Friday, January 30, 2009

American Idol Auditions in NYC and San Juan

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Last night American Idol hit two different cities within a mere hour. We're talking San Juan (Puerto Rico) and New York City. Yep, it was at warp speed. I can understand why they condensed the two cities into the hour. With the lack of talent shown, a half-hour may have done the trick.

For some reason, in both cities the judges sat in front of a window. Not only did I find it distracting to see things moving about behind them, but at one point the window tint pane set (the only way I can think to describe it) came crashing down. That, for me, was the highlight of the evening. Ah. well ... at least it didn't look like the contestants were bringing their gold tickets down some back porch like Jacksonville.

I'm kind of pleased they went to San Juan. If memory serves, they've never held auditions there before. It might add a bit of spice. I think, overall, the auditions in San Juan had more interesting singers than NYC. However, it could all be in the editing.

Okay ... to the talent, or lack thereof. I think I'm getting cranky. I kind of liked one of the guys in San Juan. But, once again, no one blew me away. At least they didn't make an innocent guy look threatening. Yep, the show apologized to Mudd ... as they should.

In a sidenote: My doctor called out sick today and my appointment was canceled. Argh. I have it set up for next Friday. This is for the not-replaced (so far) knee.


Sydney said...

Wow Jackie -- I guess if you are willing to do the other knee you'll be set for a long time to come. What kind of pain are you having in the other one now? I guess if you are tracking right and pain free on the new one, the old one is like HEY! What about ME? Maybe the homeostasis your whole body worked itself into to compensate is now shifting again with the new knee and it now hurts enough to go to the doctor. Sorry about the cancellation!

Jennasmom said...

Did anyone else get confused about which city they were showing at the time last night? Both had water & windows. Had to keep asking myself - NY or San Juan?
No one stood out in my mind. Glad the auditions are over. I'm ready for Hollywood week.
By the way, we were in San Juan two years ago. It's a beautiful place! But one of the professors I worked with was from there and warned us to be careful of the high crime rate.
Jackie, think I'm catching your knee problem! Yesterday it was my hip, today my knee. Guess I'm just getting old!

Jackie said...

Sydney - In 1998 I had a work accident with the right knee. I was diagnosed with Grade IV Chondromalcia (the worst)-- damage to the cartilage under the kneecap. I also had traumatic arthritis from the accident. I had surgery in 1999, accepted a WC settlement and was told I'd probably need knee replacement in 5 years or so. It's now ten years later. The knee has always bothered me to an extent. But over the summer, doing PT for the left replacement knee, it became evident that I probably have torn cartilage in the right knee. And now it's hurting more each day. I'll go for cortisone or something to delay it a bit, but I refuse to mess with more surgeries that don't cure it long term. My OS and I had already discussed the need for the right knee back when I was starting the left knee. But we both thought a few more years.

meb said...

Jackie... I hope, if you decide to have the knee replacement on the right knee that since it was a WC injury, then WC will pay for it. You mentioned you accepted a settlement, so I was just wondering. Just don't let it go on and on... like you said, you'll get it taken care of rather than the mickey mouse approach... well, you know what I mean.

AI was slow and one girl they all four gave a pass to hollywood was singing thru her nose... how do you pass someone like that???? One little girl that could sing they passed on... they need me as judge in there.

Believe this??? my wv is Redge... like Dude..Reggie...

becky said...

Jackie, bummer about the doctor cancelling.

I finally watched AI Thursday night (nothing else on TV). I was not overly impressed.

I am having major computer server problems. Thank you to MEB who sent me the link to Jackie's blog.

Question -- I have been watching Friday Night Lights. Let me tell you that it is so true of TX high school football! My question is what show was the actor who plays the coach on previously? I know I have seen him before. No one could forget such a cute face.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Chandler was in Early Edition from 96-2000. CBS-he would receive the newspaper early then correct things during the day.

meb said...

Anonymous... Really, that was him? I had no idea... But then, the guy who plays the husband to the girl who runs the bar in Army Wives turns out to be Christopher, the second son of Piper and Leo in Charmed. Never put that together either.

I never know names of actors, so I rely on recognizing faces... guess I better start remembering names cause this face crap isn't working! LOL

Sydney said...

THanks for the more detailed info Jackie -- I like to know this stuff. I am so sorry it's acting up sooner than you expected but I think there is a benefit if you have to replace both knees to do them roughly at the same time so they will have equal life, if that makes any sense.

Keep us posted when the appt reschedules.

Zoe -- We're all thinking of you and your family. Just come right here for a visit when you need a dose of good stuff from all your bloggy pals.

dla said...

Did anyone catch Trust Me on TNT? I watched the encore of the series premiere, and I think it has potential!

The regular schedule is Monday night at 10 PM, following The Closer. I will try it for a few weeks after I watch The Bachelor.

Jackie said...

DLA - I missed it but figure I'll catch a repeat of it sometime. I love that about cable -- they re-broadcast recent episodes at all different hours!

Anonymous said...

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