that distance? When I buy groceries, I have a gallon of milk, a gallon or two of tea, 20 lbs. of cat food, litter and laundry detergent plus all the other canned, frozen food, boxed foods etc. How in the world do you do it?

I am so glad Crystal is gone, she is delusional. She was never a physical threat unless it would be to beat up another survivor.

I don't understand how Lawrence Fishborne is going to replace Grissom. His character is a professor. Grissom's character has changed this season and he is not as appealing as he was in seasons past.

Laurie said...

Hi all, well I must say Crystal really is a wack-a-doodle as Clementine so sweetly expressed. LOL ... She was my player but I'm happy to see her dun... d-u-n.

I was tired of CSI but stayed up last night to see LF's entry into the show. The guy they had as the Jack and Jill killer scared the bejesus out of me. I was glad (for once) that I didn't have hdtv. Anyway, I do think he might breathe some good life into the show.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, That really looks like a LOOOOONNNG walk from our point of view. No wonder you needed a new knee!

SueGee said...

Hi everyone, sorry to be so AWOL, but the left coast time difference has me reading everything way after the fact.

I can confirm Brazil - as I was just talking to our favorite Survivor this afternoon and he said it was in Brazil and will start right after the Super Bowl. He knows who the final 3 are, but will not tell! I think we will one day see him on TAR with his daughter as soon as she is old enough.


kh said...

i am khalid from egypt
you know that GoogleEarth is one of the most important thing in the internet and i use it many times but not in aserious way just for spending my time

sorry but i am not good at english
i hope you understand me

dla said...

Hi Khalid! Welcome to the mix!

I also play with google earth to pull up my previous addresses, places that I have not seen in a while, etc. It can be fun!

And, Jackie, that looks like a hike to me! It would be good for me to live somewhere that I did not just step into my garage and jump into my car....

Jennasmom said...

Hi, Khalid!
Your English is just fine. What is the weather like in Egypt now? If it is warm, I am coming!

Jackie, I need to get me one of those bionic knees! I get to aching just walking around the block.

Clementine: Wack-a-doodle is perfect for Crystal!
And I am counting down to April, too. I can't even take winter in South Texas. I don't know how you folks up north do it. It's 38 degrees outside & I am absolutely miserable. It was 85 on Tuesday. Then Tuesday night we got sleet & snow flurries. I want my 85 back!

kh said...

Hi Jennasmom
you can come to egypt at any time

the temprature now in Cairo between 15: 30

Jackie said...

Donna - I live alone, so I don't really buy the huge sizes of things. I often stop by the fish market, meat market, or produce market more than a few times a week. If I need to buy heavy things (laundry detergent, cat litter, etc.), I have a nifty covered rolling cart doohickey and head to the supermarket that's by the aqua arrow.

I also sometimes take the train home from work into a neighboring town where there's a Trader Joe's (cool store) and a Stop and Shop (larger supermarket), then take the bus home which stops right across the street from my apartment. Plus, for emergencies, there's a bodega right around the corner from me with a deli, fresh meats and limited produce.

I first discovered this non-driving life when my car was in the shop with massive engine repairs. I knew the train station was across the street from my workplace and just had to find out how do-able the walk was here. I found that I actually enjoyed the daily walk, getting to know the various shopkeepers and folks in town (as well as train friends).

My car ended up just sitting as I started to take the train because my commute driving was such a nightmare. When it needed more repairs, I said no more paying for parking, insurance, gas, and all.

Now three different bodegas give me holiday gifts, one delivered when I was stuck at home after surgery just because they wanted to help me. I didn't know any people in town except in my building, now I have made all kinds of friends due to walking and taking the train.

meb said...

Welcome kh... well, you had me coming to Egypt until you gave the temps... is that in degrees? You come to America instead...

Jackie... I was going to say you have bionic eyes to be able to take that picture of Roofus from the train station... I assume now you walk past him on your way to the train station??? Even with a zoom on your camera, I can't imagine you'd be able to find him that far away.

Crystal is gone.. and good riddance. How in the world would she think they would vote for one could stand her but Kenny and he just used her.

And she said the challenges were hard so that's why she didn't perform well. Hmmmmm, guess they weren't as hard for everyone else who did perform well, even tho they weren't Olympic athletes.

Randy did finally speak to her in one of the Ponderosa clips, but in the end he basically told her he didn't like her.

