Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

I know I'm a bit late for the start of Hanukkah, but here I am. I hope everyone has a great holiday no matter what you might celebrate. We have a new holiday graphic from Zoetawny and, well ... you'll see.

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And now you'll see why my cat Scherzo isn't earning the big bucks by being a television cat. She's only good on camera when she can lick your hand ...


dla said...

Happy holidays, everyone! Here's to a peaceful and happy holiday season followed by a successful, prosperous New Year!

Jackie, Scherzo is a doll! :)

meb said...

And a Merry Christmas to you Jackie. The graphic is beautiful thanks Zoetawny.

We've already opened our presents and tomorrow we'll all get together for dinner (brunch). We had the best time as usual and laughed so much.

My grandson, who had nothing to give as he was broke (he works for his mother and unfortunately, doesn't get paid)... well, he went around and took things that belong to each of us and wrapped them. Sometimes, it didn't belong to the person he gave it to. It was hysterical. I got a box of toothpicks. They had been in my drawer for ages, never opened.

My daughter got us all Cary Nutrition T-Shirts, so now we will all be dressed alike in the club. Different colors. Love them.

Lots of other stuff too.

Best wishes to all for the best of the season.

Anonymous said...

I would like to wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Love to you all.

PDX Granny said...

The stockings are, or should I say were, hung by the chimney ~ I mean gas fireplace ~ with care. The Grandson's all snuggled in Christmas PJ's. I just finished my hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps ~ yum!! Now it's time for Mrs. Claus to fill the last stocking.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all!

What a change! My twin 17 year olds and 20 year old son home from college are still asleep and I am awake! What a difference from the years when Papa and I had barely closed our eyes and the little ones were up banging on the door for us to get up after they had raided their stockings! We had laid their listening to the squeals and were really excited as them to get up.

But now, the coffee is ready and so am I! I am off to bang on their doors!

Keep warm, those of you in the north and midwest. Here is Florida is should be in the 70's.

Jackie, a special Christmas wish to you! I have lurked for years! Can't wait for the next Survivor, AR and BB. It's lonely in TV world without them!

Pam from Middleburg.

lynn1 said...

Merry Christmas!
I wish all of you a day of happy times with your families and friends.
Jackie,thanks for the cute video of Scherzo.
Zoetwany your graphic was beautiful.
Last night my neighborhood did luminaires. It was magical to see all the Christmas lights and the streets outlined in the white luminaries.
Hubby and I will soon be dashing down I-10 to have a Christmas with the family in Alabama.

sizzie said...

Thank you Zoetawny for making the graphic for Jackie, and to Jackie for posting it for all of us to see. You two know how to get it together.

meb, your grandson had a great idea! His gifts will be remembered long after everyone forgets what else they got this year. (like my family with the road kill turkey year..never mind)

I looked on the last post and saw my wv was 'shihat', that sounded funny, but it is Christmas so I decided not to mention it. Then when I came over to this post, my wv is 'rednedu' The combination of the two Cable Guy terms made me have to mention it. Didn't it?

Happy to All from Arkansas,

Delee said...

I hope all have a magical holiday season.

Meb, just loved your grandson's idea. My son and I had a good laugh over it.

Here it is 1251pE and not presents have been opened. Talk about a lazy day. My daughter fell in the house last night and her nose bled like crazy. This was after 11p and we did not get her calmed down till after 1a. When I woke her after 10a, she was hurting so motrin time. She is still in the bed.

Jackie, thank you for a place to meet and share. Zoetawny we look forward to many more graphics in 2009.

Love hugs and holiday cheer to all.

Sydney said...

I totally loved that! Loved seeing Scherzo in action and hearing that little meow. And a Cameo of you Jackie, from the wrist down at least!

Happy Merry to YOU Jax and to all our bloggy friends!

Zoe, I think that's such a beautiful graphic!

Welcome (to commenting) Pam -- It was fun to hear about your morning and past Christmasses. Hope you will comment more!

Meb, Loved the idea too, tell him we all think he's a genius( with a sense of humor).

Delee, I hope your daughter is OK. Tell us how things went for the rest of the day into night when you get a chance.

