Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday TV ... and Off Topic Day

Hmm ... I used to get all excited about Wednesday night television. Now, I'm not too thrilled about the 8 PM hour (no new Bones). I've watched The Secret Millionaire a few times. It's okay, but it bugs me to no end about the huge dilemma they make about "lying." Sheesh. The folks are going to be thrilled about the money. Knock off the guilt trip about lying. @@ I may or may not watch it tonight.

I've grown tired of Christine and haven't gotting into Gary Unmarried. Maybe I'll watch The Muppets! At 9 PM ET/PT, I'll be watching Criminal Minds on CBS. That's a given. At 10 PM ET/PT, I'm undecided. A new CSI: NY or a new Top Chef. Cable has a few interesting offerings. But there isn't anything I MUST see.

How about you?

In Off Topic ramblings, here's my commuting day:

We had about three inches of snow, but it turned to rain and this is what my NJ neighborhood looked like as I started off to the train station.

Here's our ornamental kale we've been watching on the blog. It likes the snow. Really, it does!

The Plainfield, NJ Train Station is a slushy ... er, winter wonderland.

Snow on the tracks and I always like to take pictures of the lighted lamps at the station.

On the way home, we're talking "police activity." This time the police apparently caused it. My apologies for the quality of the photo -- it was dark and cops were all over the place. I didn't want them yelling at me. What a witness told me was the cop blew the light with lights and siren turning right. He (she?) hit the other car head-on and pushed it ten feet onto the sidewalk by a bank. I walked around them and saw it from the front angle, but didn't dare take a shot. The whole front end of the police car is missing.

And, now I'm home! We're under a winter storm watch for Friday. Sigh.

Today's musical non sequitur:
Once I built a railroad, I made it run, made it race against time.
Once I built a railroad; now it's done. Brother, can you spare a dime?
Once I built a tower, up to the sun, brick, and rivet, and lime.
Once I built a tower, now it's done. Brother, can you spare a dime?
Say, don't you remember, they called me Al; it was Al all the time.
Why don't you remember, I'm your pal? Buddy, can you spare a dime?
-- "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime" as sung by Bing Crosby, Rudy Vallee and a gazillion others.


joy n said...

Pix are great. I particularly like the train station with the lit lamps.

Talk about a hidden beauty! The kale looks like it's wearing an ermine wrap to keep warm.

All this yucky stuff and it's not even officially winter yet.

Top Chef is probably the only thing I'll watch tonight.

That is one OLD song, Jackie, but I can remember my mom singing it as she did the wash down in the basement with the wringer washer so many years ago. I remember her singing alot of them from those days. Thanks for the memories.

Delee said...

Jackie, just love seeing your photos. Everything looks nice with a "fresh" coat or snow or crunchy snow. I like the lights also, old-fashioned lamps vs modern thingys.

Saw SM, 1st time last week, guess will watch again tonight. Criminal Minds then Top Chef.

I do think it will be a long winter, considering it is not even that season yet.

becky said...

Terrific pictures. It is a shame about the police car being involved in an accident. It amazes me that people ignore sirens and flashing lights. My son was injured in a high school football game and they had to transport him from the small town where the game was to a hospital in Corpus Christi. I rode in the back with him. People would pull out in front of the ambulance and one jerk even stepped out in front of them. Did you know that ambulances are equiped with a button that can change the opposing light to red? I didn't until then. I commented on how lucky we were catching all the lights green!

I spent my day either in bed or at the doctor's office. Hubby shared his pip with me.

sizzie said...

Becky, sorry to hear you are under the weather. Wait, was that some kind of pun? Hope you feel better soon, is what I meant. :)

Jackie, that song gets stuck in my head from time to time. Sad song. but, it was in the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, too.

Sydney said...

Top o'the evening to you Jackie, you snug bug at home in your.... Uggs? Nah, I don't see Uggs in your closet.

I loved seeing these photos and they are framed so well. I think you have a great eye for line and perspective. I certainly enjoyed that about them. Of course my favorite was the kale, I love it that it's got snow like a pie in the face. Thanks for the chuckle on that.

Nothin' to watch is good. I have homework to finish before all choliday he#$ breaks loose starting Friday around here. And I have many presents yet to wrap.

Sydney said...

Becky -- I hope you feel better today. It truly is a shame to be sick during the holidays. Have you ever tried that fizzy envelope of stuff called Emergen-C? You can get it at any Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods and most specialty stores that would carry vitamins. It is about 1000 mgs of C that goes right into your system , with 11 amino acids and some B vitamins that somehow magically combust with a fizz (the tangerine tastes like tang and the strawberry and rasberry are good too).