SueGee... who's our favorite survivor you spoke with? And I don't want to know who the final three is, cause I want to play along with everybody again being assigned a player. It's more fun when you don't know and you have someone to root for!

Jackie said...

MEB - I think Khalid was talking Celcius degrees. 30 is in the 80s Farenheit.

As for Roofus, it's not really far from where I stand waiting for the train. Others there didn't notice him until I pointed him out, but it's just across the street from the station.

Crystal was just a bad castaway all the way around.

meb said...

Had to go pay some bills on-line.. man I love the convenience, cause once their scheduled, you're pretty sure they'll be paid on time and you don't have to do anything else.

Oh...Thanks Jackie,I haven't learned to compare the two and at this age, don't intend to... and sorry kh, but you can still come to America.

As for Roofus, it looks farther away than it appears I guess. And if you had to point him out to others, then you still must have good eyes.

my wv is forowye... that's 'far away'... which is what I thought! LOL

sizzie said...

Kenny and Crystal somehow clicked with each other. I think it shows how play can change when personalities come into it. If either Kenny or Crystal hadn't been in Survivor, I don't think the other one would have lasted very long. Maybe Kenny, because he does understand game playing. I can't see that Crystal understands anything..gamewise or otherwise.

TerryinCA said...

Welcome Khalid andI love google earth also.....but isnt it far behind? My son was at Andrews AFB for about 2 years, when he left he would continually check out google and it showed his red truck there for years afterward..
I love Crystal is gone, she was a lousy player.
Brazil huh? how daughter went there just before she got married....maybe she will watch this one.
Jackie, as always YOU ROCK

becky said...

Jackie said: Crystal: The challenges are not devised for everyday things that people do. They were hard as hell. For a person who’s been in tip-top shape, those challenges were hard. So I threw my physicality out the window and [decided to] play a social game.

Say what???? I think she managed to p.o. almost every person out there. Yep, she is delusional!

I am pulling for Bob to win. I hope he gets the $100,000 if he doesn't get the million. I know I will vote for him. I don't think we have ever had a player who showed as much integrity as he has shown this year. Just goes to prove, you can keep your standards and still be a winner.

Jackie, will go over and check out your latest posts.

Clementine, what is the difference between bailing out wall street or the auto makers? If they did for one, they should do for the other.

IMHO, they should have made loans, not given the money away. They should not have allowed any golden parachutes, no parties, and every cent of the money should have to be repaid. Owners of the companies should have to co-sign the notes and if the company goes belly up anyway, they should have to pay the money back. All those CEO's who robbed and connived should be prosecuted, just like they did with Enron. My husband was supposed to retire at the end of October. Because his 401-K took such a hit he was unable to do so. Okay, off my soap box. Didn't mean to offend anyone.

Anonymous said...

GM and the Big 3 automakers are not asking for a $700 million hand out, they're asking for a LOAN to tide them over in this rough economic time. And if you want to blame someone for GM's financial troubles, look to the bigwhigs of the company with their homes worth $5 mil and their private jets who get millions in bonuses each year. Don't put it off on the workers who make $50,000 a year. I may not work for GM, but I do live in Michigan and I am proud to be a union member!!

Sydney said...

LOL Jackie -- I said that I might start watching CSI with the addition of LF, but I failed to realize the ep he started in was that night, so I didn't see it. Probably too buys these days to add another show anyway...

I love what you did with the Google earth picture, and you astound me with how you figure out how to do these things and then post them for us.

Susan in FL said...

Let the auto makers do the best they can with what they have - sink or swim. No one came to our aid when we lost our home building business during the 1979-1980 S&L failures. We started another business from the ashes of our old business and did well because we learned from our failure. We are retired now and living on SS and our savings which we never invested in the stock market.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY, absolutely nobody came to the textile workers aid in the South. Congress Helped send their jobs oversees. Textile plants were and still are closing monthly and that is what built the south and the livlyhoods of most. Textiles is now the minority and the ones left or still in question and barely hanging in with blood, sweat and tears. And to make $50,000 a year as auto workers!! that is only a dream. Average wage for textile employees to this day in the south is $7.50-$11.00 an hour. They say their cost of living is higher where the Big three are. Well, it may be time they change their way of living. My job is also auto related and hangs in peril as to what happens to the Big Three, but I still believe it is time for them to take resposibilty for themselves, just like the textiles have and endure what the southern textile workers have had to.