Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rerun City and Off Topic Photos, RoofusToo!

Oh my gosh, isn't television horrid with reruns this week? I guess they think that everyone is out of town visiting relatives or something. But some of us had to work. Last night my police scanner was much more interesting than my television. There were two shootings and two cars were torched in my city (Plainfield, NJ), yet nothing in the local news. Thankfully, none of the incidents were in my particular neighborhood, but it's quite peaceful where I live. Well, except for new tenants downstairs who think the hallways are a place to have their children exercise everyday -- thump, thump, thump as they run the halls for at least an hour every night! Ack. THAT is going to stop!

Due to the dearth of anything to watch on TV this past week, I'll give you some photos I took. In the beginning of the week we had snow and ice. Yesterday it was foggy all day and pea soup at night. Today it's supposed to get up to the mid-sixties. Clicking on any of these images will bring up a larger image.

Last night it was foggy as I caught the NJ Transit train home from work.

The fog didn't stop Roofus the cat from making his usual Saturday appearance as I headed to work. He seems to be taking quite the cat nap!

Is that a skunk or is it our buddy Roofus the cat up there in the morning fog?

Yesterday the ornamental kale was covered with dew from the fog and condensation from our last snow.

Here's what the kale looked like on Friday as I went to work (above).

This is what it looked like on Tuesday as I headed to work.

Again, the bunch o' ornamental kale in the snow on Tuesday morning.

This was my Plainfield 'hood on Tuesday morning, similar to the shot I posted last week.

"Go home --> your in the wrong hood." Um, I found the misspelled graffiti in Bridgewater, NJ. Bridgewater is generally upper middle-class to wealthy. Huh. Let them come to my town and see if they're in the right 'hood or not! @@


joy n said...

Beautiful shot of the rail station. Wonderful to see Roofus all curled up so cozily. Amazing that he doesn't roll off that ledge. But then, cats are amazing creatures.

That kale cabbage is a thing of beauty in the 'dead' of winter. The dew makes it look mystical and magical.

RBennie said...

It's always good to see Roofus! I for one am glad to see the last of that snow and ice we had last week.

becky said...

Jackie, those are wonderful photographs. You are very talented. The kale is gorgeous. It always gives me a lift to Roofus.... but I questioned just like you did... is that Roofus or a skunk?

I would love if you would blog Leverage ... at least until decent TV is back. I really like that show and wondering if anyone else watches it.

Delee said...

The kale is sure purty...enjoy all those shots.

I always look forward to photos on the blog.

My ice rink is now turning into a mud rink. As it melts it is creating quite a mess. UGH mud!

Kids left near 1p, so not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. LOL I love having them here, but they are all about go go go. I bought season 4 of Lost and we watched them all in anticipation of season 5 start in Jan.

TV does stink right now, may watch L&O SVU tonight marathon or just hunt and peck.

Delee said...

Sydney, go to my blog and see about the pic you asked about.

meb said...

Jackie: Great to see new pictures of Roofus and of the Kale. I can't believe there are a bunch of them... all of them gorgeous.

becky... I am watching Leverage too. Love it!

Did anyone else hear the announcer, after the finale of Prison Break, sat the six final episodes will be sometime early 2009? Did anyone know that it was one of those shows that had a decided last episode and when??? I didn't.

Because nothing is on, as I watch a movie, during the commericals they'll mention another movie that's coming on and I'll go forward on my guide and set it to record if it sounds like something I'd like to watch. I have about 5movies scheduled, one all the way into next Saturday. My bad TV days are set.

Sydney said...

THat Kale has amazing staying power. I wonder what it's secret is. Ditto Roofus. I really love when there is TV down time because we get more of these kind of blog entries. Love them!

Sydney said...

Delee-- I went to your blog BEFORE I saw this, lol! Am I psychic?

Delee said...

Sydney, you must be...LOL. I bet you thought I forgot your ?, but I did not. It was a matter of finding the time.

sizzie said...

Last night I watched a Cold Case I recorded, it was about the 1960 Stewardess. There were several familiar TV faces from the past on it. I spent way too much time playing Fishdom. Now I need to keep my promise to myself and clear off my desk by the end of 2008. I still have some time, so probably won't start that project right away. : )

Petals said...