We're all done here finally. My husband went down to TX City to get his mother and drive her up here. We ate a little from the snacks I put out on the coffee table while we visited. Opened gifts then had a great dinner (somehow my turkey came out moist, miracle!) around 2:30. All felt sleepy but opened stockings back on the couch and now -- husband is driving my mother in law back home, the kids are watchign Batman returns and I am thinking about getting on the treadmill.

There's a mountain of dishes to do, but I haven't sat down in the last two weeks, so I've asked the kids to help their dad do them. We shall see!

Love to all!

Susan in FL said...

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring. . . except an opossum.

Kitty did not finish her kibble last night. She is a very polite cat and always leaves a little food in her dish. Kitty had hunkered down for a long winter’s nap in the cushions out on the porch and Ted and I were nestled all snug in the living room watching a repeat of something on TV that shall remain nameless. We had left the porch-light on so that Kitty would have no trouble finding her food dish in the dark.

Ted said, “Sue, why don’t you go see if the raccoon is eating the cat’s food?”

I said, “Why, did you hear something?”

Ted said, “No, I was just wondering,” so when I got up to get a glass of water, I looked out the slider and there it was – not two feet away - a good sized opossum nose deep in the cat’s food bowl. With the light on I could see the opossum really well and I am guessing that if he had looked up, he could have seen me really well too. I yelled to Ted to come and see the opossum and the opossum never moved, continuing to snarf down the kibble. Ted came none too quietly and opened the noisy sliding door. The opossum continued to eat until Ted stepped outside and yelled at it. Kitty finally roused himself from his kibble-induced stupor and ambled over to check out his bowl. And apparently Kitty does not like the smell of opossum. We had to pitch the food in the bowl.

It is winter here in the wilds of Florida. Even though the temperature is in the 80’s, the sweet gum trees have lost all their leaves. Down the road the cabbage field is looking really green with the growing plants. They have started picking the fruit at the strawberry fields on State Road 64 between our house and Bradenton. Our sod-trucker neighbor who lives three houses north of us, Santo Camacho, is apparently having a huge family Christmas celebration this year. Unbeknownst to us, it started sometime during the day yesterday. We picked up on it last evening when we thought one of the friendly local drug dealers had parked his ride in our driveway up front with the thumpa-thumpa music going full blast to let his customers know he was in the area. But it was just the party over at Camacho’s place picking up a little steam. The party is continuing to pick up more steam today. They’ll probably have fireworks after dark. And here we were hoping for a Silent Night!

Do you think they will ever standardize the spelling of the name of the Jewish Festival of Lights? Ted saw it spelled “Chanukah” for the first time a couple of days ago. He asked me what shah-NOOO-kuh was. It took me a while, but I finally realized what he was asking. Anyways - however you celebrate, whatever you call it and however you spell it - from our house to yours – Happy end of 2008 and beginning of 2009.

becky said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanuakah to all of you.

Jackie, I was beginning to worry about you. I don't think you have ever gone so long between postings except when you had surgery. Hope you are okay.

Momma joined us for Christmas dinner. Later hubby and I decided to start a new tradition -- so we went to the movie. He (reluctantly) agreed to see Marley and Me. What a wonderful movie. If you go, take tissues, it is a real tear jerker at the end.

If any of you are traveling, hope you arrive there and home safely. If you are in cold weather, I wish you warmth. And to all of you, I wish you love and a wonderful new year.

Jennasmom, I left you a message on the previous blog.

becky said...

Sydney said... I totally loved that! Loved seeing Scherzo in action and hearing that little meow. And a Cameo of you Jackie, from the wrist down at least!

Happy Merry to YOU Jax and to all our bloggy friends!

Zoe, I think that's such a beautiful graphic!

Welcome (to commenting) Pam -- It was fun to hear about your morning and past Christmasses. Hope you will comment more!

Meb, Loved the idea too, tell him we all think he's a genius( with a sense of humor).

Delee, I hope your daughter is OK. Tell us how things went for the rest of the day into night when you get a chance.

Sydney, you did such a good job covering all the bases -- so I second that message..

It will teach me to read all the posts before writing.

joy n said...