It's just a good thing to take (since it's only vitamins) when you are under a lot of stress or running ragged with little sleep to prevent getting sick. We lived on them on movie and TV sets with their insane hours.

ANyway, if you put it in 4 oz. of water and drink it slowly, which is key (instead of throwing it back like a shot of tequilla like my husband does) and do a second packet later in the day for a few days it should help you get better quick. It's thought that powdered vit c also helps any medicine you are taking be absorbed better.

Recommend it for everyone since it's the season! If you feel something coming on you can also try Zycam in the first 48 hours and it can prevent or shorten a cold. Bought in any drug store over the counter. I like the throat spray but also comes in losenges and nose swabs believe it or not.

And if you really have the actual flu, docs say if you take Tamiflu in the first what, 48 hours, it can greatly reduce the thing.

Sydney said...

Sorry, another post from me, but I'm reading back a few and start to leave the comments to someone there and think, they'll never see it. So, once more with feeling:

Margo --Thanks for the tip about postcards. How did you know that I haven't been able to find one about Texas. HEy, I could ask my husband who is flying back tomorrow from Utah to pick up one at the airport! Yippe. Hope it gets to Super O in time.

Laurie said...

Will the kale really survive that snow coat? That surprises me!

We will tape Top Chef and get the ending this time. I didn't realize until last week that it's on for 90 minutes on Wed and an hour the other nights. Meanwhile we are watching old episodes of NCIS. I happen to have a bit of a crush on Jethro!

Cathy said...

Thanks for all your pics! I look forward to them! Stay warm and cozy!

Donna in AL said...

Oh Laurie, I love Jethro too, he has always been soooo nice to look at!

Sydney, I think I will try to find that Emergen-C for me and my sons. With little ones around, we are having a bunch of runny noses, stomach virus' and stuff.

I had dinner at a friend's house so I did not have to decide what to watch last night. Great dinner and great conversations is always better than tv anyway.

Jackie, I love your pictures! I always want snow here at Christmas but it never happens! It is going to be 70 today and then back cold this weekend.

meb said...

I left a comment on the previous post for Becky and for Jackie. I too said I like the kale picture best and can't wait for it to uncover to see what the snow did to it.

Sydney...I'm going over to your post now! I have been so busy, you probably a zillion posts up and I haven't had a minute to look over there.

Jackie love the song also... used to sing it and starting to forget the there they are!

Criminal Minds was unbelievable as usual. Love this show...not because it's always gory, but because it lets us know that there really are people like that out there and it gives us reason to pause when someone comes to the door or in this case, road rage. The first lady would not have normally acted like that she said, so if you've got too much going on and you feel aggravated, don't take it out on someone else. Count to 10... it really does work to calm you down some.

OK done for the lesson of the day.


RBennie said...

Great pix Jackie. I watched Top Chef last night at 9 and 10 because I missed last week. I think I have a little crush on Fabio. I know he's really cheesy and exaggerates the accent, but what can I say, it works for me, LOL.

I hope you feel better soon Becky.

Glad to hear the chemo went well MEB and that you made it to the opening.

The snow is heading our way and predictions are for about 6 inches of snow tomorrow and a bigger storm on Sunday (sigh). Was I the one complaining about the summer heat?

ORKMommy said...

For those who still want to send postcards...The geography project is going through the end of the month. The teacher did say that if they receive postcards throughout the rest of the school year, that would be fine. Getting mail at school is a very cool thing for these kids & just because they're not actually working on the geography at that time, it doesn't mean they can't delve back into it. The map will stay on the wall for the rest of the year.

Laurie - How's the dental work going? You haven't mentioned it lately...

Patty said...


What a great eye you have for such simple beauty. As a sideline job, you should produce your photos.
I would buy the train station with the lit lamps. Gorgerous is all I can say. Great work!

sizzie said...

I haven't watched the latest Criminal Minds, but recorded it and will see it soon. It has Garcia and another show has a similar woman character. I hope that any brainy school kids who might be a little different from their classmates can take something positive from Garcia and other TV characters who dress a little different, but are favs with the fans. I appreciate the shows making good role models. In fact, the whole cast can be looked up to.

Delee said...

Sizzle, well said. I agree that their individual characters make the show. Children need to learn to be their self's and not what Madison Ave and tv says they should be.