Happy 2nd-week-of-the-holidays!
Miss our shows and chatting with you guys. My holidays centered around movies - so many good ones. I KNEW to avoid Marley & Me. Duh. Only 1% of title animals in movies live. I'll never read it nor view it. Never.
I did, however, see Benjamin & the Duchess & Rev Road. AWESOME. Be forwarned regarding Benhamin, tho: As I watched, it seemed a very familiar plot. Too familiar, and - at 3 hours long - I had plenty of time to put 2 & 2 together: Benjamin was screen-written by the same guy that did Forrest Gump. That's the movie - same exact movie! There's even a Cap'n Dan, exceot in Benjamin, he's Cap'n Tom. I was disappointed that Eric Roth (the writer) borrowed so heavily, albeit from his own material, but still...

Sydney said...

Petals -- I thought Benjamin Button was based on the short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald... I am wondering how a screenwriter could take that and turn it into the plot Forrest Gump? "Reverse aging is just like a box of chocolates..." :-)

I saw Slumdog Millionaire -- a great way to show a plot unfold. Ending with a fun bollywood dance scene, though the rest of the movie is far from camp. Highly reccommend it.

Also saw Spirit - it was terrible from the first few minutes. QUantum of SOlace, also disappointing, though not terrible.

But Frost?nixon was really good -- Langella, who plays Nixon, did a magnificent, complex job with the role.

What else have people seen?

Petals said...

Syd - Gump was a book by Winston Groom, and he's far removed from F. Scott, but I promise - the story is the same. There is even a catch phrase, ala chocolates, and it's "you never know what's gonna come.."

TerryinCA said...

Morning Jackie....the pictures are great...and its always good to see Roofus....I swear I never knew Kale was so hearty..does it stay like that all year?
We were in Texas for the holidays meeting our daughter in laws mother..she was an absolute doll and we fell in love with her, despite the language barrier. She taught me how to make dumplings and they were deelish...scallops and pork and chives..rolling them in those dumpling wraps and pinching them shut..boiling them.

Will anyone else be watching Bachelor this season?

becky said...

Sydney said... What else have people seen?

Hubby and I went to see Marley and Me on Christmas Day. No kids here, no grandkids either, so we decided to start a new tradition.

I enjoyed the movie. Around 90% of the people in the movie were crying at the end. Since I had read the book I knew what was coming -- and I cried anyway.

The movie makes anyone's dog who went through destructive puppyhood look like angels. My husband kiddingly said -- that dog would be gun against the side of the head here. Yet, he had tears too.
And yes, he was kidding.

Meb, we seem to have the same taste in a lot of things. How are you doing now?

Jackie said...

Becky - He lifted his head and he's no skunk! :-) As for Leverage, it's on a bit late at night for me to write up a review. I may give it a shot this week. But I'm not good with anything too lengthy after 11 PM.

MEB - The kale is something new this year at a townhouse place I pass on the way to the train. So I'll be watching them all season!

Sizzie - I blogged that episode of Cold Case for CliqueClack TV. In all the overload from work I forgot to mention that here.

Terry - The kale will eventually lose its color and close up like a cabbage. I know I have an old picture I took of it in that state some years ago, but I can't find it -- it's trapped in my old computer (which I'm fixing this week).

To all -- I actually have some time off this week and I'm about to do something I haven't done in years due to my knee. I'm going into the city just to photo-stomp. My plans are to hit mid-town (Manhattan) and get some shots before the holiday doings come down. I'll probably swing over to Times Square to take some "before" shots, but I refuse to be there New Year's Eve. I've done that twice in my life and that's enough! I'll have both my digital cameras on me, plenty of fresh batteries, and empty memory cards for them both. It's so good to have a knee again! :-)

Expect pictures!

Laurie said...

Jackie, I always enjoy your pictures. I'm love the kale with the frost and nearly hurt inside to see it covered in snow. There's a life lesson in that kale, the way it withstands the elements and continues to be beautiful.

We haven't seen any new movies but did view The Women over the weekend. Don't bother with it, despite the cast. Go rent the 1939 version and pass on the remake!

It's good to see so many here even if we have no tv to chat about.

Jackie said...

Laurie -- Even when the kale is closed up like a cabbage in the snow, it retains a certain beauty and continues to live.

I love the folks who visit here, too. I've said time and again that it's the community which has grown here that's the magic of this blog.

Oh, well. I'm off for my photo-stomping adventure!

dla said...

Jackie, great pictures, as always! I can't wait to see what you snap on your Manhattan adventure. :)

Sizzie, I also caught the Cold Case episode with the stewardess. It was definitely a blast from the past, and reminded me of my Mom saying, "Air travel used to be glamorous!" I enjoyed the episode, and definitely catch Cold Case as one of my off channel rerun favorites when I am not watching my usual suspects.