What a beautiful and serene graphic you've made, Zoetawny. Thank you.

The markings on Scherzo's face make me think maybe they are the reason for her name? The video was very sweet; Mommy and Kitty loving each other. Makes me miss my cat again.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day. We stayed home and had a great (if I do say so) turkey dinner. Hubby bought me some tiny (love them) diamond post earrings and I got him some DVD's he wanted. The grandkids (the half that are not in ND) are coming up Saturday. Life is good.

RBennie said...

Hello to all my buddies. I hope everyone had a wondrous Christmas and may your new year be joyous! I have been on vacation all this week and will be off next week also, which is why you haven't heard from me in a little bit. I just wanted to hop on quickly to extend my greetings and assure you all that I'm alive and well, LOL. I see I have a ton of reading to catch up on. You guys have been busy on your blogs! Have a great day everyone, and I'll check back in soon.

sizzie said...

Rbennie, I did miss you. I am happy you stopped in a let us know you are vacationing. : )

Delee said...

Amanda had a little black under her eye yesterday, but it was gone tis am. Her nose is still sore.

Our day started with a mongolian-style lunch and then just walking around our small town. With most of the 40,000 students gone it is a small town again. We actually got to go in a tiny bar and had the place almost to ourselves.

Non-roads are still skating rinks here, but they should melt Sat with temps near 60. Take care.

Jennasmom said...

Jackie! What a cute kitty! Hope your holidays are going great!

Great graphic, Zoetawny!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Becky: Yes, I'm from San Antonio. Which restaurant?

becky said...

Jennasmom said... IBecky: Yes, I'm from San Antonio. Which restaurant?

I can't remember the REAL name of the place, just what I call it! LOL I'll ask one of my kids.

I really want to move to SA after we retire. We sent four children to college in San Antonio and when they graduated, they stayed.

However, I was talking about you being sick. I said get your hiney to a doctor or even a doc-in-a-box (emergency clinics) and get on a z-pac AND get a steroid shot. If you got what I had, it's very contagious and takes a long time to get over it.

Margo said...

Merry Christmas All!


Zoetawny said...

Happy holidays to all! I hope yours was a good one and everyone is doing fine.

It's been over the top busy here with family and friends but that's what the holidays are all about.

I've been a bad girl and haven't read the blog all week. It's a good thing Santa didn't find out. ;)


Loved Scherzo's video. She's absolutely gorgeous. I hope she keeps you warm at night. Thanks for sharing it with us.

It's been very cold here, for So. California, that is. We had freeze warnings over night last night, lots of snow in higher elevations. The ski resorts here are enjoying the season. I'm sure it's much colder where some of you are.

It's hard to believe that 2009 is almost here. Where did the year go? Is it just me or did '08 zoom by? I always slip up and write 2008 for the first week of the new year.

Just in case I don't get back here anytime soon, I want to wish all of you peace, health and prosperity in 2009.

Stay warm and safe!

M.R.Blue October ------Green said...


Sydney said...

Hey everybody -- Superstars of Dance starts Next Sunday night. I think it's worth a look -- it's dance troupes from all over the world competing -- Anyone want to join me?

meb said...

delee... glad all Amanda got was a slight black eye... things could have been much worse... but hey... its Christmas season, so all is well, right?

Sydney...I'll try it with you. Some of those countries have amazing routines that defy gravity. Anxious to see what type of dance it'll be from each country. Doubt it'll be anything like Dancing With The Stars.

RJM IN SC... just wondering, since I live in NC... what's the weather there? I'm so disappointed with this weather here since it can't make up its mind. One day warm next day freezing cold... and I don't like the cold.

Just a FYI, the only thing that bothers me is cold... my fingers and my toes are so sensitive to it that even walking outside when its cold is no fun and I have to go car lives there.

Anyway, that's the news of the day.

Hope everyone is still enjoying the joy of the season. I actually got everyone of my emails read and answered (I think I answered them). Now what do I do for entertainment???? Maybe I'll write someone an email...

RBennie said...

I'm with you Sydney and MEB - I'll be watching Superstars of Dance. I'm pretty much sold on anything to do with dancing.