Sunday, December 07, 2008

Roofus the Cat, 'tis the Season, and Some TV Doings

The holiday season is in full swing in the shopping district of Westfield, NJ. I always enjoy the decorations at the James Ward Mansion Building, but find the Ann Taylor store on its first floor a bit too pricey for my budget. (Clicking on the images will make them larger.)

Apparently Saturdays on my way to work are the scheduled nap times for Roofus the Cat by the Plainfield Train Station. Yesterday was cloudy and grey, but there he was napping away.

Then there's Friday's sunset full of contrails taken at the Bridgewater, NJ Train Station. One of these days, I'm going to knock down those power poles so it comes out unobscured! This is over the field of geese who mysteriously stay through the winters now. I'm still waiting for the deer to show up.

And then there's television. You know ... what brought us all together here!

Tonight is the season finale of The Amazing Race. I'll be opening a post for comments at 8 PM ET even if it doesn't start on time due to sports. Unfortunately, the season finale is only one action-packed hour, but I'm really looking forward to it! Bonnie Hunt has said that she will have Phil Keoghan and the winners on her show this week. I'm thinking probably Tuesday because that's the day she's been having the Philiminated on. I record her show every day anyway, so I'll catch it. She's rooting for Dandrew. And, to think I like her! Argh!

Tonight is also the premiere of Leverage on TNT (10 PM ET/PT). Since I missed the first two episodes of screeners, I MUST watch how it all starts.

On Tuesday night, up against Leverage, is a new real life cop series called Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force on A&E (10 PM ET/PT). It's a show following the Fugitive Task Force in the NJ/NYC area. I know they're in action around here, but my own lifestyle doesn't warrant them pounding on my door. That's a good thing, of course. I have enough stress with knee woes and working for a living -- I don't need arrest issues, too! Like their series Jacked (with the Auto Theft Task Force), this is going to be a show I'll be either recording or watching as they air it at other times. I love that about the cable stations -- you can usually catch the shows re-aired at other times and don't have to wait for reruns!

Today's musical non sequitur:
Take me to another place
Take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me
Let me understand your plan
-- "Tennessee" Arrested Development


Delee said...

Beautiful sky, Jackie. I know those pesky electric wires get in the way. I found this beautiful church in KY out in the country, it was surrounded by fall colored trees. Looked like a puzzle, but just could not take the pic without wires. I tried.

Freezing here on the east coast. Last I looked it was 28 but wind chill was single digit. What I do not get is 39 on Tues and 52 on Weds is forecast then 28 on Thurs. Weather gone WILD!!!

Always love seeing pics of Roofus.

Jackie said...

We had about a half-inch of snow, but now that the sun is out it's only on unheated garage tops and some cars. Today is supposed to be cold and comes with a wind warning. I'm inside for the day!

Laurie said...

Great pictures, as usual, Jackie. I dream of someday buying an Ann Taylor outfit. Once I went in the store with a friend who buys like that on a regular basis. I felt woefully out of place and definitely out of shape!

I'm looking forward to seeing tonight's Race. I'm hoping to stay away from the blog before the show airs here in California but the chances are slim that I'll succeed. I use my willpower up in other ways and succumb to getting my tv news early over here!

So sorry it's cold for all of you. It's chilly for us today, but in San Diego chilly is anything below 65. I don't expect any sympathy from you all who are in real cold!

Anonymous said...

The end of the season is here, and I still can't decide who I'm rooting for in tonite's AR finale!

becky said...

Jackie, you are a true artist and creative person. You are blessed with photography skills and writing skills. I enjoy seeing and reading your work.

It is good to see Rufus again. Sure wish there was a way we could feed him and make sure he has a warm spot during the cold winter months.

I am looking forward to seeing AR tonight. Also, plan to check out Leverage. Since I never got into Brothers and Sisters perhaps there will be something I can watch on Sunday nights.

I see that this week will be the final show for Boston Legal. That has been one of my all time favorites. Great talent, good writing and fun to watch.

Laurie, I love Ann Taylor too. I usually stick to the sales racks.

See you tonight. Jackie, stay in and stay warm. It is chilly here in South Texas, but nothing like the cold you have there. Oh, any word on your boss? You said he/she was in a major car accident last week.

Jackie said...

We still have no details on the accident itself. But we found out he was air-lifted to Robert Wood Johnson, the nearest trauma hospital. No visitors are allowed, but they claim he's resting comfortably (yeah, right) and should recover. I don't foresee him returning to work anytime soon.

meb said...

Roofus looks quite content which says to me he's also fed, even if it is by the man around the corner who has the stacks of cat food in his "room/store". It sounded like you said earlier that the cats seems to be able to come and go as they please, even if he isn't there. That's good too.

I must have missed the info on your boss. I hope all is well and he makes a quick recovery.

Pearl Harbor Day! 67 years ago!

joy n said...

Always nice to see Roofus enjoying and taking advantage of the warm sunshine and knowing he's safe.

Love the sunset picture, but does anyone else see a huge King Kong towering in those clouds at the top of it?

Maybe it's just my overactive imagination. You are kind of close to NYC, right, Jackie?

joy n said...

Old KK just may take care of those wires for you!

Delee said...

Super excited AR will start here on time! Who knew! LOL

Petals said...

Jackie - I sorta agree with Bonnie, in that I too will root for Dandrew. I dislike the Nixtar team so much that I want their antithesis to get the prize! You know, the jocks vs the jerks. Like revenge of the nerds, I want the underdogs to win. *sigh* But it's a longshot.

Jackie said...

I won't be surprised if Dandrew wins. CBS has been hyping them a lot. I'd rather they come in third place, though.

joy n said...

I would be surprised if those stumblebums won.

Nick and Starr have been out front more than anyone else. Like them or not, they have a good shot at winning this as they've played the game well.

Sydney said...

the village looks really pretty Jackie. Thanks for showing us a pic of it and of Roofus too. He always sleeps on that side of the roof too, cute. Glad you had snow too!!!!!! Jealous. and hey, only a half inch, but I'd take it!

I'm with fliplops, not really rooting for anyone on TAR.

Becky -- thanks for asking about Jackie's boss for us. Jackie, will you keep us updated? Sorry you have to take on extra work now.

TerryinCA said...

Oh Jackie that gorgeous shot, even the power poles didnt deter me...justawesome. The sky looked like gigantic angel wings swooping the sky........great

joy n said...

Must be just me that saw King Kong.

Jackie, the pic is a beautiful shot of a beautiful sunset. I wasn't trying to insult anyone and hope no one took it that way.