TV has been oh-so-sad, and I have come to admit to myself that I must spend way too much time watching to be so affected by the lack of anything to watch! I caught the NCIS marathon on one of the cable channels, and that was fun. I had seen many of the episodes over the last few years, but I was also able to catch a few key episodes that I had missed. I was thrilled to catch the episode that explained the Tony / Jeanne romance, and how it came to an end.

I have not been to the theater, but I am considering heading that direction in the next few days, so I appreaciate your reviews! If I make it, I will leave my two cents on the movies that I may see.

meb, I read online that they had not yet decided the fate of Prison Break, but that was last week. The article that I read indicated that we would have 6 more episodes in the spring if it was picked up for another season, or 8 more episodes in the spring if that became the series finale. I am hoping to see it picked up.

Syd, you mentioned the new dance show on a previous post. I plan to watch with you, but will probably end up watching via DVR as it conflicts with my current TV schedule. lol

Terry, I will definitely be right there with you watching The Bachelor. I am very intrigued to see what this season holds for such a great family guy!

Finally, always happy to see shots of Roofus! He can make me smile every time!

ORKMommy said...

At least the neighbor kids don't live ABOVE you with the stomping. I had 5 kids under 6 in the apt. above me before we moved to the farm. It was insanity!

Have fun in the city. NY is one of the places on my list to visit before I die!

Margo said...

I watched ELF on DVD Christmas eve. Then Mom and I watched Tropic Thunder (way gross), Hancock (way to blah). Last night we finally made it to the theater to see BOLT - We loved it. I'm gonna rent Marley and Me when available and just turn it off before the end so we can see all the cute parts and none of the sad. We have WALL-E on the way for New Years Eve. Yea I know you all are jealous of my Swinging Social Life LOL.
Slumdog Millionare comes highly recommended but I don't think I will be able to stomach the violence so I'm gonna veto that one. Maybe we will go see Despero (sp?) the animated mouse movie next weekend. I like the kid movies - anything by Pixar expecially. Or a good romantic comedy. No scary or overly violent movies.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and has a fun New Years!


TerryinCA said...

Margo.....the airplane showed us Elf on the way home on Saturday...Ive seen it many times and loved it, but it was a first for my husband, and he laughed like crazy...since it was a whole day of snafu's with American Airlines, and Dallas Ft Worth airport, it was good to laugh a little

Petals said...

TerryinCA - My girlfriend is on this season of Bachelor. She is having a viewing party at her place on the 5th. She is in alot of the promos, and in OK magazine and was on E!News.
Due to the huge confidentiality agreement, she cannot (and will not) tell me anything that went on. I am dying to know, but asking her just makes her mad, so I have to watch along with everyone else.
She did tell me this: The girls are all sleep-deprived. They are allowed to take 2-3 hour "naps", then it is off to another taping.

Petals said...

Jax - our resident Margaret Bourke-White.

Petals said...

Syd - I can't wait to see The Wrestler - Mickey's big comeback. I can't think of anyone that would be a better fit in that role.

becky said...

Jackie said... Becky - He lifted his head and he's no skunk! :-) As for Leverage, it's on a bit late at night for me to write up a review. I may give it a shot this week. But I'm not good with anything too lengthy after 11 PM.

Glad you could see that it was Roofus for sure.

How about setting up a chat space like we have for other shows you don't review. It is on late and some might tape it and watch it the next day.

Be sure you post your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw Benjamin Button with my daughter. It is based on a short story by F Scott Fitzgerald and it was nothing like Forrest Gump that I can remember. It was a bit long but very well done. Brad Pitt did not look so great as an old man but looked fantastic when he got younger! We wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire but it was sold out. Hope everyone had a great holiday

Donna in FL

Nana in the NW said...

Very belated Merry Christmas and very early Happy New Year!!

Thanks Jackie for the pics. I can't wait to see your photo gallery after your trip to town. Glad to hear you are getting some much deserved time off.

Zoe--your Christmas graphic was too cute as always. I will be writing you soon.

As for TV---

Yep, everything is reruns but it makes for a good time to catch the episodes you missed or watch something that is not on your regular viewing schedule. anyone watching Momma's Boys?? I wasn't going to a friend gave me her tape of the first 2 episodes. I watched it and found out one of the girls(Stacy--the 1999 Playboy centerfold) is not only from Tacoma, she went to school with my daughters, grew up on my parent's block and I've know her since she was born!! Now I have to watch to see what happens to her. As for the show I think it's hilarious because the boys(ages 21, 24, 25) are not listening to their mom's advice and seem to do the opposite of what she wants.