RBennie, Fabio's accent does it for me. He may not be the best chef there, but let him talk more!!! Does Carla rub you the wrong way? She does me, the faces she makes, like when Martha Stewart walked it. The wide open mouth-the bugging eyes. She does it every time a major peep comes on.

Gibbs is Gibbs and tune in mostly to watch him...Tony also! LOL

Nasty weather heading here later tonight thru sometime Fri. STOP IT!

Sydney said...

Donna, glad that could help, I thought maybe I should remove that but I went into so much explanation thinking while I'm at it maybe someone else could benefit. We are into the no-shows weeks now, so we're edging back into lots of off topic chats I guess! :-D

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I couldn't agree more about the end of millionaire. Just give them the money already.

I cut it from my list of things I watch. It was good the first week, but a hard show to keep enteraining, in my opinion.

TerryinCA said...

sydney---I am flying to Texas on Monday.....can I help?
Also I have relatives and friends in the state.....let me know

TerryinCA said...

first of all that cute doggy caught my eye, what a sweetheart. also my daughter lives in PA, Columbia between York and Lancaster, I adore Sue Grafton books, cant wait for the next one...
I miss survivor tonight!
I am sort of layed up with Sciatica, going to the chiro three times this week hoping for a cure, am getting on a plane Monday to Texas for Christmas with youngest and his wife.
Laurie....are we still duking it out over Harm?

Sydney said...

Terry -- WHERE in Texas???!?!?!

Jennasmom said...

Terry - yeah, where in Texas? Bring your coat. It is warm & foggy here today, but another arctic front coming in on Sunday. Supposed to be cold on Monday & Tuesday. Calling for a possibility of freezing drizzle. Of course, that is still a few days away. Things change quickly around here!

Gracie said...

Wow, great pics. Its my first time to see this blog but its really good i found it. TC

meb said...

Welcome Gracie... you're gonna love it here... we've all pretty much become cyber friends and Jackie doesn't allow any bad stuff on her blog, so it's a joy to be here.

Sizzie: NCIS is the other show with the strange character. Her name escapes me at the moment, what else is new... but she's the lab girl. She has tatoos and is kind of gothic. I like her.

Terry in CA... Man..that hurts... hope you're all better by the time you have to get on the plane.

As for Secret Millionaire, last night was their finale'... didn't it just start. I saw them all, I thought,but there were only abut 5 or 6 at the most. Agree about the lieing thingy... it would be a lot better to have them spring the check on them first... then tell them they weren't really there for a documentary on poverty. I do like the show though and will watch it again if it comes back on. I thought this last guy was a little stingy with his giving for the first two.

Wish I had that kind of money, I'd be giving it away all the time.

meb said...

rbennie... just read your question on the last post about a BB pool... I love it if you want to take it on. There's so many more of us who watch BB, it might get difficult to keep up with. Still, a bunch of us could be rooting for one person, as we did with twos and threes in the last pools. It should be fun!

What's everybody else think? Big Brother pool.. YAY OR NAY?

Sydney said...

Hi Jackie and All -- Our commenter Albglinka has been having some kind of computer or server problems and told me he was not able to get on to Jackies to make comments during Survivor. He's as big a fan as we are of reality TV, Survivor especially. Anyway, he wrote up a big post about Survivor on his entertaining blog, which I loved reading since I miss his comments here. Then I thought, you could read it too if I put the link here. So here it is:

If you stop by, please leave him a comment. I love his sense of humor, especially when Project Runway is on.

Also, Orkmommy, My husband found a Texas postcard fro Super O when he came thorugh the airport yesterday so it will be off to her school in today's mail!

Jennasmom said...

I think a BB pool would be fun! Remember how last winter we didn't like any of them and couldn't find anyone to root for? At least with a pool, we could have a reason to cheer one of them on. And if we if we do like them & have a favorite, we'll just have two to cheer on. Kind of like TAR this year -- didn't like Tina, but I got excited when she & Ken did well, even though I hoped someone else would win!

TerryinCA said...

Syd & Jennasmom...San Aunt is driving down from Bryan so we can meet at the Riverwalk for dinner. We also have friends in Winnsboro...and Palestine.
Thanbks so much for the weather update, I haave had no clue what to bring, we like to pack light...hope this doesnt affect the flights....oh joy.

sizzie said...

Since I complain all the time about bad weather, I have to say that today is very pretty and fairly warm for December. In fact, as I type, a young man is mowing our yard! Doesn't that sounds like an activity for a spring day?!

It will get cold again by the end of the weekend. Sydney, I will go look now. Thanks.

San Antonio is a beautiful place,I have heard. I hope you enjoy your visit Terri.