Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Madness Returns -- American Idol is Back

Y'know, with the exception of Melinda Doolittle, I've never bought anything from any American Idol contestants. Sure, some of the more successful ones have a load of talent, but often the songs they sing just aren't my cuppa. However, more power to them.

Tonight was the premiere of the eighth season. Yes, it's been that long. A new judge is in the mix. I'm a bit so-so about that although I liked Simon not being able to say the "aaa" sound in Kara (Care-ah). So he calls her Kara (Car-ah). Great. He'd call me "Jockie."

Since we're in the audition phase of the show, it's pretty much what we've seen before -- some horrible singers who think they can sing, some horrible singers who know they're horrible and just want to be on TV, and a gem or two along the way. Oh. We also had a girl who looks hot in a bikini. The jury is still out as to whether she can sing or not.

I tried to look at the show from another perspective tonight. I've decided I'd like to be on it. Um, no ... not really on it, per se. The production, the editing of the scenes, the decisions regarding songs in the background to enhance the happenings. The cheese.

Let me explain. This show not only has a built-in traffic maker with the teenage crowd looking for new teenybopper stars. But it's also very slick, well-produced, cleverly edited, and it's cheesy while doing all that stuff! I've always been a fan of cheese (not the dairy product so much, mind you). I enjoyed the days when Jeff Probst (Survivor) would leave the final tribal council on a jet ski, then arrive in NYC on the same one. I liked the old Batman television show. I adored David Letterman in the 80s. Cheese, zaniness, a bit of camp on the side and I'm hooked. American Idol does it all very well.

While I'd never want to be on camera and the world should never be exposed to my singing, I'd love to be behind the scenes on the show. I'd love to be the one to say "this song goes fantastic with this loser" or be the one to edit the reactions of the judges in perfect precision with off-key performances. Make it happen, FOX. No, I've never studied anything in film or production. But the contestants often haven't studied voice either. So ...

Did you watch? Your thoughts on Kara?


Anonymous said...

what? no comments? where did everyone go? i'm not an AI watcher but i thought all you were! i was looking for ward to reading the posts...
hello? is this mic on?

jamie said...

Decided not to watch this season. It has become the same old over and over. I would like to know what others thought though. Maybe there are others out there that have also decided no to watch.

Delee said...

I turned to AI, 3 times during commercials, saw 1 singer (16 yr girl) get the yellow slip and 2 horrible singers also the one guy who's voice was so low he could be a fog horn. That did it for me. Tired of the bad singers so will wait for Hollywood this time around (maybe 8seasons is one too many).

The little bit I saw of Kara made me ask WHY is she there, another milk toast like Paula. Sometimes change is not better. By the way, I know I can look this up, but who the heck is she? Never heard of her before AI promos.

Caroline said...

She's a famous songwriter who has written for the likes of Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and a whole list of others. They did a little bio on her at the beginning of the ep.

Personally, I enjoyed her as a judge. She had interesting things to contribute, she actually had opinions as opposed to telling people they were "pitchy" or "hawt" on every occassion.

I thought this first audition ep was better than it has been in a few seasons. All total we probably saw about 15 people get golden tickets and they didn't show many of the flat-out attention seekers. Sure there were bad people, but most of those were eccentric or unique in some way and most of them, sadly, didn't know they were that bad.

They've toned down the trainwreck portion of the show and they've already jumped in with some interesting backstories on contestants that made it to the next round. So far it's an improvement in my opinion.

meb said...

I agree with Caroline... I really enjoyed the fact that they did more good singers and less of the worse. I also like Kara. I had never really heard of her either, but she held her own and I don't think she'll put up with a lot of Simon. She also has a pretty good voice.

I also thought that Paula was good last night. She had some great advice for those contestants who didn't make it (if Simon would leave her alone when she's trying to talk).

All in all, it was a nice evening. I'm curious to see if the Bikini girl can really sing when she has some music behind her. Her attitude stinks and she really slammed Kara. She shouldn't have been put through, but Simon and Randy put thru the bikini, not the singer.

I guess two out of four will get you in since it was R/S yes for the girl and P/K no. She made it to Hollywood.

I thought the blind guy was OK. Not sure he'll go far unless he uses his piano to back him. He can really play.

OK... looking forward to seeing what's happening tonight.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Yes I watched AI last night and really thought it was pretty much the same as always. We saw way more bad singers than good. I think the new judge Kara is pretty good, though I don't know how much she's going to add to the show. At this point I'm over Randy, Paula and Simon and wouldn't mind seeing 3 new judges. Overall I didn't find the talent in Arizona to be that great - no offense to anyone from Arizona, LOL. I only decided to watch this season because there are supposed to be lots of changes - didn't really see any last night, other than the new judge.

Caroline said...

Meb...I remember reading something that Simon was considered the head judge, so that if it came to a tie, whichever way Simon had voted would be the decision. Not sure how much I agree with that since Simon can be a bit biased....as was the case with the bikini.

I would have loved to see some ripped hunk wearing only swim trunks go in there, sing at the same level, and talk to Simon that way....and then see if Simon felt the way the girls did, or if he still voted the guy through. I think we all know that guy would have left with a verbal lashing instead of a golden ticket.

I really liked the blind piano player, Scott, as well. Have they made any mention of whether they'll be allowed instruments again? I hope so, I liked the added dimension.

Donna in AL said...

I decided also to wait until they go Hollywood to watch unless there is nothing else on the tube I want to see. I intended to watch CBS programs but did not pay attention to them. I uploaded photos, talked on the phone and instant messaged online. Guess I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.
Which really makes me appreciated Jackie being able to blog like she does....Kudos to you!

meb said...

Jackie... this has nothing to do with AI.

Just wanted to let you know I can't get to the Bachelor from the link you have on the sidebar. I've tried it from home and here at work and it just says something like "they" can't find the link.

Any help???

KarenJC said...

I didn't watch AI last night, don't know if I can take another season. AND The Biggest Loser was on last night, so that got ALL of my attention. Since it's on all the time, I'm sure I'll get a look at it later.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the old links on the sidebar be removed? Other older seasons of shows are probably never read again anyway. It would make it easier to find the current ones, no?

Zoetawny said...

There you are! I was concerned when I didn't see an AI entry last night.

I don't really enjoy the first few episodes of AI much because of all the "odd" contestants but I wanted to see what the new judge was all about. I wondered if Paula felt like her toes were stepped on. Kara has quite a resume and is a major talent in the industry. I don't think Kara is going to be as docile as Paula. She did seem a bit catty towards "bikini girl" but then I didn't think the bikini was appropriate for the audition. I didn't like "bikini girl's" attitude much. Being conceited usually detracts from any talent a person might have. A humble attitude goes a long way, imo.

I'm not sure if I will watch AI tonight since I don't want to miss Lost. Lost is last season tonight but it will help get me up to speed when the new season starts next week. Damages is also on tonight and that is one I just can't miss.


Anonymous said...

No AI for me last night. I was a Biggest Loser fan and then switched between Orange County Housewives and Nip Tuck.
Will wait until AI gets more interesting.

Delee said...

Reality TV World has a video of the new cast members for Survivor Tocantins.

becky said...

I know this is not AI, but Lost is on with their "catch up" show. I am watching just in case I have forgotten something.