Can't wait for The Bachelor. He is from a town about 45 mins. from me. My daughter works with a lady whose daughter is one of the contestants. She said the same things Petals has said about how the girls are treated.....given lots of alcohol, very little sleep, made to wait hours for their TV interviews, and prodded to say negative things about the other girls.

I love Leverage! It's a great combination of drama and humor. The blonde girl(Parker) is so clueless about life! Can't wait to find out the history between the other girl and Timothy Hutton's character.

I saw the Cold Case episode too. It really brought back memories of the way being a stewardess was glorified.

FYI--I saw the trailers for two shows coming to TNT in January that you might want to check out. One is called Beast with Patrick Swayze. Crime drama with him as an undercover agent and his character is a real bad-ass! The other is called Trust Me with Eric McCormick and someone else(can't remember his name). It's a comedy.

As for movies--

Saw Austrailia...beautiful scenery and a love story, but quite long.

Quantum of Solace..typical James Bond...set em up, shoot em up, blow em up!

Seven Pounds...This is Will Smith's new movie. The plot moves pretty slow and is confusing until about the last 30 mins. That being said I'm glad I went and all questions are answered in the end, and , yes I cried!

No Marley and Me for this girl. That dog is exactly what my Josie looks like. I couldn't stand to watch it.

Going to see Bedtime Stories tomorrow. The grandkids can't wait.

That's my movie review!

I will try to be back commenting on a regular basis when all settles down in my life and house(that should be Jan. 5th--hubby goes back to work and grandkids back to school)!!

Petals said...

Similarities of Benjamin Button & Forrest Gump:
1. screen-writtem by the same man, Eric Roth
2. catch-phrase
3. a childhood girl-pal that only loves the guy when she's down-on-her-luck
4. both go to war, fight valiantly, and try to save their pals
5. both have a "disability"
6. both have a super-Southern woman championing them to the end
7. both leave home for adventure, ultimately returning exactly when the chick is looking for them.
8. both go on the ocean for adventure
9. both have awkward "first sex" experiences
10. both see an fantastical object (a feather, a hummingbird)at the start & the end of thier stories, which...
11. both narrate
12. both possess a naive yet manly innocence that is off-putting
13. both are 2+ hours
14. both are set in the deep South, back in the day
15. both incorporateed CGI effects for story-telling

Petals said...

16. Both have BOTH a black buddy AND a "Captain" buddy
17. both received grim medical diagnosis' at young age, then overcame them to super-achieve
18. both ended-up falling ass-backward into millions

Petals said...

19. both are unable to walk as children
20. both attend Southern, evangelical bible-thumping churches

Should I go on...?

Sydney said...

Yay Jackie! I am totally thrilled you will go do some good old photo stompin!!! looking forward to seeing the city I love done up in the last of the holiday lights and decor.

Petals, shyte, that's a list and a half! Wow! I will definitely look at the movie differently now. has anyone read the story? It would be interesting to see just how much Eric Roth may have changed it to be in his style...

Petals, I have been meaning to ask you since I put this item on my gift blog sometime after Thanksgiving... did you know, have you seen or do you yet own the BEATLES monopoly game? Even if you will never play it, as the Beatles fan that you are, it's cool> I had to buy one. The little game pieces are Maxwell's Hammer, The Walrus, etc... and instead of real estate, you buy up the recordings of the Beatles, a portfolio of your own design.

Oh, I saw Australia too, just not X-mas week. Meh. But I did shed a tear anyway. SAP SAP SAP that I am! lol

Petals said...

Syd - I was not aware of the Beatles monopoly. Now I have a new "I want" to add to my list.

Sydney said...

COOL! I should have mentioned it before the holidays so it could have been under the tree, menorah or whatever is appropriate... but I was swamped being Santa's helper on my blog, doing gift posts several hours a day. I should go back to doing that for work. Whatever you can spend that much time on is clearly a passion... and I've always tried to do what I love and find a way to get paid for it.

Anonymous said...

hey petals thanks for pointing out the similarites between movies... guess i really forgot about Forrest Gump despite seeing it a half dozen times or so. regardless I did enjoy Benjamin Button so its all good. have a happy new year1
Donna in FL

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie -